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Disclamers XENA/GABRIELLE/ARGO all belong to Universal. Thanks to Anne Rice for the inspiration. Thanks for my proof readers: my brother Jeff and friends Paul and Ginny.




San Francisco, Calf. - year 1998 time around 9:30 p. m. The reporter was just now inviting the young lady into his apartment, which doubled as his office. The reporter took off the leather jacket and placed it on the back of his chair. He motioned for the young lady to come into the dimly lit room. He sat at the desk that had a tape recorder on it, and offered the young lady the chair on the opposite side of the desk.

Jeff: "Hello, my name is Jeffery, I'm a reporter. Well, I hope to be a reporter. I gather stories about interesting people I see on the streets. Tonight, your outfit and your walking stick caught my eye the moment I saw you step out of the shadows in the ally. You've been watching me tonight. Haven't you? I sensed eyes on the back of my neck since sundown and when I turn around nobody's there."

Gabrielle: "Why, yes, I have been following you tonight."

Jeff: "May I ask why you have been following me tonight?"

Gabrielle: "Because I had planned on killing you."

Jeff was shocked by what the young lady had just said. Then he let out a nervous laugh. "You're joking right?"

Gabrielle: "No, I'm deadly serious but now that I have found out that you are a bard I have decided to let you live, so you can tell my story to the world. Do you want to hear my story?"

Jeff: "Why yes. May I record it so I don't get anything wrong?"

Gabrielle nodded. Jeff started to search for a tape for the player but couldn't find one. "Let me turn on the lights," said Jeff. As he started to get up Gabrielle said, "I'll get it," Then in a flash the lights were on. Jeff jumped because he didn't see her move until he saw her fully in the light. She was a beautiful young lady, who was was in her early to mid twentys. Her skin was paler than anybody's Jeff had ever seen. Her shoulder length strawberry blond hair made her emerald green eyes sparkle, but Jeff saw nothing but sadness in her eyes. She was missing something, like a part of her life. Jeff: "May I ask you a couple of things before you tell me your story?"

Gabrielle: "Yes, you may ask your questions, but I already know your first quesion. Why was I going to kill you. The answer is because I'm a vampire and I need blood to survive. Was that going to be your first question?"

Jeff: " Your joking! There is no such thing as a vampire."

In a flash, Jeff was being raised out of his seat by the girl. "YOU THINK I'M JOKING?" as she bared her fangs and her eyes were like a wolf ready to kill it's prey. Jeff was scared. He knew he was in danger. Then all of a sudden she released him. He dropped to the floor and as he looked up at the person who moments before had him in the air with one arm."Your lucky that you are a bard but don't push your luck. Do you hear me?" asked Gabrielle, Jeff got up off the floor and brushed himself off. He kept his eyes on her then he returned to his seat and motioned for Gabrielle to do the same.

Jeff: "My apology for doubting you. What is a bard?"

Gabrielle looked at him in surprise. Then she let out a soft laugh and said "A bard is a storyteller."

Jeff: "Oh, thank you for explaining that to me. I was wandering what a bard was. How did you become a vampire?"

Gabrielle: "That was many, many years ago. My friend, Xena, and I were just walking back to a village well. I was walking and my friend was riding her horse. We had just finish fighting against some of Caesar"s army. . . ."

Jeff: "You fought against Julius Caesar?"

Gabrielle: " Yes, I did with my friend ,Xena. Oh how Xena hated him. If she ever got her hands on him, well lets say Brutus would never have gotten the chance to kill him because Xena would have done it in a heartbeat."

Jeff: "If you want to, we could take a break and get a bite to. . . . Oops! Forget I ever said that." He noticed Gabrielle's face light up when he said "bite". "Shall we continue with your story before my interruption?"

Gabrielle let out a soft chuckle as she noticed the mistake that Jeff had made but decided to ignore it. "Now where was I. Oh, yes we were on the way back to the villiage after that battle. It was a peaceful village. Little did we know what dark, terrible secret that it held for us. It was going to cost us both a horrible price. It was a peaceful village where kids were playing. Women and men were working in the fields together. It was like a story book place. I remember like it was yesterday. We entered the village I talked Xena into staying a couple of days because we needed the rest. Oh how I regret doing that now ! Anyway back to the story. The inn was nice and pleasent. Everything about the village was pleasent. There was no violence no warlord, no bandits. Nothing at all was evil that. Nightfall came early, I asked Xena if it was ok for me to take a peaceful walk in the village. She told me it was all right because she even felt the peace and tranquillity herself. I took my staff and walked out of the inn. Oh it was a beautiful night. The moon was just coming onto the horizon when I heard a little boy crying I went over to him. He could not have been any more than two years old. I bent down to him on one knee to see what was wrong with him."

Gabrielle: "Are you ok?"

Little Boy: "Yes ,I just can't find my mother and I'm scared."

Gabrielle: "It's ok I'm here and I will protect you and help you find you mother."

Gabrielle picked up the little boy and started walking back to the inn. As she entered the door to the inn she saw Xena sitting at the table talking to the innkeeper. She went over to the table.

Gabrielle: "Look what I found. Can we keep him?" letting out a soft chuckle "Sir, do you know this little boy I found? He was outside all alone. He said that he can't find his mother and he was scared?"

The Innkeeper: "No, this is the first time I have ever seen him and I know everbody in this village."

Xena: "It's getting late. Do you have. An extra room for him?We will pay you for it."

Innkeeper: "I'm sorry ,all my rooms are booked up tonight."

Gabrielle: "He can sleep in my room tonight, as I said "I'm finders keeper's. "As she snuggled the little boy, he began togiggle.

They all went to bed Xena felt a little uneasy about Gabrielle taking the little boy with her to her room. She woke up at first light and went to check on Gabrielle. As she peeked into Gabrielle's room, she saw that Gabrielle had spread her bed roll on the floor and was still sleeping. But when she looked at the bed where she expected the little boy he was not there. Instantly she was in the room looking all over for the little boy. She went over to wake Gabrielle up. As she bent down to wake Gabrielle,she notice two tiny puncture wounds on her neck. She shook Gabrielle.

Xena: "Gabrielle, what happen? Are you ok?"

Gabrielle: "What happe? I feel weak."

Xena: "I don't know,but were leaving here immediately. Gather your stuff together now!"

We gathered our belongings and left the place like we were being chased by the Horde. Xena had me up beside her on top of Argo and we both left that village never to return again. I never knew what happened to the little boy. Xena was worried about me because I was hardly acting like myself, not talking nor eating. We set up camp. At nightfall, Xena went hunting for food. I stayed behind and set up camp. Before she left she wanted me to give Argo a treat. I told her I will. As I went over to give Argo her treat. I was hungry. I didn't even notice what I was doing and all of a sudden I was biting and feeding on Argo. Then it happen. As I felt Argo's heart stop I looked back at what I had done. I had killed my best friend's horse, who was like her companion. As I was her companion too. I collapsed on the ground beside Argo I felt Xena trying to shake me awake. With tears in her eyes, she asked "What happen to argo?" I told her I didn't know what had happen, she started to cry. I hugged her trying to make the hurt go away. I, then,felt the hunger again. I resisted it becauseI knew that I would be feeding on my best friend. She fell asleep in my arms. That night I gathered my belongings and left her I have never seen her again. I lived on the animals of the forest. Even today I'm still attacking and drinking the blood of animals.

Jeff: "Then why were you going to kill me?"

Gabrielle: "Because, I have not eaten in three days and my hunger is forcing me to hunt. So tonight you were going to be my first human. I could not find any animals near. Forgive me Jeff ,but I hunger." In a flash Jeff was against the wall, and he saw the eyes of death as Gabrielle was about to bite him. Then the door was kicked open and a rabbit was tossed in. Gabrielle saw the rabbit and pounced like a wolf on its prey. Jeff looked at Gabrielle feasting on the rabbit draining its blood. He then noticed a beautiful woman standing at the door. She was nearly six feet tall. Her beauty matched her elegance. Her hair was jet black.

Jeff: "Who are you?"

Xena: "I'm Xena, her friend."

Gabrielle looked up from the dead rabbit and saw Xena, Jeff saw now what was missing from Gabrielle's The sparkle of life had returned.

Gabrielle: "Xena ,how did you become one. Was it that kid or what?"

Xena: "No, it was a friend of ours. I'll tell you later. Are you ok?"

Gabrielle: "Yes, I'm fine. Now thanks for the rabbit."

Xena: "Gabrielle, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to him."

Jeff: "Yes, I'm fine ,even though I was scared to death. Thank you for saving me."

Xena: "Tell her story for it needs to be told."

Jeff: "I will."

Xena and Gabrielle both left the room Gabrielle looking up at Xena "You never did tell me how you became one. Don't you dare say it's one of my many skills."Xena laugh."No ,it wasn't one of my many skills. Take a look." Gabrielle looked then in the ally way stepped out Argo. Gabrielle ran up to Argo "I still owe you a treat don't I girl?"


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