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Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated show Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringment was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

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Warning: This story depicts scenes of extreme violence and/or their aftermath. Some readers may be disturbed by this type of depication and anyone who is sensitive to this particular issue may wish to read something other than this story.


Itís Over

by Alex Ringler

(Xena and Gabrielle are walking in the forest heading towards Poteidaia)

G:     I canít believe this note I received from that messenger. My cousin, getting married! I havenít seen her in so long. I remember she was always so shy.

X:     Well, it just goes to show what time will do to someone. Just look at you: your personality, your clothes, everythingís changed.

G:     Well not everything. I still believe in the same things. Love, friendship, and the basic decency of the human being.

X:     Sure.

G:     Whatís that supposed to mean.

X:     Oh nothing!

(Clouds gather from a distance)

G:     Those look like their gathering over Poteidaia.

X:     Well, I guess weíll find out soon enough.

(Xena and Gabrielle enter Poteidaia where the clouds have gathered over a pre-wedding reception.)

X:     So, whereís this cousin of yours?

Sinara(Gabrielleís Identical Cousin):     Gabrielle!

X:     Never mind, I found her.

Sin:     Gabrielle. (Holds her hands) Itís so good to see you again.

G:     Itís been ages.

X:     (Clears thought)

G:     Oh, Sinara this is my friend Xena. Xena this is.......

X:     Your cousin, Sinara. (Shake wrists and looks at them both) You two have a remarkable resemblance.

Sin:     Thatís right. Everybody always thought we were twins.

G:     Yeah. Youíre not the only one that can have a look-alike, or two, or three.

X:     Guess not.

Sin:     Well címon. Iíll show you both to your hut. Since the fire, weíve had a shortage of huts; so youíll have to share one, but...........

X:     Wait. (Steps in front of them)

Sin:     Well if you want your own I can..........

X:     No. (Sniffs the air then draws sword)

(A tremendous wind picks up and knocks everything around over. The sky grows pitch black with clouds. Two lightning bolts strike and hold a fiery light over a hut.)

Sin:     Whatís that?

X:     I donít know.

Light (in a low voice):     Listen well. If this wedding is held, all who participate and witness will parish in a fiery grave!

X:     (Flips to the light, takes a swing at the light which passes right through) CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! (Lands on other sides of hut)

Light:     (Laughs evilly) Heed my warning all ye mortals. Or you will scream in anguish for mercy as your skin melts from your body.

(The light vanishes with a boom of light causing everyone around to shield their eyes. The clouds part and the sun shines down. Xena walks back to Gabrielle and Sinara)

Sin:     What is it going to do?

X:     I donít know. But I donít like it, and Iím going to stop it!

Theseus (Sinaraís fiancee):     Darling, are you alright?!

Sin:     Yes, dear. Just a little shaken up.

(Theseus and Sinara hold each other)

X:     Iím not quite sure about that display we just saw, but weíll just take it one step at a time.

Thes:     We should postpone the wedding until we find out what it is and what it wants?

X:     Thereís no reason to do that. Itís probably just some sort of half-god trying to boost his ego by scaring a few mortals out of a wedding.


Sin:     So, the wedding can go on as planned?

X:     I see no reason why it shouldnít.

Sin:     Oh, how rude of me. Xena, this is Theseus my fiancee, and well Gabrielle you remember Theseus.

G:     Of course. Congratulations. (Theseus and Gabrielle hug)

Thes:     (Turns to Xena) Xena. Iíve heard tales of you. You are a remarkable woman.

X:     Thanks. (They shake wrists and Xena looks around)

X:     Why are people staring at me?

Sin:     Well, you see, when last you came and left with Gabrielle our whole town went to Tartaurus. A disease killed almost all of our elders, crops stopped growing and that fire that I mentioned destroyed nearly all of our homes. I think that they see you as a bad omen.

G:     Thatís ridiculous.

Sin:     Either way people are going to believe what they want to believe. For instance, when I mentioned that you were going to come to the wedding, at least half of my guests refused to come. And now with that lightning thing................

X:     Well I wouldnít want to cause any trouble. Iíll just stay in the hut during the wedding, and me and Gabrielle will leave afterwards.

Sin:     Oh Never mind that. If Gabrielle trusts you, I trust you. Besides, all the family is still coming.

Thes:     Are you sure youíre alright dear?

Sin:     Yes. Iíll be fine. You get back to the family.

Thes:     Alright. (Kisses Sinaraís hand) Till later, my love. (Walks away)

Sin:     (Sighs) Oh! Címon. Your hutís right here.

(They walk into a hut with two beds and one no-glass window)

Sin:     I hope you this will be suitable.

X:     This will be fine.

G:     (Sits on one bed) Yeah. It sure beats sleeping with a rock as your pillow.

Sin:     Well Xena, I see you have a horse.

X:     Oh yes. Just point me to the stables and Iíll............

Sin:     Oh no. Sit. Iíll have my brother stable and feed........umm.......

X:     Argo.

Sin:     Yes, Argo. Well you two settle in and Iíll be back in a moment.

(Sinara exits)

X:     Well sheís VERY nice. (Takes out chakram and shines it)

G:     I know. I used to hate it when I was younger, but now itís kinda refreshing. Ya know what I mean?

X:     No, not really. Her and Theseus look very much in love. Tell me about this Theseus guy, anyways. You seem to know him pretty well.

G:     Well, about nine years ago when Theseus was ten or eleven years old, he stumbled into our town all bruised, bleeding and burned. He said that his town had been ransacked and burned to the ground by a warlord. The army of the warlord killed everyone they could find. After the fire was out, Theseus hid in the ashes of his home until the army had gone. Ever since then, he had vowed to become a warrior and take vengeance on the warlord who led that army. The one who destroyed the only home he had ever known. I guess Poteidaia was a good influence on him because he hasnít done anything. And with him marrying my cousin, I hope he never will.

X:     Wow. I would hate to be in his shoes.

G:     We all would. Wait a minute, do you think that Ares could have made that light show? I mean, he could be upset that Theseus is giving up his quest for vengeance.

X:     Maybe, but fireworks arenít Aresís style. I was partially lying about that half-god thing I said. Only someone with real power could do something like that. I just didnít want to alarm anyone before I knew more.

G:     So should we postpone the wedding?

X:     No, not yet. Tonight, Iíll look around outside for some clues.

(Sinara enters)

Sin:     Well, itís time for the rehearsal ceremony.

(They all walk outside to a table with only a few people there)

Sin:     Gabrielle, (Signals to Gabrielle) this will be your seat, and Xena (Signals to Xena) youíll sit here. (Stands next to Theseus who is also standing at head of table) Okay everyone. Thank you for coming. (Looks around) All eight of you.

(Quiet laughter)

Thes:     Now that weíre all here, I will tell you how this whole affair will happen. After the wedding, weíll all meet here. Then the wine will be passed out.

(Wine is brought to every person.)

Thes:     Then Iíll make a toast and weíll drink.

(They all begin to pick up their chalices. Xena sniffs her wine and then grabs Gabrielleís and smells it. Before everyone starts to drink, Xena takes out her chakram, throws it, it bounces of a few trees and breaks every chalice. Xena, then, flips to the head of the table and catches the chakram right in front of Theseusís face. Gasps and frantic talk begin to rise as Gabrielle politely walks to Xena.)

G:     Xena, why did you do that?

X:     I smelt nightsbane on both yourís and my wine.

Sin:     Nightsbane? Thatís deadly!

X:     Yes, well I figured that it was in everyonesí glass and instead of having a bunch of corpses at your wedding, I thought you could deal with some broken chalices.

Sin:     Well, thank you. That thing of yours just stunned me.

Thes:     Considering the circumstances, Iím sorry dear, but I think we should put off the wedding for awhile.

Sin:     No. As long as weíve got Xena around, Iím sure weíll be safe.

Thes:     Really darling. I think.........

X:     Theseus, since this thing doesnít want you to have the wedding, if you have it youíll be setting up the perfect trap for it. It doesnít have to be your real wedding, just make it look like one. This way, when I catch that thing, you can go on with your real wedding.

G:     So are you saying that they should speed up the wedding?

X:     Yes

(They discuss Xenaís plan more)

(Later, at night, Xena is outside looking around for clues. As she looks, she sees Theseus walking away from Podeidaia. Xena follows. As Xena follows Theseus through the forest, they come to a burned village. Xena hangs back and listens as Theseus stops.)

Thes:     Soon, my friend.

(Xena accidentally breaks a branch and Theseus goes deeper into the burned village. Fearing she will be discovered Xena decides to return to Poteidaia. Xena enters the hut and wakes Gabrielle.)

G:     Did you find anything?

X:     Weíll discuss it in the morning. Go to sleep.

G:     No Xena. If itís something bad I want to know, now.

X:     Alright. I was outside and I saw Theseus.

G:     Theseus. What was he doing out there?

X:     Well, he was leaving the village and so I followed him. He went to a village not too far from here. It was burned and abandoned. I hid and listened to him. He said "Soon, my friend.". Then I made a noise and he disappeared into the town.

G:     I donít understand. What was he doing there and why did he say that?

X:     I donít know. I had to leave after that because I thought he would find me. The thing thatís weird to me is that, the village was somehow familiar to me. And have you noticed he keeps bringing up postponing the wedding?

G:     I donít have a good feeling about this Xena.

X:     Me either. Letís get some sleep Gabrielle. Iíll figure out what to do tomorrow.

G:     Are you going to tell Sinara?

X:     I donít know.

(The next morning, Xena and Gabrielle wake to preparations being made for the wedding)

Sin:     (Talking fast) Well good morning sleepy-heads. Címon I need both your help. We need to do work I spread out over a week in one day. (Goes behind them and pushes them. They prepare for the wedding.)

X:     I need to try to find out what Theseus was doing last night.

G:     Go. Iíll cover for you.

X:     Alright.

(Xena begins to walk towards the forest, but before she gets there, Sinara stops her.)

Sin:     Where do you think youíre going?

X:     Oh. I was ju........

Sin:     Well whatever it is you canít. We need to fit you for your bridesmaidís dress.

X:     Bridesmaidís dress?

Sin:     Yes, remember? Most of my so called "friends" dropped out of the wedding. So, I need you to fill in.

X:     Bu......

Sin:     No buts. Now, go to that hut and my sister and Gabrielleís sister will help you.

(Xena is now in a hut where she is standing on a stool and being fitted in a pink dress.)

Sinís Sister (Apostrophe):     So your Xena.

Gís Sister (Lila):     The Warrior Princess.

X:     Yes....................................what is this fabric?

Apos:     Chiffon! Isnít it Fabulous?!

X:     (Painfully smiling) Yes, fabulous. (Sighs)

(Later Xena finds Theseus and tries to talk to him. Theseus is busy with wedding preparations.)

X:     THESEUS!!

Thes:     Later Xena.

X:     No, now.

Thes:     (Drops crates) Okay, what?

X:     I wanna talk about last night.

Thes:     (Stunned) What about last night.

X:     I saw you at that village.

Thes:     So you were the one in the forest.

X:     Yes. Why were you there?

Thes:     (Picks crates back up) Xena, I canít sit and talk to you when thereís work to be done. Especially if you want your little plan to work.

X:     (Grabs Theseus by the collar and pulls him toward her, making him drop the crates once more.) You listen to me, you should be happy I asked you for an answer instead of squeezing it out of you. Now tell me what you were doing.........

Sin:     (Interrupts) Xena....

(Xena drops Theseus)

Sin:     What are doing?

X:     Nothing. Just discussing something.

(Xena looks for Gabrielle and finds her.)

G:     Did you find anything?

X:     No. Theseus was no help. I think heís hiding something. I have to go back to that village and try to find some answers.

G:     Alright. (Grabs her staff) Letís go.

X:     No. You stay here and cover for me. It will look suspicious if we both leave.

G:     Okay. The weddingís at dusk. Try to be here by then.

X:     Okay. (Begins to walk away.)

G:     Xena.....

X:     What?

G:     Do we still have a good chance of catching this thing?

X:     (Pauses) I donít know.

(Xena runs to the village she saw Theseus in last night. When she gets there she goes into the middle of the village and looks around.)

X:     Why is this place familiar to me?

(Xena gets mental flashes of the town, burning. She sees people running and screaming for their lives. One image sticks in her mind of a little girl, turning to her with tears in her eyes and asking "Why?" She comes out of her trance as it is just turning to dusk.)

X:     No!

(She begins to run back to Poteidaia.)


(At Poteidaia the wedding begins to commence. Sinara and Theseus are at the altar.)

Sin:     (Whispers to Gabrielle) Whereís Xena?

G:     I.......I donít know.

Priest:     (Clears thought) At this time, the groom wishes to say something.

Thes:     Thank you. Being around this family setting has reminded me of my own family..............and how they were brutally slaughtered!

(Talking begins)

Thes:     My vow for vengeance has grown and burned inside of me. My vow to bring the one who murdered my family to justice. And with the help of a God..................who knows what I can do?

Sin:     Theseus, what are you talking about?

Thes:     Oh, Poor Sinara. You were simply a pawn to get to the one I must kill. Iím sorry I had to do this to you.

G:     I knew it. Youíre using Ares to help your quest for revenge. Why would you need to use my cousin though?

Thes:     So sorry, Gabrielle. Youíve got it all wrong. I tried to ask Ares for help, but he wouldnít oblige. But I did find someone who was more than happy to help.

(The fiery ball appears again and laughs. Slowly, the ball takes shape and the voice and body have now changed into Callisto!!)

G:     No.......


Call:     ĎFraid so, Gabrielle. Me and Theseus are old friends.............from Cirra our home town. When he called upon anyone to help him, I told him where Xena had trapped me. He freed me and, here we are.

G:     The warlord that burned your town was Xena?!

Thes:     (Claps) Very good Gabrielle! Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle.

Call:     Well, letís end this wedding with a BANG!!!! (Shoots a fire ball at the foot of the altar creating a fiery pit.)

(People run and scream.)

Call:     I was so hoping that Xena would be here. (Looks to Gabrielle and smiles.) Youíll do! (Elevates Gabrielle into the air and sets her over the pit.)

(Xena runs out of the forest and flips to Gabrielle and saves her before she falls.)

G:     What took you so long?

X:     Had to make a stop on my way back from Cirra.

G:     So you know?

X:     Yes, I know it was Callisto who was helping Theseus.

Call:     RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRR!!!!!! (Throws a lightning bolt at Xena and Gab.)

X:     Look out! (Rolls out of the way with Gabrielle.)

(Callisto turns into the fire ball and float to the top of Mount. Poteidaia, with Theseus following her.)

X:     If she stays up there, sheíll destroy this town............and then try to destroy the world. Her powerís growing greater by the minute. I need to end it now.

G:     How?

X:     Donít worry about that. Just get everyone to safety. Who knows when sheíll start sending down her wrath? Odds are that sheís the one that started the fire that burned their houses. Go!

(Gabrielle runs to the altar and directs everyone to a cave. Xena begins to run up the mountain. On the top of the mountain, Callisto and Theseus are talking.)

Thes:     (Breathing hard from running up the mountain.) We did it!! Soon weíll bring Xena to justice!

Call:     We? I donít think so dear. (Surrounds Theseus with fire.) Thank you for letting me out and all, but I make the kill. Hmmmm, what to do with you? I know! (Elevates Theseus and throws him off the mountain. Laughs.)

X:     (At the top) CALLISTO!!!!

Call:     Oh Xena, welcome!!

X:     Just calm down.

Call:     Oh, youíre afraid Iím going to do something to the this! (Shoots five fire balls into the town sparking a fire.) Now this town will burn like mine!!!

(The villagers run for their lives.)

X:     (Kicks Callistoís hands away from the town.) Alright Callisto, thatís enough!! Youíre battleís with me not the town.

Call:     (Frowns.) Canít I have a little fun?

(Xena runs up Callistoís body, flips over and kicks her in the head.)

Call:     Guess not.

(They both draw their swords and begin to fight. They are equally matched.)

Call:     This is ridiculous, I could kill you in a second!

X:     Then why donít you.

Call:      Ahhhhhh, now that wouldnít be fair. Any God can kill any mortal at any given time. If the people of the world know that I killed you without my powers, theyíll fear me even more. Plus I enjoy a struggle.

(They fight more exchanging hit after hit. After a while, Callisto, pushes Xena to the side of the mountain and holds her there with a sword at her thought.)

Call:     (Laughs.) Iíve waited for this moment most of my life! Iím gonna enjoy this!!

G:     (Peering over the top of the mountain.) XENA!!!!!

(Callisto looks back at Gabrielle. Xena side-steps, pulls out a dagger from her boot, and holds it to Callistoís stomach.)

X:     This is no ordinary dagger, Callisto. This is the Hineís Blood Dagger. You know what it can do.

(Callisto surrounds Gabrielle with fire and elevates her over a long drop off of the mountain.)

Call:     If you kill me your little friend dies with me!!

(Xena thinks briefly, then plunges the Hineís Blood Dagger into Callistoís heart. Callisto slowly falls to the ground. When she finally dies, Gabrielle falls.)



(Xena leaps off the mountain and catches Gabrielleís hand. They fall through the trees of the forest that cushion their fall. They fall to the ground a little cut and bruised, but otherwise okay.)

X:     Gabrielle.

G:     (Coughs) Xena?

(They embrace as the heavenís start to rain. The villagers of Poteidaia dance in the rain as it extinguishes the flames of Callisto, and waters the land.)

X:     Itís alright......................................Itís over.

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