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The characters belong to MCA/Universal. The story belongs to me. Take note that the theme is very dark and may be disturbing for some people. The story is a graphic depiction of sexual behavior between adult women. The f word is used a couple of times. Please send any comments to



by Bongo Bear
November 16, 1997


"Did you enjoy fucking him?" Xena's voice suddenly broke the stillness.


"Answer the question. Was it good for you? Did Perdicus do you the way you like it?"

"Xena, why are you asking me this now?" Gabrielle turned to look at her.

They were spooned together after having made love earlier. They laid on their sides as they watched the camp fire burn down into dying embers. Xena was idly caressing the bard's bare midriff when her hand suddenly stopped moving. Despite the apparent tenderness of the moment, her nagging concern unlocked itself from the back of her mind and quickly fanned itself into a fiery rage. In the flames of her heart, the anger melted and transformed.

"I want to know." Xena rolled the bard on to her back and then she pulled herself over until she was crouching over and around the smaller woman's supine form. She rested her weight on her hands and knees. She didn't want any part of her body touching Gabrielle. Not yet. The warrior's brilliant blue eyes, smoldering and narrowed, stared down at the bard. She showed her teeth with a feral grin, "I've wanted to know for a long time."

Gabrielle stared back at her intently, silently. Her sea-green eyes were wide with fear and something else. She knew that Xena liked their lovemaking arduous and exhausting, even a little dangerous; but this was something different. Her eyes watched as Xena quickly rolled off her and sprang to her feet. The warrior strode to where Argo was tethered and removed the saddle bags. She dropped them near their bedroll and settled herself back over the unmoving bard.

Xena bent down to kiss her tentatively. The kiss deepened. Lips parted. Soon Xena's tongue was roughly thrusting into Gabrielle's mouth. She didn't stop even when she could feel Gabrielle struggling for breath. She didn't stop until she was forcefully pushed away.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Stop it!"

"I don't want to stop it," the warrior said huskily. "You don't really want me to stop, do you?" She quickly pinned Gabrielle's wrists above her head. The bard stopped struggling immediately. Xena bent to capture those soft lips like she was never going to release them.

The warrior worked her other hand underneath Gabrielle's sleeping shift. A slow, hot trickle flowed over her searching fingers. She smeared the warmth over the soft flesh of Gabrielle's inner thigh. She slowly stroked just the tips of her fingers over the inflamed, furry cleft, not delving in. No, she would wait until Gabrielle begged her.

The bard's passion melted like wax from a burning scented candle. It flowed out freely, running down the cleft and wetting the blanket under them. Gabrielle began to moan, "Xena please .... quit teasing."

"I'll stop torturing you if you give yourself to me. Completely. Like you gave yourself to Perdicus." Xena whispered into the bard's ear, "Surrender to me." Gabrielle answered with a shudder. Xena felt it against her cheek, along her spine, and in her loins. She smiled triumphantly. "Well, these are my terms."

She reached somewhere above Gabrielle's head for the saddle bag and pulled out an object. She showed it to the bard and reveled in her shocked expression.

"You thought you could hide this from me?" Xena twirled the slim, glistening phallus with one hand. "Does it remind you of what you've been missing? Does it remind you of him?"

She pushed herself away from Gabrielle and knelt by her side.

"Turn over," the warrior commanded. "Get up on your knees. Bend over until your forehead touches the earth. Spread them. More." The bard complied. "Yes, like that."

Xena exposed her to the cool night air. She could see the goose bumps rising on the smooth skin. She slowly caressed the offered mounds until the bumps smoothed back down into the flesh. Then she brushed her fingers against the humid cleft. She smelled the steamy heat rising. The bard was dripping.

Xena brought the phallus up against Gabrielle's sensitive center. She moved deliberately and sensuously. She felt her bard quiver with anticipation for what she was about to receive. She rolled the phallus in the dark depths, saturating the slick surface with the bard's passion. She briefly touched the clit, teasing her relentlessly.

"Did he ask you how you wanted it?" Xena asked softly as she gently stroked Gabrielle's back to calm her.

Gabrielle shook her head. The red gold shimmered in the dying light.

"Did he take you like this?" Xena plunged the phallus in all at once. She met little resistance. She smiled grimly as Gabrielle grunted then sighed.

"I didn't hear you. Say it again." Xena probed deeper.

Gabrielle gasped out a 'yes'.

"How long did he take to make you come? Did he go slow and easy?" Xena thrust into her smoothly, held it in for a moment, then pulled out only to plunge back again. She steadily fucked her with the grinding, aching patience of a grand inquisitor. "Did you even come or was it just him?"

Gabrielle groaned and bucked against the welcome intrusion filling her body. She felt Xena grasp her hips to steady her. She felt the warrior's heat and her weight as Xena leaned in.

"Or did he take you hard and fast?" Xena breathed into the bard's ear. She increased her pace to a furious urgency, thrusting forcefully. She felt the tremors surging and growing in the body beneath hers. She held on for dear life, not wanting to lose control of the woman writhing beneath her. Not wanting to lose control of herself.

As Gabrielle reached the point of no return, Xena murmured into her ears, "Did you scream, Gabrielle? Whose name did you shout out?" Xena drove hard one last time, twisting and going in deep.

"You, Xena!" Gabrielle collapsed as she came. "I called out to you," she quietly sobbed into the blanket. The dust of the earth clung wetly to her forehead. She laid spent and weary on the blanket. The drying sweat cooled her until she began to shiver.

"I know you did. Always knew you did," Xena whispered gently as she laid another blanket over her lover and held her close. A strange calmness settled over Xena as the rage burned down, satiated and cooled. The rage retreated into the murky recesses of Xena's mind and waited.

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