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Joxer's True Love

by Donald Scott

Disclamers XENA,GABRIELLE, and JOXER belong to Universial APHRODITE belongs to the Greek Gods the story however belongs to me.

The morning sun was just now rising on the little group as normal, Xena was the first one to rise looking at the other two sleeping persons. She couldn't help but to let out a soft laugh,at what she was seeing . Joxer and Gabrielle were cuddling each other in their sleep. She knew Joxer's feelings for Gabrielle so she let them sleep a little bit longer. She started gathering her stuff together, and getting the morning fire going for breakfast when she realized she had a problem.How to wake up both of them so Joxer wouldn't be embarassed about it. Smiling wickedly she knew what she had to do.

Xena: "Rise and shine."

Then she tossed the water from the bucket on both of them waking them up,Joxer was confused and wondering how both of them had gotten wet, but Gabrielle knew what had happen.

Gabrielle:"You didn't say anything about its time to get up Xena."

Xena:"Why yes I did, didn't I Joxer?"

Giving Joxer the Look . Joxer knew what would happen if he agreed with Gabrielle so Joxer finally did something smart.

Joxer:"I'm sorry Gabrielle but she did say it's time to get up."

Gabrielle glared at Joxer then Xena then got up off the ground leaving Joxer behind grumbling at Xena for what she had done to her and Joxer.

Xena: "Joxer toss another log on the fire so you and Gabrielle can get your clothes dry."

Joxer was not looking as he accidently picked up one of Gabrielle's scrolls and tossed it on the fire.The fire started to get brighter as the scroll started to burn Gabrielle came back into the camp looking for her scroll

Gabrielle:"Xena do you know where my new scroll is ?"

Xena:"It's by the last pice of firewood."

Gabrielle looked at the firewood but did not see her scroll.

Gabrielle:"I found the firewood but my scroll's is not here."

Xena looked confused by what Gabrielle had just said about the firewood

Xena:"Joxer why didn't you put that piece of firewood on the fire like I told you too ?"

Joxer:"Xena I did throw the piece of firewood on the fire don't you see it. ?"

They all looked at the fire then Gabrielle saw the handle of her scroll sticking out of the fire letting out a cry of anguish. She raced over to the fire knowing it was to late, turning to look at Joxer with anger in her eyes. She grabbed her staff and was about to bring it down on Joxer's head, when Xena grabbed the staff away from her.

Xena:"Gabrielle! No he didn't mean to throw your scroll into the fire. It was an accident."

Gabrielle:"Well I was going to accidently hit him over the head with my staff now give it back to me."

Xena:" No I'm not giving back your staff not till you calm down, Joxer maybe you better go and try to catch us some breakfast ok ?"

Joxer got the hint and went into the woods while Xena tried to get Gabrielle calm down. He knew she was angry with him so he started to take a long walk in the woods while wandering around he came apon a temple. He went in and found out it was Aphrodite's he went up to the alter and started to cry. Aphrodite appeared before him .

Aphrodite:" No crying in my temple Lover Boy,now what's your trouble ?"

Joxer:"Nothing is wrong."

Aphrodite:"Now, now don't try to fool me it's Gabrielle isn't it ?"

Joxer:"Yes, I love her beyond life but I doubt she even loves me as a friend."

Aphrodite:Well lets find out how much she loves you.

Joxer looked confused as what Aphrodie was saying then when she blew a kiss at him he felt a strange tingle all over him then it stopped he looked down and saw his body at the alter laying there then Aphrodite appeared by his side.

Aphrodite:" This is what your going to do. First you must make Gabrielle to admit her true feelings for you, be it hate or love.

Joxer:"I aready got your answer to that it's hate.When Cupids arrows hit her she fell in love with me, but when Cupid took off the spell she laughed at the notion of her being in love with me not seeing the hurt look I had.

Aphrodite:"I aleady know that honey that's why I'm giving her this chance to redem herself I'm a God remember, now get back down there and get to work on making her admit her true feelings."

Joxer:"Ok, but I don't think it's going to work."

Joxer was back into his body but there was a twist for there was a compass in one of his hands and and a scroll in the other hand the scroll was still sealed then hearing Aphrodite's voice "Give the scroll to Xena for only her eyes can read this scroll no one else can and don"t lose that compass because you will need it Lover Boy." when Joxer exit the temple he felt strange like something had left him but he didn't know what so he walked back to camp he saw Xena cooking some tea but Gabrielle was nowhere in sight he was wandering where she was then he felt a kick in his rump.

Gabrielle: Xena said I'm not allowed to hit you with my staff but she didn't say nothing of kicking you in the rump."

After getting kicked Joxer collapsed on the ground Xena had seen what had happen then looked at Gabrielle who had a smirking expression on her face

Xena came over and looked Joxer on the ground then knelt down to examine him as she turned him over she noticed his breathing was shallow then she looked up at Gabrielle who had a shock expression on her face.

Gabrielle:"All I did was to kick him in his butt. What's wrong with him ?"

Xena shaking her head "I don't know ?" then she saw the scroll in one of his hand and the compass in the other. she took the scroll out of his hand and the compass also. She handed the scroll to Gabrielle "Here look at this while I look at this strange compass he was holding." Gabrielle took the scroll but for some reason she couldn't break the seal.

Gabrielle:"I can't break this seal.I just get the seal off then it keeps attaching itself back together."

Xena took the scroll from Gabrielle's hands and popped the seal right off and the scroll magically unrolled itself in her hands Xena looked at the scroll then let out a gasp for she could not beleve what it said. Then the scroll dissappeared from her hands. She looked at Gabrielle than at Joxer "He's dying Gabrielle the scroll said we must find his heart before sundown."Gabrielle looked in shock all she could say is"How ?"

Xena:"With this compass it points to his heart."

Gabrielle:"Well lets get moving."

Xena:"No I'll go you stay with Joxer and keep him comfortable ok ?"

Xena bent down to pick up the compass but it vanished on;y to reappeared in Gabrielle's hand Xena" What's going on here." as she looked at the compass that was in Gabrielle's hand.

Gabrielle:"I guess it wants me to go instead of you."

Gabrielle got up on her feet and grabbed her staff then looked at the compass it pointed East the way Joxer just came from. Heading her towards the temple as Gabrielle entered the temple door it closed behind her trapping her in the room. The compass was pointing at a necklace, it was the most beautiful thing in the world as Gabrielle picked it up it vanished then reappeared in another spot. She went over to pick it up as she reached for it the necklace vanished again then a voice out of nowhere said "Why do you seek the necklace ?"

Gabrielle:"I seek it for my friend."

The Voice:"Tell me of your friend, and then I might consider giving it to you."

Gabrielle:"He's sweet, kind, a person who's always there for you."

The Voice:"Will he die for you ?"

Gabrielle:"Yes he will " thinking of all the times he saved her from bandits and getting hurt in the process.

The Voice kept asking Gabrielle questions about Joxer making the bard think of all the things that he had done for her and the way she treated him finally The Voice said"well It's past sundown I have to visit my other temples now you may have the necklace." With Gabrielle hearing that it was past sundown she fell to her knees and started to cry The Voice said "Why are you crying ?I said you can have the necklace."

Gabrielle:"Because if I didn't bring the necklace back to him before sundown he will die now it's past sundown and he's dead."

The Voice:"Well sweetie he's not dead look behind you."

Gabrielle turned around and saw Joxer standing at the door with Xena beside him Gabrielle got off her knees and ran over to Joxer and hugged him like crazy Joxer almost fell onto the ground then Gabrielle looked at him then to Xena confused.

Gabrielle:"Xena you said that he had to sundown to live ,but how ?"

Aphrodite:"My doing sweetie I took over Xena and Made her say that, I also put that little spell on Joxer making him collapse on the ground."

Gabrielle:"Why did you do that ?"

Aphrodite:"Because I felt sorry for him when he came in here earlier today. Hey Lover Boy put the necklace where it belongs."

Joxer went and picked up the necklace and placed it around Gabrielle's neck saying "Gabby you will always have my heart" and he gave her a kiss on the check.

Gabrielle:"Hey that's not how your suppose to kiss a girl who you gave your heart to. This is how!"

Gabrielle grabbed Joxer and gave him her most passionate kiss ever, then Xena said "Am I going have to get a bucket of ice water to cool you two off." then they all started to laugh.

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