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My Warrior

By Gabrielle Anderson

With hair so soft and eyes so blue
She sits alone, what should I do
I reach for her, to hold her near
She looks at me and sheds one tear
And I know her love is near

I held her in my arms that night
Kept her close, within my site
Afraid that she we soon leave me
I don't know what finally made me see
The love of my baby to be

When I looked into her eyes just then
I didn't know and never can
What made me kiss her lips that day
Tell her I would always stay
Love her and I always may

Her eyes so bright, so filled with wonder
I knew that I had always loved her
But I never thought I'd really kiss
I never knew what I had missed
I was full of total bliss

I finally lay her down to rest
I knew she was the very best
I wanted to treat her like gold
And leaving now would be too cold
I took a move that was too bold

I though one day I would regret
She'll never let me soon forget
That night is one we'd always share
She knew that I was truly there
She now knows how much I care

Did you know this was a dream of mine
I thought about her all the time
The day I met her I thought I'd die
You may think and wonder why
But when I look at her, I cry

I layed next to her a whispered
Just so only she ever heard
I love you deep within my soul
I never want to let you go
And I thought I'd never know

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