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This is a story we wrote for our nine-year old daughter. It is definitely rated G. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Argo are the property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended, and we're certainly not making a profit. Sarah's father, Chris Van Winkle, suggested the idea for the conclusion.

Sarah's Excellent Adventure

by Atara Stein and Ruth Gifford

Copyright (c) 1998

Part I

Sarah woke up to find herself sleeping on the ground, wrapped in a blanket, which was odd because she had gone to bed inside a house in the suburbs the night before. *Weird,* she thought and sat up, wondering if there were any Eggos to be found for breakfast. A moment later she saw a very peculiar looking man strutting down the road, with a round shield over his chest and a pointy helmet. "HUH?" she said out loud.

"Don't you recognize me?" demanded the man.

"Sure, you're Joxer. But . . . "

"Of course you recognized me!" declared the strange-looking man, "I am Joxer the Mighty."

"Yeah, but you're not real," said Sarah. "You're on TV. And what am I doing here?"

"TV?" asked Joxer. "And I have no idea what you're doing here."

"I mean," asked Sarah, "how did I get to New Zealand? Isn't Xena filmed in New Zealand?"

"Little girl," said Joxer patiently, "I don't know where New Zea-whatever is. This is Greece."

*Man,* thought Sarah. *This is weird.* She was interrupted by the sight of a group of mounted warriors, in grungy armor, coming down the road, leading a magnificent brown, riderless horse. The horse did not look happy and kept pulling at the ropes.

"Hey!" yelled Sarah. "Aren't you going to do anything? I think they're stealing that horse!"

"Do something?" asked Joxer. "Do something. Of course. Do SOMEthing.

I am Joxer the Mighty." Joxer puffed out his chest.

"Yes," said Sarah, "you're very tidy."

"You know my song?" asked Joxer.

"Yes!" snapped Sarah, "but what are you going to do about the horse?"

"Right," muttered Joxer. "Who needs Xena anyway? I am Joxer the mighty."

Joxer stepped out into the road. "Out of the way, nitwit!" yelled the foremost rider, knocking Joxer off the path and flat on his behind.

"They don't call Joxer the Mighty a nitwit and get away with it," muttered Joxer, getting up and brushing himself off.

"Take care of that troublemaker!" yelled the leader of the band, and one of the riders turned back, swinging a threatening-looking mace at Joxer.

Suddenly Sarah heard a gallopping of more hooves in the distance and a war cry of "Yi-yi-yi-yi-YAH!" A chakram seemingly flew out out nowhere, hitting the helmet of Joxer's attacker and bouncing off, flying back the way it came. At that moment Xena came flying down the road on Argo, reaching up to catch her chakram. She leapt off to examine the fallen warrior.

"I woulda had him," muttered Joxer.

"What's going on here?" she demanded.

"Wow," said Sarah. "Is that really Argo?"

"Yes," answered Xena. "Who are you?"

"My name is Sarah. I have no idea how I got here. But HE"--she pointed to the fallen warrior--was part of a gang stealing a horse. I just know it. Can you do that thing?"

"That thing?" asked Xena.

"Yeah," said Sarah, "where you cut off the flow of blood to his brain and make him answer your questions."

"Good idea," said Xena, putting the pinch on the man. "You heard the girl. I've cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll die in thirty seconds, so answer fast. What's with the horse?"

"Long story," gasped the man. "Take this off and I'll tell you." At that moment Gabrielle came jogging up the road, carrying her staff.

"OK," said Xena, "but I want the whole story; otherwise . . . you're history." She struck the pressure point again with two fingers, and the man collapsed, breathing in big gulps. Xena turned to Gabrielle and said, "This is Sarah. This fellow here on the ground is a horse thief.

He's volunteered to give us some information." Gabrielle nodded.

"OK, OK," he began to explain. "The horse belongs to the king of Juras . . . "

"Excuse me," interrupted Sarah. "What's the horse's name?"

The warrior glanced at her. "Stardust. Anyway, it's descended from a long line of horses belonging to the royal family. According to legend, it has the power to tell who the rightful heir of the king is. Only the rightful heir can ride the horse; the rest get thrown off. King Zetes is dying, and his oldest son Tiamedes wanted the horse stolen and killed."

"I take it he assumes he's not the rightful heir," remarked Xena.

"Yeah," said the warrior. "So far the only people who can ride the horse are the King and his daugher, Princess Kidaria. Prince Tiamedes has tried and been tossed every time. His younger brother Korithos really isn't interested in the throne; he wants to be a bard."

"Good career choice," noted Gabrielle.

"Prince Tiamedes hired us to get rid of the horse, and I think he was gonna get a similar-looking horse--one he could ride--in its place."

"Why haven't you fulfilled his orders and killed it, then?" asked Xena.

"Prince is a cheapskate," muttered the warrior. "Said he'd pay us the rest when he inherits the throne. Our leader Hersos thought we could make up some of the money by selling the horse. Worth a good pile of dinars, he thinks."

"But if no one else can ride it . . . " Gabrielle began to ask.

"Buyer beware," answered the soldier. "There are always suckers."

"That sucks," muttered Sarah. "That poor horse. Stardust probably misses the princess. Are you going to help get him back?"

"We certainly are," said Xena firmly. "And make sure the princess gets her rightful shot at the throne. I've heard of Prince Tiamedes, and what I've heard isn't pretty. All right you," she said to the warrior, "get out of here. And don't go stealing any horses. Joxer!"

"Yes, Xena."

"I want you to deliver a message to the Princess. Don't let anyone else hear you. Tell her we're going to get her horse back."

"Don't you need me to help fight those warriors?" demanded Joxer.

At the same time, Xena and Gabrielle said "No!" Xena turned to Sarah.

"I guess you're coming with us."

"Coool!" said Sarah. "But, um, I'm pretty hungry. I haven't had anything to eat."

"Food sounds good," said Gabrielle eagerly.

"There's a tavern near here," said Xena. "We'll stop for food, then go after those warriors."

Part 2

In the tavern Sarah asked if she could have a grilled cheese sandwich.

"A grilled cheese what?" asked Xena, Gabrielle, and the tavernkeeper simultaneously.

Sarah sighed. There were disadvantages of being in Ancient Greece.

These people wouldn't even know what sandwich was. She explained, "Well, it's like two pieces of bread, with cheese in the middle, and it's cooked, grilled. Get it? Grilled . . . cheese . . . sandwich. I think you put butter on the outside of the bread."

"Sounds good!" remarked Gabrielle.

"I think I can make that," said the tavernkeeper, thinking this might prove a hit with travellers, especially travellers with children.

"So where are you from?" asked Gabrielle, while they waited for their food.

"California," said Sarah.

"Where's that?" asked Gabrielle.

"A long way from here, I think," answered Sarah. "I don't know how I got here. Just woke up on the ground, and I saw Joxer. I didn't think you were real. I mean, you're on TV."

"TV?" asked Xena and Gabrielle, looking at each other.

"Never mind," sighed Sarah.

"I'm pretty sure we're real," noted Xena.

"You ever heard of Lucy Lawless?" asked Sarah, "or Renee O' Connor?"

"Nope," said Gabrielle. "Who are they?"

Sarah began to explain, then gave up and asked, "And is Hercules real too?"

"Yes," answered Xena.

"Good," said Sarah, still puzzled. "My brother will be glad to hear that."

"How old's your brother?" asked Gabrielle, trying to move the conversation to less confusing topics.

"He's six. His name is Bradley."

"And what do you do in . . . Calif--what was it?"

"California." answered Sarah. "I go to school. Play on the computer . . . " Xena and Gabrielle looked puzzled for a moment. "I ride horses too," continued Sarah. "I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up."

"What's that?" asked Gabrielle.

"A doctor for animals."

"They have doctors for animals where you come from?" asked Xena.

"Yeah," said Sarah. "Some take care of small animals like dogs and cats, and some take care of large animals, like horses."

"Doctors for dogs and cats . . . " mused Xena.

Just then the food came. The tavernkeeper had managed a decent grilled cheese sandwich. Sarah offered a bit to Gabrielle, saying, "Do you want to try it?"

Gabrielle took a bite, enjoying the melted cheese oozing from between the bread. "Thish ish good!" she exclaimed with her mouth full. "I'll take one of those."

"Meanwhile," said Xena, "let's figure out what do about that horse.

Even once we get him back, if King Zetes is dead, and Prince Tiamedes has taken charge, we'll have a hard time helping the Princess to her righful throne, horse or not . . ."

Part 3

"So you can ride?" Xena asked Sarah, who nodded. "The owner of the stable here owes me a favor; I think I can borrow a horse for you."

Soon the three were on their way, Gabrielle riding behind Xena on Argo, and Sarah on the borrowed horse, Beauty. They rode hard and after a couple of hours, they caught up to the band of warriors, leading the recalcitrant Stardust along. The horse clearly didn't want to go with them. Xena paused for a moment, so Gabrielle could dismount, then told Sarah, "Wait over there. I'll need your help with Stardust."

"It's XEEE-NA!" yelled one of the warriors.

"Yes, it is," said Xena with a smile, "which means it's not your lucky day." She reached behind her, pulled her sword out of its scabbard, then rode into the band of warriors, slashing fiercely. Within moments she had knocked two of them from their horses. One got up immediately, charging, only to be knocked flat by a swing from Gabrielle's staff.

With a "Yi-yi-yi-yi-YAH!" Xena somersaulted off Argo, landing on her feet directly in front of the leader of the band. His horse drew up sharply, flinging him off. In a moment he was on his feet, charging toward Xena with his sword drawn. Looking almost bored, Xena spun her sword with fluent motions of her wrist. Suddenly she flung her chakram, with the other hand, without even seeming to look where she was throwing. The chakram severed the rope that was leading Stardust, who nimbly trotted out of the melee, avoiding warriors that Gabrielle was whacking off their horses, while the chakram whizzed back to its owner's upraised hand.

Sarah ran out from where she waited along the side of the road and grabbed the rope, speaking soothingly to Stardust, "It's OK. We'll get you back home to the princess." Stardust seemed to understand and followed Sarah over to where Argo and Beauty were waiting.

Sarah turned to watch Xena fighting with the leader of the warrior band. Their swords clashed, but with a swift stroke, Xena set his sword flying out of his hand. While he stood gaping, she wallopped him with her fist, sending him to the ground. In a moment, she was standing over him, sword pointed at his throat. "It's over. Call off your men. Get out of our way, and we won't have you all arrested." The man nodded.

Xena let him stand up, and he gave a signal for retreat. Gabrielle was whirling around, with a cry of "Yaaah!", about to whack another warrior, when he ran off grabbing for his horse. Gabrielle had to catch herself in mid swing, as the band of warriors ran and rode away.

"Cool!" said Sarah. "Now we just have to get Stardust back to the princess."

"If only it would be that easy," muttered Xena. "And how are we going to get this horse to come with us?"

"He'll come with us," Sarah said, patting Stardust's nose. "He'll know we're taking him home."

It turned out that Sarah was right. After she spent a few more minutes gentling the royal horse, he allowed Xena to tie a new rope to his bridle. When the two women and Sarah mounted up, Stardust didn't seem to mind following them. "Good boy, Stardust," Sarah said. When she came alongside him, and reached out to pat his neck again, he made a wuffing noise.

"Looks like you've made a friend, Sarah," Gabrielle said, smiling at Sarah.

"Although I wouldn't try riding him," Xena added.

"Especially without a helmet," Sarah said.

"A helmet?" Gabrielle asked.

"My riding teacher makes me wear one while I ride. It's just a plastic one that sits on top of my head."

"Plastic?" Xena asked.

"Never mind," Sarah said.

"You know it makes sense to have a child wear a helmet when she's learning to ride," Gabrielle said thoughtfully. "It's safer."

"Come on," Xena said, "we've got to get Stardust home."

Part 4

An hour later, near Jura, the capital city of Juras, Xena, Gabrielle, and Sarah met up with another mounted traveler. The young man looked up as they came abreast of him, and Sarah could see that he looked very worried. She also noticed that his horse was a lovely gray mare.

"Well met," Gabrielle said politely. "Are you traveling to Jura?"

"Yes," the young man replied.

"Are you from the city?" Xena asked.

"You might say so."

"I'm Xena, and this is Gabrielle and that's Sarah."

The young man's eyes got big and he looked at the two women on Argo's back. "You're Gabrielle?!" he asked. "This is incredible; I just love your work."

Sarah giggled because Xena looked a little surprised that the traveler seemed to be more interested in Gabrielle than in Xena herself. Xena looked over at her and then smiled and shrugged a little.

"You've heard my stories?" Gabrielle asked, smiling.

"Oh yes, and read all the scrolls you've sent to the Academy." He paused, and just stared at Gabrielle for a minute before he spoke again. "I'm sorry. I'm Korithos, and I'm in my second year at the Academy."

"You're the prince!" Sarah said.

"Yes, I'm the younger one." Korithos looked at Sarah and then looked past her, seeing Stardust for the first time.

"Stardust!" he said. At the sound of his voice, the horse tugged at the rope and pushed past Sarah's horse to get to the prince.

Korithos dismounted and carefully examined Stardust's neck, under the horse's mane. When he was done, he looked at Xena with an angry expression on his face. "What are you doing with him?"

"He was stolen," Xena said. "We're bringing him back."

"Tiamedes," Korithos said in disgust. "Let me guess, my brother had him stolen."

"Yes," Gabrielle replied. "What were you looking for just now?"

"All the Stardusts have a spot on their necks where no hair grows. It's sort of shaped like a star."

"All the Stardusts?" Sarah asked.

"When a Stardust grows old and nears death," Korithos explained, "my father's stablemen start looking at all the new colts. There's always one that has the mark. There's always been a Stardust in the royal stables of Juras, ever since the kingdom was founded."

"Well," Xena said, "apparently your brother thinks he can fool everyone into thinking he has the *real* Stardust."

"We've got to stop him," Korithos said seriously. "He's my brother and I love him, but I don't think he would make a good king. He's far too selfish."

"We've sent a friend to get a message to your sister," Gabrielle explained. "And we're on our way to Jura to help her."

"Kidaria may not need too much help." Korithos said, brightening up a little. "She's very popular with the common people." He mounted his horse again. "Shall we be off then?"

As they resumed their journey, Sarah looked over at Korithos. "What's your horse's name?" she asked.

"Epona," he replied. "It's the name of a Gallic Goddess."

A short time later, they reached Jura. As they rode through the city's western gate, a voice yelled out, "Xena!" and Joxer came running over to them. He looked worried.

"Joxer," Xena said. She looked at his face carefully and then turned to Korithos. "This is Prince Korithos," she said. " Korithos, this is Joxer."

Joxer's face grew serious, and Sarah realized that he didn't really look all that funny when he wasn't being a dork.

"I'm sorry, Your Highness," Joxer said, "but I have some bad news."

"My father?" Korithos asked.

"His illness has gotten worse," Joxer explained.

"I have to go to the palace," Tiamedes said.

"Wait!" Joxer said, grabbing Epona's bridle. "Prince Tiamedes has the palace surrounded by his own troops. They're not letting anyone in . . . or out."

Part 5

"So what do we do now?" Sarah asked. They were all sitting in the private dining room of a tavern run by Korithos' old nurse and her husband, while Joxer was left to guard Stardust with the other horses in the stable.

"We need to get into the palace," Xena said. "I could disguise myself as a servant . . ."

"Wouldn't work," Korithos said through a mouthful of grilled cheese sandwich. "You saw how carefully they were checking people at the gates." They had carefully checked out the palace before coming to the tavern.

"Even at the servant's entrance," Gabrielle added.

"True," Xena replied. She looked at Korithos. "Do you know of any way into the palace other than the gates?"

"Nothing that will help, I'm afraid," he replied. "There was a way, but you'd never fit through it. Kidaria and I used to crawl through the hypocaust system get out of the palace that way." He grinned. "Only in the summer, of course." Everyone chuckled and Sarah was confused.

"What's so funny?" she asked. "What's a hypo . . . what he said?"

"A hypocaust," Gabrielle explained," is a way of keeping a place warm.

There are big pipes that run under all the floors and, when it's cold, either warm air or water circulates through them."

Xena looked at Korithos. "Does the palace system use water or air? And how do you get into the system from the outside?"

"It uses water. You go in through the outflow that they use to drain the system when the weather gets warm. There used to be a grill on it, but it was put there a long time ago and it's rusted through."

"Then it's simple," Xena said. "we crawl through."

"We can't," Korithos said. "The pipes are big enough, but in order to get to the palace you have to crawl through a vent in an old abandoned storeroom. None of us would fit through it." He frowned. "Well, Kidaria might; she's still pretty tiny."

"Would I fit?" Sarah asked.

Korithos looked at her, but Xena shook her head angrily. "No," the warrior princess said. "I'm not going to let you put yourself in danger. We have to find out how to get you back to California."

Sarah frowned. "Bet we *have* to help the princess!" she exclaimed stubbornly. "I could do it."

"You'd get lost," Gabrielle said.

"No I wouldn't. Korithos said that the pipes are big enough for grown-ups to crawl through. He can lead me."

They talked it over for a while, but in the end it was decided that the only way to get a message to Kidaria was to send Sarah through the hypocaust. Korithos asked the tavern mistress for some old children's clothes and she found a tunic and pants that belonged to her grandson.

"We'll smudge your face up some," Xena said to Sarah, "and you'll look like a servant boy."

They went over the plan several times. Once in the palace, Sarah was to go to the kitchen, which was right next to the abandoned storeroom. She was to talk to Megra, the cook, explaining that she had a message for Kidaria from Korithos, and suggest that Megra let her help bring up a snack for the Princess. Then she was supposed to let Kidaria figure out what to do next.

"I know, I know," Sarah said, after the third repetition of the plan.

"Go to the kitchen, find Megra, tell her to take me and a snack to the Princess and then let Kidaria decide what to do."

"Sounds like you've got it down," Xena said. She looked worried and Sarah walked over and hugged her.

"It'll be OK," Sarah said.

"OK?" Joxer asked. "What's that mean?"

"It means all right," Gabrielle said. Sarah had explained it to her on the road.

Following Korithos through the pipes was kind of fun, Sarah thought. It was like all those Star Trek episodes where you had to crawl through those tubes, whatever they were called. "Why did you have to go this way to get out of the palace?" she whispered.

Korithos answered: "My parents were really protective. If we ever wanted to have any fun, we snuck out. Kidaria and me, I mean. Tiamedes was always too serious."

They crawled further, until Korithos said, "This is the opening to the vent." He pushed the rusty cover out of the way. "Do you remember the plan?" he whispered.

"Yes, of course I do," sighed Sarah.

"Sorry," whispered Korithos.

He helped Sarah into the vent. It was a tight squeeze, but she crept through on her stomach. She was getting nervous now that she was on her own. She sighed with relief when she reached the opening to the storeroom, but she had to wriggle the grate a bit to get it out. She managed to do so without much noise, and hopped out into the storeroom.

It was very cold, and she hurried to the kitchen next door.

"Excuse me?" she said politely.

Megra the cook turned around suddenly. "Who are you? How did you get in here?"

"Korithos sent me with a message for the princess; he helped me sneak in because of the guards."

"Oh my! Well, dear, you can help me bring the princess her dinner.

She's refusing to join Prince Tiamedes at the table."

"I don't blame her," muttered Sarah. "He's really being a butt."

"A what?" asked Megra.

"Never mind," said Sarah. Megra led her along passages and up stairways. Sarah carried a jug of water, while Megra carried a tray of food. *I'm glad I already ate,* thought Sarah to herself. *The food doesn't look very good around here.*

Megra knocked at the princess' bedroom door. "It's Megra, your highness."

"Come in," called a voice from inside.

Megra pushed the door open, and Sarah followed. "Who's this?" asked the princess. She had very long reddish golden hair, and she was wearing some kind of loose pants. She didn't look much like what Sarah expected a princess to look like.

"My name is Sarah. I have a message from your brother Korithos."

Kidaria sent the cook away and said, "Please, tell me what's going on."

"Well," began Sarah, "we've brought Stardust back, the real one," and she told Kidaria the whole story, while the princess thoughtfully chewed her food.

"I have to go join the others outside the palace," said the princess.

"Tomorrow my brother is going to announce that he is the proper heir and demonstrate it before the Council of Elders and the people. He has a horse that looks just like Stardust. Without Stardust there's nothing I can do. . . . And I keep hoping my father will get better. I don't think he's as sick as Tiamedes lets on."

"I'm sorry your dad is sick," said Sarah sympathetically.

"Me too," said the princess softly. "Anyway, I need to come in with Stardust during the presentation. Will your friends help me get through the guards? The presentation will be in the village square. There won't be as many guards there as there are around the palace."

"They'll help," said Sarah. "Xena is very brave, and she can beat up tons of warriors."

Kidaria grinned. "Good. We need to teach Tiamedes a lesson." Kidaria grabbed a few things, pulled her hair back, and led Sarah back through the palace to the storeroom. She stopped briefly at the kitchen to let Megra know everything would be OK. Then they crawled through the vent, and Korithos was still waiting at the entrance to the pipes.

They all camped out outside the village, while the princess and Xena discussed their plans.

Part 6

The next morning, the Council of Elders was gathered on a platform in the city square, and a group of townspeople stood in a big circle.

There was a group of Tiamedes' guards just outside the circle.

Prince Tiamedes rode in on a brown horse with a black mane, and declared, "I am sorry to report that my father, King Zetes, is gravely ill. I claim the throne in his place, as he is unable to govern. I am the rightful heir to the throne, as you all can see. This is the horse Stardust." Two of the council members checked the horse's neck and found the hairless patch in the shape of a star.

They were about to give the council's sanction to the prince's claim, when a "Yi-yi-yi-yi-YAH!" erupted from beyond the square. A group on horseback came galloping toward them. While Xena disabled guards from the back of Argo, Gabrielle leapt off and began swinging her staff.

Joxer valiantly swung a sword at a guard, who dodged it, and punched him in the face. His helmet wobbling, Joxer fell down, out cold.

Sarah, riding close to the princess and her younger brother, paused, but Gabrielle yelled, "Don't worry! Happens all the time!"

"Good point," said Sarah, and rode through an opening in the crowd of people with Kidaria and Korithos. Voices were exclaiming, "The princess! It's the princess! Thank the gods!"

In a few moments, Tiamedes' guards were disarmed and helpless. Some had fled as soon as they had seen Xena coming; they were part of the party that had stolen Stardust, and they didn't want to confront Xena two days in a row.

When the tumult died down, Xena joined Sarah, while Gabrielle tended to Joxer. Kidaria announced, "My older brother lies. *This* is the real Stardust, and I am the rightful heir. I also have hopes that my father will recover."

"Too late, sister!" sneered Tiamedes. "The council has already certified that my horse is the real Stardust. My claim is valid."

The council members were all discussing frantically among themselves.

They weren't sure what to do.

"Excuse me," said Sarah. "I have an idea."

"Why should we listen to a child?" snapped the prince, irritably.

"Because if you *don't*," answered Xena smoothly, but menacingly, "you'll regret your bad manners."

"What's your idea, Sarah?" asked Kidaria.

"Well, only the rightful heir can ride Stardust, right? But the rightful heir should be able to ride the other horse too. If you and your brother trade horses, everyone will see which is the right one."

Gabrielle had come up with a groggy-looking Joxer and beamed, "Great idea, Sarah!"

"How about it, big brother?" asked Kidaria defiantly.

"What's the point?" demanded Tiamedes. "I am the rightful heir."

"Pardon me, sire," said the senior council member. "If there are two horses with the mark of the star, then we must try as the child suggested. We cannot certify your claim if the princess has a legitimate claim as well."

Xena didn't know where the idea had come from, but she raised her hand in the air, palm forward, and Sarah reached up and slapped it, saying "High five!"

The prince grudgingly dismounted, and Kidaria did the same. She easily leapt on the false Stardust, while as soon as Prince Tiamedes approached the real Stardust, the horse reared up away from him.

"Princess Kidaria! Princess Kidaria!" the crowd began cheering and shouting.

Kidaria had dismounted the false Stardust, and Tiamedes pushed her out of the way, jumped off the horse, and rode off, yelling, "Who wants to rule these fools anyway?"

"Your brother's kind of a dork, isn't he?" asked Sarah.

"A what?" asked the princess. "Well whatever a 'dork' is it sounds like Tiamedes. Let's just let him go. He'll be too embarassed to come back here. That was a great idea, Sarah. The people of Juras and I thank you."

Sarah beamed and said, "No problem. I was glad I could help."

"Look!" exclaimed Gabrielle. A messenger was riding from the palace.

"My lady," he cried. "Your father is feeling much better."

"That's great news!" said Kidaria. "But now I know Juras will be safe from Tiamedes no matter what happens." She turned to Xena, Gabrielle, Sarah, and Joxer. "I'd like you all to come to the palace and meet my father. I'll have Megra make a big lunch."

Korithos suddenly spoke up, "We can tell her how to make grilled cheese sandwiches."

"Sounds great," said Gabrielle, as the group headed toward the palace.

"Grilled cheese what?" asked Joxer.


Sarah woke up, but this time she was lying in a bed. She breathed a sigh of relief. Exciting as it was to be in Ancient Greece with Xena and Gabrielle, she really didn't think she'd want to stay there. Hard as it was to admit, she was beginning to miss her brother. But as she woke up more, her room didn't look right. The colors were very right, and things just looked *weird*. It did look familiar though. As she sat up she heard voices.

"Marge, have you seen my donut?"

"I'm afraid the dog ate it."


"Oh no! Not again!" Sarah muttered, "Will somebody just shoot me!"

Suddenly she woke up again, and this time she was in her own room, with stuffed animals and books all over the bed. She had her arm around her stuffed toy horse, Stardust, and there were pictures of Xena and Gabrielle in her room.

She got and ran to her brother's room, yelling "Hey Bradley, wake up! I had the weirdest dream!" She carried Stardust with her.

The End.