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This poem is told from Xena's point of view about Gabby.

For Palomine, who both inspired and encouraged me.


By Trey

Once I did tell you
That the world was a wonder
That present became past
As night went to day
That the words you did speak
Needed more ears to listen
But that was before
You went away

Now I'm alone
In the winds of tomorrow
That swirl up the leaves
From the ground where they lay
Once we walked through them
While the sun rose around us
But that was before
You went away

I cope not through letters
You've written in hand
Or by hearing your words
Which tumble like sand
Instead I just watch
As the world turns around me
As the lights rise and sink
While I stare at the sky
And all I can think
As the snow falls before me
Is that though love is strong
All things must die

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