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By: RaXenaWP


I want her to kill me.


I want oblivion. No memories, no Tartarus, no nothing...

She's in great pain now. Gabrielle is gone. How long is she going to stand there, looking down into that hole? There's no ambrosia at the bottom of that pit, sweetie. Dahok has swallowed her up and you'll never see her again. Hurts, doesn't it?

This is my chance.

She's weak now. I can make her do anything I want. She'll need to take out all this pain on someone. Please let it be me...

She won't kill me now, at least not for the deal we struck - first Hope, then me. Oh no. She'll want to keep me around and use me again, just like that demon brat did...I won't let her. Not this time. I can't bear the pain of living one more moment. And if she won't kill me to settle our arrangement...

Maybe I can trick her into it.

But how? What could possibly...oh. That's toooo good. Perfect, really. Laughing at my own cleverness, I walk towards her, wondering how long she'll hold out. Then I say it. I give her the reason she wants, the reason she needs, to kill me.

I mock her precious Gabrielle's death.

I lay waste to it.

Of course there's no truth to my ranting. Her death doesn't affect me. Gabrielle was never more than a wedge to use against Xena. So just this one last time, hmm, my sweet, irritating, little blonde? Let me use you one more time to get to Xena, to make her do my bidding one last time...

Ah. That final one did it, 'reason for living', hint, hint. I thought it might. She turns and I wait...

The dagger, thrust once into my gut, splices directly into an artery. Oh sweet Athena that feels...wonderful.

The hind's blood rushes towards my heart, stilling it, and my brain fights for oxygen that it will not receive. A slight rumbling on Mt. Olympus signals that Zeus has noticed, but there's nothing he can do. I start to go away.

Oh, Xena, I love you. Thank you. I try to say it, 'thank you Xena, thank you for ending it', but nothing comes out. I reach out to touch her face, the most beautiful face in the world, my savior. I touch her for as long as can, the hind's blood coursing through my veins, it's ... I try to laugh. Ha-ha. Gotcha, warrior princess. But I can't. I look at her one last time, her eyes burning into me as all sensation leaves my body...


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