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Title: Is this the end? 1/1
Author: Dario Persechino,
Rating: Harmless
Spoilers: None
Summary: Gabby faces death
Disclaimer: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are property of MCA/Universal not to me :( I'm using them without permission. No copyright infringement intended.
Archiving: It you want to, then go for it, but keep this stuff with it, and no editing :) and drop me a message telling me where your archive is :)
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Dedicated to: Lucy Lawless and Renee <sp?> O'Connor
Comments: Mail me what you think at the above address.
Author's Notes: Ok, this is my second crack at Xena fan-fic, please be forgiving. Also the character of Celesta is taken from the first season episode Death in Chains. I can not find any reference to Celesta in Greek mythology the only deity I have found similar was Alecto who was the goddess of death I believe. Anyway, since I have not been able to find her I assume that the character is under copyright so that is why the above disclaimer includes her. If I'm wrong about her being a Greek mythological character please correct me at the above e-mail address. Just wanted to clear that up. Oh, one more thing, at one point I use the word "cortorise" I have no idea if this is spelt right because I have not been able to find it. To my understanding it means to seal a wound by use of a hot object, basically burning a wound to stop it bleeding.
Date written: 19/10/98 04:00
That's enough with that. Now on with the story...

Is This The End?

by Dario Persechino

As Xena dispatched two of the four remaining ruffians. Gabrielle battled one with her staff, the other was beyond their field of vision and as Gabrielle knocked her opponent she heard the whistling of the arrow just in time to jump in front of Xena and feel the piercing point penetrate her back. Xena caught Gabrielle stunned by what had just happened she gently placed Gabrielle on the floor. As the archer was preparing to fire another arrow Xena pulled out her chakram and with an action spored from her dark side she threw the deadly object and watched and it cut threw the flesh of the villain. It ricocheted off of a wagon and returned to Xena's grasp as she heard the thud of the villains body landing on the soil, shortly followed by his head.

Xena knelt next to her friend and examined the wound. It was deep and maybe fatal. The pain would ease slightly soon and Gabrielle would regain consciousness. So Xena had to do what she could while the bard was still under her body's protective mechanism. She grabbed some cloth, some alcohol which would work as disinfectant and a heat source, she would heat her sword and use it to cortorise the wound.

Gabrielle watched from a few feet away as Xena treated her body.
"Its odd to see yourself from the outside, especially like this."
Next to her stood Celesta holding her candle. Gabrielle turned and stared at death.
"Is it over? I mean am I dead?"
"You tell me." Gabrielle did not understand, was she dead?
"I don't know what you ask, I see myself dying, and I stand here next to death. Is this the end?"
"Is your journey at an end? Or have you left things undone?" What was Gabrielle to say. How do you respond when asked have you completed destiny. "I..I don't know. I mean, sure, there are things I wish I had done." Her eyes wandered to Xena, tending her wounded self.

"Gabrielle don't die on me! I won't let you die!" Xena worked furiously to seal the bleeding wound. "Please Gabrielle don't die." The great warrior princess held her friend. Rare tears falling from her eyes. She had done what she could. Now it was up to Gabrielle.
"She cares about you greatly"
"And I her."
"Do you know?"
"Know what?"
"Whether its over." Gabrielle was confused still.
"Shouldn't you be telling me if its over."
"There are times when death is a fact. When I come to complete what is done. Here, however, you have to see if your journey is over. You have to know."
"I don't know. I can't tell the future."
"No, but your heart can tell it is not complete." Gabrielle knew what she had unfinished, and again her eyes drifted to her friend, crying and holding her.

"Damn it Gabrielle don't you die on me! You still haven't told me how that last story ended. Please don't let go."

"I know."
"Then you must return."
"Why did you give me the choice?" Gabrielle's curiosity was not satisfied.
"I didn't. It was not your time. You just had to realise that." Celesta smiled, and vanished.

Gabrielle awoke in pain but in the arms of her friend.
"Gabrielle your alive!!" Xena's tears of sadness vanished and she held her friend tighter.
"Xena," Gabrielle looked into her friends eyes. "You are my reason."

The End.

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