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DISCLAIMERS: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle and other "Xena" characters are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in writing this story.


I would categorize this story as a first time romance. This story depicts a love relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.

SPOILERS: This story takes place immediately after the episode Forget Me Not. Just my imagination wondering - what if, at this point in time neither has vocalized their desire for an intimate relationship.

COMMENTS: I can be reached at if you’d like to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

One Kiss Changes Everything

by Annmaray

June 1999

It was difficult for the Warrior to observe her Bard crossing the three rivers in an effort to discover the awful pain causing her nightmares, keeping her awake, taking her appetite away and just plainly not caring about living life. By reliving the painful memories of the past few years Xena was fearful that she would indeed loose the woman she loved without ever telling her that she desired a more intimate relationship. She just plain and simply wanted Gabrielle completely. All the pain somehow connected back to her relationship with Xena and it was for this reason alone that Mnemosyne allowed the Warrior to watch her Bard’s journey. A horrible fear filled Xena, as she watched Gabrielle scream, cry, get angry and sad as she was tormented by her subconscious disguised as Ares. The nightmares – the excruciating pain Gabrielle had been experiencing had to stop. The Warrior could not help her other than lead her to the Temple of Mnemosyne and let Gabrielle make the choice.

Remembering Mnemosyne’s words to Xena. "You must love her deeply to be so willing to give her freedom. Soulmates are bonded in that manner."

The term soulmate stuck with the Warrior. Although she knew of the myth behind finding ones soulmate and even Solan whispered to her in Illusia about Gabrielle being her mate. That was why Solan placed them together – to heal and discover. She knew she was in love with Gabrielle and this love went deeper than any other love she had ever experienced. On numerous occasions she debated telling Gabrielle but always shied away or was interrupted by someone or some event. Now Xena made a promise to herself that she would tell Gabrielle – no matter who was around.

Once Ares handed the bowl to Gabrielle, Mnemosyne severed the Warrior’s privilege allowing her to watch Gabrielle’s choice. Would she drink from the bowl forever erasing her memories? Xena prayed she would not. Rushing from the temple Xena made it back to the campsite in time to see Gabrielle squeezing Joxer’s nose. Tears pooled in her eyes and she silently thanked whatever gods might be responsible. Gabrielle chose to keep her memories. To the Warrior this meant the Bard was keeping Xena. While watching her Bard cross the third river she had heard clearly of Gabrielle’s jealousy for the love Xena had for Lao Ma. It was then that the Warrior realized how much the Bard must love her – otherwise what was the sense in her jealousy. What Gabrielle did not know was that Xena loved Gabrielle more than she loved Lao Ma.

Walking directly into the campsite Gabrielle let go of Joxer’s nose and approached her. Xena listened hard to what Gabrielle was saying and she was able to return her thoughts. She loved Gabrielle and could therefore easily forgive her. Finding Gabrielle in her arms was the best feeling ever until Joxer broke it up. Breaking apart Xena helped Joxer put her Bard’s scrolls back in a satchel while Gabrielle walked over to the tree where the rest of the scrolls remained. *I need to get rid of Joxer. I need time alone with Gabrielle.* Past experience with Joxer always proved that the man just had no idea when to leave. So why should Xena bother, at this point, to try and explain that she needed time with Gabrielle.

*What do I say to Xena, what do I do?* Gabrielle was emotionally exhausted but she was not too tired to understand how in love she was with the Warrior. She now realized from Xena’s words that the Warrior was witness to her inner pain as well as the jealousy. This meant that Xena knew that she was in love with her. *I have to leave...I can’t go on loving her knowing she can never love me in return the way I need. It would not be right for me to put that burden on her. By the gods I’ve caused her so much pain.*

Handing the scrolls to Joxer, the Warrior walked over to Gabrielle who was leaning against the tree with her head lowered deep in thought. Shifting her lithe frame so she was standing very close and directly in front of her Xena could see the irregular breathing coming from Gabrielle’s chest. Gently the Warrior lifted Gabrielle’s chin with her hand to see the tears sliding down her cheeks. Allowing her thumb to brush over the soft lips of the woman she was so deeply in love with the Warrior heard Joxer approaching. Lifting her head to glance at him the bumbling man saw the deadly seriousness in Xena’s stare and backed away. The Warrior returned her attention to Gabrielle. Releasing her chin and sliding her hand around the base of Gabrielle’s neck the Warrior tilted her head and gazed into the deep sea green eyes. With her free hand Xena delicately wiped the tears from Gabrielle’s face. Gabrielle’s eyes remained tear-filled and Xena prayed she was not making a mistake. Never breaking eye contact the Warrior leaned in closer to her Bard. Stopping short of claiming the lips belonging to a woman she was so in love with, Xena whispered, "I’m going to kiss you. You know that don’t you?" All Xena heard was an extremely low, soft, smooth voice saying yes. Carefully and tenderly Xena brushed her lips delicately to Gabrielle’s. She wanted to give the young woman a chance to back away, if need be. But the Bard’s lips accepted Xena’s and responded with a gentle tug on the Warrior’s upper lip. A sensual moan slipped through Xena’s lips causing her to suck on Gabrielle’s lower lip before claiming both in a full kiss. Simultaneously the couple elevated the richness of the kiss and their lips yielded to each other’s caressing and exploration. Xena remained gentle and patient, not wanting to frighten Gabrielle. However, she found Gabrielle’s desires for her were extremely passionate. Sliding her tongue across the young woman’s upper lip caused a low soft whimper to escape from her Bard, as she allowed Xena’s tongue entry. Together they used their tongues, lips, teeth and breath to taste and learn what the other desired. Knowing full well she would want more from this young woman than just a kiss Xena released Gabrielle. Not wanting this first discovery of love to end Gabrielle moaned with disappointment. Running her finger over Gabrielle’s luscious lips Xena realized she would surrender totally to this beautiful woman – anything Gabrielle wanted the Warrior planned on giving to her.

Gabrielle’s eyes searched the Warrior’s face for a reaction and she saw only the beauty of her high cheeks the penetrating deep blue of love shining from her eyes, the teasingly raised eyebrows and the slight grin from the supple and overwhelmingly soft lips. Lifting her hand Gabrielle delicately brushed the silky raven hair off Xena’s shoulder. Holding on to several strands twirling them between her fingers she bent in to smell the essence that was only Xena. Her sculptured body was too close and Gabrielle let her lips drag lightly along the Warriors jawbone trailing kisses to the neck and then claiming the soft earlobe. "Ohhh....Gabrielle, wait...uhhh yes." Gabrielle continued to probe, lick and suck with a quiet, calm passion that only served to increase Xena’s desire to touch Gabrielle further. Wrapping her arms around the young blonde Xena pulled her in tightly. This reaction caused Gabrielle to run her fingers over the back of Xena’s neck, allowing them to tease the raven hair sending massive amounts of sensations down the Warrior’s back.

Joxer was standing by the fallen log with his shoulders slumped over and his mouth dropped wide open. He could not believe Gabrielle would choose Xena over him. Deciding Gabrielle was making a mistake Joxer sat on the log to wait and think about what he should do.

"Gabrielle...wait." The Warrior gently pushed her Bard back but held on tightly to her waist. "I am so in love with you...I want us to be together. Gabrielle, you are the other half of my soul. Do you understand?"

The tears began slipping from green eyes, as Gabrielle tried to find her voice. "I love you Xena. I really want to be alone with you."

Kissing Gabrielle lightly on each eye tasting the wonderful salty flavor of her Bard, the Warrior understood that both of them would need and demand more than one night together. The two of them needed to have absolutely no disruption. "I know a place. I’ll get rid of Joxer and you put the bags on Argo. It’ll take a few candlemarks to get there, but I promise we will be alone." Feeling that her Bard needed the extra tenderness and love after her ordeal through the memories Xena intended to fully protect and take care of her soulmate.

Once the women broke apart Joxer ran up towards Gabrielle, as she was bending over to pick up a satchel. "Gabby.....what are you doing??"

Xena placed her hand forcefully yet gently into Joxer’s chest to stop his approach. She did not wish to hurt this simple man, however, she was willing to do whatever it took to protect Gabrielle. "Joxer..let her go."

The foolish warrior-hopeful stared at Xena and he was visibly puzzled and upset. "Xena you are not right for her."

"Joxer, that is her decision to make – not yours and not mine. I can promise you this. I lover her dearly and I will die protecting her and our love."

"But, so would I." Joxer stepped back looking over to Gabrielle who was rubbing Argo’s neck apparently waiting for Xena.

The Warrior reached for Joxer’s shoulder and he shrugged her off. "Joxer...I am not forcing Gabrielle to love me. And if she ever decides I’m not the person she wants to be with...then I will let her go. That my friend is how much I love her."

There was no reason to add anything further so Xena walked over to Gabrielle. "You ready?" The Bard nodded her head yes. Leaping on Argo the Warrior offered her hand to Gabrielle. As she moved to place her foot in the stirrup, Xena stopped her. "No – I want you in front." Gabrielle appeared puzzled, as she always rode behind the Warrior. Smiling Xena added. "I just need to hold you. Is that okay?"

This show of affection produced a sparkle in Gabrielle’s sad eyes and a small grin crossed her face. Once settled in front with Xena’s arm wrapped around her and the other holding the reins Gabrielle looked to Joxer. He was obviously sad but Gabrielle realized there was nothing she could do to change it. Her heart belonged to Xena totally and she had no regrets for that love. "Joxer – take care. We’ll see you again soon." Before he could respond the Warrior nudged Argo into a walk leaving this campsite to memories of discovery and love.


About a half candlemark passed, when Xena asked Gabrielle if she was doing okay. Allowing her head to rest back on the Warriors strong supportive shoulder she thought about the question before answering. "I have a small headache and my eyes burn from crying...otherwise I’m right where I’ve always dreamed of being. So, yes I’m okay." Feeling Xena’s grip tighten and her lips kissing the top of her head, she returned the question. "How about you, my Warrior?"

"Dreams.....uh? I’ve been in your dreams?"

With a very small giggle Gabrielle’s eyes turned seductive. "Yes, Xena....many times and they were really, really wonderful dreams." Turning her head Gabrielle was able to look into the piercing blue eyes that radiated with a sensual fever. This promised look sent chills of desire through Gabrielle. "Can you make dreams come true?"

*Gods....Gabrielle, do you have any idea the power you possess over me.* Unable to resist the luscious and suggestive lips before her, the Warrior took possession of them. And she discovered Gabrielle was very willing and waiting for Xena’s lips. Argo whinnied and her footing slipped slightly causing the two women to be juggled in the saddle thus breaking the kiss. Both began laughing over the disruption. "Let’s get to our destination and then, my love, I will do my best to fulfill your dreams."

"Mmmmm....Warrior, you only need touch me and you’ve already fulfilled so many of them."

The Warrior took them through a fairly dense, fog-filled forest that actually felt a bit creepy to Gabrielle. The fog eventually emptied out on to a calm lake. Riding the perimeter of the lake the couple came upon a peculiar arrangement of large boulders. "We have to get off here and go in on foot."

Gabrielle took her staff, blankets and a satchel while Xena unsaddled Argo. Hiding the saddle behind several bushes she took the rest of the gear and led her Bard through the maze of boulders. Before long the boulders gave way to an easier trail. Soon an entrance to a cave came into view. Gabrielle looked to Xena with a smile, "Don’t tell me...your army hid here at one time."

With a raised eyebrow and lopsided smirk the Warrior laughed softly. "Nope – this is actually a retreat of Hercules. He comes here to think and the gods only know what else."

"Will he mind that we are here?"

"No, he told me to use it anytime. Only Iolaus, myself and now you know of the cave."

The couple entered the cave and followed the passage for several lengths before it opened into a large chamber with a firepit. Off to the side an underground stream was trickling through the open crevasse. Falling into a routine Xena started a fire with the wood left behind while Gabrielle laid out their blankets and started preparing a meal with the food they had. Both were hungry so together they enjoyed the meal talking very little. Unknown to Gabrielle, her Warrior was becoming increasingly nervous.

What tipped her off was when Xena pulled out her sword and whetstone and moved to sit on a rock. Deciding Xena would need to be seduced Gabrielle became aroused realizing she would be the aggressor and would tame this particular Warrior. Strolling over to her target the young woman stood behind the Warrior. Gently and with years of practice she began unfastening the clasps holding Xena’s armor in place. The Warrior continued to remain focused on her sword allowing her Bard to complete a task she had done so many times in the past. Brushing the raven hair off of Xena’s shoulders Gabrielle slid the shoulder straps off the Warrior. Placing several caressing kisses on the strong dependable shoulders of her new lover caused Xena to loose the physical control necessary to sharpen a sword. Well aware of the response she was creating, Gabrielle circled around to face Xena. Taking the sword and whetstone away and placing them to the side, she slid her body between the Warrior’s opened thighs. Xena impulsively wrapped her arms around Gabrielle’s waist and the couple searched each other’s eyes to find love. Holding Xena’s head with her hands Gabrielle tenderly kissed the full red lips of the woman she loved so deeply. Intentionally Gabrielle kept the kiss brief. Backing away she offered her hand, which Xena accepted and she led her lover to the blankets.

Both women removed their boots and as Xena removed her bracers and wrist guards, Gabrielle expertly slipped Xena’s leathers off exposing her magnificent breasts and tanned sculptured athletic frame. The expression Xena saw on Gabrielle’s face was so arousing the Warrior could only respond by moaning. Gabrielle claimed Xena’s breasts quickly and began a dance of with her tongue and lips, fingers and teeth all the while pulling and pushing the Warrior to the blankets and on her back.

Gabrielle intentionally let her hand slide down to spread Xena’s legs while she continued tickling and licking her lover’s magnificent breasts. Xena’s groaning turned into a deep and throaty plea for her young lover to continue. When Gabrielle began to stroke Xena’s slippery wet folds with her hand the Warrior began to tremble. "OH GODS, yesssssss, don’t stop...." The young blonde’s craving to taste the Warrior was something she had dreamed about for moons, and now she found her appetite becoming uncontrollable. With fascination Gabrielle lifted herself from the breast she was devouring and brought her hand covered with Xena’s wetness in front of her. Xena could barely open her eyes at this point, but curiosity forced them open to watch as her lover titled her head slightly to look at the creamy juices Xena left on her hand. With a wicked giggle, Gabrielle’s now fire-green eyes penetrated the Warriors blue eyes and Xena lost all control watching her young lover slowly, seductively lick and suck Xena’s juices off of each finger. "Oh, Xena, I definitely have to have more of this."

"OH GODS, Gabrielle," Xena pleasurable moaning became extremely loud and she was not sure she could take much more of the Bard’s exploration. "What...what has you possessed..." Xena could not finish her question because Gabrielle was already between her thighs and the Warrior could feel the breath coming from her lover.

Growling ever so deeply Gabrielle spread a huge lick over Xena’s center of pleasure with her tongue. Hearing the Warrior attempting to ask her a question, Gabrielle responded between licks. " my Warrior have possessed me." After that, neither spoke anything that could be understood as words. Gabrielle’s attention to Xena’s body sent the Warrior to places beyond the Elysian Field. None of her lovers, not even Marcus, had ever been able to satisfy the Warrior like this young woman.

Finally collapsing in sheer exhaustion from the overwhelming love she had just received the Warrior realized that somehow her Bard managed to seduce her, when she had planned it to be the other way. "Gabrielle....are you okay...I’ve never been so loved....I...I need to hold you."

Gabrielle crawled up the Warrior’s frame and quickly placed her fingers firmly on Xena’s lips, "Ssssshhh, my beautiful Warrior. I’m okay. I am just so in love with you." Her words brought a smile to Xena’s face. Immediately she heard Gabrielle’s voice turn bewitching. "Xena, let me make love to you, again, please." Before Xena could protest she found herself at the mercy of her lover’s mouth. Within a moment of time Gabrielle was once again erotically sucking and licking on her breasts. Xena was without strength to fight the seduction she was falling too. She was not sure where Gabrielle learned the art of seduction and lovemaking....but if she could stand or talk later, she planned on asking. The Warrior soon melted totally into Gabrielle’s passion for her.

After a while the Warrior lost count of the number of methods and times Gabrielle brought her to climax. It was if her Bard had a fever that could not be quenched. For Xena who always managed to stay somewhat in control – that need slipped the first moment Gabrielle accepted her kiss. Submerged totally in Gabrielle’s hold the Warrior finally was able to slow her heart rate and control her breathing. This young woman managed to exhaust her completely with unconditional love and the Warrior was unable to stay awake. Xena wanted so desperately to make love to Gabrielle – to touch and taste her Bard. She thought if she only closed her eyes for a moment, she could regain that Warrior composure and then take control over this little vixen that commanded her surrender. Exhaustion both emotional and physical had too strong a hold on Xena and she soon fell asleep in her soulmates arms.

The young woman was extremely satisfied and happy that she seemed to be able to please Xena so completely. She had managed to experience several of her own orgasms from just rubbing up against the Warrior or the blankets, as she made love to Xena and this actually pleased Gabrielle. Kissing her soulmate on the forehead Gabrielle whispered, "Sleep my Warrior, because in a little while, I will be back for more." Soon Gabrielle followed her Warrior into slumber.


Morning came and went as the lover’s slept through a good portion of the day. The Warrior finally awoke and held Gabrielle in her arms. Unfortunately the need to relieve her bladder won and she thought Gabrielle would probably need to do the same. "Psssssst....oh sleepyhead....wake up." Sliding her body away from the warm comfort of her lover, Xena moved to her knees. Kissing Gabrielle lightly on the eyes, nose and lips the Warrior tried again. "Gabrielle....come on time to get up." Rewarded with a smile, followed by one then two eyes peeking through, Xena’s heart increased its rate. "Good morning....ready to get up?" Offering her hands Gabrielle accepted them and was pulled directly into the Warrior’s waiting embrace. The need to relieve their bladders screamed out and both women broke their hold and raced out of the cave to waiting bushes near the entrance.

The Warrior decided to catch a few fish and wandered back out to the lake while Gabrielle rekindled the fire and prepared some hot tea. Returning with two lake trout Xena stopped to watch Gabrielle preparing the tea, straighten the blankets out along with their clothing, which thrown all over in small piles. Gabrielle had eventually stripped out of her clothes but by then the Warrior was so overwhelmed with the constant orgasms that she was unable to enjoy the young woman’s body. *After we eat, my love, I will want desert.*

Interrupted from her musings she heard Gabrielle’s voice. "Are you going to bring those fish here or wait for the evening meal?"

As Xena approached, it dawned on her that she, as well as Gabrielle, were still without clothes and very naked. *I wonder how amused Hercules would be, if he walked in now.* Handing the gutted fish over to her lover Xena helped with the hot tea. Both were extremely hungry and ate rather quickly. They talked briefly about the cave and Hercules and stayed away from conversation about the change in their relationship. Finally, going against her normal ‘don’t talk about feelings’ Warrior attitude, Xena felt she had to say something about the change. "Gabrielle, can I ask you a question?"

Finishing her mug of tea, Gabrielle looked directly into Xena’s eyes. "Yes – you know you can."

"Well, I, I....I know this sort-of changes things between us. I guess I need to know, if you are okay with this." The Warrior lowered her head and began fiddling with the sticks in the fire.

Gabrielle placed her mug down and crawled to Xena stopping to kneel in front of her. "Warrior, is that water in the stream too cold to get into?"

"What?" Xena was rather surprised at how Gabrielle was changing the subject. Maybe Gabrielle did not really love her like the Warrior needed. "Oh, no it’s cool, but you can still get in. It’s rather shallow."

Standing the Bard pulled on Xena’s hands leading her to the water. Gabrielle slid in letting out several

"ooo’s and aaaa’s". Xena could not help but notice how the cool waters caused the young woman’s nipples to stand erect and she was immediately aroused. Joining Gabrielle in the water brought the same groans from her, as her Bard. Within seconds Gabrielle was pressed tightly to Xena’s body with her arms wrapped around her neck pulling the Warrior in for a kiss. There would be no way Xena would refuse the beige-tinted yielding lips being offered to her. As their bodies molded together like only lovers could do the Warrior felt Gabrielle pull back from her lips and whisper. "Xena, how long can we stay here?"

Surprised and a bit curious about the question and still hoping Gabrielle would answer her previous question, Xena replied, "Well, we don’t have anywhere pressing to be, so as long as you like. Why?"

Tracing her finger over Xena’s sensuous lips she answered all of the Warrior’s questions. "Do you know how much I love it when you kiss me." A statement that prompted both a smile and kiss from Xena. "I’m not avoiding your questions, Xena. I just needed to find the right words – and guess what. I’m a Bard without words to describe how much I love you. I realize this changes things between us and I want the change. Xena, don’t ask me to go back to the way things once were. I will never be able to do that." Gabrielle backed away splashing water over her face. "I’m glad we don’t have to be anywhere right away. My heart needs to have you alone – I really don’t want to share you for awhile."

"And, I do not want to share you." Xena reached out and pulled Gabrielle to her. "I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this.....please try and understand." Placing her fingers to the young woman’s lips, the Warrior did not want any interruptions. "Will you be wait." Taking a deep breath she could not believe how nervous she was. "Gabrielle.....I want us to make a commitment to this relationship. I don’t want either one of us to lose track of this.........oh HADES, why am I having such a tough time asking you this."

Smiling at her Warrior, the Bard leaned in and kissed her. "Xena, it’s me.....just ask."

"Don’t ever leave me okay. I have never loved anyone – and I do mean anyone, like I love you. And this is not just a whim or fascination. I’ve loved you for so long now." Several tears pooled in Xena’s eyes.

"Xena – I’m not going anywhere. You are my soulmate now, I’m making my commitment to you – through the good and the bad. Now kiss me Warrior."

Once again the Warrior found herself surrendering to this beautiful woman. Lifting her from the water she sat Gabrielle on the edge of the stream. Pulling herself out, she ran over got the towels and brought them back. Drying off turned out to be erotic and seductive for both women, as they watched each other touch every sensitive part of their bodies. Eventually Xena could not watch Gabrielle touching herself any longer. Grabbing Gabrielle’s towel and tossing it to the side, she lifted her lover and took her to the blankets. No sooner did she have her Bard on the blankets than Gabrielle flipped over and was on top of Xena. "Oh no you don’t my zealous Bard." Before Gabrielle could protest the Warrior had her on her back and pinned to the blanket. "It is my turn to touch and taste all of fulfill those dreams of yours." Immediately Xena demanded her lips and found her Bard was indeed very willing to let Xena take the lead in their lovemaking, as well as show her that dreams can come true.

It was much later in the evening when Hercules and Iolaus stood outside of the cave entrance. Both men were stopped from entering by the sounds of extremely erotic moans, groans and screams coming from the interior. "Herc - I told you that was Xena’s horse. What do you think is going on in there?"

Hercules looked down at his friend and raised his eyebrows. "Iolaus, please tell me you are not that naïve." Getting no response to his question but shrugged shoulders, Hercules answered his friend. "I think Xena and Gabrielle have finally discovered they are soulmates."

" mean each other???"

Patting Iolaus on the back, Hercules turned to leave the lovers alone. "Yes my friend. My father told me several years ago that it was their destiny. Iolaus, they are soulmates through all eternity. Come on let’s find someplace else to camp tonight."


The End

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