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DISCLAIMERS: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Ephiny, Solari and other "Xena" characters are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in writing this story. All other characters and the story itself are mine. If you would like to borrow any – just ask. Thanks.


LOVE/SEX WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Plenty!! This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it

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Come Crawling to Me
By Annmaray
June 1999

"Xena do you really think this is a good idea?" The Regent found herself rubbing dirt and berry juices all over her face, arms and legs in the characteristic Amazon marking for the sole purpose of concealment. "Are you listening to me Warrior!!!"

"Yes, keep your voice down or they will hear us." Adding several smudges of dirt over her chiseled cheekbones, Xena threw the remainder of the dirt over her shoulders. "Come on Ephiny, aren’t you the least bit curious?"

Both Xena and Ephiny assumed Gabrielle and Solari were talking behind their backs. At first it did not bother them, but after several days of giggling and then changing the topic whenever Xena or Ephiny approached made both warriors uneasy. So the pair decided to tell the women they were doing some night hunting with the intention of finding porcupine quills. This left Gabrielle and Solari alone at the campsite. After they left the camp the warriors would conceal their bodies and then crawl back as far as the perimeter of the camp, to eavesdrop on the conversation. "Xena, what if we hear something we don’t like?"

The Warrior secured her chakram around the grip of her sword so it would not fall off her belt while she was crawling. "Look Ephiny – do you want to know what is going on or not? Are you in love with Solari or not? Don’t you want to know, if she feels the same way."

Spreading the last of the berry juice over her upper arms the Regent shot Xena an irritated look. "You know how I feel about Solari. This just seems so sneaky – that’s all. What, if we get caught?"

"Hey, Ephiny we are Warriors. Let’s not let a couple of young women spook us." With a raised eyebrow and a smirk across her face Xena got down on her knees and began the crawl back to camp.

Ephiny shook her head, still not sure if this was a good idea and followed Xena. "Well, if we are warriors why aren’t we just walking in there and taking know, sex now questions later."

With a baffled expression covering her face Xena knew she could never force Gabrielle that way. "Ephiny I won’t do that. I’m in love with Gabrielle – I want her to be willing." The Warrior turned her attention back to the direction she was crawling. *Gabrielle you have no idea what I would do to win your heart. I’ve even stayed away from other women and men intentionally hoping you would notice.*

In less than a half candlemark the Warriors found the hiding area Xena had pointed out earlier in the evening. Each night when the group stopped to make camp, Gabrielle and Solari would manage to find some log close by to drag over close to the campfire, then they would throw a blanket on the ground in front of it. The evenings were getting cooler now so the two women soaked in the heat provided by the flames before crawling into their blankets. Approximately ten paces behind the log, were a conglomeration of smaller and larger rocks. Mixed in-between the rocks were different types of ferns and bushes. They could easily hide among the rocks and bushes without being seen. Now that they were hidden Xena and Ephiny settled in and watched the campsite. Gabrielle just walked in from the opposite direction with an armload of wood. Solari finished heating up two mugs of tea and true to nature, threw the blanket down in front of the log. The Bard dropped the wood near the blanket where it could be reached without walking. Accepting the tea from Solari, the two women sat down on the blanket. Gabrielle had her latest scroll with her and set her tea down to pick up the quill. It appeared she was planning on writing.

Ephiny slapped Xena and mouthed the words. "She’s going to write? Why tonight of all nights?" The Warrior raised her fingers to her lips indicating the Regent should keep quiet and remain patient. After several moments Gabrielle put the scroll to the side and returned to her hot tea.

The women started out speaking rather softly but several giggles and nodding heads quickly followed it. The Warrior looked over at Ephiny and both Warriors smiled, as if their plan just might work. Solari placed her tea down and stretched her arms over her head. She began rubbing the length of her arms, as if the muscles were sore.

"You okay Solari?"

"Yea, Gabrielle I am....well not really. Ever wish someone would just wrap their arms around you."

The Bard was definitely aware of that need and only too well. "Actually yes....almost every day I wish a certain someone would just hold know take me in their arms and pull me in tightly." The thought alone sent small chills down Gabrielle’s spine and she could not help but shiver slightly. This did not go unnoticed by Xena or Ephiny. In fact their hiding position was perfect because they could hear every single word and see both women fairly well.

The young brunette Amazon lowered her arms returning to her tea. "Gabrielle, does this certain someone know how you feel? Would they meet ALL your needs."

With her tea finished Gabrielle set the cup down and ran her hands over her neck lifting her hair up into a bun on the back of her head and just held it there. "Oh....gods yes, this one would have no trouble conquering me. Mmmmm, in fact the thought of those strong muscular arms wrapped around my waist pulling me close rubbing up against my breasts drives me over an edge. I would be theirs to command totally." As she continued to hold her hair up, Gabrielle rolled her head forward allowing her free hand to trace the back of her neck. Eventually the touch became sensual and she let a small moan escape her lips. Xena gulped deeply and almost let her own moaning slip, until Ephiny slapped her. "What about you Solari?"

Solari faced her friend. "My desires burn deeply for .....well, you know who it is. If only they would just .....just slide their powerful hands down around my hips and between my thighs...I would......." This time the Warrior slapped Ephiny in the arm and indicated that maybe she should try to breathe and calm down. "Gabrielle, where are your super sensitive areas." The Amazon rose and walked over to the food satchel. Xena and Ephiny could not see what she was getting out. With that question asked, Xena scooted closer and smacked her head on a rock. Quickly covering her mouth so she would not yell, the Warrior settled back to her original position. Soon Solari came back to the blanket and handed something to Gabrielle and the hair was dropped. The Warriors could not see what it was.

The Bard sat up straight, crossed her legs and faced Solari. "Let’s see sensitive....hmmm. Without a doubt my neck, and my lips and....oh most definitely my breasts. But I do have several hidden spots that are extremely sensitive. Those spots my lover will just have to do some exploring in order to discover. What about you Solari...surely you have some hidden sensitive spots."

Covering her mouth so she would not moan out loud Xena said a quick prayer to whatever god was listening. *Sweet gods....please let me be the one to do the exploring.*

Without hesitation Solari responded. "Hades, yes I have some secret spots. But I’m very sensitive when it comes to kissing. Is kissing important to you, Gabrielle? The way I see it, if you love me and want my body, then your first move better be pressing those soft tempting lips to mine."

"Tongue?" The Bard added seductively. "Ohh, yea...gotta have fact lots of it. They could just start at the top and drag their tongue all the way down." Gabrielle slid her hand over her breast and down between her legs and the touch caused her head to drop back while several deep-throated moans slipped through her lips. "Mmmm...Solari, I may just have to take care of business before I’ll be able to sleep."

Xena could see Gabrielle’s hot breath claiming the cool night air and dug her hand deep into the soil beneath her. "Sweet Aphrodite....I need to taste her.

"Ohhhhh....Gabrielle you have me hot just thinking about it. Maybe we can go out once Xena and Ephiny get back." Solari moved to her knees and Ephiny watched, as she slipped her hands between her thighs and rocked slightly. "Gods Gab...I’m swelling up just thinking about this."

Just then Gabrielle brought the item Solari handed to her up to those luscious lips that Xena was dying to lock on too. *Oh’s nutbread.* The Warrior was well aware how much her Bard loved nutbread. In fact nutbread was like an obsession with her. Xena sometimes believed her Bard was actually making love to the bread, when she was eating it.

"Yea Solari, there better be plenty of tongue moving around my body for me to stay interested." Changing topics abruptly, the Bard took a big bite of the nutbread. "You know nutbread is my very favorite. It reminds me of someone I’d love to bite and taste. My fantasies tell me this person has a spicy-sweetness and is so syrupy rich that I could never tire of the taste. Mmmmm.....just the thought of the texture rolling across my tongue and lips could only make me crave for more." Xena now had her face in the ground attempting to slow her pulse and regroup while Ephiny had her mouth hanging open.

"Gabrielle, are you going to share." The Bard broke a piece off and handed it to Solari. The Amazon was just as naughty as Gabrielle and her bite turned into a great deal of groaning. Quickly finished with the nutbread each woman turned their attention to the stickiness left on their fingers and hands. Erotically sucking and running their tongues around and between their fingers, they did not stop until they reached their wrists.

"Oh...there is another sensitive wrist." The Bard pointed to the area. "Solari, you know what would really drive me mad?" Solari shook her head no and waited for an answer. "Taking a few small crumbs of the nutbread and slipping them in...well you know where and then eating it and devouring the sweetness of the bread mixed in with the heavy softness it was surrounded in."

Back in the bushes behind the rocks both warriors found themselves panting and sweating caused by the two young women in front of them and Xena rolled on to her back. *Oh gods...Gabrielle...oh Gabri...yessss oh yess pleaseeee* Ephiny reached over slapped Xena and whispered. "You’d better hope she’s talking about you!!!" The only action Xena was capable of was nodding her head. She could not even speak anymore.

Ephiny’s face was overheated. "I can’t take much more." The Warrior nodded her head in agreement and was about to retreat when Gabrielle caught their attention.

"Solari, if someone wanted to bed you, what would they have to know to get your attention."

The Amazon leaned back against the log. "Mmmm, let’s see. Well flowers would be a nice way to get my attention. Then probably a nice tender shoulder rub."

"Oh come on Solari....I mean really get your attention. Not just a little attention." The Regent made a mental note to thank Gabrielle later for asking that question.

Looking directly at Gabrielle, the Amazon nodded her head up and down. "I’m serious Gabrielle. Flowers, a shoulder rub and well, maybe a new nightshirt – something sexy and a nice great big soft bed. Oh and some dancing. There is a great dance place in Athens." Reaching over to toss several sticks into the fire Solari returned the question to her friend.

Leaning back against the log the Bard pondered a moment too long for Xena. Finally the Bard sat back up and faced Solari. "A nice romantic a nice tavern....but a crowded tavern with lots of noise and nice soft music and a table in the corner with a bench – no chairs. Oh and a nice soft simple tunic – something different other my normal every day clothing." Gabrielle lifted her head for a moment, as if she heard something.

Solari did not miss her friend’s reaction. "What is it Gabrielle?"

Calming back down the Bard leaned back against the log. "Sorry, just thought I heard something. Last thing we need is Xena or Ephiny sneaking up on us."

"You’re right about that. So go were saying. You know about the romantic....come on talk Bard!" The Warrior was grateful that Solari brought her Bard back to the subject.

"Solari, I would just be satisfied if this person would notice me. Just spend time with me....without constant interruptions or running off to save villages and stop wars. Let me know I really matter."

The Amazon began yawning. "You think Ephiny and Xena are having any luck catching porcupine tonight?"

Gabrielle stood up and walked around to the other side of the fire in search for both her and Xena’s blankets. "Who knows, they get crazy when they are together. Hey don’t suppose..."

Retrieving the blankets Solari tossed both hers and Ephiny’s on the ground. She thought about what Gabrielle just said. "No - you don’t think that Ephiny and Xena are....are...doing it. Do you?"

"Well, you never know. They seem to be spending an awful lot of time together lately. And to be honest, I do not ever recall Xena hunting for porcupine before." Gabrielle took her boots off and slid beneath the covers. "Solari, it sure would be nice to snuggle with someone at night. Just wrap up in each other’s arms."

Tugging at her blankets to get comfortable, Solari gazed up at the stars and smiled. "Can you imagine what it would be like to snuggle next to a warm body and then have that person wake you up in the morning slowly and...well..."

A huge sensual sigh came from Gabrielle. "We just seem to keep going back to the tongue." Both women giggled for a bit. "I’d love to be awaken by someone kissing my lips, sucking on my breasts and slipping two or three fingers into...."

"OH – Sweet Aphrodite...stop Gab or I’ll never get to sleep. You and I will be out in the woods taking care of our needs."

Gabrielle sat up from her blanket. "Do you do that often Solari."

"Mmmm...yea, as much as possible. How about you Gabrielle."

"Oh definitely – just about daily. Sometimes, even when Xena is laying on the other side of the campfire. Otherwise I go for a walk."

Solari rolled on her stomach and snuggled under the covers. "Doesn’t Xena hear you?"

"I usually have my face buried into the blankets or I’m chewing hard on them so I she won’t hear me groaning. Xena’s never questioned me. It probably would not matter to her. She thinks I’m just a kid anyway.....if she only knew. Anyway she’s too interested in other men and women to care much about my sexual fantasies."

It was becoming increasing difficult for Xena to stay still and not jump from hiding taking Gabrielle on the spot. *Oh Gabrielle, you are all I want. I do care. I can’t believe I’ve never heard you.*

The Warriors heard Gabrielle and Solari say goodnight and they decided it was time to get out of their hiding space. Crawling back out the way they came in, they finally reached a clearing and felt it was safe to stand. Moving like predators through the forest the women made their way to the stream to wash the dirt and berries off. Neither spoke about what they heard until they were on the way back to camp. While both should have been chilled from laying on the ground and then rinsing in the cold stream, both warriors found they were still overheated from listening to Gabrielle and Solari.

"Well, Ephiny was it worth it?"

"Xena they think you and I are....."

Both thought about it a moment then in unison shook their heads and waved their hands in the air. "Nope."

Ephiny slapped Xena on the back. "So we head to Athens tomorrow, we are only several candlemarks out. Doesn’t your aunt own a tavern in the northern section of Athens?"

Xena added, "Yes and she has some great musicians playing there. I’m sure for a few favors we can get rooms and several meals plus drinks for free."

Before Xena and Ephiny arrived back in camp Solari peeked from the blanket and tossed a small pebble at Gabrielle. The Bard lifted her head and could hear the approaching Warriors returning to camp.

Whispering so they would not be heard Solari asked, "Do you think they fell for it?"

Gabrielle giggled silently and nodded her head. "I’m sure they heard us. Now we just wait." Emotionally charged from her conversation and the anxiety she was now feeling caused by her worry that Xena would be mad and not at all be interested in her, Gabrielle began to regret her actions and fought back tears.

As the warriors entered camp, they discovered their blankets were located as normal. Xena’s was between the fire and Gabrielle, and Ephiny’s was furthest from the fire but still next to Solari. Xena slipped under her blanket and listened to Gabrielle’s breathing. Her emotions were mixed. Part of the Warrior wanted her Bard to be asleep so she would have time to calm her racing heartbeat. The other part hoped Gabrielle would still be awake. Before Xena could really focus, Gabrielle rolled over on her side facing her. Xena froze and was met with a warm smile and playful, but sleepy green eyes.

Gabrielle kept her voice at a whisper. "Hi Xena. Did you catch what you were looking for?"

Attempting to collect her thoughts she raised an eyebrow seductively and grinned at her Bard. "Well, yeah, in a way I would say I found it a fascinating hunt but I’m still empty-handed. Did you and Solari have a good time. Talk about anything interesting?"

"Mmm...well, yes, Solari and I talked know – just things."

The Warrior did not understand why she continued on with the conversation. Some internal emotion needed to know if she had a chance with her Bard. Her warrior nature, however, managed to justify the thoughts as a challenge in conquering this young beauty. Realizing she was probably playing with fire Xena pursued Gabrielle’s answer. "What things did you talk about?"

Gabrielle rolled to her stomach moving her arms under her head as a pillow and was puzzled to find Xena seemed to be pursing the topic. "Sex...we talked about sex and our fantasies. But then you know that already – don’t you?" The words slipped out before Gabrielle could stop them and she cringed.

Sitting straight up and glancing across the fire Xena could see Ephiny crawling under the blanket with Solari and her keen hearing could quickly pick up the giggles and soft moaning. Glancing back down at her Bard, she noticed Gabrielle’s expression changed to sadness. *She’s afraid I might run. If I react the wrong way I might loose any chance possible I have with Gabrielle.* Suddenly the challenge disappeared and the stronger emotion of her deep love for Gabrielle won over. Looking back down into those deep sea green eyes the Warrior allowed her heart to ask the questions. "Are you mad?"

Fully aware of the concern in Xena’s tone and the nervousness that her Warrior was showing, Gabrielle at first became sad. She hurt her Warrior’s feeling and she did not mean to do that. And it was also apparent to Gabrielle that her friend had managed to woe the Regent to her bed. Attempting to put the exotic sounds she was hearing from her mind, Gabrielle knew Xena’s question was important. "No, I’m not angry."

Fiddling with her blanket Xena glanced off into the woods feeling somewhat foolish and hoping the trees would tell her what to do next. The Warrior concentrated on drowning out the groaning she was hearing from across the fire. "Did you and Solari set us up on purpose?"

Without hesitation Gabrielle responded. "No, Xena – not really. When I came back with the wood I caught sight of your chakram reflecting off the fire. I was already suspicious; the quill hunt did not make wasn’t you. So one plus one.....anyway I wrote what I thought down on a scroll, showed Solari and well, you know the rest. I’m really sorry Xena. I did not mean to hurt you." Gabrielle had hoped the Warrior was interested in her, as more than just a friend. However, she was not sure and took a big chance earlier, when conversing with Solari. At the worst, Xena would laugh at her and Gabrielle would be able to keep her true feelings hidden because she never mentioned Xena’s name in the playful conversation.

Abruptly the Warrior stood up and pulled the blanket up around her shoulder. There was no way she was going to stay here and listen to the lovemaking across the other side of the campfire. "That’s okay, Gabrielle. I guess I deserved that for sneaking around. So you were just kidding with me, right? I understand and I’ll leave you alone."

Before the Bard could respond Xena bolted from the campsite. Wanting so desperately to reach out and hold Xena, the young Amazon Queen was taken by surprise when Xena left. Crawling out of her blankets she wrapped one around her body and followed her Warrior into the woods. It was only several moments before she found Xena staring out over the stream and into the night sky. The Bard approached and stood next to her Warrior. "Xena, I was serious when I said all those things."

Glancing down at Gabrielle, the Warrior’s heart began racing. She reached out touching Gabrielle on the shoulder. " have a chance with you?" The Warrior had difficulty finding the right words and her Bard realized that. Emotions were one thing, but talking about them was not an easy task for Xena. True over time Gabrielle had managed to get the Warrior to share her feelings more and more, but this was different. This had to do with changing their relationship and being totally vulnerable.

Turning to face the raven hair woman she was so in love with, Gabrielle’s eyes became soft and inviting. Overwhelmed that Xena was asking for permission to pursue her pulled tightly on Gabrielle’s heart and soul. "Xena, you have always had a chance. You had my attention a long, long time ago. I’m yours whenever you want to take me. You do not have to sweet-talk or shower me with gifts or nice meals in a tavern. I’m yours whenever you want me. In fact you do not even have to ask – you can take me without permission. I would never refuse you."

Knowing full well what Gabrielle just offered to her, the Warrior intuitively knew that she would never take her Bard in that manner. She now realized that her Bard was interested – but was Gabrielle deeply in love with her and willing to make a commitment? This was something Xena hoped for and could not yet be positive about. She would indeed court Gabrielle – romantically, gently and sweetly. "Gabrielle, you deserve only the best and I will not cheapen you in anyway. Get some sleep, I’m taking you to Athens tomorrow."

Neither woman moved. Eventually Gabrielle laid the blanket down at the base of a tree. She sat on the blanket and leaned her back up against the tree. "Xena, come sit with me....I’m not going back to camp."

Hesitant at first, Xena joined Gabrielle on the blanket. "Here, take my blanket. It is much too cool for you to be without one."

"I know. But I have you and your body is always warm." Gabrielle patted her lap. "Come here Warrior. Lay your head on my lap and get some sleep. The blanket will cover both of us."

No one, except her mother has ever offered her such a loving invitation. It was protective in nature and overwhelmingly filled Xena’s heart with a tenderness that can not be explained in words. The internal warrior came to surface fairly quickly, as Xena joined Gabrielle on the blanket. It began screaming to her that this type of love was only for fools. Gabrielle reached out and pulled the Warrior by the shoulders in order to reach around and remove her sheath and sword. Unbuckling Xena’s armor and laying it to the side, Gabrielle guided Xena’s head to her lap. "Xena – don’t let that dark side make you run. If you want me to leave I will but don’t let darkness rule in this. I’m not going to do anything to you. I just want to let you know that I’m real. I’m not running from this."

Sleep did not come that night. However, unconditional trust stopped the world from spinning, as the Warrior allowed Gabrielle to hold her in a way she had never experienced before. *By the gods, let me not sabotage this chance for love with Gabrielle.*

~~ ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~

The following morning both Xena and Gabrielle were up before sunrise. Xena kept going over Gabrielle’s words in her mind but mostly in her heart. Conversation was not necessary and Xena stepped in the stream to catch several fish for a morning meal. By the time the sun was peeking over the horizon the Warrior suggested they return to camp. At this point, she realized her Bard was shivering. The lack of a fire on a cool night, staying so close to the stream and a lack of sleep all contributed to Gabrielle’s shivering. Not wishing her Bard to get sick the Warrior suggested they return to camp. She really did not care whether it would disturb the Amazons and any possible lovemaking. Right now Gabrielle was her primary concern.

By the time they arrived in camp both Amazons were awake. Solari started the tea and Ephiny was saddling all of the horses. Gabrielle went directly to the fire and knelt down next to it across from Solari. "You okay Gabrielle – you look cold."

Nodding her head with a smile she accepted a cup of hot tea from her Amazon friend. She glanced up to see Xena greet Solari good morning and she handed her the already gutted fish for the waiting frying pan. In exchange Solari offered the Warrior tea, which she accepted gratefully. As the fish were cooking Ephiny returned to the fire with an extremely pleased look across her face. The Warrior assumed the two Amazons made love for the first time. Xena smiled at Ephiny and the exchange was one of congratulations without words. Both Gabrielle and Solari smiled at each other recognizing the two warriors exchanging unspoken words. Over their morning meal the foursome talked about the upcoming Amazon treaty with the sheep herders whose lands bordered their northern boundaries. After two cups of tea and a hot meal, Gabrielle was still chilly. This did not go unnoticed by Xena. While hoping the hot tea would warm Gabrielle internally it was not enough. Cursing herself for not seeing to her Bard’s needs and instead allowing Gabrielle to comfort her, the Warrior went to Argo and retrieved Gabrielle’s cloak. No one really paid much attention to what Xena was doing and continued on with the conversation. Suddenly Gabrielle felt Xena draping the cloak over her shoulders and kneeling down next to her. As she wrapped her in the cloak, the Warrior pulled Gabrielle close, hoping it would help warm her up.

Suddenly Xena was aware that everyone stopped talking and was watching her. "What? Did I do something wrong?"

Ephiny and Solari began laughing and decided to take the frying pan and dishes to the stream to wash them. "We’ll be back in a bit – okay." Gabrielle and Xena did not really care at that point and just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Thank you Xena, for the cloak. I’m just so chilly – can’t seem to shake it right now."

At first the Warrior thought about kissing her and then decided not yet. She would not push Gabrielle into anything. *I will romance you my beautiful blonde Amazon Queen.* Concluding quickly to handle this differently, Xena pulled Gabrielle closer and responded. "I should have brought you back to camp or started a fire. I’m sorry about that. We’ll leave as soon as those two love birds return. You should warm up when you start moving." Trapped by the love she had in her heart Xena gently brushed Gabrielle’s bangs away allowing her fingers to fondle the blonde’s silky hair. *I pray we will always be together. I love you so dearly.* Brought from her musings by a smile and a warm green eyes looking directly at her, it suddenly dawned on Xena how close she was to Gabrielle. She was only a breath away from Gabrielle’s soft supple lips and oh how badly she wanted to kiss them. Quickly their eyes locked and neither had the strength to back away. Xena leaned in slowly to brush her lips to Gabrielle’s, when the two Amazons returned to camp laughing and giggling. This intrusion startled both Xena and Gabrielle and they broke away from what would have been their first intimate kiss.

The morning flew by fast and neither Gabrielle or Xena said much to each other after that. Gabrielle found that she became extremely warm after the possibility of being kissed by her Warrior and was able to pack the cloak away. Solari walked alongside Gabrielle leading her horse, while the warriors rode on ahead but remained within view. According to Solari, the Regent was quite a catch and both decided to by pass Athens and head home. The four friends traveled on until arriving at the north-south trail. Saying their good-byes Xena and Gabrielle watched their two friends ride off until they were no longer in sight. They would meet them in the Amazon Village in plenty of time for the treaty. Glancing up at her Warrior who was sitting proudly on Argo, she asked, "Xena, we don’t have to go to Athens. We can still catch up with them."

Looking down at the most beautiful woman she’s ever known the Warrior flashed her a big smile and asked with concern. "You said I had a chance." Bending down, she lifted Gabrielle’s chin up and found a tear in her Bard’s eye. Wiping it away with the back of her hand the Warrior’s hopes were confirmed with the simple tear and a smile. Gabrielle was in love with her. "Let me romance you Gabrielle. This is something I’ve dreamed of for so long. Please." Gabrielle simple nodded her head okay. "Good, now ride with me, we’ll get to my aunts tavern much quicker." Settling in behind Xena on Argo now took on new meaning. As she wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist in order to keep from falling off of Argo, the Warrior held her hands.

~~ ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~

Athens was only a candlemark away and the couple wasted no time getting there. Aunt Ariana’s tavern was rather unique in that she remodeled old stables and an attached farmhouse. The stables served as the tavern, while the farmhouse met the need of any patron who only wished a room for the night. Xena’s aunt was a close friend of her mother and while she did not think Ariana was really an aunt, everyone seemed to call her Aunt Ariana. Her establishment catered to everyone and discriminated against no one. Centaurs, Amazons, Spartans, all cultures and races were welcomed at her establishment called the Yard. Aunt Ariana was extremely happy to see Xena and to meet her companion.

"So this is the famous Bard from Poteidaia that I’ve heard so much about from Cyrene." Gabrielle blushed slightly and allowed Aunt Ariana to pull her in for a big bear hug. She was a big woman, almost Xena’s height but definitely much, much heavier. Ariana laughed a lot while she talked and overall seemed to be a happy woman. "Warrior I have a room for the both of you. Why don’t you settle in and come back later for a mug of ale and tell me about your mother. I have not heard from her in a while and would like to hear any news you might have." The couple agreed and allowed Ariana to lead them to a room on the first floor located at the end of the hall. The room was very generous holding a table, several chairs, a fireplace and a rather large bed covered with animal skins. Gabrielle noted a large number of candles placed throughout the room on various small shelves and stands. "I’ll have my son bring you both some towels, the private bath is back down the hall to the right. You may use it at anytime. I only reserve it for my most special customers. Oh, and Xena this is at no charge....everything is my gift to you and Gabrielle."

The Warrior started to interrupt but Ariana would have nothing to do with it. Pulling Xena back through the entrance into the hallway, the innkeeper spoke with determination. "Your mother would have my head, if I ever charged you one dinar. Plus, I feel romance in the air and if what Cyrene told me several moons ago is true, it is about time." Slapping Xena on the back the Ariana left the couple alone.

"Xena this room is way too much. It is absolutely beautiful and"


Spinning around to face her Warrior she found nothing but a big smile and those flashing sapphire eyes sparkling at her. "Well, could say that."

"Gabrielle, why don’t you go ahead and bathe. I’m going to see to Argo and will catch up with you."

In agreement and enjoying the idea of bathing in warm water Gabrielle agreed.

~~ ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~

By the time Gabrielle finished her bath, dried her hair and got dressed Xena had not yet returned. Assuming Ariana probably sidetracked her, the Bard decided to find the woman in hopes of finding Xena. The evening crowd was already coming into the tavern for a meal and drinks so Gabrielle just sat at the bar. Aunt Ariana found Gabrielle within moments of her sitting down. "Would you like some ale?"

"No, water will be just fine. Thank you." The innkeeper served her a cool mug of water and sat down on the barstool next to Gabrielle. "Have you seen Xena?"

"Yes, she said she would meet you up in the room at sundown. I guess she ran into a few people she knew and got caught up in visiting for awhile." Looking at the Bard she could see immediately the beauty and softness that radiated from this young woman. *No wonder Xena is so overwhelmed by her.* Breaking away from her thoughts Ariana asked Gabrielle. "Would you feel like telling a story to my paying customers, while waiting for Xena?"

Pleased that Aunt Ariana requested a story, Gabrielle quickly accepted and was led to the main floor to weave another story of the Warrior Princess. Settling in a chair to listen to the story told by this wonderful blonde, the innkeeper decided she would beat the horse crap out of the Warrior, if she messed this up tonight. *Yes, were so right about these two.*

By the time Gabrielle finished three stories the sun was beginning to set and Ariana rescued the Bard from the crowd who all wanted to hear more. Her patrons had been very generous and left Gabrielle a rather large amount of dinars. "No, Aunt Ariana, you take them please."

"No honey – not a chance of you talking me into that. You earned them. Save them – you never know when you might need them." Excusing herself and once again allowing the innkeeper to pull her into a bear hug, Gabrielle was anxious to get back to the room and meet Xena.

The Warrior was not in the room, however her sword and armor, as well as leathers were arranged neatly on a chair. As she glanced around the room she noticed several items on the bed. Tears instantly sprung from her eyes. Folded neatly was a brand new tunic the color of her Warrior’s eyes. A beautiful woven leather belt with interlacing beads of blue and green lay next to the tunic. To capture Gabrielle’s heart even more there was a small bottle next to the clothing. Picking the bottle up she undid the stopper and could instantly smell the rose oil invading her senses. "Oh sweet Warrior you have out done yourself." With the gifts there was a small parchment with writing. Wiping her tears away, Gabrielle picked up the parchment to read. It was simple and loving.

My dearest Gabrielle,

I will be waiting for you at a table located in the far corner near the fireplace.

Always your Warrior

Totally overwhelmed by the love she was feeling for Xena, she found her heart missing beats and it took her a moment to catch her breath and relax. Gabrielle reread the note several times before getting into her new clothes. Taking extra time to brush and re-braid her hair the Bard was ready in less than a candlemark. Before she left the room Gabrielle opened the rose oil and placed tiny dabs on her right wrist and behind her left ear. "Mmmm," the exotic smell and power it produced caught Gabrielle by surprise and she could feel her nipples harden and the heat beginning in her pelvis. "This nice." Surprising herself, Gabrielle added an additional dab between the valley of her breasts.

~~ ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~

Across the room Xena notice immediately when Gabrielle entered the room and her heart rate increased. The Warrior was totally mesmerized by the beauty of the young woman approaching her table. *By the gods...she is so beautiful.*

Gabrielle had no difficulty finding her Warrior. Just as she described to Solari she realized Xena was planning to fulfill her desires. As she moved closer to the table, Xena stood up and came around to greet her. The sight of her Warrior filled her heart and soul. Xena was drop down gorgeous and captivating to Gabrielle. Well aware that many were watching Xena, the Bard felt overwhelmed that this sexy, powerful woman wanted only her. She wore a royal purple tunic which cut deeply revealing the fruitful breasts the Bard wanted to hold between her hands and lips. The length of her tunic was short like her leathers and exposed the strong athletic thighs that would hold between them the treasure she longed to slip her tongue into. Around her waist Xena wore a leather belt holding a small jeweled dagger. *My Warrior, always ready for trouble.* Her black boots without the knee guards had been polished to a wonderful sheen. Her hair fell seductively across her shoulders and managed to dip between her breasts. With only a few braids the Warrior let her hair take on that wild animal appearance that Gabrielle was so attracted too. Gabrielle could feel her legs become weaker and she thought she stopped walking, as she became lost in the beauty that was Xena. Suddenly she felt the Warrior tugging gently on her hand and she was led to the bench. Together they sat on the bench with their backs up to the wall. The smell of her Warrior filled her lungs and she let out a quiet sigh. Immediately searching for Xena’s eyes the Bard found her Warrior already undressing her with those blue eyes, the raised eyebrow and that wicked grin.

Xena recognized the erotic scent that was Gabrielle and she fantasized about making love to this arousing woman. With her pulse racing the Warrior caught a very revealing look at the Bard’s tan firm muscular thigh resting against her and wondered if she was wearing underwear. As she looked up toward Gabrielle, she caught the playful smile and found her answer. *Sweet Aphrodite, how am I going to keep my hands still. This is too much for my heart.* Reaching slowly the Warrior seized her Bard’s hand, brought it to her lips and began placing several small kisses on the back and the palm. Sensually she let her lips trail to the small sensitive spot on Gabrielle’s wrist where she could smell and taste the rose oil mixing with the flavor of the woman she was so in love with. Mindful that Gabrielle made no attempt to remove her hand Xena scooted closer. While Xena knew of the sensual powers of this oil, the Warrior would never allow herself to use it on someone or on herself for the purpose of entrapment or rape. She believed it should be reserved only to share and seduce willingly one’s soulmate. *Gabrielle do you know that you are my soulmate?* If it was not for the waitress bringing food and drink to their table Gabrielle would have been seduced right there.

"I ordered for us, I hope you don’t mind?"

", that is okay. Xena, thank you for all the wonderful..."

Before she could finish Xena pressed her fingers to Gabrielle’s lips. Taking a small piece of nutbread in her other hand the Warrior lifted it to Gabrielle’s mouth. Wrapping her hand around the Xena’s wrist Gabrielle accepted the bread and pulled the tips of Xena’s fingers into her mouth allowing her tongue to suck softly. This caused the Warrior to moan deeply and she leaned in closer placing her free hand around Gabrielle’s waist. Before their lips touched, Xena heard Gabrielle whisper the most important words ever, "I love you." Xena tenderly pressed her lips to Gabrielle’s who increased the pressure slightly. The Warrior did not want to release the full sweet lips of the young woman she now possessed and opened her mouth slightly to caress Gabrielle’s top lip with her tongue. A small animalistic groan left Gabrielle’s throat as she spread her lips inviting Xena’s tongue to explore. Hearing Gabrielle’s reaction to her kiss and feeling the Bard offer her tongue entrance, Xena forced Gabrielle tightly to her own rapidly heating body. With her free hand, Xena slid past an earlobe until she could lace her fingers through the soft blonde hair. The couple increased the depth of their kiss slowly, sensually, caressing and exploring. Gabrielle’s free hands seem to find a home about mid way up Xena’s thigh, where she caressed the muscles enough to cause them to twitch. The extreme passion and demands Gabrielle began to make on her pleasantly surprised Xena. Both women forgot their surrounding and did not seem to care. Their whole world at that moment was each other.

Gabrielle backed away from the kiss without warning to look at her Warrior. "Xena, I am so in love with you and it scares me."

It was after these tender words that Xena believed with all her heart that Gabrielle was indeed her soulmate. "Gabrielle," Xena rested her forehead to the Bard’s, "I promise to do everything in my power to never let you doubt my love for you. Please don’t be afraid. I will never, ever leave you."

As the music began to play and the tavern became crowded and filled the two enjoyed the meal and each other. The Warrior would not move from her side and became extremely protective. "Would you like to dance Gabrielle?"

"Mmmm...yes, but not here. I want you dancing beneath my tongue."

Those words produced a horrendous rush of heat surging through Xena’s body. Forcefully she claimed Gabrielle’s lips who turned the kiss around and began to dominate the Warrior with her fevered passion. Several happy drunks fell in front of their table disrupting the lovers. Quickly realizing the drunks were not a threat Xena tugged on Gabrielle’ hand and drew her away from the bench. The Bard knew what Xena wanted. She wanted this too, so she let the Warrior lead her through the crowd and out of the tavern.

They walked with their arms around each other’s waist until they came to the door of their room. Xena looked at Gabrielle, "Are you sure? I should tell you I’m very possessive. Once you’ve allowed me to make love to you.....I won’t be able to stop. You’re in my soul Gabrielle. I will ask you for a commitment."

Gabrielle reached up circling her arms around the Warrior’s neck. "The show me how to please you so when you ask for a commitment I can say yes."

Xena picked Gabrielle off the ground and kicked the door with her foot. She carried Gabrielle into their room not letting her stand until she was in the middle of the room. There was a warm fire already started and all the candles were lit. It was indeed romantic. The Warrior let go and went to close the door. Turning around Xena found Gabrielle sitting in the chair removing her boots. Xena’s eyes were immediately drawn to Gabrielle’s muscular thighs exposed by the draping split of her tunic. The Warrior could not believe this beautiful woman actually desired her, *Aphrodite, help me never to disappoint my love.* Xena was quickly on her knees in front of Gabrielle in time to help her remove her second boot. "Gabrielle, allow me."

As Xena removed Gabrielle’s boot, her hands had a mind of their own and they began a slow sensual crawl up the Bard’s thigh. The Warrior was spellbound by Gabrielle’s thigh and as she slowly pushed away the material of the tunic she heard herself growl with desire. Gabrielle arched her head back, as her Warrior ran her strong hands and fingers up her leg. "Ohhhhh, Xena don’t stop." Gabrielle began panting slightly when Xena’s fingers reached her swollen center. Xena became dizzy upon feeling the heat radiating from Gabrielle’s mound, and the wetness that seeped through the thong she was wearing. "I can’t wait Gabrielle," Xena growled, "I have....have to taste you." Gabrielle could no longer speak, in fact she knew she could barely keep thoughts in her head so she did what Xena requested and her own body commanded and spread her legs inviting her Warrior for a taste.

Snapping the tiny leather strip that held the thong around Gabrielle’s wetness, Xena wrapped her arms around her lover’s waist and pulled her to the edge of the chair. She began licking the soft curly blonde hairs working her tongue and lips through Gabrielle’s burning folds. Gabrielle’s moans increased temptingly, sending Xena for more, needing to taste more, to have more and to consume all of her. Searching, memorizing and owning every spot on her lover would show Gabrielle her love. Gabrielle was having a difficult time staying still and the force, texture and wetness of Xena’s tongue exploring her heated center lifted the Bard’s hips from the chair. Instinctively Gabrielle griped the chair with her hands, supporting herself as best she could. She could feel her body trembling and sweating. Even in self-pleasure with her fantasies of Xena touching her, the Bard never imagined the ultimate ecstasy she was now experiencing. Within a short time Xena heard the growling and moaning of her young lover screaming her name, as she reached her climax. Exhausted and feeling totally loved Gabrielle fell back to the chair, reached over wrapping her arms around whatever part of Xena she could grab. The Warrior with her arms still wrapped around Gabrielle let her head lay in the Bard’s lap and enjoyed the embrace she was receiving from her soulmate. Wanting nothing more at that moment from Gabrielle than permission to hold her close, Xena sighed happily and withdrew herself from the young woman’s embrace.

"No, please don’t go," were the only words that Gabrielle could manage and she followed Xena to a standing position. Her legs betrayed her and began to buckle from weakness. The Warrior felt her lover falling and caught her in time. Sweeping Gabrielle up in her arms she carried her to their bed. Laying Gabrielle on the bed, Xena curled up with her, holding her tightly, as if she was afraid someone might take this beautiful blonde away from her.

Several moments passed and Xena could hear Gabrielle’s breathing calm down. The Warrior knew Gabrielle was awake, yet she was way too quiet, totally out of character. "Gabrielle, are you okay? I did not hurt or scare you did I?

Gabrielle raised herself from Xena’s embrace to look into her deep blue eyes. Letting a few tears fall from her own sea green eyes Gabrielle realized that this was one of the few times her Warrior deeply needed to hear her talk.

But, before she could speak Xena was trying to catch Gabrielle’s tears, "Oh Gabrielle, don’t cry, I’m...."

Gabrielle quickly placed her fingers firmly on the Warrior’s lips, "Ssssshhh, my beautiful Warrior. I’m okay. I am so in love with you. By the gods I don’t ever want to loose you to someone else."

Xena raised an eyebrow and realized in her soul that she could not go further without a commitment from Gabrielle. She thought she could wait but listening to her lover the Warrior had to ask. "Gabrielle, I will never betray you for another. Bond with my soulmate for all eternity."

As she heard Gabrielle’s voice turn seductively, the Warrior knew she found her destiny. It was not in Caesar or Callisto, in revenge or salvation. It was right next to her for several seasons. There was a purpose in their meeting many moons ago in Poteidaia. "Xena, yes...I will be your soulmate. Now, let me make love to you, please."

"Gabrielle, I just want to hold you so don’t have to....."

"Oh no you don’t Warrior, I have my cravings too and right now they involve taking your essence into my soul." The Warrior melted at the passion in her lover’s words. Before she could make any objections Gabrielle was pulling her up and began removing first the Warriors clothes and then jumping to the floor the Bard removed her own. "Roll over on your stomach Xena, I plan on rubbing some of this rose oil deep into your....gods...your...your.....oh Xena what a body you have."

Xena had no difficulty following her lover’s demands. As Gabrielle spread the rose oil lightly over Xena’s back and shoulders the Warrior became extremely aroused with the massage and then her lover’s words of several candledrips ago melted her heart. Rolling on her back the Warrior peered into her soulmate’s eyes to make sure Gabrielle was real and not a dream.

Gabrielle could see the tears forming in Xena’s eyes so bent down to kiss each and every tear. Xena could smell the rose oil between the Bard’s breasts and lunged towards them grabbing them both with her hands and mouth. "Xena, oh......gods that feels so good." Gabrielle felt herself once again falling into the Warrior’s love. *Oh, is my turn....I have to know I can please you.* With a strong push of her arms against the bed Gabrielle slipped her breasts from Xena’s mouth and then quickly grasped the Warrior by the wrists and with surprising force pinned her hands out to the sides leaving the Warrior spread eagle.

" is my turn, remember?" Gabrielle’s voice was at first firm and then began dripping with desire. "And if you don’t let me touch and taste, ALL of you right now, I just might have to tie you down."

"Sweet Aphrodite," Xena moaned, as she felt Gabrielle quickly flick her tongue over the Warriors lips and then moved to tease, suck and lick on the Warrior’s breasts. Xena’s moaning and breathing increased with every touch, every lick and stroke. "Oh....yes, don’t stop Gabrielle." The Bard smiled to herself while listening to her Warrior loose control. *Mmmmm, guess she’s happy.*

Gabrielle intentionally let her hand slide down to spread Xena’s legs while she continued sucking and licking her lover’s magnificent breasts. Xena’s groaning turned into deep and throaty demands, when Gabrielle began to stroke Xena’s slippery wet folds with her fingers. The blonde’s craving to taste the Warrior was something she had dreamed about for moons, and now she found her appetite becoming uncontrollable. With fascination Gabrielle lifted herself from the breast she was devouring and brought her hand covered with Xena’s wetness in front of her. "Look at me Xena."

The Warrior lifted her head slightly responding to the command from her lover. With a wicked grin she watched her young lover erotically licking her fingers. "Xena, you’ve been keeping this from me. Mmmm I am going to require this daily."

"OH GODS, Gabrielle how I love you." Xena began experience mini orgasms and she trembled and shook as her soulmate took complete control of her emotions and body. Gabrielle’s exploration drove Xena over an edge she had never been before. She had allowed this woman to unconditionally possess the Warrior heart, mind, body and soul. "Please...Gabre....take me. Oh yes.....take me now!" The Warrior realized she was begging and it was okay with her. Before she could finish her thoughts Gabrielle growled sucking her folds between her lips and licking over Xena’s center of pleasure with her tongue. Gabrielle lavished her Warrior with a great deal of attention that evening and she proved to be the most passionate lover the Warrior ever had.

Late into the night and early next morning Aunt Ariana would pass by the room of her guests. All she could hear were expressions of passion and love. "Yes, Cyrene. I think you will be pleased."


The End

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