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Author's Pre-Story Ramblings:  Xena and Gabrielle only belong to me in my fantasies, which are actually mine, and I'd like to see someone try to steal those.  In the real boring world, Xena and Gabrielle belong to those people over at Renaissance or MCA/Universal, whoever, but not me.  Um...let's see, what else.  Nothing related to or even remotely acknowledging "copyright infringement" is intended.

This fanfic contains a bit of kinda steamy stuff between two women, so I guess if you're uncomfortable with that kinda stuff, you gotta move on and move out if wherever you live doesn't allow it.  No, wait, have your brother be governor in that state and then have him change the law, and everyone can be happy then.  Yeah.  Do that.

The Problem

by Answer, written 20 June 1999.

"Mmm...oh...Xena...Xena, I can't..." Gabrielle gasped, and tried to push away from the amorous warrior, which was a difficult task because her own body wasn't cooperating.

"'Course you can Gabrielle.  You've wanted this, I've wanted this, for sooo long..."  Xena's mouth moved lower on Gabrielle's neck, and her hands strayed towards and under the bard's top.

"No, Xena, we have to talk..."  The bard arched into gentle hands.

"We're already talking..." Xena mumbled through the flesh she found so tasty at the base of Gabrielle's neck.

Gently but firmly, Gabrielle pushed the warrior from her and focused her thoughts.  "There's something I have to tell you."

"All right."  Xena drawled, unconsciously striking a seductive pose as she propped her head up on an elbow.  "Let's see, is it that you're not really Gabrielle?"

"What?" Gabrielle said, slightly off balance.  "No, where'd you get that from?"

"You're Bacchus' daughter, and have to drink fresh blood every moon?"

"No!  Nothing like that!"  Gabrielle looked at Xena strangely.

"Are we distant cousins?" Xena asked, a bit curiously.

"Xena, you know there's no chance of that."

"Is the day repeating itself again?"


"Have you been into that henbane-laced nutbread again?"


"Are we expecting someone tonight?"  The warrior glaced around the campsite.

"No, besides, you know you'd hear them anyway."

"Is there someone else?"  The warrior sounded uncertain now.

"Oh Xena, you know the answer to that."

"Tell me."

"No, there isn't someone else.  Xena, it's just that..."

"Are you enchanted?"

"No, I am not enchanted."

"Am I?"

"No, Xena, the gods have nothing to do with this," the bard sighed, a little exasperated.

"Okay...  You're worried that this will ruin our friendship?"

"Well, before, I was..."  The bard looked up and smiled into full blue eyes.  "But that's not a problem now."

Xena smiled.  "Right, so the problem now is...?"

Gabrielle looked away and mumbled, "It's my time of the moon."

The warrior, now deflated, could only say, "Oh."  She looked over to her companion.  "Cuddle?"  She lifted her eyebrows invitingly.

The bard snuggled into the warrior's arms and closed her eyes.  "Cuddle."

And they slept.


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