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GENERAL/ WARNING DISCLAIMER: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Argo, Hope, and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with their names, titles, and backstories are the sole property of MCA/ Universal and Renassaince Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the righting of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be used or sold for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

Opera Interviews Gabrielle and Hope
by Jessica Caldwell


"Hello, and welcome to today's show. I'm Opera, and today we have two very special guess. Let's hear a warm welcome for that Amazon queen and the creative bard we've all come to know and love; live from Potidea, Gabrielle!"

Loud claps and cheers are heard around the room.

"And let's give it up for her evil but beautiful daughter, that demon spawn we can't forget, Hope!"

A small round of applause, but at the stare that she gives us, we begin to applaud loudly and hard.

"Now, we have just been dying," she said, looking over her shoulders and mouthing "literally", "to meet this pair. Tell me, Gabrielle, what was your first thoughts when you had Hope? Did you know she was evil?"

Gabrielle threw an evil glance at her daughter, and then turned back to Opera. "No, I didn't. I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Look how wrong I was." "Hey, it isn't my fault that I got stuck with your looks!" Hope yelled over at her.

The crowd boos and holds there breath.

"Oh save it!" Gabrielle yelled back. "Well, it seems that the mother/daughter crisis between these two is hot. And you, Hope, when did you first decide/ know that you were evil?" Hope smiled slightly. "I was more than willing to obey my father's commands. I happily choked a man two hours after I was born." Opera whistled. "And what does Mother have to say about this?"

Gabrielle snarled. "I actually protected her from Xena. I could have saved us both a lot of trouble, and just let Xena hack her then and there." Hope looked over at her. "But no, you wanted your sweet, innocent child to live. You're pathetic!" "Don't make me hurt you Hope," Gabrielle said, her voice rising. "You wouldn't dare. You wouldn't hurt your sweet baby, would you Mother?!" Gabrielle jumped from her chair, grabbing her staff, and started over to Hope.

"Whoa, what a minute," Opera pleaded, sending two guards out to stop them. She then turned to the audience, and the camera. "We'll be right back, after these messages."


"Well, we're back. My, that was getting lethal over there ladies. Let's try to be a little more civil this time around, okay?" Hope and Gabrielle exchanged angry glances.

"Back to the interview. Now, Gabrielle, when you saw your daughter for the second time, actually the first time since you sent her off in the basket, what was your reaction?" Gabrielle actually had a touch of sadness in her eyes when she spoke again. "I, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it, and I thought that my dreams had come true, that my daughter had come home and had changed. I..."

"Idiot," Hope muttered. Gabrielle stared coldly at her.

"I thought that I could now keep her, and show Xena that she had been wrong. Instead, she was even worse than she had been when I left her. You know, I could have sworn there were holes in the bottom of that basket..." "Yes, well, things changed. And, what did you do about Hope that time? I missed the episode."

"I didn't want to Hope, I swear I didn't. Xena made me. She told me that since Hope had killed Solan.." "I wanted to kill Solan, but only a little bit. Callisto told me that she would kill me if I didn't do as she said. I killed Solan, and I was sad. But then I had a hardening of heart, and I realized that I had been a fool to think that Solan was good, and should live. I meant to kill him." "Anyway," Gabrielle growled, continuing.

"I poisoned her." There was a shocked gasp from the crowd. "You poisned your own child?" Opera asked. "Murderer!" someone shouted from the crowd. "It wasn't like that!" Gabrielle screamed. "She's the murderer! She killed an innocent little boy!" The crowd quieted down.

"So, anyway, what did you feel like, when you knew that you murdered your daughter?" Opera asked. "I felt awful. Not just because she was my daughter, but because I had killed a child, and that Xena's only child had been killed. I cremated her."

"Yeah, thanks a lot. I have scars on me for eternity from it! Do you know how hard it was for Dahak to put me back together?!"

"We'll be right back," Opera said, smiling.


"Back again. So, 'um, Gabrielle, you lost more than your daughter with this incident, right?" "Yes, I lost my best friend's love and trust, and my best friend's child, and my daughter, and everything that Xena and I had together."

"Oh well," Hope smirked.

"And, Hope, is it true that your husband was the god of war, Ares?" Opera asked. "Yes. Of course, I didn't really love him. I just needed someone powerful and strong for the baby that I was going to have. He was the cutest little thing," she said.

"Yeah, so cute he stabbed you to death!" Gabrielle said. "Well it was a lot better way to die than you tried to. At least I didn't trip and fall into a fiery pit, and try to give my life for not one, but two people who hated you!" "Hope, I still loved you." "Can it. You make me sick Mother! I don't want your love."

"I have had enough!" Gabrielle jumped from her seat, and began using her staff to pulverize Hope. Hope, in turn, began to throw chairs and glasses at her mother. Opera turned to the camera, smiled, and tried to cover the scene.

"Well, that worked out well, didn't it? Ah, ah-ha, next week, on Opera, we will be interviewing Gabrielle, again. And the warrior princess. Yes, that's right, next week is the true confessions of Xena and Gabrielle, the best friends that are known throughout the world.

"Join me next time for------" A chair flew by and hit Opera in the head. She swayed, dizzy. "See you next week. Cut camera, now," she said. And then she fell, knocked out cold, onto the floor.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Hope have simmered down. They see that Opera is out, and they look across the room at each other. "You know, I am getting so sick of people wanting us to come together and discuss these things. They know it makes us fight, Mother" Hope said. "Yeah, next thing you know, we'll been battling it out on Springer," Gabrielle said tiredly. "Let's give up the talk shows," said Hope.

Gabrielle nodded. Then the mother and daughter walked out, arms around each other.

The audience appauded, saying that this show had been the best in a long time.


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