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The following is a short poem. It belongs to Jessica Caldwell. You may not use it without my permission. This poem is safe for anybody to read. No copyright infringement was meant in the writing of this poem.
The characters belong to MCA/ Universal/Renasance Pictures.

And now for the poem.....

by Jessica Caldwell

Tonight, although I am not a saint,
I pray that all went right.
I pray that we have another bright morning,
and that Xena and I live through the night.

Tonight, although I rarely pray,
I hope that you hear me.
Whoever you are, and wherever you are.
You are someone that I cannot see.

Maybe I pray to Perticus,
my late and long lost love.
If I pray to Perticus,
give me a sign from above.

Maybe I pray to the stars,
my lights when the night is long.
If I pray to the stars tonight,
in the morning, I shall here a bird's sweet song.

Tonight, as I lay here awake,
I look into the sky.
I think of all the mysteries of life,
and begin to wonder why.

Tonight, as I wonder
why life happens the way it does,
I remember that there is a reason.
It's that way, just because.

Maybe I pray to a faraway person,
who hears me and smiles as I speak.
If I pray to a faraway person,
I hope someday we'll meet.

Maybe I pray to the air I breathe,
who does not listen at all.
But if I pray to the air I breathe,
my life would surely fall.

Tonight I look up into the heavens,
and finally I see.
It doesn't matter who I'm praying to.
As long as they hear me.

~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~

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