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Xena, Gabrielle, Solan, and Hope are the property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. The poem, the lryics, and the poem itself are the sole property of the author, and may not be used without the permission of the author. Thank you.

by Jessica Caldwell

Solan, if I had never came
to see you,
you'd still be around
and doin'
the things you do.
But because of me,
those things you can
no longer do.

My only son were you,
and very dear to me you were.
And you would still be alive,
if it hadn't been for her.
But because of Gabrielle,
your soul is but a blur.

I'm so sorry that I left you
without a mother to care for you.
If I could do it all over again,
I'd a been there for you.
But because that can't happened.
See you again,
I'll never do.

If you had stayed with me though,
it would have happened all the same.
Fate can never be escaped,
it's all just one big game.
But because you're dead,
my soul I can't keep tame.

If you had lived with me,
Hope would have got you still.
But then, at least,
her I could kill.
But it's too late now,
and now my world is still.

For all these years I've thought of you,
and wondered how you were.
And when I relized what I'd missed,
my vision would suddenly blur.
But you would still be alive,
if it weren't for her.

Don't worry Solan,
you're death will be avenged.
She's hiding out from me,
'cause she knows I've come unhenged.
I don't care what I must go through,
your death will be avenged!

And now, my Solan,
I must go.
I'll go atop the mountain,
and suffer the cold and snow.
But hear me as I cry,
and you will surely now.

I was your mother,
and I loved you.
'Can't blame you if you don't forgive me,
I wouldn't if I were you.
But hear me out,
and this please do:

Guide me along Solan,
until my suffering's end.
Without you in my heart,
my wounds will cease to mend.
I'll let Gabrielle off right now,
but I swear to Zeus,
this is not the end.

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