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Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA/ Universal/ Rennasance Pictures; I'm just "borrowing" them for this story.  The story idea, and the part that are in the story, are my idea, and you can't use them unless I get your asking first, and you get my permission.  Thanks.

This story describes dying on a cross, and is the two friend talking in Ides of March.  It may be unsuitable for ages under 13.

This is also wrote to the tune of "Crusify" (tune found on Journey To Tartarus) page.

Xena's Vision
by Jessica Caldwell

(Xena's relating all of this to Gabrielle.  When there's a break in it, it's the next line of Xena.
If there is three stars then it's Gabrielle speaking.)

I've had this vision
a many of times before,
and you never believed me,
as I told you what was in store.
I warned you that you would die a horrid death
if you continued to travel with me, for the rest of your life.
You'd never believe me, not once did you,
and now you'll die.

Not ever did I stop to think
that I too may die this way.
But I killed Ceaser,
and there's a price to pay.
I begged you not to come, I knew we were near the end.
We had not much farther to go.
But how much farther, I can really say,
I didn't know.

I believed you, my dearest of friends.
I stayed with you,
forever more,
until the end.
I had no intension of allowing you to die like this
without me there to come with you.
You knew I'd never leave you, didn't you?
You knew.

How could you think that I would
just abondon you to die alone?
But further more,
I will not drone.
Let us go together, as we always have,
and go together to Hades hand in hand.
When he sees us come back to him,
his surprise, I am sure, will be grand.

My dear friend,
pure of heart and soul,
evil and death
has took it's toll.
As we hang here together,
dying slowly, but yet not dead,
I would trade this death for nothing.
Gabrielle, keep up your head.

Hold on for a little longer.
Don't give up hope now.
Let us speak together until our end.
I'll start to show you how.
Remember all of the good things we did,
and the fun we had traveling on the road.
Remember on that cold winter's night,
all those wonderful stories you told.
Remember the times when I needed your help,
and there you were for me,
and the times that I could have died without you?
We were really meant to be.

Yes, I do now remember
those fun filled days we had.
When I told you all of those stories
when you were hurt or ill or sad.
Yes, I do remember the days that I was so blind
that I walked inches from death, and you saved me.
Yes, I do remember this all,
and see we were meant to be.

*Xena has died just a few minutes ago, and her spirit comes to Gabrielle's dead body, to take her to Hades with her.*

Gabrielle wake up!
The pain is at end.
We've already left this world.
Come with me, my best friend.
Gabrielle, arise from the cross,
and come with me; don't deny.
Take my hand, and I'll take yours,
and together, we can fly.

Xena, is it really you?
Why do my wounds not ache anymore?
My body is golden, and I am healed,
and I am no longer sore.
Can we leave now, without worries?
Are we set free from this living hell?
Listen, I can hear gentle music,
and is that a ringing bell?

Yes, Gabrielle,
we've died, and been renewed.
Now come with me to the Elsyian Fields,
we have so much to do!

*In Memory of Xena: The Warrior Princess and Gabrielle: The Potidean Bard

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