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GENERAL COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: Xena, Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Ares, Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction.

All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author (meaning Kharis and Syrinus belong to me). This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

VIOLENCE WARNING/DISCLAIMER: this story is based on the series and of course, what would Xena be but not the violent kick ass grrrl that she is! But violence has been kept to a minimum with very little actual bloodshed involved. That's for the next story. Muhahaha

SEXUAL VIOLENCE WARNING/DISLAIMER: This story insinuates a scene of sexual violence and a small amount of its aftermath. Some readers may be disturbed by this type of depiction and anyone who is sensitive to this particular issue may wish to read something other than this story. But I promise that there isn't any actual description of it, just the vague inference to it from one of the characters.

LOVE DISCLAIMER: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

If you can't stand the idea that two women can have a loving relationship then please keep your closed mind where it belongs and don't bother reading this story. 'Nuff said

This is my first attempt at XWP fanfic so please be gentile with this newbie. It is the first in the Sins of a God Series that will continue to grow with your support. Hopefully the other stories will be finished before you have to wait much longer. But, for now, enjoy what is below and remember...all comments, suggestions, and flames are welcome.

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And Then There was Two
by Crys



"Well that was interesting," Gabrielle said once they had left the room. Syr nodded as he sat down, pensively chewing his upper lip. Both bard and healer looked towards the doorway as Xena gliding through, closing the door. Her face was a mask, usually reserved for her warrior moments, and was out of place when compared to her two friends. 'I will claim you.' The words kept repeating in the warrior's mind triggering a small memory that refused come into the light. Knowing that time would help, the warrior quickly placed the memory back down into the dark until it was ready to rise up to the surface.

Gabrielle walked towards her friend and placed a hand on the woman's shoulder, "Xena, what's wrong?"

Xena's mask dropped slightly as a small smile briefly played across her lips only to return back again as the woman looked at Syrinus, "Well? What did you see?"

The man looked up apprehensive. He wasn't sure he had read the girl right but if Syrinus had, then his warrior friend would not be pleased, "I'm not sure."

"Syr, tell me."

The man swallowed and closed his eyes, "I saw a child with a soul as old as the Gods. A soul in silver that was nearly encompassed by the blackness that surrounded it." He stopped and chose his words carefully before continuing. "She is almost lost to him."

Xena shuddered as Syrinus confirmed her belief. She couldn't believe 'he' would do it. That 'he' would go that far to reclaim her.

Gabrielle was confused at Xena's reaction to Syrinus' reading, "What's that mean?"

The man looked at Xena for approval but only received a harsh, blank look. Standing up, Syrinus looked down at Gabrielle and tried to reassure her with a smile, "It just means what it means. The girl is lost and needs our help." Looking down into the slightly frightened eyes of the bard the man smiled reassuringly. 'Does she know? Has Xena told her yet?'

"Xena? Syrinus? Will one of you tell me what's going on?" Gabrielle asked adamantly, her anger starting to rise as she was being made to feel like a child who has interrupted the adult's conversation.

Xena looked down at her friend and gave the bard a quick hug. Releasing her too quickly for the bard's liking, the warrior slid down the wall at her back as she focused on the back of a chair she had carved many years ago. The scene was a happy one of two young children playing in a field; a boy and a girl from Amphipolis. No cares towards the future besides the next mock fight.

Sighing Xena voiced her suspicions and gave light to the dark secret that was held within the girl's soul, "She is Ares' child."

Not quite hearing her friend right Gabrielle sought the warrior's gaze, "Are you sure? How could that be?"

"I don't know," Xena replied wearily. "All I do know is that she is."

Syrinus nodded in affirmation towards the bard, fear slightly creeping into his soul as the ramifications of what they discovered started to settle into his brain. If the child was from Ares why was she brought onto this earth now? For what reason? 'Why did the Gods insist on playing with mortal's lives?' he thought sadly.

Thinking along the same paths, Xena guessed that the answers lay with the one that she despised with most of her soul. Standing up suddenly, Xena walked towards the centre of the room and shouted, "Area! Show yourself you sorry excuse of a god. Show yourself now!"

Tingling on the back of the warrior's neck alerted her to the presence of her former god as Ares instantly materialised in front of Xena. Smiling seductively, the god strode forward and placed a hand on the warrior's cheek, "What would you like my dear? The world on a platter?"

Slapping his hand away, Xena's anger started to rise as she struggled to control the darkness that always threatened to overwhelm her when she was in the presence of the God of War, "No Ares, I just want answers. Now!"

Shrugging, the God of War agreed and sat down on a bench against one of the walls, placing his booted feet up on a stool close by, "Shoot."

"Why did you make that child?" Xena spat out venomously.

"Because I could."

"Wrong answer," the ex-warlord said as she unsheathed her sword.

"Tsk tsk, Xena. Always falling back on the violence when we don't get our way, now aren't we?"

Holding the sword's tip at the god's eye level Xena asked again, "Why did you make that child?"

"She was my backup plan."

"Backup plan?" the bard asked intrigued despite herself. Ares always made her uncomfortable for more then one reason. The major one being how his presence had a bad influence on Xena's control of her emotions. The other being that he just gave her the creeps.

"Yes. I knew that Xena, here, would not live forever so I created another Chosen one to take her place eventually. Fourteen years ago actually. Little did I know that she would have to fulfil her duties much sooner then she should have," Ares explained straightforwardly. "If you had only stayed with me Xena, the child could have grown up as normal as could be until the time she was needed. But no, you had to go and ruin my life, and her life, by finding the 'goodness' in you. Why couldn't you have just left it alone?"

Xena declined to answer that old question, after having answered it already too many times to the stubborn god, "Why does she want to kill me? Or need I ask?"

"Probably because of Callisto," Ares shrugged.

"Callisto?" both warrior and bard said simultaneously.

Ares was surprised that the warrior didn't know of Callisto's release from hell. Happily surprised in fact. It wasn't often that one could surprise the warrior princess. Even if one was a god. "I'm surprised you didn't know, Xena?"

Smirking evilly the warrior could only admit her ignorance; "Well it's not like I keep tabs on every one. So how does Callisto play into all of this?"

"She convinced Caesar to ransack the village and impersonated you while he was at it."

"What?" both bard and warrior replied again in unison. Xena glanced over at Gabrielle and frowned slightly as the bard tried to hide a smile. 'Jinx'.

"My, my, Xena. You really should keep abreast of things. You wouldn't want your reputation to tarnish now would you?" the God of War sneered.

"Not like it hasn't already been tarnished," Xena shrugged. "So why did she impersonate me if there were to be no survivors to spread the word that it was me?"

"She knew the child wouldn't die. I wouldn't let her die. It served Callisto's purpose. The child would survive and try to kill you. With her being my begotten she would have a good a chance at that too I might add. If she failed, then the good deeds you've been pulling over the last four years would be for naught when word got out that Xena, with Caesar and his army, ordered the crucifixions. Brilliant, I must say, but she should not have used my child like that," Ares voice deepened menacingly.

Xena was surprised to notice an inflection of concern, in Ares voice, over the girl being a pawn in the war between Callisto and herself. Rubbing her neck Xena pondered her next move. 'What to do with the child?'

Ares heard the warrior's thought and shook his finger at in her face, "You will do nothing. Leave the child to me." Turning sharply on his heal the God of War raised his arm towards the closed door leading into the girl's small room. Palm flat forward he twisted it gracefully and beckoned the door to open.

A small creak was heard as the girl slowly opened the door a fraction, peering out at the man standing before her. Had she heard right? This man was her real father? Xena wasn't really Xena but some woman called Callisto?

"How much did you hear child?" Ares asked the eye peering through the crack in the door.

"Enough," was all she replied.

"Come here."

Kharis opened the door more while continuing to look into the god's eyes. 'My father? A god? That would make me...' The thought was too much to bear as she pushed it aside for the moment and allowed her body to unwillingly step towards the God.

Smiling down on the child Ares felt a sense of pride he hadn't felt since Xena was his so many years ago, "You are mine, Kharis. It is your destiny. But for now you must learn a warrior's ways and I can not teach you that. It is forbidden." Looking towards Xena he smiled a knowing smile with the question on his lips.

"No, Ares. I won't teach her to be what I was." Xena declared forcibly.

"Then I'll have her trained at one of my temples."

"No," Gabrielle spoke up suddenly. "She'll stay with us. We'll take her to the Amazons and she can learn there."

"Gabrielle," Xena warned, but was cut off by a knowing look from her friend. What was that bard thinking?

Ares frowned as he weighed the possibilities. If the child was to learn fighting skills in the Amazon village she would be prepared enough that Ares could teach her the rest in a few years, but being that close to Artemis' hand could be a problem. Deciding that the pros outweighed the cons Ares agreed. "Fine. She will learn with the Amazons. But I will be keeping a close eye on her. If any of your Amazons try to convert her to Artie you personally will pay." He said directly to Gabrielle.

"And if you lay a hand on Gabrielle, I will personally remove it from your body forever," Xena's cold voice said.

"I would expect nothing less of you, Xena" Ares smiled. Looking down at his daughter the God of War smiled. "Stay with Xena. Learn from her what you can. Learn from the Amazons. Then when you are ready, you will come to me and we will reign together, father and daughter. Like before."

Kharis shuddered at the promise and said nothing. 'Before?' Stepping away from the god, the girl walked towards the warrior princess and bowed, "I am sorry for the attempts on your life. I realise now that you were not a part of what had happened at my village. Please accept my servitude until you decree that I have paid the life debt."

Xena was slightly surprised at the girl's well-spoken manner and stiff form. 'How old was she again? Fourteen?' She looked no more then nine or ten at best but looks were deceiving, as the girl's earlier exhibits of strength had shown the warrior. Grunting her affirmation Xena nodded towards Ares, dismissing his presence, "You can go now Ares."

"Now, now my dear Xena. Wouldn't you like to chat some more?" Ares asked his Chosen. A raised eyebrow was his only reply. Shrugging the God of War licked his lips and blew a kiss at Xena before disappearing without a trace, leaving the group in silence.

Syrinus was the first to speak after a few moments, "Kharis, my child. Are you hungry?"

Kharis looked over at the gentle man and smiled a frighteningly familiar smile, "I thought you'd never ask."



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