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Disclaimer: This is one of the short stories I write for fun. If it sounds like any other fan fic piece in this page I apologize, I'm not into stealing ideas.. But, I don't read ALL the fan fic in the web so I wouldn't know if another story like mine was around.


My First and Only Scroll Entry
by Cuteeee9

I'm sitting in this tavern hearing things about the great warrior princess Xena, I knew her I remember a lot of things but they are better put in writting.......

It was the third night after the summer equinox , it was windy and the smell of burning huts and victory filled the air. I had just plundered a village whose allies had once destroyed my homeland,now they trembled at my feet.

It was not all that big really, it was a fishing village with plentiful resources, and inmense beauty if of course you ignore the fact that it's soil is crimson from all the bloodshed, it is really very pretty.

As I walked up to the half dead body of the man who had foolishly attempted to kill me, to retrirve my dagger from his torn appart chest, I heard horses in the distance.They were far enough for me to set up a defense with the men that were left standing. "Stand your ground men, stand your ground no matter what!" I shouted. Most of them stopped their "hail Adriana the great " ranting and raving and forned a defensive "wall". The rest of them went into the crouch attack which consists of holding spears staraight up while covering your head with your shield.This is to stop soldiers on horseback.

The horses got closer and closer, and I signaled for my men to standby. It had been about three minutes after I signaled my men,when a large group of pirates showed up from the west. The army looked well organized and it consisted of about fifteen cavalry men, ten bowmen,and twenty light infantry.

The leader was this big ugly guy wearing a cutlass (a curved sword) and layered clothes. He rode up to me and got off the horse. He demanded for a retreat by my men. I looked at him and said with a wicked smirk on my face "what would you do if I declined? would you kill me?" my smirk turned to a mischiveous grin as I saw his reaction.He signaled for an attack.As he did this the wind started to kick up and it turned a small campfire to a raging inferno, destroying everything in it's path like a wave of death.The half dead and injured were charred in minutes. My men soon started to feel the wrath of these skilled fighters, the rest of my men ran into the woods like cowards. I was angered by their actions and I inexpectantly kicked the leader of this army on the groin, knocking the air out of him and as he bent in pain I drove his cutlass into his gut and twisted it in deeper into his body. I felt his warm blood trickle down my wrists as I pulled the cutlass up into his heart.

As I was taking the cutlass out of his body, someone came up behind me and hit me on the head.

I woke up in what seemed to be the hold of a ship,because it smelled really humid. I had a terrible headache, like those you get from chugging down ceremonial wine or ale. I looked around and saw crates, and sacks. Then I looked at my hands which were chained, and I realized that the blood was still there, it was dry and really gross. I was trying to think of a way to get away from there when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

I look towards the stairs and this woman comes in and she is carefully gazing at me. "What are you looking at?" I said angrily. "You better let me go or else you will be sorry when I get out of these chains!" I threatened . "Ha! I really doubt you can do that, but it will be quite amusing to see you try" she said with a sneer. Her sneer then turned to a smirk as she said "I see I have some competition". "What? listen I don't know who you are, but I'm assuming this has to do with what happened in the village of cyrus" I said . I looked at her as she got closer to me. "Look, what happened in cyrus is paybacks for what they did to me".........I realized I did not know this woman's name so I asked.

"That dear, I won't tell you, atleast not now, but tell me your name then if anyone wants to see you again".........she said with an evil grin, I cut her short and said "yeah, yeah you will ransom me back right?". "Oh I'm impressed you do catch on quick.

She sat on a sack in front of me and waited for a response. I looked at her for about a minute and said, "Alright then, if I give you my name will go get these chains off me?" she just looked at me and arched her eyebrow."I'm assuming that is a no" I said. "I'm telling you my name anyway, I don't want to be know as the no name girl who was killed by this great pirate, uh warrior woman". She sat up and looked at me like I had said something interesting. "Listen, the only reason why you are still alive is because you have potential" she said. I looked at her and wondered what she meant by this, maybe she was considering the possibility of letting me go, or just undoing those heavy chains that were begining to numb my hands."Alright, my name is Adriana, and I'm from Thrace" I said. "Well pleased to make your accuaintance Adriana", she said with a straight face." Though I doubt it, were you raised in Thrace, or were you brought there? she asked."I actually was born there, but older brother Marcus was born in Egypt, he is a warrior..." I was not finished saying the rest of my sentence when she interupted me "a warrior huh?, well , well , so that is how you got your fighting skills then!". I looked at her and said "well basically yes and like I was saying , I was born there, but my mother was thracian, and my father was from the land of the pharoh Ramsees".She was really interested by what I was saying because she did not interrupt me as I told her most of the things I had done such as getting that small army put together, and waging war against that village. The part that caught her attention the most was the part about conquering the eastern greek penninsula, and possibly the cretan isles."Wow, those are pretty big aspirations, how exactly were you going to accomplish such a feat?" she asked almost smilimg. "Well, first off, I can't tell you that because that would be stupid, I mean let's face it I'm your prisoner, and well i just can't tell you and if I die the secret will die with me" I said with a grin on my face. "Oh no, you won't die atleast not yet I still need to question you further. First let me see what I can do about those chains." she said as she got the keys from an opening across the hold. "your'e letting me go, just like that?" I asked surprised."No, actually you will remain aboard the ship, you can have a place to sleep while I decide what I'm gonna do with you". She undid the chains around my wrists, and gave me the keys so I could undo the ones on my feet as she walked towards the stairs. I followed her up the stairs to the deck of the ship. This ship was big , and it went pretty fast. The ship's crew were a buch of mean looking sailors, I recognized some of them because thay had been there when I got koncked on the head. "You see these men Adriana?" the woman asked. "Yeah, I remember some of them."I said. "Oh, I bet you do, you killed their liutenant" she said with a grin. I looked at her and said "gee, well he was quite the beast, I had to kick him in the groin, otherwise I would have eaten his sword". we both looked at the horizon, the sun was setting, and it looked like some divine heavenly deity had gone crazy with the red, orange and pinkish colors, using the sky as their canvas. The air smelled of wood and ocean. One thing that I was really enjoying was the light breeze it was quite soothing and calming.

As the sun went down, the woman turned around and said "well, I'ts time to eat, so come with me and I will show you to your quarters". I looked at her and asked her " I get dinner too?" "you don't think I'm going to let you starve now do you? I will have a good enough use for you later on, so I don't inted to kill you, not just yet" saying this she signaled for me to follow.

We went down a set of stairs that were to the middle of the ship, unlike the other ones which were at the tail end."These are the ship's quarters" she said. I looked in the doorway to the first room and it was pretty big and nicely decorated. It had blue velvet drapes and a big bed, which by the way looked better and better everytime I looked at it.

Then, about two doors down was the masters' quarters, in other words her room. She invited me in to take a look. I was impressed by all the stuff she had in that room! this room was fabulous. The drapes were made of blue velvet embroidered with gold thread. The bed was big and the comforter was blue red and purple, and had a blue silk dome. She had a oak wood chest at the foot of her bed, this chest had all sorts of battle field engravings which were really pretty. She also had a couple of closets which were the same as the chest at the foot of her bed. Then there was the bathroom, it was very fine porcelain which she said her men had raided from an enemy pirate ship which brought materials from the great kingdom of Chin, and the bath curtains were made out of indian silk, a comodity which was also seized from a ship carriying goods from the far east. I noticed the comforter on her bed had the most interesting blending of blue,crimson red, and purple not that I had not noticed them before, I just did not see how well they were blended. I bent down and took a look at the chest at the foot of the bed, and as I looked closer it had a gold engraving which said " warrior princess" I looked at it for a little bit and then got back up.

"Adriana you should head to your quarters, and wash that dry blood off, we will be having dinner soon and I don't think you want to eat with those blood stained hands" said the woman as she pointed to my room. I walked to the room and started to feel akward as I thought of the circumstances that had brought me to this ship. I went in my room, and I noticed that the conforter on my bed was made out of the same pretty blue material as the conforter on her bed. Then, I saw my dagger ! the very same one I was pulling from that villager's chest, only that now you could actually see my insignia, and the sapphire encrusted on the handle because it had been sharpened and polished. I went to the small washroom, and washed up I picked up the dagger, stuffed it in my boot and went to the very center of the ship, which was were dinner was going to be served.

I sat down at the table, and after about three minutes I was joined by the rest of the crew members, the woman came about ten minutes after. That night the food was great, there was no converstation whatsoever between any of us, till after we had finished dinner. "Men, I believe you have a job to do" said the woman in an authoritative manner. She was not done saying this when all the men quickly got up off their seats, and went to their posts. I looked at them and I told her how cool it was that she could keep them on check like that, the woman just smiled and said "well you have to be like that if you want a respectable army, you should know". I agreed completely and asked her how long she had been ito this conquest thing. "First of all, I should tell you my name, some call me the pirate princess, others warrior princess and others, my friends call me Xena. I was surprised because I had heard of a xena that would kill you and dump you in the ocean, not spare you and invite you to stay on her ship.

I told her this and she laughed it off saying " yeah well you gotta be scary to be respected" we spent about three hours talking about different battle strategies, all which I had seen done, because I had a warrior for a brother. As it got later and later I was beginning to find it hard to stay awake, that and the wine I had wore off and made me really drowsy. "Well, it's time to get some shut eye, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow". she said getting up from her chair. I told her how great it was that I got a chance to meet such a good fighter, and that I hoped I would know her for a long time, then we just went our own way.

The sun came came in through the small window of my quarters, waking me up. I got dressed and made my way up to the deck, where Xena was. She had been there for a while now, and it looked like she was fishing and she was having a good time. I said hi to her, and she said "well, you are finally awake" I smiled and stood by her watching her get a bunch of fish, she was really good at this, and she caught two really big fish. I asked her where she learned to fish like that, and she said that her brother lyceus and her would go fishing in a nearby lake when they were younger. Saying this she looked at all the fish she had gotten, and satisfied she thew the pole to the side."Cassius !!" she yelled... "Go gut these, and make them the way you do" she ordered. "Yes Xena right away" he said.

Then she turned around and told me to follow her, we went to this sort of archives room where she discussed what we were gonna do after this.. " Okay, now that you have seen how this works, I need you to be on land and check on Amphipolis for me".. Alright I said, count on it... she smiled and said "good, now we will go to and let you off this ship, so you can start"...

As she said this one of her men said "everything is ready Xena" she smiled and said "good"... she then turned around to face me and said "now your'e gonna see how I fight, we are going to Neapolitis, there is trouble there.." I smiled and said good, now I will see the legend in action.

It was dusk now, and we were approaching the shore, her men were getting ready to attack, and she was also getting ready, we sparred for a little while, and damn she was good, I thought I was good with the sword, but this woman was the best. She offered to teach me a few moves, after she was done here, and we saw eachother again on land. I totally agreed and looked forward to this.

As we got to the shore her men acted like cats ready to get their prey, they were silent, and she followed, I stayed close to her.

A bloody battle broke out, Xena and her army wiped the floor with them all, I accompanied her to her ship, and she handed me a scroll and one of her banners... she said "remember, you are to keep an eye on Amphipolis" I smiled and said yeah of course...

As I was leaving, I noticed that Talus had gotten a hostage, a roman nobleman I didn't give it much thought ... not untill I heard about 3 months later that Xena had been crucified by a roman called Julius Caesar, I worried but as a tribute, decided to protect Amphipolis with all I had, this went on for about a year then I heard about a couple of killer warlords wreaking havok in the far east, it was Xena and some warlord Borias, I was relieved to hear this so I went home where I saw my brother for the first time in three years, I was happy to see him, and all he could talk about was the warrior in Corinth a Xena, I told him I knew her, but he laughed in my face and said "The only ones who know her are her men and her victims, she kills with no remorse" I told him it was a lie because she was not all that bad, he still laughed...

Well, five whole years went by, and I was taught more fighting strategies by my brother. One day a small army led by a wpman aproached the village. I carefully watched them as they entered the village, and they were met by my brother. He called me to him and as I got closer I noticed that the woman was none other than the fearless warrior I had met a while back. Her face was different though, her stoic facial expression,and that look in her eyes told me she was a different person than the one that had once spared my life.

She noticed me too, and she gazed at me for a long time. Her face slowly changed to a light, almost forced smile. My brother broke the silence saying " Xena, this is my younger sister Adriana, she has been training with me, and you won't find a better warrior with her swiftness and stealth in battle".

She looked at Marcus, and smiled as she said "I can tell she is better trained than when I last saw her". Marcus gave us both a strange look as she got off her horse and walked towards me. She carefully examined me, and said "yes, you certainly have grown up quite a bit, your poise is more intimidating, and.." she paused " I see you have also been hardened by battle". I looked at her and said nothing. I could just look at her and wonder what she had been through, what she could have possibly endured and most importantly what had made her change like she had.

While all this took place Marcus had a look of surprise in his face. Xena walkded towards him and asked him if we were going to ride with her, I looked at her, then at Marcus. She looked at him and waited for an answer. "We will gladly ride with you Xena" he said. Xena then signaled for her men to go put the horses in the stables, and said "good that is exactly what I wanted to hear." She walked towards me and Marcus followed her. She put her hand on my shoulder and said "now your'e riding with me, you shall know conquest, and the price for it." I looked at her and said " it is my pleasure to do so Xena, now let me show you to where you will be sleeping." She followed me to where her room was going to be for the night.

I was awakened by the clashing of metal, I quickly drew my sword and made my way to were the noise was coming from. I saw someone striking something with their sword, but I didn't make out who it was until they quickly turned around. It was Xena, and for a moment, we had our swords pointing at eachother's neck. I looked at her and threw my sword down. She arched her eyebrow and looked into my eyes I felt a cold chill going down my neck, then she told me " never throw your sword down before an enemy." I looked at her and said " you aren't my enemy Xena, you know that." She lowered her sword and walked away. I stood there wondering why she was doing this. I wondered if I had somehow let her down . I protected Amphipolis with all I had, but still I felt as if I had done something wrong.

This attitude went on for weeks until one night after a battle. All the men were passed out from drinking Xena and I were at the campfire. Neither of us wanted to break the silence. Until she spoke, "I never got to thank you".. she said. I looked at her and said "for what Xena? I haven't done anything ." She looked at the dirt and said "do you remember Cyrus?" I looked at her and our eyes met. "Yes", I said quietly. "I told you that I would let you go and teach you new things if you protected my homeland." she paused you did very good ."

I felt a bit of relief as I said "I always keep my promises Xena.. always". She looked at me for a bit, then she said "well now, you need to go to sleep, we have work to do in the morning." I got my bedroll and said good night and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, all the men were gone, except my brother and Xena's bedroll. I looked down at them and went looking for my brother and Xena. I looked for an hour until I came to a lake, I heard Xena and my brother talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. As I got closer I noticed that Xena's garments were on top of my brother's on a bush near the edge of the lake. I looked around and I saw my brother and Xena bathing in the lake together acting very friendly. I was very surprised to see them, and I let out a quiet giggle. They didn't notice it though they were too busy paying attention to eachother.

I went back to our camp and hunted for something to eat. I folded all the bedrolls while the rabbit was roasting and when it was all cooked I ate.

An hour later Marcus and Xena showed up and they ate some of what I had cooked. Xena looked at Marcus and asked "are you going to tell her?" I looked at them and grinned... Marcus told me that he was going to go ride with Xena to the Arcadian province and do some conquering. I was mad because I wanted to go but, Xena told me I would do more if I stayed here and acted as a look out sort of.

My brother offered that the first city they conquered, would have it's name changed to adriatica, but I wanted to go.

Well, they left and I never saw Marcus again. He left happy though because he left with his new girl Xena.

Last thing I heard was that Xena was traveling around with this blonde girl doing all kinds of good deeds... me, well I became some lousy person. I think I understand Xena and why she was so hauntingly stoic, and emotionless. Right after they left warlords everywere came looking for the warrior princess, and burned my village to the ground. I scalped and staked a couple of them, and I mamed another it quenched my thirst for a little bit, but sometimes I want more....


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