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by Melissa McMahan



Days past as Xena and Joxer healing from their wounds. Gabrielle was walking reading her newest scroll, when Callisto and Najara grabbed her and drug her off leaving the scroll behind. Xena felt something was wrong and so did Joxer when they looked at each other.

JOXER: Gabby? (Getting up) Gabrielle?!

XENA: Joxer, you go that way. Auto you go over west, I'll take north and then I'll go east.

Soon Joxer found Gabrielle's scroll, he then saw footprints and followed them. They led him to the Bard who was being tied up to a post by Najara and Callisto.

JOXER: Oh gods.

Joxer waited until he saw what Callisto had planned. Najara took a metal rod from the fire and was walking towards Gabrielle. Joxer ran and jumped her, as Callisto ran to run him through. However Joxer being Joxer, he fell aside and Callisto ran her sword into Najara. Najara gasping as blood ran from her body looked up at Callisto.

CALL: No?!

NAJA: I love you, Callisto.

Callisto pulled out her sword with an insane scream. Joxer was freeing Gabrielle and they started to run off. Callisto got a hold of Joxer. She put her bloody sword to his neck, as Gabrielle sized up the sight before her. Callisto looked at her and laughed wildly.

JOXER: Gabby run!

GABBY: No! (Gasping) She'll kill you!

JOXER: As long as you're alright I don't care.

CALL: How touching. (Smug) I killed Perdicus on your wedding night. How long did it take him to die? Then the jellyfish here wouldn't kill you like I wanted him too. Now you want to save him and he wants to save you. (Scoffs) Looks like you two won't even get a wedding night. (Laughs) Say good by to love number two, Gabrielle.

Callisto started to cut Joxer's throat, when Xena came up behind her saving Joxer who fell into Gabrielle's arms bleeding. Xena and Callisto were fighting as Gabrielle helped Joxer.

GABBY: It's not bad enough to kill you, Joxer.

JOXER: Good. (Coughing) Gabby, I... I...

GABBY: Not now Joxer, just rest.

CALL: Die you bitch! (As she and Xena fight) Die!

XENA: I could say the same for you!

Callisto gets a good cut on Xena's arm. Gabrielle gasps, but doesn't leave Joxer's side. Xena flips with her war cry, as Auto somewhere not far hears her. He heads towards the sound. He finds them and sneaks up behind Callisto. Grabs her around the neck and pulls.

AUTO: I've had enough of this blonde bitch!

Callisto flips Autolycus at Xena's feet. His fury takes over as he and Xena both take Callisto on.

CALL: So Xena, you have a boyfriend. (Scoffs) Until I kill him that is.

AUTO: Come on baby, give me your best shot.

While Callisto rolls her eyes at Autolycus and just before she says something to him. Xena gets the drop on her landing on top of Callisto face to face. Autolycus watches the two woman rolling on the ground.

AUTO: You know Xena. (Smiles) There's just something about this that really turns me on.

XENA: Shut up! (Sighs) I'll hold her down and you tie her up.

Autolycus grabs the rope that once held Gabrielle and tied up Callisto as she protested.

CALL: I'll get you all for this!

AUTO: Shut up or I'll be forced to spank you after I finish getting you all tied up.

XENA: Autolycus?! (Raises an eyebrow) Just tie her up.

CALL: If you let me go I'll do anything you want, Auto.

AUTO: Nice try, but I could do that now anyway couldn't I? (Scoffs) You're a bad little girl.

Autolycus slaps Callisto once really hard on her butt.

CALL: You... I'll kill you! (Screams) Kill you all!

XENA: Maybe, but not today.

Xena and Auto take Callisto off to shark island. Gabrielle helps Joxer to his bed roll, then she digs a grave for Najara. As she puts her into it she sighs and covers her with the dirt. Joxer decides to sit up when he feels Gabrielle's scroll between him and his armor. He takes it out and then reads it out loud.

JOXER: The guy I once just knew as a big oaf... (Joxer pouts and sighs) Joxer the Mighty turned out to be a very good friend and a real hero after all. He as much as Xena, their love makes me stronger and mine makes them whole. The loving friends that make life worth living are what I have in them. (Pauses) Oh that's very nice, Gabby. (Reads on) How can I tell one that I'm in love with the other one without ruining what we all have. (Joxer gasps) Do you love me... Or Xena?! (Reads on) Maybe it's best just to keep my true feelings to myself. I don't want Xena and Joxer getting mad at each other, that happens enough as it is. My heart is so full and my actions so hollow.

As Joxer put the scroll down, he saw Gabrielle coming. He couldn't help but look at her deeply as he pondered about her words. Gabrielle raised her eyebrow at him.

GABBY: Joxer what are you doing with one of my scrolls?

JOXER: Oh this is the one you dropped. What does it say? (Gabrielle snatches it from him) Gabby?!

GABBY: You know you and Xena aren't to read these without asking me first! (Huffs) Did you?!

JOXER: If I tell you no will that make you happy?

GABBY: Good, that's good. Thanks, Joxer.

Gabrielle bends down and kisses Joxer on the forehead.

GABBY: Get some rest.


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