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Legal Disclaimer: As you all know, Xena and Gabrielle and every single person I use in this story from the show, are not my property. They belong to Universal Studios, Renessance Pictures and everyone else who created the greatest show on television. This story is strictly for fun, not profit. It was created on my own free time.

Sexual Disclaimer: Yup. Beware kiddies under 18; this story has sex. And, not just any sex....!!! Sex with the same gender!!! So, if this bothers you, people, please don't come crying to your mommy or your daddy or ME. Because, I am bisexual and it's fun if you get into it. Really. It is. So, enjoy the story and if you're still reading on, I sincerely respect you.

Violence Disclaimer: Of course. This is a Xena story. The show is about violence itself. Just watch the intro and you see about 10 people being killed.

This is a continuance of the Xena and Gabrielle adventures that I have written in the past. I would hope that you read all three of them before picking up the pace with this last book. I am not sure if this series will go on any further, but I deeply feel that I should write on and hopefully aim for an editor's choice award. So, I am going to try to do my very best when writing this one. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy.

-Brianna Phillips

Xena and Gabrielle Adventures: A Collection Of Short Stories
Written By Brianna Phillips,
Contact me at

Across The Sea

Part I

The warrior stared up at the sky. Her blue eyes became alive with electricity as the full moon filled her line of vision. A white light flashed before her and memories drowned her. She saw the green flicker of the control stone as it waved in front of her. Remembered the feeling of being trapped in that stone. Her soul drained. Her powers useless. Her mind a dizzy haze and sleepless night.

She felt Callisto's hands on her. Groping her. Kissing her hungrily and laughing as the warrior's lips quivered absently. Chuckling at the helpless warrior that she was taking advantage of in the dark. The memories changed. Ares pumping himself into her, thrusting back and forth while inside she cried for release. For him to let her go and stop pushing into her like a wild dog. He didn't halt his actions until the last thrust gave way and he fell down on her, crushing her with his towering weight. He was crushing her.... smothering her...

The warrior cried out and put her hands in front of her face, as if shielding an unknown force.

The bard awoke in an instant. Staff poised in hands, she looked for any movement. Any step. Any sound. Any...

Gabrielle looked forward at Xena. Her mind raced and she chucked the staff down and ran to her lover. Her lips were quivering, her blue eyes wild with fright. She kept repeating "No" and Gabrielle knew that the memories were once against haunting the warrior's conscience. Ruining it. Ruining the focus that she so adored in her warm warrior.

Gabrielle touched the arms and cried out when the warrior pushed forward and threw her back. Gabrielle felt a sharp pain shoot up her arm and an immense burning on her hand. She wailed with agony as the fire bit into her skin and flailed her arms.

The warrior immediately snapped out of her trance and screamed "Gabrielle!", frantically pulling the petite bard away from the dangerous flames.

The burn was horrible. It jaded her whole palm and transformed it into a massive clump of black flesh.

"Xena, it hurts... Xena..." Gabrielle's eyes rolled back and she slumped in the warrior's protective arms.

Xena hauled the bard upwards and set her back down on her bedroll. She hoped that the swelling would dim soon so she could clean the disoriented palm. She was sure if she tended it well the burn may dissolve into a small scar instead of a ghastly black clump.

An hour later the swelling started to cool down. Xena quickly gathered the bucket of water she had collected earlier and soothing ointment she had learned to compose many years ago when she was vile.

She cleaned the wound with the water and dried it off, being sure not to hurt her uncoscious lover. She spread the ointment over the wound and watched it seep in immediately. She was sure by morning the hand would look less hideous.

Xena woke to Gabrielle's left hand shaking her shoulder. She looked up into forest green eyes and smiled warmly, her own majestic blue sparkling.

"You okay? I'm so sorry about last night," Xena said, sitting up quickly and feeling the world spin. It passed after a few seconds of swirling.

"The burn still hurts. But, it's not nearly as bad when it first happened. I shouldn't have approached you from the front. It was foolish of me. I shouldn't test your strength," the bard said, apologetically kissing the warrior's cheek.

"Gabrielle, I'm the one that's suppose to be apologizing here," the raven hair warrior said, glancing into the bard's eyes and smiling.

"Yeah, I know. I just feel so careless. And, now look what my stupidity did to me. I could have lost my hand!" the bard exclaimed, holding up her deformed hand and waving it in front of her older lover's face.

"Well, you didn't lose your hand and I'm thankful for that," Xena answered, reaching for the cream and spreading more on the injury.

"That feels good. It doesn't hurt at all when you put it on," Gabrielle said, amazed.

"That's because the swelling decreased. Just be careful when you use your staff. Don't hold it too tight no matter what you do," Xena warned, placing her soft hand on the bard's creamy skin.

Gabrielle smiled and kissed the warrior's lips very delicately. She felt the warrior's insistent tongue caress her lips in short movements. Gabrielle gasped at the instant contact and placed her hand on the back of the warrior's neck, caressing the silky hair that she could get ahold of.

Xena pulled back and ran her fingers through the bard's strawberry blond hair. It soothed her skin and brought a seductive smile to her lips. If they needn't be on their way to their ship, Xena would have found another way to entertain the bard other than kissing.

Xena smiled at her lover and got to her feet. "Come on. Let's go. We don't want to be late for our schedule, eh?"

"Are you sure the only way to get back to Amphibolis is through ship? Across the sea?" Gabrielle asked, furrowing her brows and letting out a dreary sigh when Xena nodded.

"Just use the technique I showed you, huh?" Xena said, urgently rolling up the bedrolls and tosses them on their usual place. She put out the fire with the rest of the water from the bucket that she had used last night and asked Gabrielle if she was all set.

The bard nodded and placed her hand in the tall warrior's as they set off towards their destination.

The ship was smaller than Xena thought it would be, but proved to be worthy of her appreciation.

"How long is this trip going to take?" Gabrielle asked, waiting outside while the men of the ship prepared the boat.

"A week tops. Minimum four days, opposed to seven," Xena said, reaching up and stroking the bard's face with the pad of her thumb.

"I'm just glad it's not two weeks or a month. I could never stand being on the sea for too long because of the sickness that overwhelms me. What is it with me and the sea anyway?"

"We all have our things," Xena said, kissing the bard gently, her finger stroking her younger lover's chin.

Gabrielle glanced around and smiled at the staring eyes that roamed over them. She then closed her eyes and kissed back just as tenderly. After her breath hungered to be released, she pulled back.

The bard nuzzled her face in the curve of Xena's neck and pressed her firm breasts against the leather armor covering her lover's beautiful form.

"If you wanted we could stay in our cabin the whole trip. I'm sure it would be better for you," Xena said, rubbing her hand soothingly across the bard's back.

"The pressure point will help. It always does. I'm very lucky that I have you around. You know so much more than me," Gabrielle said, smiling adoringly at her lover.

"Don't be so modest. You know the total amount that I do, just different topics. Like storytelling. Am I any good at that?" Xena shook her head and held up her hands, shaking her head. "Nope. No scrolls packed with stories on my side of the campfire."

Gabrielle grinned and pecked the warrior's cheek. "Once again you show me how assanine I am being."

"Oh, come on. I was just proving a point," Xena argued, ruffling the bard's hair under her palm.

"You setting sail?" a deep voice asked from behind them.

Xena spun around and looked into the man's hazel eyes and round face. His hair was black and curly, short and cropped high above his small ears. "That's us."

"Come on in. We're just about to set sail," the man said, smiling and holding out his hand. "I'm Palus."

Xena took the hand offered and shook. "Xena. This is my friend, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle kindly shook his hand and smiled. "Don't be too rough. I get seasick."

"I'm sure the weather will be calm. We'll try to be gentle."

Gabrielle grinned and grabbed Xena's hand, squeezing it tight. "Come on. Let's go!"

Xena complied and felt herself being tugged aboard the ship. They both watched as the ropes were tossed into the water and the ship began to move.

Gabrielle clung to Xena, her eyes shut tight at the feeling of the boat starting to move.

The warrior kissed the bard's forehead and tenderly ran her fingers through the young woman's hair. "Hey... It's okay just use that point..."

Gabrielle grabbed Xena's hand and went below deck. Their cabin was off at the farthest point of the hall and they walked into it, Gabrielle jabbing her wrist, Xena removing her boots, breastplate and griefs until her black leather layer was left. The studded skirt rolled as Xena laid down. Her outtake of breath made Gabrielle look at her and smile. The leather was still skin tight and even the first layer must be a joyous part of the armor to have off of her back.

Xena stayed on the bed as Gabrielle felt the boat rock. Another wave of sickness overpowered her and she jabbed her wrist more. She sat next to Xena on the bed and giggled when she felt strong arms envelope her and pull her back.

She nuzzled her body against Xena's leather and kisses her lover's collarbone and what part of her breasts were exposed. She smiled when Xena's breathing began to deepen at the instant contact.


Xena smiled and looked up at the young bard stretched out on top of her. "Yeah?"

"I love you," Gabrielle said, kissing the tip of the warrior's nose.

"I love you too, Gabrielle. Always."

Gabrielle kissed Xena and then nuzzled her face in the curve of her warrior's neck. She smiled, thinking of how her face fit just right in the curve. The bard was asleep a few minutes later.

Xena ran her fingers through Gabrielle's hair and smiled down at her love. It had been so long since they finally realized they loved each other. The feelings had always been there, lurking in the shadows, afraid to expose themselves for fear of the two separating.

Hours passed and Xena was sure that they were far from the docks where they had set off. She carefully slipped out from under Gabrielle and watched as the bard frowned, yawned, and curled up into the covers, still fast asleep.

Xena grinned, biting her lip to hold back a giggle. Gabrielle looked brilliant when she was asleep. Majestic and amazing, face as peaceful as Xena had ever seen it. She leaned over and kissed the bard's lips, smiling when she received a small effort of a kiss in return. Although Gabrielle was asleep, she could easily sense movements around her. That was one of the things that the bard had learned from her warrior. Now, if she could only do that when she was awake...

Xena moved her head when she heard shouting. The boat creaked and she watched as Gabrielle jerked, but remained asleep. The warrior sensed danger and ran to the top of the ship.

Palus was frantically yelling orders and men were scattering about to perform them. Xena looked forward and yelped when a wave came crashing to the side of the boat, rocking it to the side and sending Xena against the wall beside her. She growled with frustration and ran forward until she was standing beside Palus.

"What's going on?" Xena asked, shielding her eyes with her arms when lightning lit up the sky and dimmed her vision.

"STORM! BIG STORM! YOU SHOULD GET INSIDE!" He yelled, moving back when a large wave crashed onto the front of the boat, sending it high into the air and then crashing back down. Some men fell off the side, crying out. The screams disappeared as they splashed into the fierce water below.

Xena and Palus crashed against the steps that led to the steering wheel and topgallant. The warrior saw spots before her eyes and was sure she was going to black out from the pain shooting up her back. It subsided quickly and she scrambled to her feet. Her eyes widened with fear as she heard Gabrielle call her name and run out to the middle of the ship.

"GABRIELLE! GET BACK! LOOK OUT! GABRIELLE!" Xena screamed, running forward, leaping through the air and shielding Gabrielle with her arms as a wave crashed into the side just by them.

The force of the wave knocked them forward and Xena cried out as they fell off the side, into the dephts of the churning waves below....

End of Part I

I'm hoping to be done with part II very soon, so please be patient!

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