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Disclaimer: The characters Xena and Gabrielle,et. MCA/Universal owns all, and they own all rights to them.

All rights reserved. This story is intended as fan fiction and not intended for commercial profit. This story however is mine and I retain all rights attached to the creation of such works as well as any and all independently created characters.

Warning: This story may contain, explicit graphic scenes, and descriptions of sexual situations including those of two women making love to each other. Some parts may also contain scenes of physical and emotional violence. Some of the language may be a little harsh If this offends you, or is not what you were seeking, please do not read any further. Please proceed at your own discretion.

Authors notes: Hello this is very new for me I have never written fan fiction before. This is my first story in a long time and my writing might be a little rusty but please bear with me. I would like to thank everyone that help me with this. Thank you all. Also to all the people that took the time to proof read my work and my spelling mistakes, and I know there were a lot thank you. A special thanks to the person in my life, I love you. And to Fox thank you for being my other set of eyes. All comments are welcomed, but please be kind. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT




PART 2: Itís Almost Time

Chapter III

"1, 3, 8, 9…" Chuck repeated the combination to himself for the third time. "I know this is the combination, why isnít this opening." He glanced at his watch realized that he had 20 minutes left, and he couldnít get the safe open. "Shit, aaa... 1, 3, 8, 9, and..." He twisted the knob to the right and then to the left, still nothing. The cellular phone that he had tucked away in his pocket rang. The empty office building seem to make the soft ring of the phone echo louder, or maybe it was the fact that he knew who was on the other end. "Yeah."

"Chuck is everything in place."

"Yes everything is in place. Nothing will go wrong I promise you that." The truth was nothing was set, the whole plan was going down in a few hours and he couldnít get the damn safe open.

"Donít promise me anything. Just get it done."

The line went dead and Chuck stood there looking at the phone in his hands. He knew the shadow was no one to mess with. He found that out the first time they met.

"So Chuck, you work for Miss. Santino. Well Chuck, guess what, youíve just volunteered to work for me.

"What ever man, please excuse me youíre blocking my car." He disregarded the Shadow and pushed pass. He never saw it coming. "UFF..." Chuck doubled over in pain. He griped his throbbing balls as he rolled around on the floor.

Okay Chuck, let me explain something to you." The Shadow leaned over grabbing a fist full of hair. "When I say you work for me, guess what, you work for me, got it."

He felt the breath on the side of his face, and knew right away that this person wasnít to be messed with. The pain in his sack was getting a little unbearable. He knew for a fact that this was going to leave a mark both on his ball and his mind. "Yeah, uff.. I got it."

"Good. Now hereís what I need from you. Miss. Santino has a safe in her office that contains some information dealing with Lance Downins, and a Mr. Frank Carvon. I need you to get them."

"What, uff... What do you need them for." That was another blow, this time it landed in his rib cage.

"Now Chuck, I donít remember telling you to talk. I ask the questions, not you." The Shadow yanked his head back pulling hard on his scalp. " IĎll contact you." The Shadow tossed a black object at his side. "When this rings, itíll be me. Oh Chuck, say hi to Christine and the boys for me."


"1, 3, 8, 9, open damn it." His palms were sweating now, the thought of what the Shadow would do to him if he didnít get this safe open ran through his mind. "Ok Chuck, relax…think. You know the combination." 1, to the left, 3, to the right, 8 to the left, pass 9 once and then left back to 9.." The soft click sent a sudden leap of joy through him not to mention a feeling of relief. He slowly pulled the heavy metal door open and reached in. There just as the Shadow had mention was a stack of folders. "Personnel Files Case One, Mr. Lance Robert Downins." His idle hands flipped through the page reading about the ruthless Mr. Downins. He was involved in everything. Drugs, prostitution, laundering, murder, anything and everything. "What the hell is Miss. Santino doing..." Before he could finish his question the answer stared him in the face. One by one the pieces started to fall into place.


All the decorations were up. They were adding the final touches on the bedroom door when the bell rang. Lisa glanced at the door, wondering who it could be this early. It was only 5:00 oíclock and the party doesnít start until 7:30. "I wonder who that is." Her brow wrinkled with confusion.

"Maybe its one of your guests, you are having a party you know!" Kate smiled at the smaller woman and thought to herself how happy she could make her, then just like always she pushed the thought out of her mind.

"I know that, silly." Lisa saw the opportunity to touch the executive and took it. She playfully slapped her upper arm, her hand rested there lingering for a moment. Their eyeís locked and shared a minute of unsure passion. Something felt right. But just as quickly as the moment was brought on, it was broken. Lisa shook her head. "I...uh...better ...uh..go get the door."

"Yeah." Was all she could say. Something as natural as breathing was become so difficult. Lisa, what are you doing to me. I feel like I know you. When I look at you I forget myself, I forget where I am, what Iím supposed to be doing. I get so lost in those eyes. Those eyes, those beautiful green eyes, so wonderful to look into. Kate youíre in big trouble, BIG, BIG, TROUBLE. Her blue eyes watched as Lisa walked towards the door, taking in every silky step, every sway of her hips, every body movement. Gods, I need to get out of here, I canít do this.

"Who is it?"

"Who do you think it is girl, open the door."

"Eve, What are you doing here?" She turned the knob unlocking the door. She was a little disappointed that Eve had shown up so early. She was hoping she would have a little more time with Kate alone. So she could get to know her, the real her not the professional Financial Manager she works for, but the soft shy Kate. She knew that part of her was hiding, she was hoping to get it out. Eve had just delayed her chances.

"Lisa, open the door, I have something to show you." Eve held a newspaper in front of the door for Lisa to see. "Open the door, What are you hiding in there anyway. You got some guy over helping you with the party." A sly grin formed on the corner of Eveís mouth.

"No, no guy, come in." She disappointedly opened the door giving Eve space to enter. "What is it that you wanted to show me?"

"Front page news! Lance Downins is missing."

"Who?" Lisa didnít share the excitement that her best friend did; she also didnít see Kate's face turning pale.

"Lance Downins, he is only the most ruthless crime boss this side of New York. The Police have been looking for him to ask him a few questions about a seized ship they spotted in the harbor filled with cocaine, and no one has seen him, its like he disappeared.

"Lance Downins." The name still didnít ring a bell, but she thought she would go along with her friend. "How long has he been missing."

"A few days, but thatís too long for a person like him, he has an empire to control."

"No one knows where he is?" For the first time since the bell rang Kate spoke. Her mind was running ramped. Lance is missing, Gods, could it all be over?

Eve turned towards the familiar voice; her mouth drop open when she realized that Miss Santino was standing a few feet from her. She had never been within a couple hundred yards from her, now she was just a few feet away. "Miss. Santino, hi, uh..Hello, I didnít notice that you were here. Eve rose from her seat, almost standing at the position of attention.

"Please sit down Miss...Aaa?"

"Marshall, Eve Marshall."

"Yes, of course Marshall. May I read your paper." Kate stretched out her hand not giving Eve a chance to decline.

"Yes of course." Eve handed the paper over, and glanced at Lisa. "Lisa may I speak with you for a moment?"

"Sure you can." Lisa knew exactly what her friend was going to say. Lisa walked towards the kitchen, trying to give them a little bit of privacy, and also trying to keep Kate from hearing what ever it was Eve wanted to talk about.

"What are you crazy? What the hell is she doing here."

"What do you mean what sheís doing here. I can invite anyone I want to my open house, it my party."

"Yeah, but did you have to invite her. Sheís the Boss, Also known as the Bitch."

"She is known as that to you. I like her Eve and I want her at my party." Lisa was beginning to get annoyed "If you donít like her thatís fine, but sheís staying.

"Lisa, hey, I just think that maybe you shouldnít have invited the boss that all, donít have get so mad."

Lisa expression softened at her friend's attempt at an apology. "Itís ok just give her a chance, youíll see she not as bad as you think."

Lance Downins is missing. This could mean that itís all over, all of it. But what happen to him, this damn article doesnít tell me anything. Kate was so involved in her own thoughts that she didnít hear Lisa calling her.

"Kate, Kate, are you ok." Lisa was beginning to feel a little worried. Kate was just staring at the newspaper as if she was try to make sense of what was written. "Kate,"

"Uhh.. Oh.. I am sorry." She closed the paper making sure to fold the page she was reading. "Are we almost done with the decorations. We need to start with the food and the orderves.

"Aaaa, yes youíre right." Lisa sensed the change in Kate something wasnít right. She was starting to act like the dictator at work instead of the relaxed Kate she wanted to know. Great, thanks allot Eve. Now I have to start from scratch. I was getting so close to having her open up. Even if it was just a little bit.


Chapter IV

"You are most beautiful, has anyone ever told you that."

He was laying on the charm thick. The brunette that sat across from him was enjoying the company and all the complement Frank Carvon was giving her. He was charming, just as she had been told. She was trying not to get distracted by this man who was definitely trying to seduce her, and if she wasnít careful, he was going to succeed. His body was a work of art; every layer of muscle fell in the right place. His eyes were heart-racing gray and his dark hair hung just above his brow. His lips seemed so appetizing she felt drawn to taste them. Right now that was exactly what she wanted to do.

My, my Frank, you got her right where you want her. You are good, Mon-ami. Women are such simple creatures. All you have to do is stromb them the right way. " How would you like to join me in my hotel room, belle. I would love to show you the other side of Frank Carvon.

"Yes, I would love to." Donít blow this Cindy he is fine and your getting paid extra for this job. Cindy didnít mind going with him. She didnít know how she got this lucky. She was going to do this man for twice the money she normally got paid, and he wasnít bad looking, in fact he was pretty damn handsome.

"After you my rose." Women, such simple creatures. In all his years as a Mobster, he has never found a woman that he couldnít have. Oh yes, there was one, Kate Santino. For years he lusted after her and not once had she given him the time of day.


"Your not my type, Carvon, now forget it.

"Kate, all I am asking for is one date, and you will see that I am a man of love." He jumped in front of her blocking her escape

"Carvon please, itíll never happen. Not in this life time anyway, or any other." She looked at the persistent man and flashed him a brilliant smile, and slowly breezed by him.


"Please sit down, make yourself at home."

The hotel room was very beautiful and from the look of things very expensive. Ivory carpet lined the floor and the antique furniture look as if it was brought out of a dream. The king size bed was covered with burgundy and white silk sheets that matched the curtains in the room. " This is lovely." Cindy eyes scanned the room and silently thought how wonderful it would be if she could afford this.

"Do you want something to drink my rose?"

"No thank you, I am fine."

"Ok, very well then. Shall we move over to where we will be more comfortable." He gestured towards the bed.

"Of course." She smiled at him seductively.

He patted the space on the bed beside him inviting her to sit down. "My rose do you mind if I remove your garments." He softly whispered in her ear. He had already started unbuttoning her top before she could protest. His mouth fondled her neck causing her to tremble slightly. He leaned in even more capturing her earlobe between his lips. His hands stripped of what was left. He finally pulled the garment from her body, leaving her top exposed. Her round full breast hung loosely giving him an opportunity to fondle them freely. His passion was growing more and more uncontrollable with her every touch.

"Yes Frank, touch me." Cindyís heart was racing, never before had she been touch so softly. The many men she had been with in the pass had always been right to the point. In and out, she had gotten use to it in her line of work. She had forgotten that sex was also known as love making and right now this man was making love to her.

"My rose, Hmmm…. Let me see you." He wrapped his hands around her feeling every shiver passing through her body. "How beautiful you are."

Cindy held him close, burying his head into her chest. The closet door opened and the dark figure slipped out ever so slowly.


The Shadow watched from the closed closet door waiting for the chance to strike. The trap had been set, now all that was left was to wait for the rat to take the bait. Cindy had been the perfect person for this job. She stood on the corner of 42nd and 5th when the Shadow pulled up offering her promises of money if she could get a certain person in the right place at the right time. Her long brunette hair and striking hazel eyes was enough to lower Frank Carvon into the trap.

"What do I need to do?"

"Seduce him, although I think heíll end up seducing you. He is very charming, thatís his problem. Make sure you get him into the hotel room, and get him confortable. If you do this right youíll get a big reward, more than this." A big sum of money landed in Cindyís lap.

Her hazel eyes popped open at what appeared to be all one hundred-dollar bills. "More money than this."

"Yes, just get him in the room."


"My rose, I want you."

"Yeah, and I want you dead."

His eyes popped open when he heard the rough voice. A thick rope was placed around his neck. "What…. What is this?

"Well, Mr. Carvon, this his how you die."

Frank looked at the beauty in front of him tying his hands. "ROSE! Youíre in this."

Cindy looked away from the bound man. "What are you going to do with him."

"That is none of your concern, take the money and go." The Shadowís hands pulled the rope tighter. It was almost tight enough. Franks face was turning bright red.

"Hey what are you going to do with him."

"Now, Now Cindy, do you really want to know." The Shadows eyes grew dark. "Well first Iím going to pull on this rope until his whole face turns blue, then Iím going watch the life slowly leave his body, then I am going to cut his body up in to little pieces so no one can ever find him. Now you can stay here and watch him die, or you can take the money and leave. Now whatís it going to be."

"L…. Leave." She stammered. The article of clothing that had been discarded in the four-play laid on the floor. Cindy had almost forgotten that she was still half-naked. She grabbed the suitcase that rested in the closet where the Shadow had been standing. Without another word she ran to the door casing a final look at the bound man. Their eyes met and a silent message was passed. Iím sorry Frank, so sorry.

Chapter V

"Hey great party, I had a wonderful time."

"Yeah, Lisa It was great, see you at work on Monday. Oh I almost forgot I hope you like my gift." Kelly smiled and took Danís hand.

"They make such a cute couple, donít you think."

Eve voice startled Lisa "Oh, yeah, cute." Kelly and Dan had been the last guess Lisa was waiting on to leave, except for Eve of course. Lisa wanted to be alone with Kate but didnít get a chance the whole night.

"Hey, did you hear me."

"What, Iím sorry, what did you say." Her friendís eyes stared at her with a look of concern.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, fine. Just tired from the party."

"You got, tons of gifts. The party was great, even though you invited EVILEN."

"Eve." Lisaís voice was a warning that she was pushing it.

"Sorry." She held up her hands in surrender.

"Eve, its time for you to go."

"Isnít She leaving, too."

"Donít worry about Ms. Santino."

"Well, I donít have to, you do that for both of us."

"Ok, Eve time to go." She placed both hands on her back and began to push.

" Hey, OK, OK, Iím going, Iím going."

"Thank you."

"Lisa," Eve turned around staring at her friend, she thought for a moment about how she was going to word this. "Please be careful.

"What do you mean."

"You know exactly what I mean. Please be careful." She hugged her friend smiled and left. "Hey see you Monday, Iíll call ya tomorrow." Her voice echoed though the buildingís passageway.

Yessssssss! Alone at last, ok Lisa calm down you donít want her to know that youíre too excited. She watched the dark haired executive sitting with the newspaper, wanting so badly to go over and hold her, hug her, kiss…. Lisa get a grip girl. "Ahmm, excuse me Ms Santino, but it seem that you are the only person left at the party."

Kate sat on the couch and read the news article hoping it told her more than what was actually written. She pulled her eyes away from her search. "Looks like your right, Lisa, oh, excuse me, Ms Dugan is it." She placed her finger on her temple playful making sure she had the right name. She noticed that the crowd had disbursed to the own homes. She hadnít noticed much of anything since the news article appeared. But now her senses were starting to return and Lisa was a vision of pure beauty. She stared at her for a moment taking in all she had missed reading the article. Lisa had changed into a loose fitting summer dress that complemented her figure; her hair was curled and laid softly against her shoulders.

"Why Ms. Santino I do believe, that you are starting."

"Oh Iím sorry, I … uh … didnít mean to." A slight blush was beginning to color her face.

"Thatís ok." She sat down trying not to sit too close, she didnít want to frighten her, even though she didnít look like the type to run in shear horror because a woman was coming on to her. "So did you enjoy the party?" Lisa was trying to keep the conversation light.

"Aaaa. Yes I did, after everyone stopped staring. I felt like I was on display. I figured you didnít tell anyone that I was coming." She smiled, and raised her eyebrow."

"Well, ok, I might have forgotten to tell them that, but so what." She heard a little chuckle coming from the woman sitting beside her. "Whatís so funny?" She had never heard Kate laugh; she hardly cracked a smile much less bust out in to laughter.

"You are, you look so cute when youíre upset." Her laughter grew louder. Kate held her stomach and rolled over on her side.

"Hey Iím not that funny." Lisa couldnít help but laugh too. She reached over and pulled Kate towards her. There were tears rolling down her checks. Unconsciously Lisa took her finger and brushed the tear away. "Now I know it wasnít that funny." She smiled shyly at the woman that was now just a few inches away from her. Her finger still rested on the side of her cheek. The softness of her skin was remarkable; her fingers wonder over towards her lips and gently brushed them. Theyíre so soft. Lisa wanted so badly to taste them, to brush her lips up against hers. She started leaning towards her, what am I doing, stop Lisa stop, and pull yourself together. But it was too late their eyes met and whatever dignity she had left was gone.

Kate heart skipped a beat when she saw Lisaís lips approaching. For all most three weeks she had been dying to kiss her, hold her, or just get close to her and it was happening. She wanted to stop this from happen, but when their eyes met there was nothing she could do but let go. She wrapped her hands around her waist and got lost in the moment. I have waited so long for you and now here you are. Their lips touched and a jult of electricity went trough Kateís body. It was the most remarkable feeling she ever had, not even Stacy had cause such a feeling. Why now, why you.. I canít do this, not to her and not to me. She pulled away, trying to avoid eye contact. "Lisaaaaa, I …Uh.. I have to go." She didnít want to see those eyes, she feared what they were saying, and right now she didnít want to know.

The kiss was broken so quickly that Lisa didnít have time to recover. Her head was spinning, her heart was pounding, and she couldnít breath. This had never happen to her before she was speechless. She saw Kate fumbling around trying to find her coat but she couldnít move it was as if she was in a state of shock. She wanted to stop her, tell her not to go she want to let her know that she wanted that to happen, and she wanted to be with her, but she couldnít move. Her whole body had frozen up on her; her muscles wouldnít listen to her brain.

"I…. Uh…. See you on Monday.. or something…" Her voice trailed off as she walked out the door.

Chapter VI



"Time, what time is it?"

"A few minutes pass 10:00?"

"How was the meeting"


"The meeting?"

"OH! The meeting, fine honey."

"Chuck, is something wrong you seem a little preoccupied tonight?" Chistine brushed the back of her husbandís hand, trying to figure out why he seemed so distance.

His dinner lay in front of him a cold mess. He didnít feel like eating, he was too nervous. At 11:00 the cell phone would ring and he would have to leave to meet the Shadow. Everything was going to happen tonight and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Blackmail was a bitch and he knew it first hand.


"Well, Mr. Carvon remember me." The Shadows hand held on to the rope that bound the helpless looking man. So sad he has to die, I kinda liked him. Oh well, in a few hours youíll be dead and so will your little buddy Kate. "Frank, please donít look so sad in a few hours we will be joined by one of our friends that we knew from way back when, someone that meant a lot to both of us.

The air in the room was stale; the Shadow had managed to kidnap Frank from his hotel room. Wherever the Shadow had taken him was dark and smelled like burning trash. The smell was starting to make him nauseous and the more he inhaled the more his stomach turned. "Why am I here, what have I done to you."

The Shadow pulled back on the rope making him gag. "Letís see you took away my life and all that I lived for. You, Lance and Kate."

"Kate! What does she have to do with ….Aauhm.."

The rope was tightened. " Shut your mouth! No more talking we can get to know each other in a little while."

Carvon stared wild-eyed at the dark figure that loomed in front of him. Where do I know that voice? "Why canít I see your face. What are you scared I might recognize you."

"My dear Mr. Carvon, I want you to know who I am, but not yet. Oh by the way, Lance Downins is dead I killed him so thereís no chance of escape, there is no one left to bale your pretty little ass out of this one Frank so you can just get ready to..UH… die." Chuck, you better have everything in place, itís almost time.

To Be Continued......


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