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STANDARD DISCLAIMER: None of the characters in this little vignette are my own. I merely borrowed them for a moment in time. No copyright infringement was intended. This story however is mine and it is copyrighted to me.

SUBTEXT DISCLAIMER: Yes there is subtext. They’re soulmates after all.

OTHER STUFF: Hope you enjoy. Comments are always welcome and very much appreciated. Send any comments to Thanks.

To Alina, for her unwavering support and encouragement. For believing in me. Thank you Alina – I couldn’t have done it without you.

I also want to dedicate this story to Sandakat. Without her, this story would have never gotten posted because I wouldn’t have had an ending. Thank you Sandakat for all of your help and support on so many things.


Her Name
By Shalon

I watch her as she sits by the fire, her face a solemn mask. It occurs to me that she is beautiful as the firelight plays across her features. She is so strong, yet so weak. She sits with her elbows on her knees, chin resting in her fist, her gem colored eyes staring sightlessly into the dancing flames.

I turn my own tired eyes back to the parchment, but I cannot continue my work...I am too distracted thinking about her...

What goes on in that head?

She has so much pain...has had so much taken from her and she is bitter. Yet there is so much she can give.

Tonight her past is haunting her. I can tell by the grim set of her mouth, the hunch of her shoulders, the sad haunting in her eyes.

I know what brought this on. Today we ran into some men...there’s always someone that can’t let the past go...whether she was to blame or not.

In this case she wasn’t.

She tried my way first – talking – but in the end she had to kill. I know she’s tired of it, and tries to avoid it but sometimes it comes to that. She said she won’t give up though, even if she has to kill, because what we do is so important.

I try to talk to her about it, but she is edgy and snaps at me. She doesn’t mean it though; sometimes she can’t help it. She has to deal with it and I know she’ll come to me when she’s ready.

It’s her name.

People hear her name and the past comes rushing back. Why can’t they give her a chance? I know they would come to respect her. Once I realized who she was, I looked past her name into her heart and soul.

If they could do that, they would learn that their view of her is wrong...

But then people believe too easily in the stories they hear and only see what they want to see. If they have been wronged they want vengeance and they don’t care about taking the time to learn to forgive or to find out the truth.

They would probably never see her like I do anyway. No one will ever see her like I do...

My eyes lovingly flick to her as she leans forward to add wood to the fire. Her shimmering hair falls forward obscuring the scowl that I know remains.

She is a strong, determined, and proud woman who does what she has to do, no matter the cost.

If only they could see that...

If they could I’m sure it would change how they feel about her. They would no longer hold her responsible for her father’s wrongdoings and come to respect the woman I love - Dr. Janice Covington.


By Shalon - 12Jun99

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