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Disclaimer The Xena Warrior Princess series and its characters are all copyrighted property of MCA/universal
Disclaimer The following tale is copyright 1999 it cannot be reproduced in any form without  prior consent of the author
Disclaimer This story contains graghic violence,as well as love between to women but no sex scences are present but has bad language.  Spoilers  from seasons three and four.




Dusk rich with the smell of blossom ,pure ,rich and cool thought Xena just like the sweet blonde creature sleeping peacefully next to her.

Gabrielle always seemed peaceful even when she was in pain or worse, it seemed this pretty young women was like an angel, angel thought

Xena, she turned the fish over in the pan she leaned over and moved the hair clip gently undoing it the silver hair clip, it undid easy letting the blonde silky hair fall gentle down Xena leaned over and whispered in her ear 'I should get you another hair clip but in he shape of white dove it would really suit you' the bard moved slightly but not much, Xena kissed her gently on the cheek she would have preferred to kiss her lips but Gabrielle was on her side with back to her and in a very deep sleep.

Xena turned her attention back to the fish cooking in the pan it was nearly done, she felt warmer with Gabrielle around ,even if she was a pain at times.

The smell of the fish was so good she hoped the smell of it would wake the little amazon queen up from her quite slumber, normally when the little bard got hungry she would wake up but tonight that didn't seem to be happening, she's had a rough day thought Xena.

Gabrielle had woken to the sound of smashing swords she had ran to help Xena carrying her staff high and ready, but had nearly ended up in the river.

When the bunch of thugs had attacked them one of them had nearly tripped her up she only just managed to regain her balance and give the brute a knock out blow to the head and his friend a smack and a half in the leg that would leave him limping for a week, but she had took his dagger in the thigh and it had let out a scream that was still echoing in Xena mind, it hadn't been an easy to remove the dagger, had been twisted so the wound would take longer to heal .

Her upper thigh was bandaged it hadn't been pretty there had been a lot of blood and it had at least nine stitches but now the bard was calm and sleeping sound.

Xena leaned over to wake her when some thing in the bushes moved it was followed by a growl like a wolf or some kind of animal

She bolted up unsheathing her sword.

It growled again her eyes darted one way then the other it remaindered her of the sound the destroyer had made it was so cold and mean.

The bard suddenly woke up her hair fell to one side" Xena how long have I been asleep?" she suddenly heard the growl and went quite,she starterd to stand

Xena carefully pulled her up on to her feet.

"Xena what is"? that the warrior moved her sword in it a swinging action , she looked back to the bard who was leaning on her staff

" I don't know but it big very big " the small woman moved behind her grabbing her staff and standing guard waiting. the bushes moved suddenly

" Its there" said the warrior shifting position" come come an get some" she moved closer and closer. without warning a huge beast came flying out of the bushes it belted the sword clean out of the warriors hand knocking her totally of balance sending her crashing to ground.

It grabbed the warrior by the throat and jacked her up her feet. found she wasn't touching the ground, Xena's eye come to look in to the beasts its eyes were like a normal wolfs green and dangerous its teeth were sharp and bloody, its fur black like night standing on to legs like a human, and she was going to be its next kill if she didn't think of something fast.

Gabrielle didn't think off her next move she just did it ,she limed forward painfully picking up one of the kitchen knifes, then feeling her hate burn inside her

She moved forward with vengeance, lifted her staff and smashed the huge animal on the back and then slammed the knife in to its shoulder digging it as deep as could twisting the blade then ripping it down hard and fast, which would leave a perment scar on the top of its shoulder it growled at her it dropped Xena and turned to look at her, it janking the knife from its shoulder, the blood sweeping from its wound.

Gabrielle limped slowly back trying to place her feet carefully as she went she knew now that last move she had made wasn't all that clever slowly it walked forward, its wolf ears dropped back into the huge main of hair like fur and the eyes turned from green into glowing red marbles

It opened its huge paws with there sharp claws and it huge feet with the large powerful claws it looked at her its eyes were like something out of a nightmare its body had a human look it was a cross between a wolf and a human standing there like some bad dream the bard felt her courage leave, but it suddenly came back to her, she screamed at the animal shouting" come on you ugly bastard come and get me"!!!

The beast leaned back and roared at her then it came at her, Gabrielle didn't have time to run, the beast was to quick for her far to quick, and her incident from the morning didn't help it only slowed her down even more it grabbed her buy the foot turning her up side down and shaking her cruelly, then slamming her down in to the ground, then with out warning it brought its jaws down right into the young woman banged thigh right were she had suffered the wound early that morning ,Gabrielle screamed in pure shock.

Hearing Gabrielle scream made Xena stand up and scream her war cry, she was shocked by her friend bravery but hert by her pain her lovely bard was suffered, she let her chacrum fly it did pelting surge rocketing before it smashed he beast right in the face right in the eye sending blood every were it dropped the bard and with out a second thought ran into the forest.

Everything seemed silent again Xena stood up she ran over to were Gabrielle lying she was in shock her eyes were open wide she was shaking badly ,Xena looked at her wondered leg there was blood every were the bandages were socked in new blood that had stained the brown skirt in red patches,she lifted Gabrielle up gently and hugged her warmly kissing the blonde lips trying to take away the mental pain.

The bard was beginning to come back but slowly her moaning was more than Xena bear she couldn't make her stop moaning she gentle pulled up the sides of the bards skirt and put two presser points just below her stomach numbing her leg.

Gabrielle suddenly went quite the pain seemed to have stopped all off a sudden she looked around final coming back to her surroundings

"you there"? Xena asked" what have done the pains gone"? asked the bard " put presser points on your leg so I can fix you a new set of bandages

When I take the presser points of its going hurt more than before"

"Great" said Gabrielle" so in other words when you take the presser off im going to scream"

"Yes you are im sorry but your moaning was ripping me apart"

" Im already ripped apart without you being sad for me"

"Gabrielle quite im trying to help you"!

The bard paused feeling a bit guilty for the way she acting the warrior had just saved her life she finally found her voice again "did you kill it"?

The warrior paused" I don't know, I cut its face up real bad though probably blinded it"

She had now wiped the wound clean and pulling the saddle pack from over fire pulled out fresh herbs as well a tread and some soft white warm bandages.

She took the fish of the stove with was now finished she was going to have to soak the other bandages she leaned over to the bards ear im going to take the presser points of its going to be painful she cracked them off gabrielle screamed the water made it sting badly ,she managed to grit her teeth while the warrior put the herbs onto her wounds and wrap the bandage round carefully discarding the old one.

It wasn't he most pleasant sight thought the bard the teeth marks in her thigh were deep and the stitches from the were lose and would need tightening.

Suddenly the pain in her wounds began to ease strangely that shouldn't have happened so fast thought the bard she leaned back against the nearest tree wondering how that was possible, watching her beloved warrior finish her work on her thigh, she's so gentle thought the bard

Xena fished her work on the bards thigh, the fish she realized running over to take it off the fire it was slightly well done .

She came over with the fish hungry she said it might make you feel better after you eat something she gently handed her plate.

It looked so good thought Gabrielle the warrior could really cook nice fish , she felt very hungry all of a sudden , moving forward she took the plate out of the warriors hand smelling the rich smells for a moment before she began to eat.

Xena turned around miffed this is was strange the bards seemed to be in no more pain and had a healthy appetite.

After they were finished Xena went to wash the pots in clean water of the stream when she got back the bard was asleep it,seemed that Gabrielle was really tired ,she gently un did the skirt carefully undoing the belt trying not to wake the bard from peaceful sleep she wondered what she was dreaming about my be some far off land or sea what ever it was it wasn't bad.

She took the skirt down to the stream to get it washed to get rid of the blood stains not all the she had to admit the bard was brave she looked at the skirt its brown textures and cool lines but the right side was soaked and a small part of the back but it suddenly dawned on her that some of the blood wasn't hers it was the creatures." way did it bite her were she was already wounderd?" she glanced at the skirt thoughtfully

"Way did Gabrielle shout at it like that"?

She hadn't heard her scream at anyone or anything like that since Illusia it didn't make any sense.

She hung the bards skirt on a tree gently ringing out the water the stains were gone, Xena thought about when she got that skirt and shirt from Thessali what a day that had been the bard was in a real shopping mood.

Her old out fit was falling apart though the strings were beginning to snap around the sides and the front tightening laces had snapped more than once

The back had also started to rip, and the top sleeves were fraying which was starting to attracted more males than normal which the bard didn't like much, as soon the amazon saw the outfit her words were a rush " I got to have that"!

Xena smiled the bard had expensive taste but it worth to see her in it afterwards, it brought up her muscular tones better and was more free flowing giving her extra grace with her staff making her moves swifter an cleaner, as she remembered watching her in practice that same night.

She held the thought in her head enjoying the waves of pleasure of seeing the her bard in action she was stunning when she was flushed and sweating from practice her muscle wet and tight , chest soaked slightly.

Gabrielle her mind darted back the bard was still against the tree ,sleeping sound she walked over looking down gently at the sleeping face she gently liftered

Gabrielle up into her arm and carried her over to were the bed rolls were and lay her down putting a sheet gently over her.

She took her breast plates and shoulder blades out as well as her cuffs as well as her weapons breast dagger as well her chacrum and her boots but on taking her boots off she remembered Gabrielle's boots.

Gently pulled back the sheets on the bard gently sliding the young woman's boots off then put she put sheet back, she lay down next to her putting a strong muscled arm around the bard pulling her nice and close breathing gently in to the golden hair, she kissed the bard gentle on the lips then on the forehead she knew now wasn't a good time to think of passion in the moonlight

At this moment in time it wasn't fare on Gabrielle who was dreaming of some thing real nice she had to ask her self again what it might me

She lay there holding the small body thinking about the days events she had never seen a monster like that before it remaindered her of the Destroyer cold hart less unfeeling apart from when Hope was around., she snarled Hope how dear she have her mothers face ware innocence she didn't have the right she didn't have feelings an image shot through her head seeing the Gabrielle and Hope falling into a pit of larva Gabrielle screaming her name as she fell and the lonely days that followed the painful gap, she felt lost without Gabrielle she wasn't going to let the bard go again after Dahak second try at world domination she would not lose her again not ever not to any god, demon or man, she gently put her head down and breathed into the golden silky hair feeling sleep take her she drifted off.

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