So, you have just written a fantastic new Xena based story, and would like to submit it to Tom's Xena Page. I can't blame you. To help you out (well, actually, to help me out), here are some steps to take to ensure that your piece is posted quickly and accurately.

While all pieces of Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction are welcome to be submitted for inclusion at this site, the editor reserves the right to reject to post any piece which is deemed unsuitable. Receipt of any piece of fan fiction is no guarantee that it will be posted to the site and inclusion will be at the editor's discretion. If you are writing poetry please be aware that your poetry needs to be XWP related.

Step 1: Proofread your work.

I believe in posting new stories as quickly as I can; therefore, I pretty much post stories as-is. Before you send the story in for posting, have someone whose English skills you trust to proofread the story for you, highlighting trouble areas for you to look at. If no one is around to help you with this, check out Lunacy's beta readers, for a listing of fans who will proofread your story for you.

After your story has been proofread, use the spell checker program in whatever word processor you are using to clean up any spelling errors there may be. To help you with this, here is a listing of character's names and their spellings.

Step 2: Add appropriate disclaimers.

All pieces of fan fiction submitted MUST carry appropriate disclaimers. These are to include violence, sexual violence, sex and legal disclaimers.

Step 3: Format the story.

I would like to say that the stories are posted first come, first serve, but in truth, stories and poems that are easier for me to format usually get on the page faster than stories that are difficult to put into html. If you keep these ideas in mind when you format your story, it will make me very happy.

Step 4: Send the story.

Send me a letter at, with the story file attached to the letter, regardless of the size of the file.

PLEASE, include in the subject header the following: FF: Your Story Name (a subject header of FF: Story Submission, or FF: A Story, doesn't count!) If you don't do this you run the risk of me not seeing the fanfic piece for a few days - I get quite a bit of email so it's a good idea to follow that guideline.

Some No-No's

While not all of the criteria above must be met for me to post your work, the further your formatting is from what I described, the longer it will take for your story to be posted. While considering sending your story, here are a few things to avoid.


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