Java Xena Chat

There's been a few requests for a chat area here so I set this up. You'll need a Java-enabled browser to use it. Some good web-based Xena chats that do NOT require Java are the Pub at Ultimate TV and the private room Xena_Chat at WBS.

Note that I don't run this chat, nor are the advertisements on it mine, it's merely a free Java chat program that you can use. I didn't want to bog down my servers with a full cgi chat program, so I've included this here. If you have any questions about using this chat software, please refer to the paraCHAT FAQ

Please be patient while the applet loads...

If you're seeing this then your browser isn't Java-enabled, so you can't use the chat room at the moment.

If you're an AOL user on Windows 95, you should do yourself a favor and download the latest version of AOL 3.0 with the Internet Explorer embedded in the browser. If you have AOL 3.0 and are seeing this message then you don't have the Internet Explorer version.

To download it, type in keyword "upgrade" and on the menu that appears look for the large graphic on the left that says "Upgrade now". This will download the new version that will let you run java. Be warned, it's about a 10 megabyte download, while you aren't charged for downloading the upgrade, it is time consuming. This is best done at night, just leave your computer running and downloading while you toddle off to bed.

Additionally, it is possible to run Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer while running AOL. Go to keyword "winsock" to make sure you have the correct Winsock version, then download either Netscape or IE and run the web with a full browser.

If you aren't an AOL user, drop by Netscape or Microsoft and download the most current versions of their browsers.

Windows 3.1 users: to the best of my knowledge Netscape 3.0 and IE 3.0 for Windows 3.1 do not support Java, it's a Windows 95 feature at this point. This will hopefully change in the future.

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