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Ako Story
On Thin Ropes

by C-C-T


Tyleno (Till-in-o)
The Executer


Xena arrived in Cora, the city where she was suppose to meet Gabrielle. She saw a young boy being picked on by another little girl. The girl taunted the boy, since the boy is overweight. She shouted really cruel things.

In the young boys mind, he had visions of her death and her bloody head in his hands. 'No child should think that' he thought as he turned around and walked away. He walked right past Xena as she was about to talk to him.

She followed him until they reached his house.

He then stopped and turned around. "Who are you and why are you following me?" he asked.

"I am Xena. Why did you let that girl push you around like that?"

"The warrior princess?"

"Yes," she said.

"Wow! Come on in, my dad just LOVES you." He showed her in. "Dad this is Xena!" The boy shouted.

"Xena? The warrior princess?"

"Yep that'd be me."

"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Tyleno and this is my son Ako." said Tyleno.

"I'm looking for someone. Her name is Gabrielle."

"Oh you mean the witch." Tyleno said with a frown.

"Witch?!?! What do you mean by witch?" Xena was puzzled. Gabrielle isn't a witch. Why would he think that? "Where is she?" Xena said, very nervous of what could've happened to her friend.

Ako brought out 2 waters. One for Xena and one for his father.

"We are going to hang her. By dawn on Tomorrow, the witch will pay for her crimes."

Tyleno walked out of the house furiously.

Xena, still confused with the whole 'witch' thing, looked at Ako. "Ako, you have to show me where my friend is!" She said.

"Well what's done is done Xena. She has to take the punishment that is given to her. I can't help you Xena."

Xena pushed him out of the way to try and catch up with Tyleno so she could find Gabrielle.

Ako falls to the ground.

To her surprise, Tyleno actually led Xena into a trap. Archers started shooting at her. She ran inside the church and there was Gabrielle. She was on the platform all ready to be hung.


"Gabrielle!" The two friends were finally reunited.

When all of a sudden pops out Tyleno. He had a sword in his hand and was ready to die at all costs, just to hang Gabrielle.

Back at Ako's house, Ako gets up from his fall. "Oh no! She's going to save the witch!" He ran out of the house.

Myla, the girl who tortures Ako, was waiting for him outside. "Where are you going Chubs?"

"Back off Myla. I have problems of my own i have to deal with, without your smart mouth blabbing all the time."

"How dare you?!?!" Myla slaps Ako, but he ducks, so she goes twirling around.

Ako pushes her to the ground and runs off to the Church.

Back at the Church, Xena and Tyleno are dueling with their swords drawn. "Fine then! If we don't execute her tomorrow then we'll do it now!" Tyleno motions for the executer to get ready.

"NO!!" Xena screams as the executer is about to drop the floor. Xena grabs Tyleno and threatens to kill him if he doesn't call it off.

Tyleno laughs. "HAHA No way!" Right as Ako walks in, Xena slits his throat. Ako crys and runs over to Tyleno. "Daddy?" Ako looks at Xena evily. Thoughts of hatred and destruction entered Ako's mind again. He could see Xena and Myla both being destroyed by his bare hands.

Xena looked at Gabrielle and saw the floor was just about to fall. She took out her chakram and flung it at the rope. Gabrielle fell right when the floor fell. She landed safely without a scratch on her. 'Now what to do with Ako' Xena thought. When she looked back at Ako, he had a dagger in his hand. Xena then took the dagger from him, with one quick swoof, and stabbed it in his shoulder.

Ako gasped. He never had felt so much pain, besides the time his mother had died. Now he was alone, and wounded. He ran off with pain so unbearable.

"What do you think will happen to Ako?" asked Gabby.

"Well, we have a new Callisto to deal with." Xena said as she smirked.

"Xena? I don't think you should be smiling. You killed an innocent man back there."

"You call that innocent? Gabrielle? He tried to kill us! He deserved what he had coming. As he said before, he had to deal with his punishment." They both walked off into the sunset.

To be continued in A New God is Born

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