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Continues from On Thin Ropes

Ako Story
A New God Is Born

by C-C-T




Ako, still injured from the battle at the Church of Cora, makes his way to the Temple of Ares (in Cora). He has been there often, and he had a plan to get revenge on Xena. But first, he needed help. That's what Ares is for. He thought if he could trick Ares into giving him ambrosia, that he would be healed and could stop Xena with a snap of the fingers. He didn't think Ares would fall for it but, what has he got to loose? His life? He couldn't care one bit if he died. He remembered his mother, how kind and gentle she was. He was alone. No one in the world cared about him. He had no freinds, Family relatives, or even a pet. All that he could think was his hatred for Xena.

When he arrived at Ares' Temple, he saw it was different from when he last saw it. 'Did they do remodling?' Ako thought, even a tiny grin crossed his face, but left in an instant.

"I have no feelings!" He shouted as he walked in. When he got in there, he couldn't see one sign of Ares. "Ares!" He shouted, trying to get his attention.

Ares appeared right after he heard the yelling of the boy. "What is it young boy? Why don't you go home to your mother and father? Don't waste my time." Ares lectured as he saw Ako couldn't wait to say something.

"But you didn't even hear what I have to say" He said.

"Fine what is it?"

"Well, we both have something in common." Ako said.

"And what is that?"

"Xena!" Exclaimed Ako.


"Well we both want her dead so why not join together?"

"What did Xena do to you to make you hate her?"

"Oh nothing, just killed my father, the only person left that cared about me, but he wasn't the only thing she killed. She killed my soul. She took my childhood away from me. She ruined my life."

"Well what do you want me to do? I'm the God of War, not the God of Death."

"I know. I was wondering if you had any......Ambrosia?"

"Ugh so you can become a god and terrorize the world? You must be dreaming kid."

"But I'm badly injured and I need help"

"You think I care boy?"

"If you make me a god, then I....I mean we can be partners and rule the world! We can destroy Zeus and RULE the WORLD!!!"

Ares, delighted with this idea, zapped some Ambrosia and tossed it to Ako and he ate it.

Shocked from the pressure, he fell onto the floor and started to absorb the power. He arose, his pupils in his eyes very small and blue. "Sucker!" He shouted as he pointed his index finger at Ares. "Let's just try my new powers out, eh?" He shot ice out of his hands and froze Ares. "HAHA" He laughed and Laughed. "Hmm i'm the God of Ice. "He Froze the whole temple and made it his new Ice Castle. He then, walked out, and then, Myla came out. Not surprised, he said "Hi Myla. Nice day we're having huh?"

"Oh go away loser!" She said.

"Oh what a pity. Hey Myla? Wanna see something cool?"

"Pah I doubt anything that has to do with you is cool."

"Okay, lets just find out shall we?" He zapped her and froze her the same way as he did Ares.

"I'll add her to my collection" Ako grinned evily. He then touched her and....POOF!!! they had disapeared. (His teleport is rather neat. He turns into ice and then evaporates). Back at the Temple (Now known Ako's Castle), He watched Myla and Ares and thought of how glad he would be if Xena was here, frozen as well. He sits back and relaxes in his chair.

To be continued in Trouble Times Two

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