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Continues from A New God Is Born

Ako Story
Trouble Times Two

by C-C-T




On a nice, sunny day, Xena and Gabrielle travel to Potedia to see Gabby's family. She missed them very much, afterall, Her mother and father couldn't come to her "surprise party". Lila did though so Gabby got all the juicey gossip from her. Gabby was so eager to see them all, and the friends she left behind.

"Do you think they'll like my new hairdo?" asked Gabs.

"I'm sure they will".

They walked down the road until they saw the sign of Potedia.

In Ice Castle (Ako's Lair) Ako sat in his throne chair waiting for something spicey to happen. He looked at his first two victims, Ares and Myla, all frozen solid. "Ugh! Im sooooooo bored!" he shouted. "Huh whats this?" He saw Xena and Gabrielle traveling somewhere on his 'magic spying mirror', yet he didn't know where they were headed. "Hahaha now won't this be fun?" he said as he got up from his chair. "Time to see where our dear Xena and company are headed." He turned into ice, and evaporated (His teleporting style).

Back at Potedia, Xena and Gabs get welcomed back by Lila. "Hi Gabrielle! Long time no see! Lets go inside so we can talk." she said as she walked inside. "Whats up Gabby?" Lila said, delighted that the two sisters reunited.

"Where's Mother and Father?" asked Gabrielle.

Xena walked outside saying "I'll be out here".

"They went to Amphipolis to see the new play. It was made by Sophicles and we knew how much you like him so we bought you a pass. But it took you so long getting here that they had to leave now then wait for you. I stayed here so i could be here when you arrived."

Outside of the Hut, Xena was walking around, seeing all the new things that were here. Just then, She had a flashback. It was when Gabrielle fell off into the lava with Hope. Then she remebered the look on Callisto's face when she stabbed her with the Hind's blood dagger. She felt sorry for Callisto but that is what she wanted.

Back outside of Potedia, Ako appears. "So this is the home of our dear Gabby. Won't be much when I'm finished with it." he laughed and had an evil look on his face. Just then, He saw a Fiery thing behind him.

"Huh?" He looked back and saw a woman in leather.

"Who are you?" He asked.

The mysterious woman grinned. "I'm shocked! You don't know who I am?" She said.

"No, should I know?" He said. "And how did you do that?" He asked, wondering how she did that. "Are you a god?"

"Of course. I'm Callisto, Enemy of Xena."

"Callisto! I've heard of you. You're the one killed by Xena! Me and you would make a good team!"

"Why do you hate Xena?"

"She killed my Father. the only person left that ever loved me"

"Hahaha, we have something in common."

"I'm a god too so if its two against two then we could win no doubt about it!"

"God? God of what? Pooping in your pants? Frankly kid, I don't ally myself with minors."

"Watch and learn" Ako said turning to an old beat up tree. He fired ice at it and froze the whole tree.

"Impressive." Callisto said.

Xena was watching a play that she liked when she was a kid. Then she heard a fire blast from outside the town. "What?!?!" She said.

Ako and Callisto appeared on the roof of a house. "Surprise!" they both shouted at the same time.

Gabrielle and Lila ran out of the house. Ako froze a man out of the blue.

"Haha another one I'll add to my collection", he laughed. He zapped at the man and disappeared him. He reappeared at Ako's Lair. "That's three" Ako said happily.

"Missed me Xena?" Said Callisto.

"Not one bit!" Xena shouted.

"Aww too bad. I'll have to kill you ALL then! hahaha!" She blasted a firebolt that killed two innocent people.

"Gabrielle, I want you to get Lila out of here! Now!"

"Okay Xena. Follow me Lila." The sisters ran off into the woods.

"Oh no you don't Gabrielle! I want to meet your new freind!" Shouted Ako, jumping off the roof to follow them.

Xena grabbed him by his collar and threw him across the village, crashing into a house.

Callisto jumped off and started to fight Xena. First, they fought hand-to-hand combat, then after a while, they sword fought.

After a while, Callisto became bored and stopped. "Ugh Xena, you never give up."

"Nope!" she shouted.

Ako stood up. "Callisto! Lets go back to my Lair...we'll get them another time...when they least expect it hahaha!" He grabbed Callisto's shoulder and Teleported away.

"Now I have to find Gabrielle." she walked into the forest. The battle was won, for now.

Back at Ako's Lair, They both sit there. Ako made a ice chair for Callisto.

"Ooooh my butt is freezing. What ever happened to wooden chairs?" Callisto complained.

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