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by Melissa McMahan


Gabrielle blow air from her chest, she put her hands to her head and then down her face as if to wipe away something from it. Then she
cleared her throat, as she looked at Joxer finally and he bounced his eyebrows at her.

GABBY: Joxer? (Narrows her eyes) I... Um?

JOXER: What? (Turning red) Well?

GABBY: I can't...

JOXER: You can't, what? (Looks puzzled) Gabby?

Gabrielle breaks down and cries, pulling up her legs to her body. Joxer hits himself in the head feeling really stupid, then he puts his
hand on her arm.

JOXER: I'm sorry, please don't cry. (Sighs) Look I'll go away and you never have to see me again. (Gabrielle looks up at him) Good bye,
Gabb... Gabrielle.

Joxer starts to get get up, but feels Gabrielle stopping him.

GABBY: No, Joxer! (Sobs) I'm sorry. (Sighs) I made you feel guilty and you have nothing to feel guilty about. (Hugs Joxer) I'm so messed up
inside I couldn't help but cry. (Backs off) Look we need to talk... Well you know?

JOXER: Well you know how I feel and all I want is your happiness.

GABBY: I know. (Sighs) Joxer, this is hard to talk about.

JOXER: This has to do with... Produces doesn't it?

Gabrielle nods and sobs at the same time. Joxer puts his arm around her and she nuzzles him. She puts her arms around him too and he rocks

GABBY: His love still haunts me just like his death does.

JOXER: I tried to tell you this when he died, but you wouldn't let me. (Sighs) If there was any way I could trade places with him I would,
because I want you to be happy and I'd give up my life for you.

GABBY: Joxer, that is so sweet of you... Looking back as much as I loved him. I did and I still do, but your dying in his place wouldn't
of been any better for me. (Looking at Joxer) Don't you see?

JOXER: Um, no.

GABBY: Oh don't be such a... Never mind.

JOXER: "A" what? (Thinking as Gabrielle bites her bottom lip) Gods it's that look again. If she only knew what that does to me...

GABBY: Nothing. I'm not going to get you mad or change the subject to end what we were talking about. No I do that too much.
JOXER: Tell me about it? (Rolls his eyes) So go on and spill it.

GABBY: Joxer, you know I care about you... Alot, but being Xena's way from darkness. Having my husband die by Callisto's hand, all I went
through with Hope and with everything else. Then what happened in India, Eli and afterwards. (Sighs) I just cannot add to that with a
romance and...

Joxer looks down pouting, as he starts to cry. Gabrielle forces his head up to look at her, then kisses his jaw. Joxer gives her a half

GABBY: Look you're a good friend to me, but I'm just saying it's not a good time, understand?

JOXER: I understand. You have the right to your reluctance, Gabby. You've had too much pain and I am a big pain to you. (Sighs) I mean I'm
just a friend to you, so lets drop it. We're just friends and that's all, let it just that.

GABBY: Look it's not like it couldn't ever happen! (Pauses) Um, I...

JOXER: Excuse me?!

GABBY: Joxer. (Sighs) I think I might be... I'm not too sure, but I... I...

JOXER: What? (Rubs the back of his neck) Oh let me guess? You think your in love with me? (Scoffs) Nah!

GABBY: Well actually... Maybe I am.

JOXER: Huh?! (Shocked) Are you just being sarcastic or...

Gabrielle gabs Joxer by the shirt and kisses him. Joxer falls back in the bed, as she lets go of him. Someone knocks on the door, she gets up
and finds Xena standing on the other side.

GABBY: Xena?! (Pauses) Just saying good bye to Joxer, are you ready to go?

XENA: He's not coming with us?

GABBY: No, but I'm sure he'll find us soon enough. Where's Autolycus?

XENA: Well you know him, turn around he's gone.

GABBY: And so are we.

Xena and Gabrielle head off down the road alone as the sunsets.


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