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The Movie

by L.B. Anderson


DISCLAIMER: The following story contains explicit description of sexual activity between consenting adults. If you are not old enough (18) or are offended by this type of material, stop reading now. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and the rest of the series characters are the sole property of MCA. No copyright infringement is intended.

P.S. Characters such as Katundra and Her family are my own creation, which will be revealed in the next and final chapters of "The Movie".

The Movie continues from Will She Love Him As I Do?

Chapter 1-4 Chapter 5-8

Chapter 1

"So, did you change her like I told you?" "Yesss," Xena drawled. <Gods, she knows how I hate doing that. It irritates the hell out of me. Holding an over zealous brat down while trying to change her. She just asked me to clean Jedzeria to annoy me>. Just then the warrior had a vengeful thought. <Hmm let me see if I can get under your skin like you do me at times>.

"And you know what I found out?" The warrior paused while looking over at her partner. "What's that?" Gabrielle asked. "That she is just like her mother," Xena quirked, trying to rattle the bard a little. "And that is?" Gabrielle persisted. "Oh, that she was full of it." Gabrielle wrinkled her nose and retorted, "Then you must've determined that she is even more like her other mother." "And, How's that?" "Because you love it."

Xena watched amusingly as her alluring mate rode off, and their husband approached. "I thought I told you not to come up here." She stated firmly. "You did but I was lonely back there."

"Xena," he sighed heavily. "They won't allow me to do anything or go anywhere. Can you tell me why?" "Why yes kind sir, I sure can."

Xena pulled back on Argo's reins to adjust their position so that her and Joxer's donkey were side by side. "It is because I needed someone really responsible and invaluable at our back."

<Actually Xena had assigned four of the queen's guards to protect him during the battle, since he insisted, as usual, on coming>.

"You see lover, that position will prevent the enemy from sneaking up behind us and capturing us. And I picked you, because I knew you wouldn't let me down. I can depend on you, as always, can't I?" She added convincingly.

Joxer stared blankly into Xena's eyes as if examining his wife's irrational decision.

"Well," he said while vainly straightening his clothes. "Since being in the rear serves as a strategic recourse from an ambush, I'll do it...But," he paused momentarily to visually inform his wife this decision shall not come about again.

"This is only because YOU need me there. No respecting warrior should ever be caught in the rear of an army. Especially, one of my caliber."

"Um," Xena cooed. "You're right, that's why I picked you to inaugurate the most important position within our battlements. I know, for a fact, there is no one more qualified than you, my gifted and strategic husband."

Xena then leaned over and revealed her mouth-watering peaks to her now perspiring husband. "Will you watch my back for me baby." She whispered beguilingly. Joxer gulped loudly as the sight of his wife's tasty bosom claimed his immediate thoughts.

"Uh, what did you say? Oh, Oh yeah...Pssst, of course I'll watch your back. You know me." He finished nervously while fumbling with the handle of his sword.

"Kiss me," She demanded softly. Joxer happily complied with his wife's request. The kiss was mainly a tongue twister. Tongues twirling around the other, neither one wanted to be claimed. Joxer knew Xena was toying with him. He instinctively reached up into his wife's dark mane and forced her mouth onto his, firmly claiming what belonged to him.

The warrior let out a willing moan as she allowed her husband to orchestrate the kiss. After about a half a minute later Joxer pulled away. "See you after the battle warrior." Xena returned to her up right position, winked at her patient counterpart and headed back to the front flank.

You're probably wondering what brought this on:

Several nights ago the sentries detected a small war party,

invading the Amazons northern borders. They petitioned the trespassers to leave but they refused. Each queen tried to defuse the situation, but with no prevail. The only thing these ruffians understood, was war. So this bring us to the present.


OH, and. You are probably wondering what is happening with Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer.


Well, after Xena and Joxer's night together, the warrior finally revealed to her bard what happened between them. Personally, Xena just knew Gabrielle wouldn't like the idea of having a male lover, but...she did. She loved it. Not only did she have her soul mate, but a siring partner as well.

Sure Joxer was clumsy, irritating, and extremely hard headed. Yet, he was also caring, devoted, loyal, and most of all, he accepted their independence. He wasn't afraid of their strengths and self-reliance. Most men would loathe their authoritative personalities. But not Joxer, he loved his wives just the way they were.

Of course, there were times when Xena and he would have steamy disagreements about his masculinity, and his role as the "MAN," of the house. But those usually come to an abrupt end once Joxer utilized the grief stricken puppy dog pout.

Xena's compassion was endless when it came to Joxer’s feelings, and he knew it. Only when Xena felt that his and Gabrielle's safety were being compromised was she adamant about her decision.

The trio was married shortly afterwards by Joxer's uncle Jonan. Of course, the majority of the Queen's Amazonian sister didn't embrace the idea agreeably. They weren't quite use to having a man around, even if it was the fun loving misfit Joxer. So naturally, they were repulsed by Gabrielle's decision.

Gabrielle was at her rope end. Only her closest friends amiably accepted the Queen’s decision. But others dispute the Queen’s ability to govern the nation as a true Amazon because of her unprejudiced idea of constituting a man into the tribe. They also questioned her consort’s intentions as well. That is, until the ambiguous queen solicited Artemis' approval.

As with any odd situation, there were special guidelines to be adhered to. Joxer had to pledge an allegiance to their goddess, the Amazons, their Queens and their consorts. And he would have to comply with every decision made by the sovereigns from that day forward.

Joxer graciously accepted those terms. He had always been in love with Gabrielle and Xena. So a few constrictive laws weren’t about to keep him from being with the women, he loved more than life itself.

After the triad was married, the wives decided to retire from the road and have some kids. Joxer agreed. Who was he to contest the will of the queen and her consort? Beside he couldn't think of nothing more important than pleasing his mates. Within two years, the happy group had given birth to three beautiful daughters.

Xena's baby came first. The strangest thing occurred though. She had golden red hair, green eyes, Xena's nose and Joxer's lips. She didn't favor her birth mother at all. Instead, she looked like Gabrielle and Joxer. The first time Xena saw her she thought <this was definitely the work of the gods. No one could forge the two most important people in my life and bring forth a perfect symbol of our love. No one except the gods, that is>. Xena secretly thanked them for her priceless gift.

Gabrielle gave birth to identical twins. But their appearance was even more controversial. They had cold black hair, blue eyes, high cheeks, Gabrielle's nose and once again, Joxer's lips. To put it simply, they resembled Gabrielle's mates. The queen’s first sight of 'em was a surprised gasp. She then smiled up at Xena and down at the sprawled unconscious figure of their husband on the floor. "Well, you two sure can't say that I don't love you, because here is my evidence right here." The bard said proudly while cradling their matching bundles of joy in her arms.

So ends a brief explanation of Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer's relationship>.

Now, back to where we left off:

The battle didn't last long. Heck, some of the fights the trio had when they traveled together lasted longer than today’s. Joxer sat and watched his wives as they wield their weapons of choice like the experts they were.

Gabrielle and her staff were taking down men like a logger cutting down trees. Her firm muscles rippled and flexed as she delivered bone-cracking blows to their heads and shoulders, finally bringing them down with an artful leg sweep.

Xena, as always, was enjoying herself immensely. She somersaulted, leaped and flipped over her opponents through out the entire battle. Confusion and frustration easily dominated their features as anger took control, making them more vulnerable and ripe for the warrior's pickings.

Their fellow comrades fought with equal fierceness. They were slinging, slashing and upper cutting their opponents with elite accuracy and character. <Gosh>, he thought. <What a vicious group of women. Is this the life or what>?

After ensuring all the ruffians had been taken care of, both his wives turned to find his whereabouts. They both spotted him at the same time. Although they were probably sweaty and smelly, the pair was radiant and he wanted them o' so badly. He returned their smile and headed in their direction.


As always, upon the warrior’s return they held a celebration of victory. Xena chatted with Eponin, Solarie and a few other female warriors while Gabrielle chatted with Ephiny and a visiting princess. Joxer of course, played the dedicated father and went to check on his daughters.


"So I guess the battle is over with?" Tara asked. <She stumbled upon the tribe about three years ago. After talking extensively with Ephiny and telling her how Xena and Gabrielle helped her. Ephiny decided then to recruit the little whirlwind. The moment she entered their borders she was greeted by Eponin, whom she fell madly in love with. After about a year they became bond mates. But, that is another story>.

"Yeah, I just came to check on the girls. How are they?" Tara placed her finger over her lips and said, "Sssh, I just put them down for the night. Jedxeria and Joelle have a tendency to work as a team when they have a disagreement with Joxena, huh?" She whispered while muffling a giggle. Joxer licked his lips in frustration as he looked toward the girls sleeping chamber. "So, what you’re saying is my girls have been fighting again, huh?"

"Joxer, they are just being sisters. They'll be just fine, trust me. Siblings always engage in rivalry. It helps them to grow closer. I'm sure of it. Well, I see you later. There is a certain warrior I've been dying to hold." "Thanks Tara, I'll see you later." Tara smiled and waved before leaving.

Joxer eased into his daughter’s chamber and kissed them all lightly on their foreheads. Joxena, Xena's daughter, was three winters old while Jedxeria and Joelle, Gabrielle's girls, were only two summers. "What am I going to do about your fighting?" he questioned while pulling up a chair to sit between their beds.

Unbeknownst to him Xena had come into the hut and quickly made her way to the girl’s room. She stood silently watching Joxer tighten the covers up on his daughters and hummed one of his own lullabies.

Xena secretly admired his devotion for the girls. They couldn't have selected a more suitable father for their children. She had no doubt that if something happened to her or Gabrielle, he wouldn't have a problem raising their daughters. At least, not with the help of all their friends.

"Uh-huh," Xena grunted lightly. Joxer looked over at her and smiled. "I'm needing a little attention too, daddy." She whirred. Joxer rose quietly and joined his wife in the other room.

"Now, you know I'll always have time for my heart throbbing mates don't you?" Xena moaned her approval as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him to her.

"I never thought I'd ever be saying this to you, but each and everyday I fall more and more in love with you. What could it be kind sir? Is it your good looks, your charm or could it be because you're a great kisser."

Joxer muffled a strong chortle as he curved his arms around her waist and pulled her firmly against him. "I think you love me because I've got the biggest plank." He announced, while grinding his rock hard erection against Xena's already overheated mound.

Xena worked her fingers gently up his neck, and watched him shiver from the intimate contact. She then yanked back on his dark locks and returned the pleasant grinding before sweetly claiming his lips.

The kiss quickly deepened as their hands began to travel up and down the other's body. Hips were gyrating and hunching forcefully against each other. Xena could feel the surging heat of Joxer's massive staff as she rubbed heedlessly against it. The urgent movements drove Xena mad with need. She wanted him in her, and now. She began to claw at his clothes. Violently ripping his shirt open to reveal his baby smooth chest.

Suddenly, Joxer pulled away from his demanding wife. "What is it, was I too..." "Sssh," he whispered. Xena tried to calm her labor breathing while attempting to listen. The only thing that could calm her now, <she thought>, was a back bending release. She pulled Joxer back to her and whispered, "I don't hear any thing." Joxer allowed his alluring mate to draw him back into the kiss before hearing the sound again.

Instinctively, he broke away from her and headed toward the girl’s room, leaving a very frustrated wife screaming his name.

Joxena had awakened and was looking for mommy. Xena dropped down in a nearby rocking chair and tried to shut down her urges. She knew she would be in there for a while, and she wanted to be ready for it.

Xena rested her head against the back of the chair as images of their energetic daughters flashed in her mind. Memories of Joxena running threw the village stark naked, and of course, the loving twins, that physically attack anyone on sight, brought a content smile to her face.

She basically found herself laughing out loud at the unique family the three of them had created. She directed her gaze toward the girl’s chamber and finalized that she wouldn't trade her life now for anything in the world. Gabrielle, Joxer and those three little amazon terrorists meant the world to her. And no one was going to deprive her of her happiness, no one.


Meanwhile Just East of the Village...

One of Xena's past comrades sat watching the night’s activities. Per one of her spies Xena was living high off the hog as the Queen's consort, AND was happy.

"Oh Xena, what happen to that expert killer and savage lover I knew. You don't belong with them. You belong to me. And soon, very soon my vicious one you shall be mine. No matter what the cost may be."

Xena awoke early as usual. Her hands scanned the covers on both sides of her and discovered Gabrielle wasn't there. She sat up abruptly to confirm her mate’s absence. As her eyes combed the room she noticed Gabrielle had left a scroll on the nightstand informing her mates of her whereabouts.

<Good morning sleepyhead. Must've given the warrior princess a thorough workout last night you didn't even hear the girls playfully scrambling about this morning. By, the way, I fed them and put them back to sleep before leaving>.

<Mark one down for Joxer and I for knocking the bottom out of it. *Smile*, we had an early council meeting this morning, so I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to give you an encore of last night. Don't worry though, I promise I'll make it up to you>.

Anxious 2 get started,



Xena smiled, rolled over and pulled Joxer to her. She was about to demand an encore from him when she heard a knock at the door.

She looked down at the goofy smile on Joxer's face and faintly commanded him not to move. "I'll be right back."

Xena grabbed a shift, rolled back over and put it on. "Come," she growled. She was really getting tired of bothersome interruptions. How was she going to persuade Joxer to give her a son, if they couldn’t be in the same room at the same time for more than five minutes?

Solarie entered the room balancing the pair’s breakfast in one hand while holding a wineskin in the other. "Sol," Xena snapped. "I was just about to reacquaint my husband on various lovemaking techniques. Couldn’t you've came at least a candlemark later? I was just inches away from getting some..." The warrior contemplated her description before finally saying, "trim." They both looked at the now snoring log of unconsciousness and fell out laughing. "Xena, If you can get something out of that I will gladly leave you to it." Xena snorted falsely before inviting Solarie to have a seat.

Xena quickly filled her plate and asked Solarie was she going to join her? Solarie replied, "nah, I’ve already eaten, but I will have a drink. She went over and retrieved two goblets from the shelf and proceeded to fill them with the intoxicating beverage.

"You know if Gabrielle and Joxer find out you had me drinking so early in the morning, they'll have your hide." Sol looked over at Joxer and quirked, "I'm not worried about him, but that little queen of ours is a different story. Not to mention the love of my life, Ephiny." Xena muffled a chuckle before replying, "Ah, what the Hades, hopefully I'll be so drunk I won't mind their bickering." "That a girl," Solarie encouraged as she sat the drink down in front of Xena.

After a couple of big swigs Xena began to feel lightheaded. "Damn Solarie, are you trying to drug me?" She asked surprised by the effects of the drink. Xena noticed her speech was beginning to slur. She gaze over at the figure that was masquerading as Solarie, but instantly knew from the chilling smile it couldn't be her.

Xena's vision began to swirl as she fought to regain her height.

"Xena, Xena, Xena don't fight it, Just relax. You know I've done this various times. And, I am extremely familiar with the amount used to put a person to sleep. Which, by the way, is what should be happening to you in a few more minutes."

The figure removed her Solarie mask to reveal the woman Xena knew from oh so long ago. Xena tried again to scramble to her feet, but the drug had already relaxed her major limbs.

Xena's head turned seemingly in slow motion toward their children's room. <Oh gods this cannot be happening. Gods help me>.

"Don't worry Xena. I'll take good care of our children till you get there." The figure glared mockingly as she rose from her seat. "And, you will come to me Xena. Otherwise, I’ll just have to take other measures." She added while picking up one of the children's toys. She then turned and headed toward their room.

Xena managed to produce enough strength to grab a hold of the woman as she sauntered by. But, Katundra quickly relinquished the warrior's weakened hold and said, "You are an amazing woman, Xena. With the amount of drugs I've just given you it could put a horse down. But no, not my Xena. This is exactly why I have to have you back. No one has ever willed my passion and desire like you. And no one ever will."

She gazed lustfully into Xena's eyes and whispered, "nighty, nighty lover. Don’t worry I'll wait for you. I promise." She then lowered her ex-lover to the floor and continued to the sibling’s room. Xena closed her eyes and allowed the drug to set in. She could do nothing to protect her family now. All she could hope for was that Katundra would wait, like she said she would.

Chapter 2

Gabrielle continued to discuss negotiation procedures with Ephiny and Solarie as they made their way to the Queen's hut. When they enter they were met with an unconscious warrior princess, laying fetal position in the middle of the hut.

"Oh my gods Xena!" Gabrielle exclaimed. Solarie immediately made her way to the children's room, but it was empty. Gabrielle screamed, "Are they there?" "No my Queen they're not, neither is Joxer."

"By the gods, XENA! Xena where are the kids and Joxer? XENA! Gabrielle was frantic with fear.

"Solarie, go get Sara, and have every inch of this village searched, HURRY!" Ephiny ordered. Gabrielle continued to shake Xena until Ephiny calmly grabbed her arms and said, "Gabrielle, I think Xena has been drugged."

Gabrielle's eyes began to tear up. "Our Kids Ephiny, and what about Joxer, where are they?" Ephiny tried to calm the little queen as much as she could while wrapping her and Xena in her arms. "We'll get to the bottom of this Gabrielle, I promise."


Katundra's spy secretly watched as Solarie bolted from the Queen's Hut. She had joined the tribe about a moon ago. Claiming she was from their woodland tribe located in the holy lands.

"Well Katundra," she said faintly. "I see our plan is about to unfold," she giggled sinisterly. "So much for Amazon Security huh?" The spy easily retreated back into the trees so that she may report the outcome to her fierce leader.


Sara quickly made it over to the Royal Hut and proceeded to work with Xena. Within a candlemark she was able to wake her.

Upon regaining consciousness Xena immediately bolted to the kids room. "Gods no, this can't be happening." She stood comatose at what had just transpired. Xena was mortified with fear.

"Xena what the hell happened here?" Ephiny spat angrily. "Where in the Hades are the kids and Joxer?"

Xena ran past her and began to don her leathers and armor. "Just where in the world do you think you're going? WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN XENA?" Ephiny screamed.

Gabrielle watched her mate, as unconfined fear possessed her. She knew shouting or a physical confrontation wouldn't persuade Xena to answer any questions, instead just enrage her. No, they needed answers and they had to approach it calmly. Otherwise, Xena will continue to allude them without revealing anything of what happened there.

After sheathing her sword and ensuring all her weapons were in place, Xena headed for the door. Solarie and Ephiny instinctively positioned themselves in front of the hatch.

"Get out of my way." Xena growled unyieldingly. "No Xena, you are not leaving here until we have some answers," Ephiny calmly stated, knowing her friend doesn't take kindly to commands. Xena slowly unsheathed her sword. "I don't want to hurt you Ephiny, but I will if you don't move. You have no idea what that woman is capable of. I will not allow her to hurt my family any further."

Gabrielle stepped in front of Xena and asked her to put away her sword. "You could no more harm Ephiny or Solarie than me. Baby we just want to understand what went on here. And, we can't begin to figure that out if you don't tell us. Please, explain to us what’s going on Xena."

Xena stared into Gabrielle's pleading eyes and re-sheathed her sword. She then grabbed her mate and pulled her forcefully to her. Gabrielle could feel her lover's fear as she wrapped her trembling arms around her mate. Xena was out right scared. The concept all together was disturbing to the bard. She had never known her partner to fear anything.

"We'll find them Xena, I just know we will." The bard whispered comfortingly only concerned with her mate's well being. Xena tighten her grip around the bard and let out a frantic breath.

Gabrielle sought out to ease her warrior's grief as she whispered tender words of support and understanding into her dark mane. Xena released her hold slightly and placed a slow lingering kiss upon Gabrielle's full lips. More than anything in the world she needed to know the bard still loved and sustained her. Every thing else she could handle.


"Gabrielle is right you know. I could never harm you two intentionally. It's just for the first time in my life I'm afraid of loosing what is most dear to me. This woman that has taken the Joxer and children is as insane as Callisto. And, I just can't take a chance in provoking her into retaliating against me threw my family. I just can't."

Ephiny watched as the tears welled in her friend’s eyes and her heart sank. "Xena you know there isn't a warrior in this village that won't stand with you. We love you. And, whatever you need of us you just ask and its yours. All you have to do is say the words and our army is at your command." Xena smiled at her friend’s moving devotion and nodded her head in silent appreciation.

Chapter 3 - Interrogation at Katundra's Camp...

"So Jokster," "That's Jox-er, whomever you are. JOXER! And where are my daughters?" Katundra walked up to Joxer and bent over to look him menacingly in his eyes. "I don't think you are aware of whom you are talking to. Please," she growled heartlessly. Allow me to demonstrate."

The woman's movements was nothing less than elegant. Joxer watched as her full hips sway from side to side. Her every step inspired his body to plead for just a little of her. He tried clamping his legs shut to deter his well on the way erection, but his body rebelled. The woman was simply fine, and he couldn't deny it.

She was tall, but not quite as lofty as Xena. Her long brown hair hung carelessly upon her melon-sized breasts and shoulders. Her eyes, although not red in color, blazed of unfavorable hostility. She was perilous. Joxer was sure of it.

The outfit she wore only covered her already erect nipples, her moon shaped buttocks, and her joy chamber up front. The woman's whole persona was a warning to all those that may cross her. <Gods Xena, please hurry. This woman it far to tantalizing to not be completely insane>.

Once Katundra was at the distance desired, their eyes met. Joxer could feel his hair follicles tingle as the embedded shafts stood on end from her gaze. Katundra smirked while revealing her hidden toy. "Quite a beauty isn't it," she bragged while uncoiling her whip.

<I knew this wench was crazy. Sweet Artemis I got to get my babies out of here>. Joxer began to struggle against his restraints.

"Don't bother, J. I've strapped you in securely."

Katundra nodded at the guard who guided Joxena, Jedxeria and Joelle into the tent. Joxer gasped and immediately directed his attention back towards Katundra. <Please Gods, don't let her do this in front of my children...Please no>. Joxer pleaded as his teary eyes stared at his daughters. Xena's ex lover looked down at her hand while artfully twirling her whip.

"Hay, what can I say? They wanted to see their daddy. Who am I to deny them that." Not only did this woman want to punish Joxer; she also wanted him to know that SHE was in charge. And it didn't matter to what extent she would go to prove it.

Katundra's expression changed from amusement to a stare of death as she unraveled her whip and began her physical interrogation.

The girl's screams echoed throughout the camp. Katundra totally ignored the girl’s pleas to stop as she continued her vicious attack upon their father.

Joxer held fast. Taking the punishment without even so much as a flinch. She repeated her mindless administration until Joxer literally passed out.

<Huh, how interesting. I just knew you would be begging for mercy. But, you my friend proved to be a worthy opponent. I bet you have the heart of a lion, don't you>? Her mind continued to ponder her thoughts as she turned to the guard and ordered her to return the children to their tent and fetch the healer.

After viewing Joxer's outward appearance, Katundra was still curious as to why Xena was attracted to this mere man. She then straddled Joxer's lap and ripped off the remaining fragments of his torn shirt. It displayed nothing but the bloody slashes covering his once baby smooth chest. She then ran her hands curiously down his back, which was about as smooth as the front use to be. <What is it about you that captured Xena's interest>? Katundra found her self-repeating the phrase as her eyes scanned down to Joxer's crotch.

Unbeknownst to Katundra the healer had already step into the tent and was awaiting her approval before treating Joxer. "Katundra," the guard warned softly. Xena's ex-lover never looked up; instead her interest was drawn to the bulky seat of Joxer's silk trousers.

She quickly unlaced them and forced them opened. Joxer was only semi-erect, but the sight of his well-developed member caused everyone in the room to gasp in surprise. "Oh...ho, ho, ho, I have revealed Samson's greatness." She mocked impressively. "And how magnificent you are." She lifted Joxer's head and whispered, "I think I'll keep you."

"Healer come fix up my future husband." The old man glanced briefly at their commander before limping past her. She could tell the old man despised her. "I really shouldn't damage quality merchandise should I?" She announced while observing the old man's reaction. The healer said nothing, stead he hobbled over to Joxer and began his work.

Katundra rolled her eyes at the cripple and turned to leave. "Oh yeah, make sure he does a excellent job. Otherwise, I'll have to insist on his immediate demise." She sneered hatefully.

"Kay," the guard began. "He's...Katundra's hypnotic stare caused the guard to falter in her deliverance. Instead, she just nodded her head and turned to go assist him.


Back in the Queen's chamber...

Xena still hadn't relinquished her hold on Gabrielle's hands. She needed to touch her. She needed to know that Gabrielle still loved her in spite of what had transpired. The bard instinctively sensed her warrior's nonverbal plea and tightened her grip. Xena smiled and placed a lingering kiss upon the back of her hand.

"Xena," Ephiny began. "Who is this woman and where do you know her from?" Xena gazed over at the bard, dread evident in her eyes. "I met Katundra when I was about twenty summers old at an inn. It wasn't a formal meeting. I was sitting at my usual table in the back. When this boorish looking creature entered dragging her."

"He sat down at the table beside me and made her straddle his lap facing him. The barmaid came over to take his order just as he unlaced his pants and freed his throbbing erection. He then heisted up her dress and forced her down on his hardness." <Everyone in the room shifted uncomfortably at Xena explicit descriptions>.

Xena felt their edginess so she set out to end the tale as briskly as possible. "The bar servant quickly turned and left after she determined his intent. He continued to control her movements as he wrapped both arms around her waist while ramming his staff in her."

"I watched the animal as he continued to take her while slamming her onto the table. He then grabbed the ends of the furniture for additional leverage as he shoved himself in and out of her. I continued to gaze at the pair until Katundra's gaze seized mine and held it. As he humped in and out of her one of her hands broke free and hovered over his port.

"So, what's the significance of the drink?" Gabrielle asked curiously. Solarie snorted and stated, "Most likely she was probably poisoning him." Xena smiled at Solarie's familiarity with routine war tactics. <If you can't beat 'em then use whatever means necessary to destroy them>.

"Sol is right. She WAS placing a drug in his drink. But back then, I didn't know she was one of the most feared assassins around." "You were fascinated by her weren't you?" Ephiny interceded, as she noticed the admiration in the warrior's voice. "Yes," Xena answered curtly. "So what happened to the slimy primate?" Solarie inquired.

"After he ejaculated, he pulled himself off of her and snatched her down onto a nearby bench." "Well, after such a thorough workout I guess he was thirsty, huh?" Solarie joked. Ephiny elbowed her sharply in the ribs. "Do you think what's going on here is funny Solarie?" "No, of course not. How could you think such a..." Gabrielle tactfully interrupted their children's godparents before both ladies said something they would regret later.

"Ephiny I think both our warriors have more than fighting abilities in common, they also THINK strategically a like. And THAT is what I think Sol finds amusing. Am I right Sol?" "Yes, my queen." Solarie returned proudly.

The queen's regent examined their little queen before nodding her head in silent respect. <The older our little queen get the more wiser she become. Artemis choice couldn't have been supreme. She is a jewel>. Ephiny then turned and visually apologize to her mate. Solarie gave Ephiny a wink and asked Xena to continue.

"Anyway," Xena drawled while rolling her eyes at the pair. "His first gulp went down smoothly but within an instant he was dead. Never to taste the bitterness of the rest of the port that was now running freely out the sides of his mouth."

"Whatever she gave him killed him dead on the spot. As the still elevated drink ran out the sides of his mouth she quietly got up and made her way out of the tavern. I took one more swig of my drink and went over to check his pulse. And like I suspected he was dead. I headed out of the inn the moment I confirmed it to try and find her. With her angelic face and killer instinct I could become invincible. Plus she would be an excellent addition to my soon to be army."

"To shorten the story a little, she recruited ME into her army. We became lovers. Xena didn't even bother to look over at her mate from fear of receiving a disgusted glance from her. "We did a lot of wild and unheard of things during the relationship, but there came a point when I grew tired of that life, tired of her and tired of the whole army bit."

"So I planned a supposedly romantic weekend. We quickly began the festivities the moment we were alone. As we climbed higher and higher toward our climaxes I slid my boot dagger out from under the blanket."

"The second her back arched and screams of her release echoed among the trees, I slit her throat." Xena's eyes darken with an evil her comrades had never seen before. Both, Solarie and Ephiny noticed it and cleared their throats nervously.

"As her warm skewing blood splattered against my body I continued to grind against her. Willing myself to enjoy the moment." <Thank the gods>. "I thought. I would finally be free of this vile vessel of puke and disgust. My climax was like no other during those days. I was thoroughly spent and ecstatically satisfied. <The room became quiet. The little Queen and her sisters found something on the floor more interesting than gazing into the warrior's now viral gaze>.

Xena sensed her companions discomfort and jumped forward into an even briefer version of the story. "Anyway, at least I thought it was Katundra. But instead it was her twin sister Kalundra. They had been sharing me all along, but no one ever bothered to tell Xena."

"Xena I know you could tell the difference in them even if they were twins." "You're right my friend I could. That is why I continued to go along with the charade and scheduled the exotic weekend. If the leader of our army was killed while we were out on our rendezvous I could easily take control of her army."

"And once you brought the body back, claiming that renegades ambushed you two, and Katundra was killed during the battle, no one would contest your claim to become leader. And especially since everyone in the camp probably knew Katundra and Kalundra were PLAYING you anyway. They wouldn't dare admit the truth.

"Um," Xena retorted. "Our queen is right. We do sometimes think alike." Sol snickered and encouraged Xena to continue.

"So to make a story shorter, Sol was correct. I took Kalundra's body back, took over the army, and lead them into an expectant massacre. I on the other hand executed a clean getaway. And hopefully, a smooth discharges, from Katundra's army. I rode long and hard promising myself never to look back again and never to get into a relationship like I'd just had."

"Well, Xena your old comrade is back and will probably be expecting you in the morning. Let's get on with the planning." Xena looked over at Gabrielle. Trying to gage her solemn response. Gabrielle simply looked up into her champion's eyes and mouthed, "I love you." Xena returned the sentiment. That was all the warrior needed to exalt this tragedy and bring their love ones home. There was no force in the world that could to prevent the warrior from retrieving her family.

Chapter 4 - The Seduction...

"Joxer, I thought it would be at least morning before you regain consciousness. My, you are a force to be reckoned with, aren't you?" Katundra purred. "I must apologize for my behavior earlier. Sometimes I have a tendency to accentuate a moment, instead of thinking twice about my actions before proceeding."

Joxer stared at the woman in disbelief and simply nodded his head in acceptance. "To show you that I am sincere about my apology, I've brought you some little visitors."

The twins toddled in on each side of their older sister Joxena as she held their hands securely in hers. She was every bit the big sister as she briefly gazed up at Katundra then her father lying on his side in their mother's ex-lover's bed.

"Daddy," Joxena nervously called out, but did not move from their position. Joxer patiently pulled him self up, mindful of the injuries he had just received and signals the girls to him.

Joxena led her sisters over to their father and fell into his embrace. "It's going to be okay, mommy will be here soon." Joxer quietly promised.

"Daddy, I want to go home," Joxena whispered as tears began to run down her cheeks. "Shhh, my little one, no need to fret. When mommy gets here she'll make sure we all go home. Then we can see your other mother. She's probably worried sick by now."

Joxena wrapped her little arms around her father's neck and whispered, "you promise." Joxer chortled bravely and said, "have I ever broken a promise." All of Joxer's daughters looked up into their father brave features and shook their heads from side to side." Joxer watched his little princesses as they don the captivating smiles of their mothers, Xena and Gabrielle.

"Well, I'd say it is about bed time for you little Amazons," Katundra finalized as she looked over at the guard that was now standing within the opening of the tent. The girls suddenly clung to their father's neck and arms, screaming for dear life.


"Noooo," they screamed as the warrior began to peel their little clenched fingers from Joxer's clothes. "Girls," Joxer voice was so calm, it immediately seized the frantic girl's attention.

"Daddy need all of you to be good girls. You know mommy will accept no less. We don't want to give these lady any reasons to give mommy a bad report do we?" They all shook their heads and relinquished their hold. "That's my girls. Now, give daddy a kiss before you go." The girls obediently granted their father's request and gallantly joined hands again before walking slowly toward the tents opening.

Just before stepping threw the opened flap Joxena turned around and said, "good night daddy...Don't let the bed bugs bite, Okay." Jedxeria and Joelle didn't speak they just waved nonchalantly and followed their big sister out into the darkness.

The guard looked back at Joxer as the tears began to run down his cheeks. As he stared up into her hazel eyes he could have sworn, if only for a minute, that he saw regret and empathy in them. But she broke the gaze off too quickly.

"You are definitely a man of many talents, aren't you Joxer. Those girls adore you. You must spend a lot of time with them, huh?" Joxer didn't answer. He just simply allowed the tears to run unchecked over his cheeks. Nothing could lessen the ache of inadequacy he was experiencing right now. <What kind of man would allow his family to be abducted and on top of it all, have no idea how to get them out of it>?

"You seemed a little tense, let's see what we could do about that." Katundra inquired while handing him a drink. Joxer didn't even acknowledge his captor's presence as he sat in silence and gulped his drink.

Katundra stood off to the side sipping her drink. Wondering how long it would take before the aphrodisiac work. After his second swallow Joxer began to feel warm. Beginning in his throat and quickly fanning threw the rest of his body.

He tried to set the goblet down on the end of the night table but it tip off. Joxer felt the strange heat surge threw his body like a razor slicing butter. He dabbed his damped forehead upon his sleeve to wipe away the reoccurring beads of sweat. Joxer knew his body was responding peculiar, he just didn't understand why.

"How are you feeling Joxer?" Katundra inquired seductively. Joxer almost leaped to his feet as he rid his body of the offending clothing.

"Gods, I'm burning up." He practically screamed. Joxer could feel the rest of his body respond as if he was being aroused. He looked down at his rapidly swelling wand and shouted, "By the gods, what have you done to me?"

Visions of him and his wives making love roamed his mind as he began to loose his grasp on coherent thoughts.

"I can't stand this...I need." He glanced over at Katundra as she uncovered her voluptuous curves the robe concealed. "Uh..." Joxer growled as his body began to tremble violently with need.


He closed his eyes in an attempt to shut off the effects Katundra swaying hips was having on him. His senses had become so magnified that he could smell her wetness. Joxer's trembling hands were now cradling his aching hardness as Katundra approached him.

Without warning Joxer snatched Xena's ex-lover to him and roughly deposited her onto the bed. "Are you going to take me like a Neanderthal Joxer. I hope you are, because I'll welcome the fierceness. It's been a long time since I been taken like that." Joxer seemed to be thinking of nothing but the throbbing staff between his legs.


Joxer didn't reply he simply climbed up between her outstretched legs and sunk his hardness patiently into her slippery opening. "Oh, ho. the king of the gods," She growled while encouraging Joxer with her rising hips.

They quickly established an artful in and out method as their hips stirred and buttocks flexed to create an exotic fulfillment. The casual plunging quickly dissolved as their needs grew.

Joxer threaded his forearms under Katundra's back and grabbed a firm hold of her shoulders. He then began to thrust his swollen knob carelessly into his wife's ex-lover. She could never imagine him having such an aggressive nature; but then again he was Xena's husband. How could she have thought any less?

As his plunging intensified, he released her shoulders and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. Katundra lifted her hips off the bed and arched her back. Joxer was panting, gasping, and driving his heated pole deep inside her. His body was moving on pure adrenaline now, and lunging towards one main goal. And that was to leave this little temptress craving the Jox-meister. As he threw his head back, he shoved his jerking plank deep inside Katundra several times more before releasing. They both screamed to the top of their lungs as they fell into rim of ecstasy and temporary satisfaction.

As the tremors of their release subsided, the exhausted enemies collapsed in a heap upon the captor's bed. "What did you say your name was again? Purseus, Cupid." "No," he stammered. "It's Joker. Joker...The Mighty."

"Um, such a fitting title for such a deserving man. I like it." Katundra murmured as she buried her face in Joxer's neck. <No, I don't think the Warrior Princess will be parting with you anytime soon>. Katundra thought as she drifted to sleep.


The Movie continues in Chapter 5

Written and Copyrighted by: L. B. Anderson

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