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By Cruise and Stoley

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Jordanís body relaxed as her sexy lover worked her magic moving her sensuous kiss up and down Jordanís neck. It had been so long to be exact... since she last felt that connection with Bly and she was extremely happy to have Bly reacquaint herself with her body. They had been through a lot in the past weeks and it had taken its toll on the both of them. She wanted and needed to have Bly touch and kiss her as she did before...with complete love.

The way Bly had acted and looked at Jordan devastated her. She loved Bly so much but couldnít stand to see her look at her with so much guilt. Jordan thought about the ultimatum she gave Bly and realized she couldnít possibly have stayed away from Bly for too long...she loved her too much.

Jordan moaned delightedly as Blyís searing kiss moved down through her cleavage before capturing an already hardened nipple. Jordan ran her hands through Blyís long, dark hair reveling in the pleasure she felt and how her body reacted to Blyís kiss and touch. No one had ever been able to make her feel the way Bly was able to Jordan thought as she felt Blyís mouth wrap around her other breast sending her center into a throbbing frenzy.

Bly was setting Jordanís passion afire...that much was true and Jordan wanted Bly to know just how much she enjoyed what her incredible lover was doing to her. Jordan grasped Blyís face with her hands and pulled her up for a deep, moist, soul-searing kiss much to Blyís delight. The kiss sent a tingling sensation down Bly's spine telling her just how much Jordan loved her.

She loved Jordan so much she thought as she deepened the seductive kiss. She couldn't and didn't want to imagine living her life without Jordan. Recently, they had too many close calls of not being together and she never wanted that to happen again.

Bly wanted to make love...slowly, gently touching and tasting to her hearts content and savoring everything the object of her affection had to offer. 'The way she deserved to be made love to' Bly thought moving her kiss down to Jordanís neck before nibbling on the soft skin.

Jordan moaned in pleasure at the tenderness of Blyís kiss on her neck sending her body into a mass of goosebumps. Bly was such an erotic lover who always made her feel as if she was the most important person in the world and told her exactly how much she loved her with every touch and kiss. ĎSheís so gentle, caring and tender.í Jordan thought fondly of the woman who consumed her waking thoughts with her passions ignited as Blyís kiss blazed a trail between her breasts to her navel before stopping...teasing and tantalizing her oversensitive skin with her tongue.

Jordanís abdomen tightened in response to Blyís tongue circling her navel before dipping deep inside following that gesture with a soft kiss. Blyís hands slowly and softly made their way down Jordanís sensual body before entwining with Jordanís as her kiss traveled down to her blonde curl line. Jordan gasped as Bly moved closer to her wet mound that throbbed uncontrollably for her lover to attend to its needs.

Bly loved to touch, kiss and taste Jordan. Actually, she loved everything about Jordan and the feelings she had for her overwhelmed her at times. She had wandered through life with her eyes closed and never allowed someone to get as close to her as Jordan. Bly had always hoped someone would love her for who she is and not what she has monetarily...she thought that person would never enter her life until she saw her beautiful blond, green eyed lover in Key West. Bly knew when their eyes met she was the soul mate she had searched for in her life.

Bly wanted Jordan to know just how much she loved and cared for her. Jordan is all Bly ever needed. The feeling Jordan created in Bly was indescribable....she would try to describe how she made her feel, but the words just never came out right. It was the way Jordan was able to make her feel and it was the only thing that was real to Bly. The feeling she had inside when Jordan looked into her eyes was everything that she had ever wanted to see in her soul mate. Jordan was able to understand everything about Bly and accepted her no matter what...that was one of the beautiful traits Jordan possessed. Bly slowly and sensually made love to Jordan. She poured every ounce of her emotions and feelings into the lovemaking until she felt Jordanís grasp tighten around her hands and knew Jordanís climax was near.

Tears of joy trickled from Jordanís green eyes as Bly made love to her so caringly and lovingly. Jordan loved the gentleness about Bly...who always made her feel so loved and safe. She wondered how she was so lucky to have such a wonderful woman in her life. Jordanís life had not been filled with much love. ĎHell, had there really been any love involved in it at all?í She wondered briefly before putting that thought out of her head so she could thoroughly enjoy what Bly was doing to her. Bly sent her passions souring, as always with the way her tongue worked itís magic on her slick, wet center. Jordan worked to control her labored breathing to no avail and didnít want to fight it...she didnít want to be inhibited with Bly at all...she wanted to thoroughly enjoy everything Bly was offering to her.

Jordanís arousal surged through her with Blyís ministrations and tightened her grip on Blyís hands pressing her head back against the pillow in pleasure ...knowing her release was soon to come. "Oh, feel so good." Jordan moaned breathless her heart pounding from Blyís seductiveness. She had a nervous feeling just like she did the first time they made love. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered uncontrollably just as they did when Bly took her into her arms and made wonderful, passionate love to her for the first time. The feeling of having someone you love and who loves you so much make love to you was incredible were Jordan's last thoughts as she gave herself to Bly freely.

Bly felt Jordanís walls tighten and heard her soft cries knowing she was drawing near before feeling her release and tasting the nectar Jordan offered her. She took everything Jordan gave her gladly, thinking how much she loved Jordan and how wonderful she tasted, feeling her loverís body shudder with one orgasm after another. Jordan lay gasping for her breath trying to calm her racing heart, feeling absolutely wonderful. Jordanís body tingled and shuddered as Blyís kiss softly traveled up her body before snuggling against Jordanís neck pressing her long, slender body against her blonde lover. Bly inhaled the aroma so specific to her blonde lover smiling contentedly and kissed her neck softly.

Jordan wrapped her arms lovingly and tightly around Bly softly kissing her cheek. "Jordan...I love you so much...I want you to know just how much baby." Bly whispered honestly and huskily filled with emotion.

"I know just how much you love me Bly every time you look into my eyes with those beautiful blues of yours...I love you so much." Jordan answered smiling and staring into the eyes she loses herself in every time, capturing Blyís inviting lips for a soul-searing kiss.

"I see the same in those fabulous green eyes of yours baby." Bly answered though her kiss before deepening it sending shivers throughout Jordan.

"The things you do to me baby...just knocks me out feels incredibly wonderful." Jordan adoringly replied before passionately kissing her blue eyed lover.

"My life has been nothing but wonderful since you entered it Jordan and I donít ever want you to not be a part of it." Bly answered gently pushing Jordanís stray strand of hair off her face.


"Even with everything Cindy has put us through?" Jordan asked regretfully.

"Even with that wench interfering in our life sweets, there is nothing I would change if it meant losing you. I love you no matter what...even if you get fat from eating too much Cinnamon nut French toast." Bly laughed nibbling on Jordanís neck.

Jordan giggled happily and kissed Blyís shoulder. "Iím so glad, are you feeling up to getting some Cinnamon Nut French toast?" Jordan asked excitedly wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Bly smiled and laughed. "How can I deny the woman I love French toast?" Bly teased softly kissing Jordanís lips.

"Honey." Jordan replied leaning away from Bly to look at her. "Itís not just any French toast itís Cinnamon Nut French toast!" Jordan teased with a gleam in her eye at the thought of the tasty breakfast.

"Well...excuse me for being so disrespectful and calling it just French toast my love!" Bly laughed sitting up and helping her blonde lover up as well.

"Iíll forgive day." Jordan laughed and noticed Bly was preoccupied with what was on the TV. "Bly?...whatís wrong?"

"They are showing a massive hurricane moving right towards us." Bly answered with concern at the news report. "We were lucky that the other hurricaneís passed us by this season...letís hope this one does." Bly replied with growing concern at the impending storm.

"Iíve never been in a you normally have a hurricane party?" Jordan asked smoothing out the skin wrinkled between Blyís furrowing brows from her worry.

" to enjoy your life before a storm might unexpectedly take it." Bly teased with a laugh as the newscast ended.

"Do you normally stay here?"

"Hell no!...Ares and I haul ass to mom and dadís in Weston which is as far west as you can get without being in the Everglades. I used to stay here when a hurricane would approach, but not since Hurricane Andrew hit. I used to love to be a cocky fool and defy the storms when one approached until I saw the mass destruction of Andrew...never again! It was a humbling experience." Bly answered shivering at the memories of the damage Hurricane Andrew caused the South Florida area pulling the blonde into her lap and holding her in her arms for comfort.

"I saw the news reports on that hurricane and cried for the people who were affected by it. What do you do with all of your stuff in here?" Jordan asked looking around at the expensive items and collectibles that adorned Blyís penthouse.

"Pack up all of my collectibles and take them with me. As for everything else...thatís what insurance is for darlin. Those things can be replaced quite easily." Bly drawled leaning down and kissing Jordan thoroughly content knowing that Jordan was hers...all hers once again. She marveled at the fact that, of all the women in the world Jordan chose to be with amazed and excited her when she thought about it.

"That is scary to think that everything you own could be totally wiped out with one storm and you wouldnít have a place to live...that everything you had ever worked so hard to have would be wiped out in an instant." Jordan thought sadly.

"Iím sure it is the scariest feeling in the world and I would rather not have to experience it." Bly answered solemnly at the thought quickly changing the subject. "Come on...letís get you your French ...excuse me...your Cinnamon Nut French toast." Bly laughed and kissed Jordan tasting herself on Blyís lips sending a flush of warmth throughout her. Jordan loved to have herself on Bly and deepened the kiss to let her know it. "If you keep kissing me like that over being excited about breakfast...youíre going to get very fat because Iím going feed you that all the time!" Bly teased and kissed Jordan again.

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this morning and how much I love tasting myself on you." Jordan answered seductively before kissing Bly deeply.

"Hmmm...I happen to love you there too." Bly answered through her kiss.

"Donít hesitate to have me there more often then." Jordan answered sexily flashing Bly a seductive glance.

"I thought you would never offer." Bly whispered with obvious excitement at Jordanís offer, kissing her lover deep and passionately while her hands reacquainted themselves with Jordanís body.

"Ow!" Jordan replied and winced as Blyís hand brushed Jordanís scar from the surgery.

"Whatís wrong?" Bly asked concerned looking into pain-filled green eyes.

"Itís my hurts." Jordan answered moving Blyís hand off of it.

"Let me see it." Bly replied moving Jordanís robe to examine her scar. "Oh, Jordan... the scar tissue is built up and needs to be taken care of honey." Bly explained with a sideways glance at Jordan with her dark hair hanging to one side shadowing one side of her face.

"No way...Iím not having anymore surgery." Jordan protested vehemently.

"You wonít have to babe...Iíll massage the scar and break up the hard tissue there so it wonít hurt so much." Bly answered with a reassuring smile and a chuckle at Jordan being so adamant. "Did I ever tell you how sexy you are when youíre forceful?" Bly teased with a sexy smile.

"Whew!...I thought I was going to have to have surgery. Sexy huh?" Jordan laughed blushing in response to Blyís statement. "However, I would rather have you massage something else of mine, but Iíll settle for you doing the scar for now." Jordan answered with a chuckle and kissed Bly.

"You can be so compromising Jordan." Bly teased and coaxed her to lie down so she could massage the scar. "Babe...this is probably going to hurt because I have to be aggressive with a deep friction massage to break up the tissue okay?" Bly informed Jordan.

"Okay...just try to be as gentle as possible please?" Jordan replied hesitantly.

"Yes, dear." Bly answered with a chuckle beginning her deep friction massage on Jordanís scar.

"Bly...please you have to stop...I canít take it anymore." Jordan replied with tear filled eyes from the pain only after a few moments of the massage.

Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and held her. "Okay...Iím sorry. Iím going to have Kim add the massage into your treatment plan and before long the area will become desensitized to the touch." Bly replied and heard Jordanís muffled and reluctant agreement to her plan. Bly sat up and leaned down gently kissing Jordanís scar as thoughts of Jordanís terror and pain flooded her quickening her pulse. She fought back the guilt and anxiety lightly tracing the scar with her finger before placing a kiss on it again. Jordan sat up with Bly secretly wiping the tears that filled her blue eyes as Jordanís back was turned to her.


"You okay?" Jordan asked with worry from the look on Blyís face when she turned to face the woman she loved more than anything in the world.

"Oh, yeah...just felt a little queasy...thatís all. Iím going to take a shower...want to join me?" Bly answered lamely regretting she didnít tell Jordan what was bothering her. At least she was able to get over the guilty feeling quicker now she thought.

"Yep...go ahead in and Iíll join you. I need to find something to nibble on to tie me over." Jordan answered with a chuckle as she stood up.

"Donít take too long sexy." Bly purred in Jordanís ear before kissing her cheek.

"You got it baby." Jordan answered with an adoring smile and patted Blyís firm backside watching her walk away. Jordan stood appreciatively enjoying the sight of her tall, naked and very gorgeous lover walk into the master bedroom. "Yummy." Jordan whispered thoroughly content with the sight before heading into the kitchen. Jordan grabbed a cookie and remembered she was waiting on some info from her publishing house that she had forwarded to Blyís while she recuperated and headed down to pick up the mail.

She tightened the belt on her robe and slipped her barefeet into her sandals in the elevator on the ride down, and finished eating the Halloween Oreo cookie she nibbled on. "Those are so damn good!" Jordan replied out loud satisfied and happy her lover shared her passion for Oreo cookies...especially the Halloween oneís that had the orange stuffing in the middle instead of the white. She knew if was silly because the orange and white stuffing was the same...pure sugar, but the orange stuffing was different and tasted so much better Jordan thought with a shrug of her shoulders. Laughing at her silliness she grabbed the mail from the mailbox in the lobby and began shuffling through it.

The packet she was waiting for from the publishing house wasnít there. She sighed disappointedly and looked through the rest of the mail. ĎStupid carpet cleaning coupons! They love to inundate everyone with all of these coupons which do nothing but clutter up the drawer...especially Blyís, who never throws them away...even oneís she had in there from 5 year ago!í Jordan thought with a chuckle and stepped back onto the elevator pushing the button as she leafed through the rest of the mail.

"Ooh, People magazine!" Jordan exclaimed excitedly looking at the cover of the magazine. "Best and worst dressed 99." Jordan read the title on the cover. "I canít believe People wastes the cover on this crap! They should realize that over 90% of the celebrities are the worst dressed people around!" Jordan chuckled as she put the magazine to the bottom of the pile of mail and found the Sports Illustrated issue.

"Ooh, an article about the womenís National volleyball team." Jordan replied softly lost in her thoughts opening the magazine to see if the article made mention of that sexy woman of hers. She found the page with the article on the volleyball team and began to read it. The article went on to mention the problems the team was having and that they werenít making a very strong impression with the way they were playing. The article mentioned dissention amongst the players and the coaches. ĎWow...that is not good.í Jordan thought continuing to read as she stepped off the elevator.

She walked towards the kitchen and grabbed another Oreo cookie before heading into the living room lost in her thoughts from reading. ĎFinally...they are talking about Bly.í Jordan thought excitedly with a smile.

"The National team has no chance of winning any games at the Olympics if they donít get Bly ĎThe Ghostí VanDewark back on the team." The author of the article wrote as Jordan continued to read the article realizing Bly had never explained to her why she had the nickname of ĎThe Ghost.í "The woman who inherited the nickname because of her Ghost like demeanor on a court appearing where someone least expected her to be was not on top of her usual impeccable and exciting game at her last outing. SI was informed by a reliable source that she was having relationship problems. This trouble distracted from her game before having an argument with the coach and abruptly leaving the team. This action cost the sure shot MVP to lose her spot on the National team and any hope of representing the U.S. on the Olympic team." The lump of guilt constricted Jordanís throat as she read the article realizing she caused Bly a chance of being on the Olympic volleyball team. She wiped away her tear and read on.

"The coach of the team would be wise to bow down to ĎThe Ghostí groveling to have this spectacular player back on the team. A distracted ĎGhostí playing at half her potential is more help to this team than any other player on the team. A Poltergeist needs to happen to bring ĎThe Ghostí out of hiding. Bring out the Ouja boards and ask...where are you ĎGhost?í We need!" Jordan finished reading the article in disbelief and feeling incredibly horrible as she dropped the magazine to her lap.

"Hey, I thought you were joining me in the shower sexy?" Bly replied walking into the living room towel drying her hair wiggling her eyebrows seductively with a sly grin on her face.

Jordan jumped startled by Bly entering the room and was snapped out of her trance and looked up at Bly possessing a grave expression on her fine features.

"Whatís wrong Jordan?" Bly asked worriedly throwing the towel over her shoulder and approaching Jordan who held out the magazine to her. "Whatís in here that could give you such a look of horror on your face honey?...are the Tigers that far out of the playoffs?" Bly teased taking the magazine from Jordan and realized she didnít find her comment funny.

Bly looked briefly at the magazine and saw the article regarding the volleyball team. "Why didnít you tell me you blew your chances of making the Olympic team because of me Bly?" Jordan asked in a tone filled with annoyance and hurt.

Bly stood in awkward silence momentarily and saw how visibly distraught Jordan was before throwing the magazine on the coffee table. "Jordan...itís no big deal...really." Bly meant a lot to her to make the team, but not at the expense of losing Jordan she thought as she knelt before her distraught lover and held her hands in her own to reassure her.

"Bly...itís a big deal to me and I know itís a big deal to you. I can see it in your eyes." Jordan answered mildly annoyed at Blyís evasiveness.

"Jordan...Iíve been to the Olympics before so, not going again is not going to kill me." Bly answered trying to reassure Jordan knowing that she really wanted to go to the Olympics one more time and win a gold medal before she retired from the game. She wanted Jordan to be there and to be able to look up in the stands to see her lover there...for her. Bly wanted Jordan to experience all of the excitement of the Olympics and be proud of Bly for being there. She was lying to Jordan about her feelings and stopped suddenly realizing that she didnít want to lie to her anymore.

"Jordan...youíre right." Bly answered uneasily because she didnít want to hurt Jordan, but it would hurt her more if she continued to lied to her. "The Olympics are very important to me and I blew my chances to make the team...not youÖI did." Bly explained, sincerely hoping Jordan wouldnít be so upset.

"Bly...Iím the reason for your distraction. If I wouldnít have been such a bitch about you coming to my award ceremony and holding it against you then you would have made the team." Jordan answered regretfully.

"Jordan...Iím a former professional athlete, an Olympic athlete...someone who should have been able to put that distraction aside to do what I was suppose to do. I didnít do that and I blew my you." Bly explained as an uncomfortable tension hung in the air.

"Thatís bullshit Bly...donít patronize me. You walked off the court blowing any chance you had a spot on the team." Jordan answered angrily looking into Blyís blue eyes.

"Thatís right Jordan...I did and I would do it again because I love you. You are the most important person in the world to me and I was not going to stay to play a damn volleyball game when the person I love more than life itself laid in a hospital on her death bed!" Bly answered in a raised tone, her pulse quickening at the memories of Dawson's phone call telling her about nearly killed her when she heard Jordan was hurt. Bly put Jordanís hand to her mouth and kissed it softly.

"Bly...Iím so sorry." Jordan answered tearfully and wrapped her arms tightly around her loverís neck.

Bly wrapped her arms tightly around Jordan and held her without another word being said. The Olympics meant a lot to her to experience again the excitement and pride of representing your country in that magnitude, but she couldnít put that before her relationship with Jordan...she didnít want to and wouldnít do it.

" there any other way you can get on the team?" Jordan asked leaning back and looking into cloudy blue eyes.

"Well...I suppose if someone got hurt or the coach requested to put me back on the team then I could probably make it. I think they have me listed as an alternate on the roster, but I havenít heard from the coach...she was pretty pissed off at me when I walked off the court." Bly answered with a sheepish grin and a chuckle.

"Can you talk to someone and see if you can get back on it...find out what you have to do for sure?"

"I suppose I could call the assistant coach who was one of the coaches on the last Olympic team and see what she can do. Look, if I donít get back on I will have no regrets about my decision to come home to you Jordan...I want you to know that." Bly answered honestly staring into Jordanís green eyes.

"I will have regrets because I want to see you play and to see how you got your nickname ĎThe Ghostí. I want to see you stand on the podium proudly as our national anthem plays with the gold medal wrapped around your neck...knowing that your mine...all mine and that you were able to retire from the game you love accomplishing your ultimate goal." Jordan replied excitedly and picturing Bly in all her glory.

"That would be nice and I would love to have you support me and to see your beautiful smile radiating across the crowded arena...knowing that you love me." Bly answered with a pleased grin as she thought about it.

"Thank you for putting me ahead of everything else in your life. It means a lot to me Bly...Iíve never had someone care about me that much and itís a wonderful feeling knowing that you do. I love you so much." Jordan admitted breathless before claiming Blyís lips for a heartfelt, soul-searing kiss. Bly smiled happily through her kiss knowing how much Jordan loved her and how much she meant to her and deepened the kiss as she pulled her blonde lover closer to her. Jordan broke of the kiss and snuggled against Blyís neck smelling the clean, fresh scent of her dark lover and whispered. "Interested in taking another shower?"

"I thought you would never ask." Bly answered and lifted the smaller woman in to her arms carrying her in a bear hug towards the bathroom kissing her passionately.

An hour later they were showered and dressed and headed out for Cinnamon Nut French Toast. The wind had picked up dramatically and Bly eyed the skies warily as she looked out over the ocean. The surf was beginning to kick up and if it wasn't for the wind, the humidity would have been unbearable. 'This is not looking good.' Bly thought to herself as she headed the car toward the restaurant.

The next few days were spent between work, therapy and packing up everything Bly wanted to take to her parents. The two women worked steadily as they watched the news accounts of the impending hurricane. Everyone hoped that this story would track north instead of west, but it was so huge that it just kept plodding along on its westerly course. Jordan tried to pack the lighter objects and winced every time she stretched out her side. The therapy to remove the scar tissue had been excruciating and her side ached from the constant onslaught, but slowly it was beginning to grow numb easier with each session with Kim.

Jordan sat on the sofa flipping through the new car brochures that they had picked up on their way home from work and therapy. Bly was partial to a car similar to hers, but Jordan didn't want to spend that much money. Jordan leaned more toward and SUV, something that would give her strength and security, two things which seemed important now. Ever since the accident, she didn't like the feeling of vulnerability she felt when she rode in a car. Jordan thought that with an SUV she would have more protection and feel good about driving again. Bly sat down on the sofa next to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Have you decided which one yet?"

"Yes, I want an SUV for sure. I definitely like the idea of riding above everyone and how solid they are. I'm just not sure which one would be best." Jordan pointed out various features on the trucks as they looked over the different models. They cited the pros and cons of each vehicle and narrowed it down to two, either a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Lincoln Navigator. Finally, deciding to test drive each and make a decision from there.

As the storm drew nearer with no sign of turning north, Bly decided it was time to pack up and move out to her parents house.

"How you doing in here?" Bly walked into the bedroom to find Jordan finishing up the last box. "Okay and you?"

"Just about finished out here. Did you pack all your photo albums in the plastic bin?" Jordan nodded and Bly picked up the box and carried it out into the foyer and placed it with the other boxes.

"What about the windows? Do you have to do anything to them? Jordan looked out over the gray and angry seas. It was a wrath she never wished to be directed as her.

"I had hurricane shutters installed on the outside. As soon as they come up for the boxes, we can leave and they will secure them. Once they are closed you can't see a thing in here without light. If the power goes out, it sure gets dark in here!" Bly grinned at Jordan to alleviate the woman's fears and picked up her last box and added it to the growing pile.

"I think thatís about it. I'll have them come up and collect all this while I pull the car around to the front.


Paradise Found continues...

(Cruise/Stoley, 1999)

Authorís notes: Okay I have no idea of what goes on at a Hurricane party, except being scared s***less. We have 2-1/2 pages to play with to keep within 15 pages. Is this what you had in mind when you said stretch it? Let me know.

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