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By Cruise and Stoley

Disclaimers: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

The following story is alternative uber-fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you....please do not read any further. Thank you.

Song used in this story "Show me Heaven" is performed by Maria McKee from the soundtrack "Days of thunder."

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As they walked along the beach, neither woman said a word in anticipation of what was finally about to come to pass. They collected their shoes and Bly took the lead to direct them toward her car. As they passed the Beach Club's entrance, Dawson came out and called out to them.


"What?" Bly called back cringing. She knew this couldn't be good.

"Where are you going?" Dawson asked as he hurried over. Dawson was a male copy of Bly, both were tall, dark and extremely good looking. Jordan marveled at how one family could equally possess so many beautiful characteristics, but still felt Bly out shown them all.

"Home... Dawson," Bly replied as they waited for him to approach them.

"You can't leave now. Gram asked me to come and find you. They are serving dessert and want to open the presents. You know Gram... she can't do that without her precious Bly," he added grinning. Dawson looked down at Jordan appreciatively, smiling said, "I don't believe I had the pleasure?"

Bly's eyebrow raised in amusement as she said "Dawson, this is Jordan. Jordan, Dawson."

"Oh and Dawson, put your eyes back in place, she's spoken for," Bly added smiling down at Jordan.

"Figures, I still don't see how you get the pretty ones," Dawson replied before leaning over to shake Jordan's hand. "Nice to meet you Jordan."

"Nice to meet you Dawson."

"Go back inside and tell Gram that I we will be back in a few minutes," Bly instructed Dawson and led Jordan over next to where the cars were parked.

Leaning against her car, Bly put her arms around Jordan and pulled her close. "I'm sorry, but I've got to go back in there. When Gram calls... everyone runs in this family," Bly replied grinning. Jordan could see that she said it in an affectionate way and that her grandmother meant a lot to her.

"It's not a problem. I did hear dessert mentioned didn't I?" Jordan replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Bly leaned down and kissed Jordan intensely before whispering, "You're all the dessert I'll ever need."

"Ummm," Jordan replied. "I think I've just found my new favorite."

Bly chuckled and looked down into green eyes. "Think you can put up with my family for a little while longer? I promise we will be together soon."

"As long as I am near you, I can wait an eternity," Jordan replied seriously looking up at Bly.

Bly looked back and replied, "I promise, it won't take that long," and leaned down for another soul searing kiss. They remained locked in each others arms until the need to take the kiss farther was pounding at the door. Breaking the connection, Bly took Jordan's hand and huskily said, "I think we better go back inside before we become the entertainment for the evening." Jordan giggled and let Bly lead her merrily back to the party. So far, this evening was turning out better than she could have ever dreamed.

Bly led her over to Julie and Linda and said, "Hey Girls, Jordan's going to join me at my table and then I'll be taking her home so you guys don't have to worry about her."

Julie looked up smiling and replied, "Well, it's about time my friend. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to see the light!" Linda smiled up at Jordan and reached out for Jordan's free hand, she squeezed it and winked. Jordan leaned down and kissed Linda on the cheek and whispered, "You're right I don't want to be in Dawson's shoes tonight...mine are going to be pretty busy," Bly and Julie looked at each other questioningly when Linda started laughing and nodding. Julie shrugged her shoulders and Bly nodded as she led Jordan over toward her family.

Bly leaned down to kiss her grandmother and said, "I'm back. I had to go find something," she replied grinning in Jordan's direction.

"It's about time young lady," Jordan's father replied sternly, but his eyes twinkled merrily to tell another story.

Bly blushed and began to introduce Jordan to her family. Bly's grandmother made Jordan sit next to her with Bly on the other side of Jordan.

"So, tell me...are you the one everyone's been talking about that has finally captured my granddaughters heart?" the elderly matriarch asked.

"I hope so," Jordan replied unsure how to answer that question.

"Good, it's about time she settles down. I can see she has an eye for beauty."

Jordan blushed deeply and mumbled, "Thank you."

"Woman, don't pester this pretty young thing," Bly's grandfather interrupted. "May I have this dance?" he asked Jordan.

Jordan looked over at Bly, who was talking to her mother, before looking back and nodding. She got up, and when Bly looked over, she leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I'll be right back."

Bly nodded and watched as her grandfather led Jordan out to the dance floor. 'I should have asked her to dance,' Bly thought to herself and watched the couple glide across the dance floor. Jordan was the picture of beauty tonight, her white dress clung in all the right places as Bly watched her dance.

The evening wore on, through the dessert and opening of presents to dancing again. Jordan never came back to the table after the serious dancing had gotten underway. She was constantly being claimed by one family member after another as each new song began. Bly was beginning to get a little irritated that she hadn't gotten to dance with Jordan all evening. Every time she would get up to retrieve her, some one would get ahead of her and whisk her off.

Right now, Dawson had Jordan on the dance floor and they were talking and dancing. Bly wasn't sure why this bothered her, it was her brother, after all, but she wanted Jordan in her arms in the worst way.

"I don't pry, but could you tell me....Do you love my sister?" Dawson asked as he moved Jordan through their dance steps.

Jordan was slightly taken back, but replied, "Very much."

"That's good because I don't want to see her get hurt again. She's my sister and I want her to be happy," he added.

"Well, then we both want the same thing for her," Jordan answered firmly. This was the third person to want to know what her intentions were with Bly. 'Bly you are one lucky lady to have so many people care so much about you, including me!' she thought happily.

Finally, having had just about all she could take, Bly got up and went to the dance floor and tapped Dawson on the shoulder. When Dawson looked over, Bly set her icy blue eyes on him and whispered, "Get your own girl, this one is mine. I'm cutting in!" Dawson started chuckling and drawled, "Put your claws back honey, I'm just taking care of family." He released Jordan and placed her into Bly's arms before lightly kissing his sister on the cheek and heading toward the bar.

Bly took Jordan in her arms and pulled her closer as Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck and looked up into blue eyes trying not to laugh at the expression she saw.

"What, I got tired of watching everyone hold you tonight, but me," Bly responded defensively.

"It's Okay, because you are the last one I want to hold me tonight. I was saving the best for last," Jordan replied in a sexy voice.

"That you can count on, honey," Bly replied as Jordan tucked her head under Bly's chin. They danced slowly as Bly hummed the song that was playing gently into Jordan's ear. Jordan could feel the goose bumps rising along with the heat of her body. Bly's smooth deep voice vibrated to her core and she felt herself reacting as never before. She silently prayed that nothing would stand in their way tonight.

The celebration finally broke up early into the next morning, after all the presents were loaded, Bly's family pulled away, the two women stood in the parking lot waving good-bye. Smiling, Bly slipped her arm through Jordan's and lead her over to the car. "Ready to go home?"

"I've been ready for weeks," Jordan answered as she slipped into the passenger seat. Bly leaned down and kissed her soundly and replied, "Then let's not keep you waiting any longer," Closing the door she walked around and got behind the wheel and turned the car toward home.

During the ride home, Bly kept both hands tightly on the wheel because she didn't trust herself to touch Jordan in a moving vehicle. She knew once she began touching Jordan, she would never want to stop. They arrived at Bly's beachfront condo a little before sunrise and Bly sped her Mercedes up to the entrance of the building with urgency as she wanted to begin her new life with Jordan.

"Let's unpack the car later," Bly suggested, the fire in her eyes matched by the same in Jordan's. Bly parked and stepped out as the valet opened Jordan’s door.

"Good morning Ms. VanDewark."

"Hey, Jimmy!" Bly answered as she walked towards the front of the car as Jordan exited the luxury vehicle.

"’am," the valet greeted Jordan as he held the door for her.

"Hello," Jordan answered with a smile as she was astounded by the warm greetings while she looked in awe at the expensive looking building.

Bly tossed her keys to the valet as she held her hand out for Jordan while she approached her...."don’t squeal the tires this time Jimmy or I’ll have to kick your butt," Bly teased as Jordan laced her fingers around Bly’s tightly.

Bly smiled reassuringly as she felt the clammy palm and nervousness from Jordan while she held her hand leading her to the door.

The doorman smiled and held the door for the pair. "Hello... ladies," he greeted cheerfully.

They smiled back and in unison replied. "Hello!" as they entered the luxurious building with a beautiful fountain in the lobby. Jordan looked around the building, never imagining she would ever enter such a grand building, except maybe on the ‘Lifestyles of the rich and famous’.

Bly led her to the elevators as the elevator attendant unlocked the penthouse elevator for Bly and the doors opened as they approached.

"Hello... Ms.’s your key and have a lovely evening."

"Oh, I intend to Maurice," Bly answered with a smile and a wink as she led Jordan into the waiting elevator.

Jordan stood overwhelmed by all the lavish surroundings and attention as the door closed. Bly looked at Jordan and moved to face her. "You okay?"

"Aah...just a little nervous I guess," Jordan answered hesitantly.

Bly ran her finger down Jordan’s face gently as she gazed lovingly into nervous green eyes and slowly moved in towards her. "Me too," Bly whispered as she pressed her lips against Jordan’s waiting for her to allow entry with her tongue which Jordan was more than willing to allow.

Jordan slipped her arms around Bly’s waist reveling in the loving embrace of Bly’s arms as they continued their kiss. Bly broke their kiss as both were breathless.

"Jordan...I’ve been such a fool..I nearly lost the one thing that means more to me than life itself," Bly replied as she looked into cloudy green eyes. "You," Bly whispered and gave a quick but effective kiss. Bly looked at Jordan again and replied. "When I think of Cindy touching..."

"Please.." Jordan interrupted, "don’t say a word about her because I don’t want to ruin our moment."

Bly smiled lovingly. "Please forgive me Jordan," she asked softly and pressed her lips against Jordan’s for a soft, moist kiss.

"I already have Bly," Jordan answered through her kiss as she was startled by the opening of the elevator doors and grabbed Bly’s arms to steady herself.

"It’s okay babe...this is my place," Bly answered reassuringly as Jordan’s heart calmed. "Come on," Bly whispered and led Jordan into her airy spacious penthouse.

"This place is beautiful Bly," Jordan replied in awe as she looked around.

"Thank you," Bly answered with a smile. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Jordan looked at Bly breaking her trance. "Aah...yeah...some wine maybe?" Jordan asked with a nervous smile as the butterflies did swan dives in her stomach.

"White or red?" Bly asked.

"You choose," Jordan answered through a smile.

Bly flashed a sexy smile as she kissed Jordan’s hand. "I’ll be right back, make yourself at home," Bly replied softly as she left the room.

This place is fabulous,’ Jordan thought to herself as she scanned the large area and noticed the black lacquer entertainment center was wall sized, which she thought only existed in magazines. The entertainment center contained a large TV, several stereo components, books, videos, compact discs, and many framed photos. Jordan noticed the motif of the furniture to be black leather with white pillows giving it a ying-yang look.

Jordan gazed to her left and noticed a very large saltwater fish tank with beautiful colored coral like the kind they saw snorkeling in Key West, which caused a smile to cross Jordan’s face at the fond memory.

Jordan noticed the pictures on the wall were framed in black and were fabulous pictures of dolphins in motion, and various different shots of large waves crashing against old lighthouses.

Bly stood in the doorway of the kitchen and watched Jordan thinking about how beautiful she is and what an idiot she was to not trust her and making a mental note to settle a score with Cindy for her part in the torturous weeks she spent without Jordan. Jordan made her way to the window and stood next to the large telescope and looked out at the now illuminated ocean from the impending sunrise.

Bly was breathless as she watched the love of her life gracefully waltz to the window and gaze out with wonderment. ‘I want to give her so much that she deserves.’ Bly thought to herself as she slowly approached her from behind and took in the sweet scent of her perfume. Once she was near, she handed the glass of wine over Jordan’s shoulder.

Jordan accepted the drink and glanced over her shoulder to Bly with a smile. "Thank you."

Bly slipped her arm around Jordan’s waist, pulling her close and leaned her head against Jordan. Together, they looked out at the peaceful and calm ocean listening to the small waves lap against the shore.

"This is wonderful Bly," Jordan replied in amazement as she sipped her wine while they looked out over the ocean, enjoying every loving touch from Bly. Bly’s feelings for Jordan were inexpressible at that moment, while she held Jordan in her arms as they were going to start a new day as lovers.

"Come with me...I have a better view than this elsewhere," Bly whispered in her ear as she took Jordan’s hand and led her to the bedroom suite.

Bly opened the door revealing a spacious bedroom with an oversized king sized waterbed with a matching black lacquer bedroom set. ‘Her bedroom is as big as my entire two bedroom apartment,’ Jordan thought to herself as she scanned the room. Bly kicked off her shoes towards her very large walk in closet as did Jordan and led her towards the balcony.

Bly opened the French doors to a cool ocean breeze that greeted them, and Jordan smiled with nervousness and excitement. The balcony was very large and contained a Jacuzzi with deck chairs. Jordan glanced around at the tropical plants neatly arranged around the spacious balcony.

"Bly... I didn’t know you had such a green thumb," Jordan teased with an incredible smile.

"I don’t really...I have a service take care of them for me...I have healing hands for people but not for plants," Bly answered with a smile as they looked out over the ocean.

Bly looked at Jordan who took in the beauty of the ocean from such a spectacular view and realized she was different from the other women she had been with before. She noticed Jordan was overwhelmed, nervous and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean rather than Bly’s material wealth. She felt as though the wealth scared Jordan or made her feel uneasy, unlike many of the other women Bly had been with who had expected to be treated lavishly.

Jordan looked at Bly. "What?...what are you doing?" she asked with a wondering smile.

Bly smiled and put her hand in Jordan’s raising it to her mouth for a kiss. "Loving you," Bly whispered as Jordan’s heart skipped a beat and her eyes filled with tears of joy as Bly took her into her arms for a meaningful kiss.

"I want to make love to you Jordan," Bly whispered in her ear.

"I have been waiting for that since the moment I saw you Bly," Jordan answered softly as Bly led her into the bedroom while the ocean breeze swept through and the sunrise illuminated the room.

Bly picked up the remote and turned on the CD player as a slow tune began to play. Bly looked at Jordan and saw that she was just as nervous as she was. Bly embraced Jordan and held her tightly before sliding her hands up her back and softly began to sing the song in Jordan's ear in an effort to calm her as she unzipped her dress.

<there you go...flashing fever from your eyes...hey, baby...come over here and shut down tight...I’m not denying we’re flying above it all...hold my hand don’t let me fall>

Bly looked into Jordan’s eyes and held her hand and continued to softly sing.

<you’ve such amazing grace...I’ve never felt this way...oh, show me heaven...color me...leave me breathless...oh, oh, oh, show me heaven...please.>

Bly kissed Jordan sensually as Jordan ran her hands to Bly’s back to unzip her dress. Bly moved her kiss to Jordan’s neck and sang through her kiss.

<here I go...I’m shaking just like the breeze...hey, baby...I need your hand to steady me>

Jordan moved her hands up to Bly’s neck as Bly kissed behind her ear and sang:

<I’m not denying...I’m frightened as much as you...though I’m barely touching you>

Bly looked down into Jordan’s eyes as she sang, <I have shivers down my spine and it feels delight...oh, show me heaven...color me...leave me breathless.> Bly took Jordan’s face in her hands <oh, oh, show me heaven...babe.> Bly kissed Jordan passionately before engulfing her in a hug.

<if you know what it’s like to dream a hold me tight and let this be...oh, oh, heaven...color me...leave me me heaven babe...leave me breathless>

Bly sang as Jordan held her as tight as possible and tears streamed down her face from the love she felt from Bly. No other woman had ever made Jordan feel so special and she never felt this much love from another woman before.

"Bly...I love you and I want this to be...make love to me," Jordan asked looking into loving blue eyes as the song began to repeat itself.

Bly smiled as her heart raced and slipped her fingers under the straps on Jordan’s dress sliding them off her shoulder to drop the dress to the floor, never breaking eye contact. Jordan stepped out of the dress as Bly placed a trail of kisses down her neck to her supple breasts, and slid her hands to her back to unhook her bra. Jordan’s arousal mounted with every kiss and touch from Bly. She never knew a lover could be so gentle with their kiss and touch as Bly was.

Bly looked seductively into Jordan’s eyes as she slipped the white bra off her shoulders to the floor. Bly stared intently into her green eyes while she slowly and gently slid her hands down Jordan’s soft skin to her breasts. Bly felt Jordan’s erect nipples under her palms as Jordan closed her eyes from Bly’s tender touch, and tilted her head back in pleasure, her breath escaping her momentarily.

Bly leaned down and gently kissed her supple breast, taking a hard nipple between her lips for a moist kiss. Bly gently grazed her thumb over Jordan’s other breast as Jordan’s breathing became erratic and she thought her heart would leap out of her chest. Bly moved her kiss to Jordan’s other breast, capturing the nipple in her mouth to pay it the attention it desired as she ran her finger over the other breast.

"Bly...I’ve never felt so good," Jordan moaned as she ran her fingers through Bly’s raven hair.

Bly moved her tender kiss down Jordan’s toned abdomen and felt her muscles tighten under her kiss as she ran her palms down her curvaceous body. Jordan’s breathing became more labored as Bly knelt before her and softly kissed her sex through her lingerie while resting her hands on Jordan’s hips.

"Oh, Bly, Oh, Bly," Jordan panted as she became more excited and had to remind herself to breath.

Bly ran her fingers down Jordan’s legs along with her panties as she kissed her soft skin around her blond curls allowing Jordan to step out of the lingerie. Bly planted a soft kiss on her sex and worked her kiss back up to Jordan’s mouth for a soft, moist kiss.

"Undress me Jordan," Bly requested softly as she looked in Jordan’s beautiful green eyes.

Jordan’s heart raced faster with nervousness and her hands trembled as she reached for Bly who took her hands in her own. Bly took them to her lips for a kiss. "There’s no need to be nervous with me Jordan...I love you," Bly whispered as she softly placed Jordan’s hands on her shoulders. "Just show me how much you love me baby," Bly whispered reassuringly as blue eyes gazed into green.

Jordan’s nerves calmed and she gently slid Bly’s dress off her shoulders to the floor as Bly put her hands on Jordan’s hips. Jordan looked down at her toned, tanned body and noticed she wore black lace lingerie just as she had imagined she would.

Their song continued to play on repeat mode which heightened their passion for one another as it described their feelings.

Jordan kissed Bly’s neck to her bra strap and pulled it down her shoulder with her teeth. She passed across her breasts through the material to the other side and up to repeat the maneuver with the other strap as Bly’s passion mounted along with her labored breathing.

Jordan seductively moved in behind the taller woman to unhook her black lace bra as Bly closed her eyes and enjoyed Jordan’s soft touch. Jordan pushed Bly’s hair over one shoulder and unhooked the bra. Jordan softly slipped her hands around the front of Bly’s body underneath the bra and removed it as she cupped her soft, supple breasts in her hands.

Jordan placed soft bites followed by soft kisses along Bly’s neck and back as Bly moved her hands on top of Jordan’s which caressed her breasts. Bly loved the feel of Jordan's touch. Bly tilted her head to the side while Jordan kissed her neck seductively and lightly pinched her nipples, sending a warm rush throughout her body as Bly moaned in delight.

Jordan ran her tongue lightly and slowly down Bly’s spine as her hands slid down Bly’s muscular abdomen, making their way to her lace panties. Jordan ran her hands up under Bly’s lingerie brushing her hands across Bly’s damp curls to pull the garment to the floor.

Jordan heard Bly gasp as she ran her tongue back up Bly’s spine wrapping her arms around her now naked body. Bly slowly turned in Jordan’s arms as their eyes met and slid her tongue past Jordan’s parted lips for a deep, sensuous kiss, her hands resting on Jordan’s firm backside. Bly gently pressed Jordan’s sex against her own as she continued her exploration of Jordan’s mouth with her tongue.

Jordan thought about how she has never felt so aroused and so loved as she does at this very moment in Bly’s arms. Bly backed Jordan to the bed and pulled the covers on the bed down. Bly watched Jordan lay back on the black satin sheets and locked eyes with her as she seductively climbed up on Jordan’s body. Jordan spread her legs allowing Bly to put her thigh against her sex as she lowered her naked body onto Jordan’s.

Bly leaned down and hesitated, "You feel so good Jordan." she whispered kissing her deeply while Jordan ran her hands up and down Bly’s muscular body. Bly maneuvered her kiss down Jordan’s body past her breasts to her abdomen as her hands slid across her nipples.

Bly could feel Jordan’s wetness against her stomach as she worked her way down her sexy body. Bly traced her curl line and kissed down her inner thigh then back up again. Bly’s lips brushed lightly across Jordan’s sex as she made her way to the opposite inner leg and worked her way down and back up her inner thigh. Bly once again brushed her lips lightly across her sex as Jordan raised her pelvis in anticipation of Bly’s kiss, which continued up her body to her breast.

Bly stopped to give her breasts the attention they sought and moved her kiss to Jordan’s mouth. "Bly...please..touch me," Jordan whispered through her kiss as she couldn’t contain herself anymore.

Bly worked her kiss back down to her sex and spread Jordan’s legs wider. Bly reached up and held Jordan’s hand as she lightly kissed her wet sex while Jordan squeezed her hand with her head thrust back in pleasure from Bly's lips touching her mound.

Bly continued her light kiss and finally slid her tongue past her wet folds in search of her swollen nub causing Jordan’s hips to arch up to meet Bly’s kiss. "Oh, taste so good," Bly replied softly, thoroughly enjoying the taste in her mouth as she ran her tongue up and down Jordan's moist center.

Jordan’s heart raced and her breathing became more erratic as the tears streamed down her face from the passion and love she felt for Bly. Bly ran her other hand up Jordan’s body to hold her other hand which Jordan grasped tighter as Bly’s sensual tongue seductively traced the curves of her sex. Bly licked her sex as if she was licking an ice cream cone, never leaving a spot unattended by her tongue as Jordan’s hips bucked to her rhythmic movements.

Bly moved her kiss away from her sex up her goody trail, past her breasts to her neck as Jordan wondered, ‘what is she trying to do give me a heart attack’ as she breathed heavily from the excitement she felt.

Bly straddled Jordan’s leg as Jordan felt Bly’s wetness. "Touch me Jordan," Bly whispered in her ear as Bly ran her hand down her curves to touch her sex. "I want to share an orgasm with you baby," Bly whispered as an overwhelming warmth and excitement coursed throughout Jordan’s body from the husky request as she touched Bly’s wet sex for the first time.

Bly sank her teeth into Jordan’s neck as Jordan touched her hard clit and Jordan thought she might have had an orgasm at that moment. Bly slid her finger into Jordan’s warm, moist and tight opening as did Jordan to Bly.

Bly moved her hips faster to Jordan’s movements in and out of her opening with her finger. Bly matched the movement in and out as she slid her thumb up on Jordan’s swollen nub sending Jordan’s head back in pleasure as she gasped for air. Bly picked up her pace with her hips against Jordan’s hand as Jordan did against hers.

"Bly...I can’t wait any longer," Jordan gasped.

"Me either," Bly whispered as both bodies quivered and shuddered in unison as they released their orgasms together.

"Oh, Bly!" Jordan yelled in ecstasy as she clenched her fingernails into Bly’s muscular back with her free hand.

"Aah...Jordan...I love you!" Bly replied through gasps of air.

They both held each other’s sex until the throbbing of their center subsided. Bly moved her arms around Jordan as did Jordan to hold one another close. Bly smiled at Jordan as she gazed into her eyes and kissed her passionately.

"Bly...I never thought it was possible to experience something as special and wonderful as what I just did with you. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you in such a short time...that doesn’t scare you does it?"

"Not at all Jordan...what scares me is not being with you babe," Bly answered reassuringly followed by another sensual kiss.

"I take it you like this song huh?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"It’s the only song I’ve listened to since I got back from the Keys because it reminded me of you. It only succeeded in torturing me until know."

"It’s beautiful Bly and you showed me heaven baby," Jordan answered lovingly as she kissed Bly.

Bly broke their kiss and asked, "I’m not hurting you am I?"

"Not at all..but I’m chilly after all of that sweaty passion," Jordan answered with a chuckle.

"Let me remedy that then," Bly answered with a smile as she sat up and gathered the covers to pull up on top of them as she laid on her back. She reached for Jordan to pull her closer to her and covered them with the sheet and blanket.

Jordan snuggled her head against Bly’s neck and wrapped her leg over Bly’s body as she placed her hand over Bly’s heart to feel it’s rhythmic beat. Bly ran her fingers through Jordan’s blond hair perfectly content with her in her arms. Bly loved how Jordan felt wrapped up against her because it felt so right and she never wanted that moment to end as she kissed Jordan’s head. Bly heard Jordan’s soft breathing as Jordan fell asleep snuggled comfortably and safe in the arms of the love of her life.

"This is more comfortable than that lawnchair." Bly thought to herself with a smile on her face as she closed her eyes.

Jordan woke to the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore and realized the warm body she had been snuggled against was gone. She looked around knowing she was in Bly’s home. She remembered the morning’s events while inhaling a deep breath of fresh ocean air. Jordan sat up in bed and noticed a robe laying across the bed with a brand new toothbrush that Bly had obviously left for her.

Jordan slipped on the robe and walked out on the balcony for a quick glimpse of the ocean. She squinted from the sun’s reflection off the blue-green water and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment as the cool ocean breeze swept across her face. Jordan thought about how alive and wonderful she felt but lonely because Bly’s arms were not around her.

She brushed her teeth quickly and headed out the bedroom door in search of where her love might be in the spacious penthouse. Jordan looked around trying to decide where she might look first and heard the sound of a TV. ‘Probably a good place to look’ she thought to herself.

Jordan walked down the hall towards the noise which grew louder as she approached. Jordan peeked into the large family room to see Bly sitting in an oversized easy chair with her head resting on her hand which leaned against the arm of the chair and her feet propped up on the audemann in front of her. A smile crept across her face as she noticed how Bly was intently watching Xena on the large screen TV.

"So, you’re a Xena fan huh?" Jordan asked softly to not startle her.

Bly raised her head up and looked back at Jordan with a smile. "It would be safe to say I’m a Xenite...good afternoon."

Jordan moved over next to her as Bly took her hand and pulled her down onto her lap. Bly flashed a sexy smile and leaned in for a soft kiss.

"Good afternoon," Jordan answered with a smile as she looked into those dreamy blue eyes. "What time did you get up?"

"About an hour ago, I didn’t want to wake you because you looked so peaceful. Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure...sounds great...but I need another kiss from you first," Jordan answered as she wiggled her eyebrows and gave a smile.

"If I have too," Bly teased as she captured Jordan’s lips for a soft, moist kiss and slid her warm hand into the opening on the robe to rest her hand on Jordan’s stomach instantly sending a pulsating sensation to Jordan’s center.

"Hmmm...I missed that kiss," Bly purred with a smile. "What do you like in your coffee?"

"Cream and sugar please," Jordan answered with a smile.

"After what I tasted I would say you are sweet enough that you don’t need to add sugar," Bly teased as Jordan was obviously embarrassed and kissed her. "Okay...let me up babe."

Jordan reluctantly slid off her lap and sat next to her in the oversized chair. "I love this’s great!" Jordan replied as she looked it over.

"It’s definitely a lot nicer when you have a special someone to sit in it with you," Bly answered with a smile as she got up out of the chair. "I’ll be right back," she winked and headed out the door to the kitchen.

Jordan relaxed in the chair and looked around the room which had large book shelves containing every imaginable collector’s items of Dan Marino and the University of Florida Gators paraphernalia.. ‘I take it this is the sports room?’ Jordan thought to herself as she looked at the various action photos in frames on the walls of Marino and other various sports stars.

Jordan saw a picture which caught her eye and got up to take a closer look. It was an action shot of Bly playing baseball with a baseball card of her on it in the lower corner of the frame. Jordan smiled and thought about how she loves to watch Bly play sports.

"’s your coffee," Bly replied as she approached Jordan.

Jordan looked back at her with a smile. "What team is this for?" Jordan asked as she pointed to the frame.

"The women’s professional baseball team they had up until last year," Bly answered standing behind her.

"Thanks," Jordan replied as she sipped the coffee. "You don’t play anymore?" Jordan asked disappointedly.

"Not professionally...but I play in a women’s recreation league now," Bly explained.

"I would love to see you play because I really loved watching you play football," Jordan answered seductively as she leaned up and kissed Bly.

"How about tomorrow?" Bly asked as she broke her kiss.

"You have a game tomorrow?" Jordan asked excitedly.

"Yeah...just about every Sunday," Bly answered as she put her hands on Jordan’s hips and gazed into her excited green eyes.

"I can’t wait to see you play!" Jordan answered with a smile.

Bly was swept over with happiness at the thought that Jordan was truly interested in that part of her life and that she was sincere with her comment that she really wanted to see her play. Bly smiled as she gazed into her eyes and gently brushed her hand down Jordan’s cheek before placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Jordan...I love you." Bly whispered through her kiss.

Bly’s sincere admission that she loved Jordan overwhelmed her with joy and happiness. ‘This is so right being with Bly...I don’t ever want to be a way from her again.’ Jordan thought to herself as she felt undying love through that one kiss.

Jordan broke their kiss and jumped from being startled by something furry, which brushed up against her leg. "What was that?" Jordan asked nervously as she looked around.

Bly laughed and looked down and picked up her cat. He had a white underbelly from his chin to his back legs and half way up his stomach on his side. From his ears to the tip of his tail his coat was completely black with a triangular white patch between his eyes to his nose. She puckered her lips as her cat put his mouth to hers for a kiss.

"He’s so cute never told me you had a cat," Jordan replied as she stroked his fine coat.

"Oh, he likes you just like me...don’t you boy?" Bly asked while she hugged her cat as he meowed in response.

"Can I hold him?...I really love cats...what’s his name?"

"Ares, and sure you can hold him if he’ll let you..he can be a little finicky with people," Bly answered as she took Jordan’s coffee mug and handed the cat to her. Bly smiled and was surprised as her cat cuddled up next to Jordan and brushed his face against hers.

"He’s so sweet," Jordan smiled with delight as she kissed his head.

"You wouldn’t think he was so sweet if you met him when he was a kitten. He was a real terror and that’s how he got his name Ares because he was so destructive," Bly answered with a smile as she watched her usually aloof cat enjoy being in Jordan’s arms. ‘Is this for real or is it too good to be true that this woman loves me for who I am and genuinely wants to take an interest in my life.’ Bly thought to herself as she lovingly looked at the two. "You’ve captured his heart just like you’ve done with mine Jordan," Bly replied with a smile as she kissed Jordan.

"You’ve done the same with my heart Bly," Jordan answered blushing. Bly leaned over and kissed Jordan with such intensity, that neither woman remembered Ares until he began meowing in protest.

"Come on let’s get you some food Ares," Bly answered as she headed towards the door with the cat following her meowing. "Is that so?,,,you’re that hungry?" she teased the cat who meowed louder in response to her questions as they made their way to the kitchen.

Jordan followed the two into the huge kitchen done in a black and white motif. "Jeez...Bly..are you that good of a cook to have this big of a kitchen?" Jordan asked with amazement at the large kitchen.

Bly laughed. "If you ate my cooking you would tell me to take a cooking class. I can make a mean can of soup though," Bly laughed as she fed Ares. "I take that back...I’m good with steaks on the grill and besides that forget it."

"I’ll have to make something for you one evening then."

"Ooh, a woman that gotta love that," Bly replied seductively with a smile as she engulfed Jordan in a hug and gave her a playful nibble on the neck. "Are you hungry?" Bly asked through her love bites.

"’ll learn that I can eat anytime," Jordan chuckled.

"Hmmm...what do you say to some Chinese then?" Bly asked as she nibbled on the opposite side of her neck.

"General Tao’s chicken," Jordan replied as Bly was driving her nuts with the love bites.

Bly looked up at Jordan with a surprised look. "My favorite!" she replied excitedly with a smile. "Do you want anything else?"

"How about some shrimp low mein?"

"I knew I fell in love with you for a reason," Bly answered with a smile. " Would you like me to grab some clothes for you to put on while I order the food?"

"Well....those Scooby Do boxers of yours look enticing but I think I’ll stick with the robe... if you don’t mind," Jordan replied seductively as she ran her fingers through Bly’s raven hair to take her face into her hands and kiss her passionately.

They broke their kiss breathless and smiled lovingly at one another. "So, you like Scooby too?" Bly asked with a smile.


"Yes!" Bly replied excitedly as she picked Jordan up in a hug and kissed her. "Now, let me go order some food for my little Scooby fan," Bly answered as she put Jordan down and headed off toward the phone while Jordan headed back into the sports room.

"Okay babe...everything is ordered and should be here in about 45 minutes," Bly replied as she sat next to Jordan in the oversized chair and leaned her head against the back of the chair.

"I hope you didn’t mind that I changed the channel to watch The Crow...Xena was finished."

Bly looked at Jordan with amazement. "You like The Crow too?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"I think you’re too good to be true Jordan," Bly answered and kissed her.

"No...I’m for real baby," Jordan answered with another kiss.

"That’s good to know," Bly answered with a smile and a kiss as she held her hand. "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Well...I’m going to watch my incredibly gorgeous girlfriend play baseball and then whatever she has planned for the rest of the day for me," Jordan answered with a smile as she gazed into Bly’s blue eyes.

"Girlfriend huh?" Bly asked with a mischievous smile.

"Well...Aah...I...aah...just thought," Jordan stammered nervously.

"Jordan...would you like me to be your girlfriend?" Bly asked with a sexy smile and thought about how adorable Jordan looked and how much she liked the idea of being Jordan’s girlfriend.

"Of course, I would...that is if you want to be my girlfriend?" Jordan asked nervously.

"I thought you would never ask. Yes, I would like very much to be your girlfriend," Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan. "Why did you get so nervous babe?"

"I thought I said something that I shouldn’t have Bly," Jordan answered as she searched Bly’s blue eyes for assurance.

"I was just teasing you, but thanks for asking," Bly answered with a laugh as she received a punch in the arm.

"Bly! You embarrassed me!"

Bly laughed and kissed Jordan..."I’m sorry honey but you were so adorable when you asked me that I couldn’t resist. Can you ever forgive me?" Bly asked flashing a sexy smile.

"How can I resist that sexy smile?" Jordan answered with a kiss.

", you won’t mind going out on our boat for a family outing after the game then?" Bly asked with a smile.

"Sounds like fun but I may have to consider getting some clothes sometime soon. I don’t think your family would appreciate me trotting around in your robe."

"True...but I wouldn’t mind it," Bly answered with a smile as she wiggled her eyebrows before she kissed Jordan.

"Maybe Linda could bring me some clothes."

"She’ll probably be going with Jules tomorrow on our boat so, give her a call and ask her if she wouldn’t mind."

"Sounds good then...does Julie play or watch?" Jordan asked as she played with Bly’s dark locks.

"She, Jordan what do you like other than Scooby, Xena, the Crow, cat’s and General Tao’s chicken?" Bly asked with a smile as she looked at Jordan.

Jordan smiled as she slipped her hand into Bly’s and snuggled against her. "I like everything about you," Jordan answered with a smile as she raised her hand to kiss Bly’s.

"Well...the feelings mutual babe," Bly answered with a smile.

"I really like to write stories and hopefully get published one day. I like water sports, romantic walks on the beach and I really like being in love with you," Jordan answered excitedly with a smile as she kissed Bly.

Bly searched Jordan’s green eyes and found only truth in her statement that she truly liked being in love with her. Bly looked at her for a moment amazed and replied. "Jordan...I’ve never been with another woman who truly wanted to be with me for who I am. You’re the first person I have wholeheartedly been in love with...I only hope I don’t disappoint you."

"Bly...." Jordan answered softly with tears in her eyes as she lightly brushed her hand down Bly’s cheek. "You won’t disappoint me. You’ve just never found the right person to love you the way that you want to be loved."

Bly turned and kissed Jordan’s hand that touched her cheek and gazed lovingly in her green eyes. "Until now," Bly whispered as she leaned towards Jordan for a passionate, soulful kiss and gathered Jordan into her arms. Bly deepened the kiss while her hand moved to cup Jordan’s breast as the phone rang. "We seem to have a problem with being interrupted," Bly answered with agitation as she picked up the phone.

"What!...okay...thanks...I’ll send the elevator down," Bly answered as she hung up the phone. "Food’s here," Bly replied as she kissed Jordan before she got out of the chair to head over to the elevator.

Bly sent the elevator down as she gathered money to pay for their food. Jordan took in a couple of deep breaths to steady her racing heart. ‘I am so in love and it feels wonderful.’ Jordan thought to herself as a smile consumed her face.

Bly entered the room with a box full of food and reached her hand out for Jordan. "Come on let’s eat."

Jordan accepted her hand and was led out of the room down the hall. "Where are we going?" Jordan asked with a wondering smile.

"Hot finish were we left off in the keys," Bly answered with a sexy smile. "By the way, what type of stories do you write?" Bly inquired.

"Aah...lesbian fiction," Jordan answered hesitantly.

Bly stopped and looked at her. "Really?"

" that hard to believe?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"No...I just can’t wait to read your stories. Maybe you can write a story about our escapade in the hot tub," Bly answered seductively as she kissed Jordan.

"How do you know I haven’t already," Jordan teased through her kiss.

Bly looked at her in amazement. "Did you? If so, I hope it turned out better than our first attempt in the hot tub," Bly asked with a smile.

"I guess you’ll have to wait and see until you read it now won’t you!" Jordan teased with another kiss.

"Oh, you are so bad Jordan...but I love it," Bly laughed as she captured her lips for a warm, moist kiss before she led Jordan to the balcony.

Bly put the food onto the flat portion of the hot tub deck and turned on the jets to the tub. She drew Jordan into her arms and locked blue eyes with greens and kissed her passionately. Bly reached in front of her as she deepened her kiss and untied the belt around Jordan’s robe. The robe opened and Bly slid her hands up Jordan’s curves, across her very erect nipples to her chest and slid the robe off her shoulders to the ground never breaking her kiss.

Bly broke their kiss and looked into Jordan’s eyes with love. "You’re beautiful Jordan," Bly whispered as she placed tender kisses down Jordan’s neck. Jordan ran her hands through Bly’s raven hair and rested them on the back of her neck as Bly kissed her breasts.

"Oh, baby...that feels so good," Jordan moaned breathless as her heart raced with every touch and kiss from Bly.

Bly slowly moved her kiss back up her neck and whispered in her ear. "Undress me Jordan."

Jordan put her hands under Bly’s shirt and ran her hands up along her sides brushing Bly’s nipples with her thumbs as she passed them. Jordan pulled Bly’s shirt over her head staring intently in her blue eyes and dropped Bly’s shirt to the floor so, she could revel in her gorgeous, muscular and tanned body. Jordan leaned in and wrapped her lips around an erect nipple to gently suck the sensitive area.

Bly ran her fingers through Jordan’s hair and gently guided her head down her body with Jordan softly kissing Bly’s muscular abdomen on her way to Bly’s boxer shorts. Jordan slipped Bly’s shorts off to the floor and kissed her wet sex as Bly gasped from the kiss. Jordan maneuvered her kiss back up Bly’s body to her lips and slid her tongue past her parted lips for a long, moist kiss.

Bly broke their kiss breathless. " turn me on so much," Bly whispered as she kissed her again before leading her into the hot tub. Bly sat down and pulled Jordan close to her body as Jordan straddled her legs around Bly’s waist while Bly wrapped her arms around her lover as she assaulted her neck with soft kisses. Bly looked up at Jordan with a mischievous grin. "Are you ready to eat?"

"Oh, yeah!" Jordan exclaimed excitedly.

Bly moved the pair towards the side of the tub and opened the containers of food along with grabbing some chopsticks. "You will submit to my commands young lady," Bly teased as she pinched the chopsticks together near Jordan’s nipples.

"Oh, no you don’t!" Jordan laughed as she pushed the chopsticks away from her.

Bly picked up some low mein with the chopsticks and held it above Jordan’s tilted head to offer the food to her blonde lover. Jordan accepted the morsels along with a sensuous kiss on her neck while Bly fed her the Chinese food.

"Yummy!" Jordan replied with a smile as Bly held up a piece of chicken for her to eat. Jordan ate the fowl and took the chopsticks from Bly to return the favor.

Jordan held the food above Bly’s head and as she lowered it to Bly’s mouth she gently squeezed Bly’s breast with her free hand. "Ooh, baby...I didn’t know eating Chinese food could be so much fun," Bly replied seductively as she took the chopsticks out of Jordan’s hands and laid them by the food.

Bly wrapped Jordan in her arms tighter as she licked her lips softly and slowly before sliding her tongue inside Jordan’s mouth. Bly moved her hands to Jordan’s ass and pulled her closer to her as Bly felt Jordan’s curls tickle her stomach.

"Oh, Bly," Jordan whispered as she broke their kiss. "I want to feel you inside of me," Jordan whispered as she grabbed an earlobe with her mouth and began to nibble the soft skin.

Bly slid her hand down Jordan’s firm backside in search of a moist opening as she sucked Jordan’s neck igniting an undeniable passion between the two. Bly found the opening she was searching for and slowly slid her finger into the warm, moist area.

"Oh, yes!...that’s more like it," Jordan whispered in pleasure as she ran her fingers through Bly’s wet hair. Jordan moved her hips in synch with Bly’s movements in and out of her wet opening.

"Jordan...I love how you wrap tightly around my finger," Bly whispered seductively as she explored Jordan’s mouth with her tongue.

Jordan moved her hips faster. "I need another finger inside of me baby," Jordan replied through a gasp which sent a tingling sensation throughout Bly from Jordan’s request.

Bly slowly slid another finger inside Jordan who tilted her head back with her eyes closed in response to the wonderful sensation she felt as her breathing became more labored. Jordan moved her hips faster while Bly slid her fingers in and out of her opening finding that Jordan grew wider with each stroke. Bly moved her mouth down to capture a supple breast in it and circled the nipple with her tongue before she suckled the soft breast.

Bly slowly moved her thumb along Jordan’s other opening as she continued to move her fingers in and out of her. Jordan had never been touched in that area but found it to be very arousing especially when Bly moved her fingers faster.

"Bly...that feels so good what you are doing to," Jordan pleaded through her labored breathing.

Bly moved her tongue up Jordan’s chest to her neck placing a sensuous bite on her neck as she moved her fingers in and out faster and deeper with Jordan’s hips bucking wildly. "Oh, yes...Bly!" Jordan shouted from her arousal.

Bly slid her free hand to the front of Jordan and spread her folds to find an over sensitive engorged nub. Jordan clenched Bly’s hair behind her neck as she felt Bly’s fingers working their magic sending her body into a frenzy.

"Yes...yes...Bly," Jordan moaned as Bly touched every sexual spot she had.

"Let me have you baby," Bly whispered as she continued her sensual movements with her fingers. "Come for me Jordan," she replied in a low seductive voice as she nibbled on her neck.

"Oh, Bly!, Oh, Bly!" Jordan moaned as she moved faster. "Yes...yes...AAAHHH!" Jordan screamed as she released her orgasm, and breathed in deeply to catch her breath hugging Bly spent from her passion.

Bly waited until Jordan’s throbbing stopped and slowly slid her fingers out of Jordan as she shuddered with another orgasm releasing her juices in Bly’s hand.

"That was incredible Bly," Jordan exclaimed breathless as she held Bly tight and rubbed her clit up and down against Bly’s stomach to satisfy the pulsating nub.

"You felt so wonderful Jordan," Bly answered softly as her passion mounted between her legs with Jordan’s movements against her stomach.

Jordan’s breathing and arousal calmed as Bly held her tightly and kissed her shoulder softly. "’s my turn," Jordan replied with a seductive smile as she moved away from Bly and peered up from the water at her. "Stand up!" Jordan demanded.

Bly followed Jordan’s command and stood before her as Jordan backed her against the side of the hot tub and coaxed her to sit up on the side of the hot tub. Bly sat on the side of the tub and watched her lover move between her legs. Jordan took Bly by the hips and moved her into the position she wanted her in. Jordan parted her folds and lightly grazed her tongue along Bly’s engorged nub.

Bly leaned back on her hands and spread her legs wider for her lover. Jordan captured Bly’s clit between her lips and sucked the over sensitive area.

"Oh, Jordan...that feels so good," Bly moaned as she watched Jordan.

Jordan began to devour every ounce of her sex sending an incredible rush of warmth throughout Bly as she pressed her hips forward to Jordan’s mouth. Jordan slid her tongue and a finger inside of Bly’s moist opening as Bly tilted her head back in pleasure with her eyes closed.

"Ooh, baby...that feels so incredible," Bly gasped breathless as Jordan removed her finger from Bly and slid her tongue back inside the warm, moist opening.

Bly thought about how it felt as though Jordan curled her tongue inside of her and ran the tip of her tongue along her inner walls. Jordan ran her thumb along Bly’s swollen nub to give it the attention it so desired.

Jordan moved her kiss up along Bly’s muscular abdomen to her breast and captured it in her mouth as she slowly slid her finger inside of Bly’s opening. Bly took Jordan’s head in her hands pulled her closer to her as she kissed her forehead.

" are driving me nuts," Bly whispered breathless as Jordan moved her finger in and out of her opening while her thumb rubbed the engorged nub.

Jordan moved her kiss to Bly’s other breast and attended to it’s needs as she picked up her pace with her fingers. Jordan moved her kiss along Bly’s neck to her face as she placed baby pecks on her chin, cheeks and nose before tracing the outline of Bly’s lips with the tip of her tongue.

Jordan slowly exerted a little more pressure with her tongue on Bly’s lips and enticed her by pulling back and began to gently suck Bly’s bottom lip as she slid another finger inside of Bly. Jordan heard Bly gasp in pleasure at what she was doing to her as Bly held Jordan’s neck in her hands.

Jordan finally moved in for a kiss with a lot of wetness which increased Bly’s sexual excitement. Bly broke their kiss and gasped for air as her heart raced from her arousal.

"Jordan...I don’t think I can hold it any longer., Bly moaned as Jordan moved her kiss back down to Bly’s sex.

Jordan removed her fingers from Bly and put her hands on her hips as she pressed her mouth against her swollen nub and slid her tongue inside of Bly. Jordan held Bly’s hips steady as she rapidly moved her tongue in and out of Bly.

Every muscle in Bly’s body tensed as she gasped for air. "!" Bly shouted as Jordan accepted all of Bly’s offerings in her mouth gladly until Bly had nothing left to give.

Bly sat panting trying to catch her breath and calm her heart rate as Jordan finished. Bly slid back in the tub into Jordan’s waiting arms and engulfed her mouth with a deep, moist kiss.

"Jordan...that was friggin incredible...I’ve never had a woman make me feel like you just did baby," Bly replied overwhelmed from the experience as she held Jordan in her arms tightly and kissed her cheek.

" give me too much credit...there must have been others," Jordan answered as she blushed and was happy Bly couldn’t see her doing it.

Bly leaned back and moved Jordan’s wet blond hair off her face and gazed lovingly in her eyes. "None were ever as caring, attentive or loving Jordan," Bly answered with a smile and hesitated with her speech instead, she continued to stroke Jordan’s hair. Bly took in a breath. "From the moment I first met you, I wondered how I would feel if we made love together, how I would feel every time we trembled in each other’s arms and how I would feel with your body held against me throughout the night," Bly kissed Jordan softly and continued, "I wondered how I would feel if the future with you was forever and not just for one night," Bly replied softly as she looked into loving green eyes instead of fearful one’s. Bly leaned in slowly and hesitated as she held Jordan’s face in her hands. Bly pressed her tongue and mouth against Jordan’s lips for a moist, sensuous kiss.

Jordan broke her kiss and looked into those sexy blue eyes. "Now that those things have happened was it what you wondered?"

"Not even’s more amazing than I could have ever imagined Jordan. I don’t want to ever be without you," Bly answered lovingly and drew Jordan in for a passionate kiss as she wrapped her arms around Bly.

Jordan ran her hands through Bly’s hair as she deepened her kiss and began to cry through her kiss from the love she received from Bly. Jordan broke their kiss and buried her face into Bly’s shoulder as she hugged her neck tightly and cried harder.

"Hey...babe...what’s wrong?" Bly asked softly with worry as she tried to look at Jordan who held her tighter.

"Just hold me Bly...please," Jordan whispered through her tears as Bly held her tighter. Jordan thought about how she had always hoped she would one day find her true love and her soulmate which she found in Bly. She thought how she never really thought she ever deserved to find that person and hoped she would never lose Bly.

"Hey...Jordan...are you okay?" Bly whispered as she kissed her cheek tenderly.

Jordan looked into Bly’s blue eyes as Bly wiped her tears away... "I’m sorry Bly...I was just overwhelmed by your profession of love."

"Why baby?" Bly asked as she kissed her softly on the nose.

"I never really thought I deserved someone to love me as much as you do with me."

"Oh, Jordan!" Bly answered softly with sadness at Jordan’s comment. "Everyone deserves to have another love them completely and unconditionally. I want you to experience life as you never have before but with me and I want to give you everything that you deserve baby," Bly answered as she kissed her for reassurance.

"Bly... I want to share new life experiences with you but you don’t have to give me everything. All I want is you and your love," Jordan answered lovingly as she kissed Bly.

" had my love and me from the moment I turned around and saw you for the first time babe...even though I was a jerk," Bly answered with a sheepish grin.

"You had the same from me too despite you being a jerk. I was very disappointed but I really felt something deep inside which made me believe we would eventually be together," Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed Bly then looked up at her. "Take me to bed and hold me tight all night," Jordan whispered through another kiss.

"Well...let me show you the way," Bly answered as she climbed out of the tub and grabbed two towels from the shelf next to the tub. Bly held it open for Jordan to step into and wrapped the towel around Jordan along with her arms.

"Hmmm...I love this," Jordan replied with a smile as Bly kissed her on the cheek before Bly toweled Jordan off and then herself.

Bly led Jordan into the bedroom and pulled the covers down before they both climbed into the comfortable, spacious waterbed together. Bly lay on her back as Jordan crawled on top of her and laid her head against Bly’s chest. Jordan reached down for Bly’s hand to hold.

"I’m not hurting you am I?" Jordan asked with concern.

"Not at all feel incredible on me," Bly answered with a smile as she thought about how much she loved the feeling of Jordan’s naked body against her own. Bly slowly and softly ran her fingers through Jordan’s hair and kissed her head.

"Good night Jordan," Bly whispered knowing Jordan had already fallen asleep from the soft, slow breathing of Jordan’s which she felt on her chest. "I love you," she whispered as she closed her eyes feeling complete with Jordan laying on her.

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