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By Cruise and Stoley

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Everyone bustled around trying to get the house hurricane ready in case the very large Hurricane named Floyd made landfall, and stopped frequently to check the news reports to find out the status of the storm. It wasnít making itís turn to the north like the weather forecasters had hoped and everyone went back to their duties with worry in the backs of their minds as to the impact that storm would have on all of Florida.

"Hey, Dawson...whereís your babe?" Bly asked teasingly trying to lighten the mood as she helped her brother with the hurricane shutter.

"Lynea was called in to the station and will be out patrolling until the storm moves inland and then they will hunker down in headquarters. They all have to report for duty when a hurricane warning is issued." Dawson answered with sadness.

"That sucks. So, you two serious?" She asked with intrigue and a half grin handing her brother the shutter.

"Yeah, I think Iím in love." Dawson answered with a silly grin on his face putting the

shutter in the track as Bly bolted it in to the house to secure the shutter.

"Are you sick? What have you done with my brother?...Youíre an imposter!" Bly teased and put her palm to his forehead to check for a fever mockingly.

"Oh, knock it off!" Dawson answered sheepishly with a laugh and swiped his sisterís hand away.

"You mean to tell brother, mister gigolo himself is in love? That is totally strange and I canít believe it." Bly teased and put her arm around her brotherís shoulder shaking him with a laugh.

"Well, stranger things have happened...look at you. You fell in love...the one who just knew she was destined to grow old alone!" He teased and nudged his sister.

"Ooh, touché!" Bly answered with a laugh that turned serious. "Iím happy for you Daw...just remember to invite your old sister to the wedding okay? I may even put on a dress for the occasion!" She teasingly laughed.

"You canít wear a dress if youíre my best man!" He answered back with a hearty laugh.

"Oh, mom will love that one!" Bly replied looking at her brother who both laughed at what their mother would say about that one...she would have a fit if Bly wore a tuxedo at Dawsonís wedding.

"Oh, better put on the dress then and stand on the brideís side! We certainly donít want to piss off mom...I still have welts from that damn plastic spatula she used to punish us with." He mockingly rubbed his backside laughing harder.

"Iíll see if I can clear my calendar for the occasion then and Iíll make sure there isnít a plastic spatula within 500 miles of mom...just because I love you so much baby brother." Bly teased with a laugh as they both entered the house.

"Donít worry it wonít be anytime soon." He answered dryly.

"I figured as much." Bly retorted and went in search of her blonde lover. Finding the object of her affection, finally, she wrapped her long arms around her and kissed her cheek. "Hey, you doing helping mom?" Bly whispered in her ear and kissed her again.

"Pretty good...but a lot better now that youíre here." Jordan answered with a smile and glanced up and over her shoulder at her tall lover appreciatively completely loving every minute of being in this womanís arms.

The doorbell rangÖagain and again. "Damn...somebody needs to turn up their miracle ears and get the friggin door!" Bly replied with an agitated chuckle trying to get someone elseís attention not wanting to release her lover just yet. "Iíll be right back...Iíll have to get the door I guess!" Bly answered with frustration and kissed Jordan again before slapping Jordanís ass on her way towards the foyer.


"Rush darling...rush darling." Jordan teased and laughed when Bly blew her a kiss and disappeared out of sight.

"Mom! Trouble has arrived!" Bly teasingly shouted and opened the door wider for Julie and Linda to enter the house. "Entree...lady and Jules." Bly replied with a laugh and winked at Julie when she passed who pinched her butt...hard...causing Bly to flinch and laugh harder.

"Honey...trouble arrived when you were born!" Alexandra retorted with a laugh sauntering across the room gleefully to greet Julie and Linda.

"You can say that again!" Julie answered with a laugh and hugged Alexandra who then hugged Linda to greet them both as did Jordan.

"Hey! What is this? Pick on Bly day?" Bly asked with her hands on her hips feeling as if everyone was ganging up on her sporting a pouting look on her face.

" here." Jordan whined teasingly and wrapped her arms around her taller lover to comfort her who scrunched her face at everyone before kissing Jordan on the cheek.

"Thanks honey." Bly answered with a sly grin and hugged Jordan tighter. "I knew I could count on you to be on my side."

"Who said I was on your side...I just wanted a hug and a kiss." Jordan answered with a laugh shared by everyone else.

"Itís a friggin mutiny around here!" Bly retorted with a chuckle releasing her blonde lover and headed into the kitchen for a Dr. Pepper.

"Hey!Öinstead of DP you should have some cheese with that whine!" Julie retorted with a laugh never missing an opportunity to needle her best friend who extended her long, slender middle finger high in the air towards her buddy with a sly look on her fine features.

"Ooh, babeÖif youíve got two of those stick em up your ass and walk on your elbows!" Julie responded with a shared laugh with everyone including Bly who spewed her sip of Dr. Pepper from laughing so hard.

"You will pay Jules!" Bly guaranteed with a laugh and wiped the soda off of her shirt.

"Promises, promisesÖtall, dark and goofy!" Julie joked with a laugh. "But, I still love ya like my favorite pair of shoes!" She laughed harder.

"And the hits just keep coming!" Bly whined with a roll of her blue eyes shaking her head as everyone laughed harder.

The group stayed up into the wee hours of the morning playing the card game Phase 10 with Jordan, of course, kicking everyoneís butt and declaring herself the Phase 10 queen. "Letís go to bed and get a few hours of sleep before the important 5 am weather report my little peasant." Jordan teased and grabbed Blyís hand pulling her towards the bedroom.


"Yes, my Phase 10 you wish...see everyone in a few hours!" Bly answered with a laugh and headed off to bed with her lover.

The 5 am weather report was important as it would issue the latest coordinates of the hurricane from the plane that flies into the eye of the hurricane gathering pertinent information as to whether the storm will have made the direction change everyone hoped it would. Jordan snuggled up close to Bly who put her arm around her protectively and they both fell fast asleep. It only felt like Bly had slept for a few minutes when she felt something tickling her nose. She was too tired to open her eyes to see what the offending tickler was just assuming it was Jordanís hair and wiped her nose to stop the feeling and turned her head to the opposite side.

The tickling continued and she finally opened her eyes to find out what it was that was tickling her nose. She looked down to find one blonde woman snuggled tightly against her chest and one cat in the only available spot on her chest curled around her neck and swiping his tail across her face. Bly chuckled at the humor in it and looked at Ares who lifted his head looking at her with sleepy eyes.

"Whatís the big idea fella?" Bly asked with a laugh as her cat meowed and sat up to lick her face. "Ares! Knock it off." Bly laughed unable to get her hand up to stop her cat from licking her face.

"Whatís going on?" Jordan asked in a sleepy tone and looked up with one eye open.

"I guess itís time to get up." Bly answered with a laugh and was able to finally get her cat away from her face. "Come on...letís go check the weather report." Bly replied and grabbed Jordanís hand leading her away from the bed.

"Canít you just carry me? Iím so tired." She asked yawning and leaned her head against Blyís back as they padded into the living room where everyone sat in front of the TV listening to the report.

"What did they say?" Bly asked in wonderment wiping the sleep out of her blue eyes and noticed they had only slept for a couple of hours.

"The storm has turned to the north and wonít make landfall!" Alexandra answered happily and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.


"Excellent!...but letís hope everyone else along the coast gets as lucky as us!" Bly answered and held Jordanís hand tighter.

"Can we go back to sleep now?" Jordan asked huskily and sleepily.

"As you wish my little queen." Bly teased and lifted her sleepy lover in her arms who snuggled her face against Blyís neck feeling very content in her loverís strong arms.

"Hmmm...this is much better...thanks." Jordan whispered sleepily and kissed Blyís neck before falling fast asleep again.

Bly gently lay Jordan down on the bed and stood smiling lovingly at how beautiful and peaceful Jordan looked sleeping in a curled up fetal position. ĎWhat a gorgeous woman and she loves me.í Bly thought happily. She climbed in bed next to the slumbering beauty and Jordan instantly took her usual spot on Blyís chest snuggling her face instinctively into Blyís neck. Bly loved having Jordan snuggled up close to her. 'I wouldnít want it any other way', she thought and lightly kissed Jordanís head before her hand gently rubbed her loverís back comfortingly.

Bly couldnít sleep from being so overwhelmed with her feelings of love and happiness, she hoped Jordan really knew how much she cared and loved her. Bly lightly stroked her blonde locks off her face and placed soft kisses on her forehead before tracing Jordanís light eyebrows with her finger and thinking about how incredibly beautiful she really is. Her finger moved to Jordanís mouth and lightly traced the contours of her lips before Jordan sank her teeth into her finger.

"Ow!...I thought you were sleeping?" Bly asked looking down into one sleepy green eye as the other one remained closed.

"I was trying to sleep but someone keeps waking me up!" Jordan answered in a menacing tone and eyed her lover glaringly with her one eye. Bly started laughing at the sight of one eye being closed and attempted to open it, but was stopped by the smaller hand that grabbed her larger oneÖsqueezing itÖtightly to emphasize her point.

"Donít even go there peasant girl! Thereís a reason why that eye is closed and itís because itís very tired and is hoping its mate will join it and close as well. I love you to know that, but youíre pushing the line here denying me the sleep I so enjoy! Now, back off and go to sleep!" Jordan answered agitatedly and lay back down in her comfortable resting-place.

Bly snickered at Jordanís agitation. "Meow....hiss!" She teased and Jordanís hand abruptly covered her mouth to shut her up, causing Bly to laugh harder. A mischievous thought crossed her devious mind and she ran her tongue on the inside palm of Jordanís hand. Jordan quickly grabbed the offensive tongue with her fingers and looked up at Bly.

Blue eyes met one angry green one. "Now, let me sleep or I keep your tongue!" Jordan answered before Bly moved Jordanís hand away from her tongue.

"Hey, donít damage the merchandise know youíll be the one to suffer if my tongue is hurt!" Bly answered mischievously and wiggled her dark eyebrows suggestively.

Jordan grabbed Blyís face in her hands with Bly laughing harder. "Bly...Iím pleading with you...what is it going to take to get you to go to sleep?"

" about a kiss?" She asked with a sly grin and received a fleeting kiss from her lover.

", go to sleep." Jordan answered agitatedly and lay her head back down.

"Oh, but no...that one will not do." Bly teased and poked her finger into Jordanís arm to get her attention. "I want a soul searing, knock my socks off...if I had any on...kind of kiss baby!" Bly informed her. Jordan raised her head up and looked at her in exasperation. "Lay it on me baby!" Bly laughed with a silly grin.

"Ooh, you frustrate me sometimes woman!" Jordan remarked before moving closer to her.

"But thatís why you love me." Bly answered with a chuckle before wrapping her arms around Jordan as she moved on top of Bly and pressed her lips against her lovers anxiously awaiting ones. Jordanís lips against Blyís sent a pleasurable sensation up and down Blyís body. Jordan slipped her tongue past Blyís parted lips exploring every portion of her mouth before deepening the kiss as deep as possible. Blyís hands roamed freely up and down Jordanís back as her desire for Jordan escalated.

"Are you sure you want to go to sleep?" Blyís husky voice filled with desire asked and deepened the soul searing, knock your socks off kiss thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her lover in her arms.

Jordan broke the kiss breathless and looked into Blyís blue eyes regretfully and pleaded. "Yes, babe...I would like to go to sleep, but I promise to make it up to you later." Jordan answered seductively and kissed Bly once again before breaking off the kiss.

"Promise?" Bly asked teasingly with a smile and brushed Jordanís stray hair off her face.

"Itís a promise sexy." Jordan answered with a smile and sealed it with a kiss before laying back down content in her loverís arms and fell fast asleep.

ĎDamn...that woman drives me crazy! I think I need a shower...a cold one!í Bly thought and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly to calm her racing heart from the excitement. ĎJust chill and go to sleep...thatís it drift off into La La land.í Bly coaxed herself into total relaxation closing her eyes before drifting off to sleep.

Bly woke before Jordan once again and lay still reveling in the closeness of Jordan and smiled when green eyes met hers. "Morning, afternoon, evening...whatever time of the day it is." Jordan answered with a sexy smile and kissed Bly.

"Hey, baby." Bly answered happily and kissed her again. "How about if I make you some breakfast?" Bly asked eagerly.

"Bly, honey...that is really a sweet offer, but I would really like something more substantial than BooBerryís or Lucky Charms cereal." Jordan answered chuckling and kissed Blyís chin before laying on her back fully stretching her body letting out a satisfied sigh from the relaxing stretch.

"Hey, those are great to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for a snack!" Bly protested.

"I donít know how it is that an athlete such as yourself can eat that cereal which is loaded with sugar." Jordan answered in disbelief and continued to stretch her taut body.

"Well...aah...itís because Iím used to eating it thatís why." Bly stammered searching for some logical excuse to eat the cereal other than the obvious...she had a huge sweet tooth and loved them both. "I can make something else for you my little health conscious girlfriend." Bly teased leaning over Jordan kissing her.

"Is it my birthday or our anniversary that Iíve forgotten and thatís why Iím getting such wonderful treatment?" Jordan asked skeptically with a smile.

"Nope...just because I love you. Now, what would you like?" Bly answered simply with a sexy smile staring into Jordanís surprised green eyes.

"Well...I would love two sunny side up eggs, toast...lightly toasted though, a glass of Orange juice and coffee light with no sugar." Jordan rattled off her order not totally believing Bly would make everything she asked for because she knows how well Bly cooks, 'not well at all', she thought with a chuckle to herself trying to conceal the hilarity of that thought of Bly attempting to cook so she didnít offend Bly.

" problem other than the fact, we donít have OJ babe...everyone in the family is allergic to it."

"Oh, I thought you were the only one...sorry. Okay...scratch OJ and Iíll have whatever juice is available." Jordan answered playing along with the charade knowing Bly would be serving her a warmed muffin with some milk. ĎThat is if she can figure out how to work the microwave.í Jordan thought with a chuckle but was only kidding because Bly was smart enough to figure out how to operate the microwave.

"Iíll be back shortly...Iíll miss you." Bly answered softly and kissed Jordanís lips lightly before standing up clicking on the TV.

"Hmmm....I miss you already." Jordan purred and pulled Bly pack down for a better kiss. "Hurry!" She teased as Bly turned to leave the room.

"Hey, theyíve issued a tropical storm warning instead of a hurricane!" Bly answered excitedly looking at the TV.

"Bly." Jordan called out sarcastically.

"Yes?" Bly answered innocently and turned to Jordan.

"Hurry...Iím hungry." Jordan teased with a sly grin flicking her hand to shoo her lover out of the room.

"Oh, right away dear!" Bly joked and headed out of the room. Ď have many can do, what the hell is a sunny side up egg? Oh, yeah...the fried oneís with the nasty, drippy yoke that everyone likes to dip their toast in...Ewww!í Bly thought disgusted at the thought of eating eggs any other way other than scrambled or deviled and opened the refrigerator to pull out the breakfast items.

Bly managed to cook the eggs, lightly toast the bread, make the coffee and put in just the right amount of creamer as Jordan requested and poured a glass of cranblueberry juice for her lover. She was putting everything on a tray and grabbed a flower out of her momís vase on the table and put it on the tray. "Damn...forgot the silverware!" Bly remembered and grabbed the needed utensils just as her parents walked into the kitchen.

"What in the hell is going on in here?" Alexandra exclaimed with shock, disbelief and was generally stunned by what she saw before her...her daughter had actually prepared a meal.

"It's breakfast for Jordan...thereís plenty of coffee for you two as well in the pot."

"Chance...get my gun...this woman is an imposter and is trespassing in our home!" Alexandra teased sharing a laugh with her husband who stood equally amazed.

"You two think youíre so damn funny donít ya? Keep it up and no Christmas presents for either of you this year!" Bly teased and walked past them.

"Oh, Chance...honey, Iím so proud. I need a tissue." Alexandra mockingly teased as if she was crying.

"Here you go my love. Iím just so proud of our baby girl darling...after all that money we spent on college and look at her...sheís just now able to cook a meal. Iím flabbergasted." He sarcastically answered and handed his wife a tissue, who then pretended to wipe away her tears of joy.

"The tree is going to be mighty bare without presents for you two this Christmas!" Bly answered and stuck her tongue out at her parents before disappearing into her room.

"Chance...go get your medical bag in case poor Jordan gets sick from her meal." Alexandra teased and tapped her husbandís chest.

"I donít know if I have a cure for that kind of an illness...there might not be any hope left once she eats Blyís food...poor girl and I really like Jordan too." He laughed and wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife and kissed her.

Bly entered the room carrying the tray and noticed Jordan laying on her side with her hand propping her head up intently watching TV and absently stroking the soft fur on Aresí back as he lay in front of her perfectly content. Jordan sat up in disbelief when Bly entered the room and looked down at Ares. "I canít believe it!" She said in disbelief and Ares quickly agreed with a meow.

"Great...Iím going to get grief from the both of you two?" Bly asked sarcastically and set the tray down in front of Jordan. "Yes, I did it all by myself Jordan." Bly assured her seeing the stunned look on her face.

"Wow!...this is so wonderful...thanks honey." Jordan smiled excitedly and leaned over and kissed Bly passionately to thank her properly.

"Eat your eggs before they get cold." Bly told Jordan and picked up her bowl of Booberry cereal to munch on and her cup of coffee. Jordan sank her teeth into her eggs and looked up with wide eyes at Bly. "They suck donít they?" Bly asked disappointedly looking at the object of her affection.

"No, theyíre fabulous!" She exclaimed in total shock of Blyís cooking prowess.

"Youíre just saying that to not make me feel bad." Bly pouted.

"No, honey...this is all very did an excellent job and you can cook for me anytime...preferably naked the next timeÖin our home." Jordan answered with a seductive chuckle and kissed Bly.

"Jordan...are you feeling okay honey after eating Blyís cooking?" Alexandra asked as she and Chance peeked into the room.

"Yeah, mom...itís fabulous!" Jordan retorted excitedly and smiled.

"Oh, cut it out! I donít believe it!" Alexandra answered in disbelief and entered the room with Bly laughing tauntingly at her mother.

"HereÖtaste the eggs." Jordan offered and held out a spoonful for her to try them.

"Hmmm....well, Iíll be damned...they are delicious! Good job Bly." Her mother teased after swallowing the offered eggs and pinched her daughter's cheek.

"Youíre going to be bruised if you donít knock it off woman!" Bly answered in a menacing tone and burst out laughing when her mother walked towards the door shooting her a bird. Alexandria turned around and flashed an all too familiar mischievous smile. "I really donít want to have to embarrass you in front of Jordan and kick your whimpy ass, but if I have to I will." She teased with a laugh and Jordan realized Blyís sense of humor and gestures came mostly from her mother.

"Yeah...yeah, in your dreams old lady." Bly retorted and threw the pillow at her mom who quickly shut the door behind her as the pillow connected with it falling harmlessly to the floor.

Now that South Florida was clear and the severe weather had passed, Bly called the Penthouse to check on things and to have the shutters removed. By late afternoon, Bly and Jordan had loaded up the car and were heading back home.

Throughout the week, the weather continued to have sporadic downpours of rain and wind, but nothing South Floridians weren't use to during hurricane season. By Friday, things were looking better and the sun had actually come out for most of the day. On the way home from work they decided to stop and look at an SUV for Jordan. After test driving both of Jordan's two choices, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the Lincoln Navigator, Jordan was torn but had almost decided on the Jeep. It was more affordable and easier for her to handle driving. On the way home from the dealership, Jordan read the brochure to Bly.

"Now, if that insurance check would just come. I can go and pick out which Jeep I want." Jordan said excitedly anticipating her new truck and looking at the various color options.

"It should be here any day now." Bly replied smiling over at Jordan. "What color are you looking at?"

"I really like the black, but I think white might be more practical in Florida."

"Yes, dark colors will be very hot in the summer time and I can attest to that fact! If you don't like white you can look at the other light metallic colors too, that champagne color doesn't look so bad." Bly replied pointing over at the color chart on the brochure.

"Yeah, I guess I just have to see it first." Jordan answered and closed the pamphlet as they pulled up in front of the Penthouse building. Exiting the vehicle and handing it over to the porter they headed into the lobby. Bly went to retrieve their mail while Jordan pushed the button for the elevator. Riding up in the elevator Bly pulled out an envelope and wiggled it in front of Jordan. "I thinks this is what you've been waiting for."

Jordan grabbed the envelope, ripped it open and pulled out the check from the insurance company. Grimacing she held it up to Bly and responded, "Not bad, but good thing I decided on the Jeep instead of the Navigator!. Is there anything from my publisher?" Jordan questioned disappointedly.

Bly smiled and kept going through the mail. "No, sorry babe."

"DamnÖI wonder whatís taking them so long to send me the packet." She wondered out loud worriedly.

Blyís smile soon turned to a frown when she pulled out another envelope and held it out for Jordan. Jordan looked down at the address on the envelope and up at Bly puzzled. She opened this envelope more slowly and pulled out a sheaf of paper with her companyís logo on the letterhead. Jordan's happiness soon turned to sadness as she read the contents of the letter.

"What is it?" Bly asked concerned and pulled Jordan closer to her.

"They are letting me go." Jordan replied her voice a mixture of surprise and sadness. She pushed the letter toward Bly and just looked at her lover without saying anything more.

"What?" Bly barked and took the letter and read it. "They are letting you go because you took too much sick time? That's ludicrous, you were in a car accident for cripes sake. What did they expect?" Bly continued scanning the letter and looked up firmly. "They can't get away with this. We will have Dawson see what he can do!"

"Did you read the last paragraph? It paraphrases my contract and it states that it's an 'at-will' job and they can let me go whenever they want. It was an indefinite contract, not a permanent one. I'm afraid they can do whatever they want." Jordan replied in a dejected tone of voice as her thoughts pondered her options. She would just have to find another job soon so she could pay the rent on her apartment.

"Hey, honey it will be okay. You will find another job quickly, but not until you are ready to go back to work." Bly answered and hesitated with what she wanted to say next. Jordan just absently nodded her head and continued with her own private thoughts as they stepped off the elevator. Putting down the boxes that they carried Jordan walked into the kitchen and threw the truck brochure into the trash and picked up her duffle bag and headed back to the bedroom.

Bly took the brochure out of the garbage and followed the blonde to the bedroom and found her sitting on the edge of the bed and sat next to her.

"Listen Jordan, I've been wanting to ask you this for awhile and then when everything happened I sort of pushed it on the back burner, but now would be a perfect time. Well, I was wondering if you would consider moving in here with me permanently?" Bly asked hesitantly, unsure of what Jordan was feeling at the moment.

Jordan took a deep breath and looked over at raven-haired woman. "Bly, I know I've been staying here since the accident and all, and for that I am truly thankful but, I don't want you to feel you have to ask me because I just got fired. I can get another job and take care of myself just fine."

Bly grabbed Jordan's hand and brought it to her lips and lightly kissed it. "No, that isn't why I'm asking. I've wanted to ask you from the very beginning, but I was afraid of rushing you. I want you to live with me because I love you. I want to go to sleep at night with you in my arms and wake up every morning to you lying next to me. I want us to be together in every sense of the word."

Jordan looked down at her hands for a while and then looked up with teary eyes and nodded whispering, "So do I."

Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and kissed her deeply, she wanted this wonderful woman to know just how much she loved her and wanted to be a part of her life.

"Would I be pushing things if I suggested we go get your stuff this weekend?" Bly asked with a sly grin. Jordan chuckled and touched the side of Bly's face lovingly. "Sure, there isn't much left there anyway. Seems the important stuff has already made it's way over here!"

"Great!" Bly jumped up and pulled Jordan into her arms and danced around the room happily dragging the blonde with her. "And, we can go pick out your new Jeep too!"

"Wait!" Jordan called out and stopped Bly in her tracks. "I can't get a Jeep, I don't have enough money and they aren't going to give me a loan considering I am out of work now."

"No problem! I'll make up the difference and this way you won't need a loan and won't have to worry about making payments either. You can take your time finding the job you want." Bly replied easily without giving it a second thought.

"No." Jordan emphasized emphatically.

"Why?" Bly asked feeling slightly hurt.

"Because I don't want you paying my way. I can get a car with the insurance money instead." Jordan replied firmly, but regretfully saying good-bye to her dream of owning a Jeep.

"What if we call it a loan and you pay me back when you get that job or your settlement from the lawsuit?" Bly offered in concession. She really knew how much Jordan wanted to get the SUV and she didn't want her driving a car that she didn't like and would not feel safe driving.

Jordan thought for a moment and looked up into Bly's eyes for some understanding of what she should do.

"Hey we are partners in every sense of the word right?" Bly asked softly and waited for Jordan to nod in affirmation. "Then why won't you let me help you. I know you won't let me buy it for you, so just let me help you, okay?"

Jordan hesitated a moment longer and finally sighed and replied, "Okay, but I'm paying you back as soon as I get a job or the settlement! Do you understand?" Jordan asked firmly.

"Yes, I understand." Bly answered dutifully and pulled Jordan back into her arms for a giant hug. "And, I understand that I get you all to myself, all the time now."

Bly replied with a smirk and kissed Jordan thoroughly and deeply pouring all her happiness into that kiss.

"Whew! I need to take a breather." Jordan replied stepping back from the kiss. Her face was flushed and her heart racing as it did every time she was in Bly's arms.

"Why?" Bly asked seductively wiggling her eyebrows. "Remember that promise you made me at my parents? The part about making it up to me?"

"Bly! I've been making it up to you all week!" Jordan replied laughing at the scheming look on Bly's face.

"Yeah, but you aren't finished!" The raven-haired beauty replied devilishly. "I want more reparations!"

"Oh you are insatiable." Jordan replied pushing Bly backward onto the bed.

"Only for you baby, only for you!" Bly murmured as Jordan's lips descended upon her own.


Paradise Found continues...

Ó Cruise & Stoley, 1999

Authorís notes: Okay I ran away with it. See if this is where you wanted it to go or if I ran too far and got lost. Let me know if we can just do this and start the next update or what? J

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