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By Cruise and Stoley

Disclaimers: This is an ongoing story with the disclaimers being the same as the other parts.

Special thanks to the sexy ER Doc who offered her expert medical advice for use in this story!

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The emergency rescue units arrived shortly after a motorist phoned in the accident from their cell phone. The first on the scene to examine the car was a firefighter. "Where are the paramedics?" He shouted as he assessed Jordan when the other firefighter approached.

"They're gathering their gear." The firefighter answered as he drew closer.

"She's going to have to be extricated...she's trapped in the vehicle." He informed him.

"Is she alive?" He asked as he peered in the window.

"Barely...get the Ďjaws of lifeí over here quickly and tell the paramedics to move it!" He ordered with urgency as the firefighter rushed away to fulfill his orders.

The paramedics rushed to the car and began to open their equipment as one medic looked in the car at Jordan to assess her condition. "The steering column is pinning her against her seat." The firefighter explained. "We're going to extricate her."

"Okay...let me check her over." He answered as he climbed into the shattered window as much as he could to assess Jordan. "Her pulse is weak, thready at 110. She's unconscious, cold, pale and diaphoretic...hand me the blood pressure cuff." He replied as his partner wrote the information down and handed him the blood pressure cuff before calling in to report the status. "Blood pressure is 50 palpable." He answered as he backed out of the vehicle window.

"I'm establishing two IV lines of lactated ringer's solution to help improve her blood pressure." The paramedic informed his partner as he established the IV's and the firefighters cut the car open to get Jordan out.

"Grab the backboard...she may have a spinal cord injury." The paramedic ordered as he put a cervical collar on Jordan's neck and his partner grabbed the backboard.

The paramedics stabilized her head as they transferred her onto the backboard as a precaution. The paramedics applied MAST trousers to improve her circulation for the possibility of internal bleeding secondary to Jordanís blood pressure being so low.


Once at the hospital the doctor's noted Jordan was hypertensive and ordered a CAT scan of the head, cervical spine, and pelvic X-ray which all came back normal. The chest X-ray revealed three fractured ribs which is common with blunt traumas such as Jordanís from being pinned against the steering wheel. A CAT scan of the liver revealed a lacerated liver as Jordan was typed and cross-matched for blood.

"DR. Jagers...the patient has AB-blood with rare antibodies." The nurse informed the doctor as she looked over the results.

"Great...that makes everything worse." She answered dryly and agitatedly at the findings. "Find a contact person for consent if we need to do surgery and get moving on the blood...she's going to need it." The doctor ordered as she worked to stabilize Jordan's condition.

"Hey, Jan...who's the patients contact person?" The nurse asked as she approached the desk.

"Aah...Bly VanDewark." She answered as she flipped through Jordan's wallet that the police officers found and gave them finding her emergency medical card there.

"Bly VanDewark?'s her lucky day because I think Dr. VanDewark is still here. Call Bly and get in touch with her to let her know what has happened and I'll have Dr. VanDewark paged."

Bly's father entered the emergency room shortly after being paged. "What's up?" He asked slightly irritated by the page as he was on his way out the door.

"Dr. VanDewark...this patient has Bly listed as her emergency contact person and we wondered if you knew her." The nurse informed him as they approached the foot of the bed.

"Oh, my god...Jordan!" He exclaimed with worry as his blue eyes filled with tears. "Aah...yes, I know her...whatís her condition?"

"They're trying to stabilize her. She has internal bleeding."

He didn't like what he heard and his fear for Jordan grew. He gave the nurse Bly's cell phone number to call as he informed his wife of what happened to Jordan. She said she would call Linda to let her know before she came down to the hospital. "Dr. VanDewark...we can't get in touch with Bly." The nurse informed him as she approached defectedly.

"Does Jordan have family numbers listed?" He asked as he looked away from Jordan and down to the information sheet the nurses compiled.

"No one but Bly." She answered as she flipped her pages to look for any pertinent information.

"Hey, Chance." The surgeon replied as she approached. "Any luck finding her contact?...we need consent...she needs to have an exploratory laparotomy to identify the exact source of bleeding. We'll either do a partial liver resection or coagulation of the bleeding site with an ARGON laser." She explained to Bly's father.

"Her contact is my daughter and she's unavailable. Jordan's like a daughter to me...if she needs surgery I'll give consent and take full responsibility." He informed the surgeon as he signed the forms and wondered just where in the hell his daughter was. He knew this happening with Jordan would devastate her.

"Okay...let's get moving. She also has a fractured wrist that will need to be addressed once we get her stabilized." The surgeon explained.

"I'll take a look at her X-rays and see what needs to be done with her wrist." He answered solemnly as he looked at Jordan with great concern for her.

"Arlene...any luck with a blood match?" The Dr. Jagers asked the nurse.

"No...we've got calls out to the blood banks throughout the country and we're waiting for a response."

"Keep on it because we've got to have that blood...soon or sheíll bleed to death from all the hemorrhaging. The best person would be a family member." She answered before walking away but stopped and turned back. "Chance...why don't you scrub in for the surgery?"

"Aah...yeah, I just might do that...thanks."He stammered as he worriedly looked at Jordan.

"Chance!" Alexandra replied with worry as she rushed towards her husband. "How is she?"

"Not good...Alex. They are prepping her for surgery now to try and locate the exact cause of the internal bleeding."

"What happened?"

"I don't know the details other than she was in a car accident. Any luck reaching Bly?"

"No, she must not have her phone with her for some unknown reason. She always has that thing with her." She answered with disbelief that she didnít respond to her calls which she was very good about doing.

"Listen, I need you to see if Linda can get in touch with Jordan's parents. It's imperative we get blood specific to her." He explained to his concerned wife.

"Okay...we'll get on it as soon as her and Julie get here."

"Have the nurse come get me out of the operating room when you get through to her parents and I'll explain Jordan's condition to them. See if Dawson can track Bly down...I've go to go." He answered with urgency.

"Take care of her." Alexandra answered with a slight smile as she squeezed his hand.

"She's got an excellent surgeon...but I'll make sure they take care of her." He answered with a reassuring smile and a wink as he headed towards the operating room while Alexandra left for the waiting room.

Bly's game ended in a tie and they were taking a break before starting again. She needed the break...she just wasn't into the game at all. She just didn't want to be there...she wanted to be with Jordan. Bly didn't like what was happening between the two of them and playing in the tournament for the Olympics wasn't worth the risk of losing Jordan. She had a very bad feeling and didn't really know why, which kept her mind off of playing.

Bly reached into her bad for her towel and noticed her phone flashing that she had messages. She picked it up and scrolled through recognizing her brother's number showing up a number of times, her mother's number and the hospitalís number. She had a sinking feeling as worry and nervousness swept over her like a tidal wave. Bly called her brother's number to find out what was going on.

"Bly... where the hell have you been?" He asked with urgency and concern.

"In a game...what's going on?" She answered agitated at her brother's demeanor.

"It's Jordan...aah." He stammered not really knowing how to tell his sister what happened to Jordan.

"What's wrong with Jordan?" Bly snapped worriedly before her brother could say anything else and stood up as her heart jumped into her throat. She felt incredibly warm and felt physically ill at the thought of something bad happening to Jordan.

"She was in a car accident Bly." He answered softly knowing his sister was already upset.

Bly's blue eyes filled with tears and her knees felt weak as she fell back into the chair. Her heart raced uncontrollably and she could barely breath. "Is she? she okay?" Bly stammered, her voice shaky as she forced the question out. Her hands shook uncontrollably and she could barely hold the phone as the tears streaked her face.

"I'm sorry doesn't look good. They took her in for exploratory surgery to try and stop the internal bleeding." He answered as tears filled his eyes from the pain he could hear in his sister's voice.

"I'm on my way...I'll call you from the plane." Bly responded with urgency as she clicked the phone off and hurriedly gathered her belongings. Her thoughts of Jordan overwhelmed her and she didn't know what she would do without her.

"Bly...where are you going?" Her coach asked agitatedly.

"I have an emergency and I have to leave." Bly answered as she turned towards her coach and then started to walk away again.

"You can't leave...we're right in the middle of a game."

"Watch me!" She spat back and headed off as her temper flared.

"You won't make the team if you leave." She angrily warned.

"The person I'm going to be with is more important to me." She snapped as she headed quickly towards the exit of the arena clicking her phone on to contact her travel agent. "Sarah...I'm glad I caught you...I need a flight back to Florida right away." Bly explained breathless as she ran through the halls of the arena.

"'s late and do you realize how much that will cost?" Sarah asked with slight agitation for the late night call.

"I don't give a damn what it costs...just get me on the fucking plane! Rent a plane if you have to just get me something by the time I get to the airport. I'll be there in ten minutes." She replied angrily as she clicked the phone off and exited the arena before hailing a cab.

Sarah had never heard Bly so upset before. They had been college roommates for the entire four years at the University of Florida and they were very good friends. She figured it must have something to do with Jordan or a family member for her to react that way and didn't take her attitude personal. She quickly began to work on a flight for her friend.

Bly called the hotel and made arrangements for her bags to be sent back to Florida for her. She slipped on her team jacket as she felt a chill from the air hitting her sweat soaked clothes and clicked on the phone as it rang.

"Sarah?" She asked.

"'re on Delta flight 269 which leaves in fifteen minutes."

"Great...thanks...I'm pulling up now."

"Bly...I hope everything works out okay. Call me and let me know what happened when you can. I'll send good thoughts along." Sarah answered with concern.

"I'll call...thanks Sarah." She answered sadly as her thoughts turned to Jordan. She was pissed at herself and felt guilty because she was in California and Jordan was home fighting for her life. The pain and guilt she felt were unbearable. 'I should have been there. She must have been terrified being all alone. I'm a terrible girlfriend...I should have stayed home.' She thought disgustedly as the tears flowed freely while the cab pulled up to the airport.

"Which terminal?" The cabbie asked.

"Aah...Delta." Bly answered as she looked up and wiped her tears before pulling out cash for the fare. She exited the cab and ran to her gate and flashed her ID before receiving her boarding pass. She headed down the gangway and took her seat in first class. Bly waited until the plane was in the air before she called her brother back.

"Dawson...any news yet on Jordan?" She asked with great concern.

"No...she's still in surgery Bly."

"Damn...what happened with the accident?"

"I spoke with the officer and they think it was a hit-n-run." He explained.

"What? do they know that?" Bly asked as her anger mounted and she couldn't understand how someone could be so callous to cause an accident and leave the scene.

"They found red paint on the rear of her car indicating someone hit her from behind causing the accident."

Bly's temper took over and the rage within her mounted as she instantly thought of the one person who could have caused the accident...Cindy. She had a red truck and had been terrorizing Jordan. "Dawson...I'll bet everything I own that Cindy is involved in this accident."

"I thought the same thing and I alerted the officers of the problems Jordan had been having with her. I've got our investigator's working on finding her as well." He explained with frustration that Cindy could wreak so much havoc in Jordan and Bly's life.

"Thanks me a favor?" Bly asked softly as her temper calmed and she thought of Jordan.

" know that." He answered reassuringly.

"When Jordan comes out of surgery could you tell her that I love her and I'm on my way?...please." She asked as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Absolutely...what time are you due in I'll pick you up out front."

"I should be on the ground in three hours...thankfully, I got a non-stop flight with Delta." She explained.

"Okay...I'll be there waiting...I love you Bly and remember....Jordan's going to be fine." He answered lovingly and reassuringly to calm his sister.

"Thanks...Daw...I really appreciate that and I hope so. I love you too...bye." She answered softly as she clicked her phone off and looked out the window lost in her thoughts of Jordan. She thought about how much she loved Jordan and how she never enjoyed, started living life until she met Jordan.

Bly's thoughts turned to anger when she thought about Cindy and if she had anything to do with the accident, she was going to strangle that bitch with her bare hands! Bly realized that she was the cause of this backlash from Cindy. Jordan had asked her not to taunt Cindy in that damn baseball game but she didn't listen. The guilt hit her like a baseball bat and realized that she may have cost Jordan her life...the only person she ever truly loved with all her heart and soul. 'What have I done?' She asked herself as the lump in her throat swelled and she had difficulty breathing as she began to cry.

Dr. VanDewark was alerted that the staff had reached Jordanís parents and they were waiting on the phone. He left the operating room and pulled his mask down followed by the removal of his gloves to take the call. "Hello...this is Dr. VanDewark and my daughter is very good friends with Jordan."

"Yeah...Jordan told us just how good of friends they really are!...what do you want?" The woman's voice asked gruffly with animosity.

"Aah...are you Jordan's mother?" He asked as he was flabbergasted by the woman's attitude.

"Yes, I am." She replied curtly.

"Well...Jordan was in a very bad car accident and is bleeding internally. It seems that Jordan has a rare blood type with rare antibodies which we are having a hard time matching. We can't give her just any blood... it has to be specific to her blood type. We need for your family to go to the nearest hospital to be tested for the same antibodies as Jordan before you head down here. The hospital there will transport the blood down here immediately." He explained with urgency.

"I'm sorry we can't do that." The woman answered coldly.

"Excuse me?! mean to tell me you're not willing to help your child who may die?" He asked angrily as he shouted through the phone growing more agitated with the women's callous attitude toward her daughter.

"Jordan's adopted so, no one in this family can help her and Jordan doesn't know that she's adopted either. I can give you the name of the adoption lawyer we used and maybe he can give you information to reach her birth parents if she's that bad off."

He was aghast by his conversation with this woman and wanted to bitch slap her in a big way. He had never ever thought about hitting a woman...but this one...yeah, he wanted to slap her hard...very hard. It went against everything he stood for his hypocratic oath and that he wasnít a violent man but he seriously wanted to rearrange this womanís face.

"Lady...whether Jordan is adopted or not you raised her and she's still your child. You should be here with her...she may die!" He shouted angrily in the phone seriously wanting to reach through the phone and strangle the woman.

"Well...that's regrettable but she called and told us of her lifestyle the other day and we can not accept that life for her. We wish her the best but we've washed our hands of her." She answered nastily before hanging the phone up.

"That fucking bitch!" He exclaimed angrily, slamming the phone down and stormed down the hall to the waiting room.

" is she?!" Alexandra exclaimed with worry as everyone swarmed him for information on Jordan.

"They have coagulated the bleeding and are finishing up now. We still have to get the blood to replenish what she's already lost. Did you get in touch with Bly?" He asked as he looked at his son and worked to calm his temper.

"Yeah...I'm going to pick her up in an hour." He answered as he glanced at his watch for the time then back up to his father.

"Okay...great...aah...Alex can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked unnerved as he led his wife away from the group. "Jordan's mother is a real piece of work and said Jordan is adopted. She also said she wished Jordan the best but they couldn't agree with her lifestyle and have washed their hands of her." He explained still in astonishment from the conversation.

Alexandra was flabbergasted and her eyes filled with tears. "Oh, poor Jordan...that sweet girl has gone through so much and now her own family is treating her that way. It's a disgrace and I hope they burn in hell!" She spat knowing it wasn't very nice to say, but 'damn it...she was pissed and they are deplorable people,' she thought to herself.

"Can you have Jimmy see if they can track down her birth family to get the blood she needs?" He asked as he looked into his wife's beautiful blue eyes that both of his children possessed which calmed his temper even more.

"Of course...I'll do it now." She answered softly before kissing him and clicking her phone on to make the call.

"Dr. Jordan going to be okay?" Linda asked nervously and with tear filled eyes as Julie placed her hands on her shoulders for comfort.

"Well...we hope so. They are hoping they can keep the bleeding stopped so Jordan won't have to have a partial liver resection. It's also very important that we get the blood she needs to replace what she lost already." He answered trying to reassure them along with himself.

"Can I be tested?...I don't know what my blood type is, but I'd really like to help Jordan."

"Sure...head down to the lab and I'll have the nurse set it up." He answered as Linda and Julie turned on their heels heading down the hall towards the lab.

Chance headed back in to check on Jordan who had been moved to the recovery room after her surgery as Dawson and Alexandra worked on gathering information regarding Jordan's birth family. They placed their calls and headed to the recovery room and informed the nurse to tell her husband they were waiting outside.

Chance informed the nurse to allow them in to see Jordan. Alexandra put her arm around Chance as they looked over Jordan who was very still and hooked up to every imaginable piece of equipment the hospital had in it. Dawson sighed back his tears and approached Jordan's side holding her hand.

He leaned down to her ear. "Hey, Jordan...Bly wanted me to tell you that she loves you very much and that she's on her way." He replied softly as they all noticed the heart monitor show a faster heartbeat. He smiled as he looked up at the monitors and then leaned down to kiss Jordan's forehead. "Remember...anytime you want to switch teams you know were to find me but for now, I'm going to pick up Bly so, you two can be together. Hang in there." He replied softly as the heart monitor revealed a faster heart beat again at the mention of Bly's name. Dawson squeezed her hand and smiled at his parents. "I'll be back soon." He replied as he walked past them towards the exit to pick up Bly.

Dawson squealed to stop in front of the Delta terminal and didn't have to wait long before he saw a tall figure running toward his car. He pushed open the passenger door in time for Bly to jump in before pulling away from the curb again.

"How is she?" Bly asked even before she had fully closed the door. She threw her equipment bag into the back seat and looked over at her brother.

"About the same. Right now they are trying to contact her parents to get a match on the blood, seems Jordan has a rare one." Dawson replied glancing over at his sister and placed his hand on hers before turning his attention back to the road. "We will be there shortly."He reassured her.

"Hurry Daw!" Bly choked out as fresh tears sprang to her eyes and grasped at his hand as an anchor to the lost feeling she felt. "I'll never forgive myself for leaving like I did." Bly answered softly as she ran her hands through her raven hair absently as she thought of Jordan.

"It's not your fault." Dawson replied as he drove like a bat out of hell to get them back to the hospital. "It was an accident, you have no control over that."

"If I had been here, things might have gone differently. Do you have any information about who hit her?" Bly asked trying to get information from her brother.

"No, but they are checking into it." Dawson answered without saying anything definate.

"It is Cindy isn't it?"

"We don't know that for sure yet Bly!" Dawson quickly responded in a warning tone. "Let's not jump the gun just yet even though the evidence points to the possibility of it being her." He answered trying to reason with his sister.

"I know it is her and it's my fault. I never should have antagonized her at the baseball game. She did this because she was angry at me. It should be me, not Jordan to suffer." Bly looked out the window as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Hey, no one should have to suffer because of that woman!" Dawson offered and squeezed the hand that he held. As they approached the hospital, Dawson screached the car in the first available spot outside of the emergency room and they both raced into the hospital. Bly was ahead of her brother and reached her mother first.

"Where is she?" Bly shouted without any pleasantries.

"Bly! You are finally here." Alexandra turned and engulfed her daughter in a hug. "Come on, I'll take you to her."

They turned and moved toward Jordan's cube as a bell sounded calling a Code to the recovery area. Bly looked at her mother in terror and the two women broke into a run following the sea of white that converged on Jordan's area.

"No!" Bly cried out as she saw Jordan lying on the gurney and three pair of hands frantically working on her still body. Alexandra tried to hold her back, but Bly wanted to get to Jordan. Dr. VanDewark stepped back from the fray around Jordan's bed and caught his daughter before she would reach Jordan.

"No Bly, let them do their job!" Her father called out to her and held her out of the way.

The surgeon began CPR until she had a shallow rhythm appear, looking over at Chance her eyes told him it was touch and go. She focused her attention back to the team shouting, "Sheís hemorrhaging...the first surgery didnít work. Let's get her back in the OR now!" Chance's heart dropped as he pulled his daughter and wife out of the way as the team raced the gurney back through the doors to the OR. The surgeon paused in front of Chance and quietly said, "We need that blood fast!"

"I'm working on it!" Dr VanDewark called as the surgeon followed the gurney into the OR area. This wasnít his normal field of expertise but took it upon himself to take responsibility because it was Jordan. "Bly! You and your mother go wait outside and I'll be there shortly. I want to check something out."

"No! I've got to be with Jordan." Bly argued feeling completely helpless and wanting to be beside Jordan. Her father grabbed her by the shoulders and looked directly into her eye. "You can't do anything for her right now but pray. When she wakes up...I promise you will be the first face she sees. Now, go!" Bly looked directly into his eyes and instantly stilled at the full impact of the situation as it hit her. She nodded tearfully and without another word, led her mother out of the recovery area to the waiting room.

Dr. VanDewark ran down the hall toward the blood bank passing Linda and Julie on his way. "Bly is in the waiting room." He told them before moving on down the hall. Linda could feel her knees weakening and looked at Julie, "Something is wrong". Julie grabbed Linda around the waist to support her and, together, they hurried to find Bly.

Bly paced in the waiting room tearing the kleenex in her hands to shreds as the tears ran unchecked down her cheeks wishing she had become a doctor so she could do more for Jordan. She couldnít stand the helplessness she felt..afterall, she was in the medical field...yet, she could do nothing for the love of her life but stand there and absolutely killed her. Linda saw Bly's color was white and instantly knew that she was right, something bad had just happened.

"Bly?" Linda cried out in fear and question as Julie tugged her into the room.

"Jordan just coded and they've taken her back into the OR." Bly replied looking into Linda's green eyes that reflected back the fear she too felt. The three women hugged each other before Bly broke away and went to stand near the window. Looking out, she berated and kicked herself for ever leaving Jordan. 'If I hadn't left, I would have been driving and this might not have happened. Even if it had, I would have been there with her.' Resting her head against the glass window, she felt her mother's arms wrap around her from behind and hug her. Bly didn't respond, she didn't feel like she deserved to be comforted, not after what she had done to Jordan.

Dr. VanDewark entered the blood bank as a shout of success sounded. He looked up at the technicians with a questioning lift of his brow.

"Dr. V. I'm glad you are here. We have a perfect match for the AB- blood, even down to the specific antibodies. You are lucky that you found a relative so quickly. We have tagged the blood and are sending it over to the OR right now."

"What relative?" Dr. VanDewark asked concerned.

"The two women you sent in here earlier, one of them is a perfect match, we figured she was the patient's sister." The technician looked at the doctor confused. "She has to be a relative with the match that we got. We even ran the test three times to be sure."

"I'll be damned!" Dr. VanDewark replied and turned on his heels to head back to the waiting room knowing Julie was not the match...but Linda.


Cindy paced the small confines of her apartment, a hurriedly packed bag lay open on the bed. Cindy threw another article of clothing into the bag before dropping down next to it on the bed and reaching for the telephone. She dialed information and got the number of the hospitals closest to the accident. She was sweating profusely as she ran a hand through her wet locks. She couldn't sit anymore and began pacing the room as she dialed the first number and waited. After four calls to local hospitals, she finally hit upon the right one.

"Yes, we have a patient in the ER by that name. Are you family?" The operator asked authoritatively.

"Can you tell me what her status is?" Cindy switched hands on the receiver and wiped her sweaty palm on her jeans.

"I can only give information out to family members." The operator replied firmly giving no lee-way for any exceptions. Cindy hung up the phone without further comment and turned toward her packing. She looked down at the bag on the bed and knew that she couldn't leave without finding out what was going on with Jordan. Grabbing her leather jacket she left the apartment. She circled her red truck and stood next to it to assess the damage. The front grill was pushed back and the left front fender was scratched and dented with a splattering of blue-colored paint chips embedded in the surface.

"Damn, I've got to get this fixed fast." Cindy spoke low to herself, looking around, she got behind the wheel and headed to where she knew she could get the work done, no questions asked. As she drove, Cindy knew she had to come up with a plan to see Jordan and find out just how much she remembered. Once the truck was fixed there would be nothing to tie her to the accident, except Jordan. Cindy was confident that she could pursuade the blonde to see things her way. Afterall, Jordan was her girl first.


Meanwhile, Bly paced the waiting room and in between feeling guilty, she plotted her revenge against Cindy. No matter what, no one would make her believe she wasn't behind this whole mess.

Alexandra watched her daughter pace and knew that something was going on behind the clouded blue eyes. She hoped that she could disuade her hard headed daughter from doing anything rash or foolish. Or at least, take matters out of her daughter's hands. She got up and went outside, a short distance away from the hospital and flipped open her phone and dialed the office.

"Hello, is there any information yet?" Alexandra asked quickly when she reached her investigator. "Good, that's perfect. I want you to draw up a restraining order and then file it. You are going to have trouble serving it, but I want it on record." Alexandra listened to the rest of the report as her jaw set in an angry determined grimace. Her stomach turned as the investigator reminded her of how many times Cindy had gotten away with things in the past. "She will not get away with it, this time. I'm gonna nail her ass if it's the last thing I do!" Alexandra paced as she tried to calm down as she listened to the investigator confirm the plans. "Yes, that's right. Now, what did you find out about Jordan's birth parents? That's interesting, she was one of three children taken by social services. Do we know anything about these other two children? Come on! We need to get those records unsealed due to medical emergency. Contact Judge Hargrove, he has connections up there and inform him of the situation and tell him I need a favor. I need him to shake loose whatever beuracracy bullshit is holding us up. Tell him it's life or death, Jordan's, if we don't get her record." Alexandra listened for a few more moments and concluded the call. "Thanks for all your hard work. I really do appreciate everyone's efforts."

Alexandra walked back toward the hospital and saw her daughter standing off to the side by herself, just staring off into the distance. She turned and headed toward her child and felt a pange in her heart. A mother's instinct is to protect her children and she felt her baby's pain as real as if it were her own.

"Hey honey, how are you doing?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around her daughter and pulled her close.

"Oh mother, what am I going to do? If anything happens to Jordan, I don't think I can make it without her." Bly replied as her eyes burned from crying. "I should never have left her. This is all my fault."

"No, it is not your fault. You both had obligations you felt were important to you and they just happened to be in separate places." Alexandra tried to get her daughter to stop blaming herself. She knew where the real blame lay and it wasn't with Bly or Jordan.

"But, mother..." Bly began but quickly quieted by the look her mother gave her.

"Now, you listen to me Blythe VanDewark. We are going to go back inside and give Jordan all the support she needs until she is well again. I won't stand here listening to you blame yourself for what happened. It happened and now we go forward from here. Do you understand?" Alexandra gently shook her daughter to get her full attention. It would have been comical, in any other situation, to see the shorter woman taking the taller one to task.

"Yes, mother." Bly replied nervously as she always did when her mother used her full name knowing she meant business and that her mother had a point, she needed to focus her attention on Jordan now and worry about making it up to Jordan later. Arm in arm the two women walked back into hospital and ran into Dr. VanDewark just outside the waiting room.

"Good, just the two people I need to talk too." Chance called out and closed the distance between them.

"What's wrong?" Bly asked quickly fearing the worst had happened.

"Calm down, I've got good news." Her father replied and patted her on the shoulder. "Let's step in the breakroom where we can talk."

Alexandra looked up questioningly at her husband and he winked in response and opened the door for the ladies to proceed him into the office. He motioned for the women to sit on the sofa and pulled up a chair in front of them as he sat down to explain the situation..

"What's going on Dad?" Bly asked again feeling fear and dread creep into her body.

"We found a perfect match for Jordan's blood and they are already using it in the OR." Chance announced and waited for the news to sink in.

" Is Jordan's family here?" Bly asked getting to her feet.

"Sit....sit down. No, Jordan's family is not here nor will they be coming."

"I don't get it." Bly answered confused.

Alexandra reached over and grasped her daughters hand as her husband continued to tell her about Jordan's past.

"Honey, it seems Jordan was adopted and she doesn't know about it."

"What? How can that be, you mean they never told Jordan that she was adopted?" Bly asked incredulously. Now it all made sense, she had always wondered why they had treated their daughter with such indifference. She wasn't their flesh and blood so when she didn't fit their perfect mold, they had no problem cutting her loose.

"So what does this have to do with the blood match, did you find her real parents?" Bly asked even more confused.

"No, but were working on it." Alexandra answered.

"Wait! Then whose the match?" Bly was totally confused bordering on exasperated.

"Linda was the match." Her father simply replied and looked to his wife.

"Linda! How can that be?" Bly looked between his father and mother and caught their silent communcation. She put her hand on her hip in frustration and looked at them waiting.

"Well, it seems that Jordan also has two siblings, a brother and a sister." Alexandra offered as a possible explanation.

"You mean Linda is Jordan's sister?"

"It could very well be." Dr. VanDewark answered. "The blood match was antibody specific and she matched in the 95th percentile, that's almost a perfect match."

Bly stood and paced the room for a moment running her hand through her hair in frustration. After a few moments she turned and looked at her parents. "They don't really look alike, except for maybe some facial features and their body type."

"The best thing to do would be to talk to Linda and tell her what we have found out." Alexandra answered.

"This is all so overwhelming." Bly answered as she stood pacing shaking her head in disbelief.

"Letís head over to the waiting room and talk with Linda." Chance answered as he moved towards the door and opened it for the ladies who followed one another out.

Dr. VanDewark peeked his head in the door of the waiting room and waited for Linda or Julie to look up and once they did he motioned them over towards him. "Whatís up Dr. V? something wrong with Jordan?" Linda asked worredly through her redened green eyes.

"Sheís still in surgery but she did get the blood she needed which is great news considering an injury like this causes a lot of bleeding and she really needed it. We need to talk to you about something if you donít mind?" He asked as he guided them to one of the offices were Bly and Alexandra waited.

They all walked in and Chance motioned for them to sit down as he did the same. "Whatís going on?" Linda asked as she grew more concerned and Julie squeezed her hand to comfort her.

"Well...this is going to be hard to tell you Linda and Iím not sure how to do it other than just telling you flat out." He replied in as soothing a way as he could.

"Somethingís wrong with Jordan that youíre not telling me about right?...I thought you said she got the blood and they were using it." Linda asked nervously.

"Easy babe...let Dr. V explain okay?" Julie answered softly to calm her nervous lover as she held her hand tighter for support.

"Yes, we found the blood which they are using and it was in the 95th percentile. With that type of a match it usually means itís from a family member." He explained.

"You mean those neanderthals Jordan has for a family actually came through for her with some blood?" Linda asked with surprise.

Chance chuckled and looked up at Bly and Alexandra who winked at him to nudge his conversation along. "No...Linda...the blood came from you."He answered with a calming smile.

"Me? could that be that we are such a close match?" She asked in shock and disbelief.


Alexandra moved in behind her husband and put her hands on his strong broad shoulders. "Linda...we have found out that Jordan was adopted by her family and she had two other sibling that were also adopted...we think one of them is you." Alexandra answered compassionately with a smile to ease the look of disbelief she saw on Lindaís face.

"That canít parents would have told me." Linda answered as she sat back in the chair to take in the enormity of the situation.

"Maybe not...Jordanís parents didnít tell her Linda and itís very possible youíre her sister."

"This is so unbelievable...I mean, Iíve always felt like I had a really close bind to Jordan but I never would have believed that sheís my sister. Uhmmm...I need to call my parents." Linda answered as she felt happy yet upset that all of a sudden her life has been turned upside down. She thought it was so awesome that Jordan could be her sister because she loved her like one anyway but she was pissed that her parents didnít tell her. She picked up the phone and dialed her parents for a conversation she dreaded because if it was true it would hurt her parents to have to tell her.

Everyone sat solemnly and in total disbelief regarding the turn of events that happened. Alexandra took a phone call from her investigator who informed her they were able to reach Judge Hardgrove and he was in the process of unsealing the records of Jordanís adoption. She clicked off the phone just as Dawson entered the office.

Blyís head shot up and she moved towards her brother who had been talking with the police regarding the possibility of Cindy being the culprit and cause of the accident. "Did you find anything out yet?" She asked anxiously.

"The police have been looking for her unsuccessfully. It seems that nasty chick has gone into hiding but at least they are seriously looking at her as a suspect thanks to my nagging.. They have put out announcements to all body shops and car dealerships to contact them immediately so they can nail her in case she tries to have her truck repaired. Letís just hope she doesnít have any friends who will be willing to help her with the truck on the side or else they wonít be able to prove she did anything." He explained out of breath.

"Oh, no...when I get a hold of her sheíll sing like a bird after I beat her to a pulp!" Bly answered angrily.

"She certainaly will deserve that and Iíll be right behind you ready to get in a few shots on her." Julie replied as she stepped in behind her best friend.

"ís can gaurantee that...all mine." Bly answered in a demonic tone as she stared off in the distance with a seriously evil look on her face as she thought about just what she intended to do to that wench when she saw her.

Linda hung up the phone and wiped her tears as she looked at everyone who turned towards her. "What did they say honey?" Julie asked with concern as she slid up next to her and stroked her dirty blond hair.

Linda looked up at everyone. "They told me I was adopted from social services in Michigan." Linda answered as she wiped her face trying to absorb everything that had happened.

"Well, thatís good news. You found out you have a sister honey." Julie answered as she kissed the top of her head trying to calm her lover.

"It would be a lot happier news if Jordan was not in such grave danger Julie. I donít want to deal with this adoption stuff until after Jordan is better. So, could we just not talk about it anymore for awhile? Itís very overwhelming and I would rather concentrate my efforts on Jordan."

"Sure." Everyone answered with soothing smiles.

Dawson leaned over to Bly. "Linda is Jordanís sister?" He whispered in her ear.

"Yep...she was a perfect match for the blood and just found out from her parents that she was adopted." She whispered back.

"Man, I step away for a couple of minutes and I miss everything." He answered with a shared chuckle from Bly enlight of the gravity of everything Dawsonís comment for a split second calmed Bly. All she wanted to do was hold Jordan in her arms to take all of her pain away and to tell her just how much she loves her.

Linda stood up and was engulfed in a hug by Julie to comfort her as she sobbed on her shoulder. "I donít know what Iíll do if anything happens to Jordan." She sobbed in Julieís ear as she turned her face from Julieís shoulder.

"Come on babe...Jordanís a fighter...sheís going to be just fine...I know it." Julie answered comfortingly as she kissed Lindaís cheek and held her tighter.

"Hey Chance." Jordanís surgeon replied as she approached the doorway and everyone gathered before him.

"Howís Jordan?" Bly asked anxiously moving in front of everyone to face the surgeon eye to eye. She removed her surgical cap and looked at it in her hands sighing before looking up to give her report regarding Jordan.


Paradise Found continues...

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