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By Cruise and Stoley

Disclaimers: Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

The following story is alternative uber-fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you....please do not read any further. Thank you.

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The next morning, Jordan and Linda were up and ready by 10 and went down to get some breakfast before heading to the football game. Over breakfast Linda told Jordan about her disaster evening and couldn't wait to get away from her old friend.

"I can't believe how much she has changed," Linda told Jordan.

"That bad, huh?"

"It only took me an hour to realize that I wanted no part of her or her friends," Linda answered.

"You ready to go?"

"Yes, let's go check out the ladies. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky and meet someone at the field," Linda replied and the women walked toward their car.

"How's this spot?" Linda asked as she set down the lawn chairs.

"Looks like a good spot to watch the activities."

"Don't look know but there are two babes making their way over here and one of them, I think you'll really like," Linda teased.

Jordan looked up to see Bly walking over accompanied by another woman. Bly looked good this morning, her shorts were short enough to show off her tanned muscular legs and her cut-off tank top just reached the top of her shorts so that when she moved, well toned abs would peek through. Bly smiled and pulled off her sunglasses as she approached and leaned over to kiss Jordan on the cheek. Jordan smiled at the open display of affection Bly showed in front of the ogling women that dotted the sidelines. Bly slipped her arm around Jordan's shoulders and turned to introduce Julie.

"Jordan, I'd like you to meet my best friend Julie."

"Hi, nice to meet you finally," Julie replied shaking Jordan's hand.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you too."

"And this is Jordan's friend, Linda. Linda, Julie," Bly introduced the women.

Linda had been looking at Bly's friend with definite interest. Julie was an attractive, slim, dark-haired woman with brown eyes of Italian descent.

"Hi, it's very nice to meet you," Julie said shaking Linda's hand and looking over the woman. She liked what she saw and held the hand just a little longer than necessary.

"Nice to meet you too," Linda murmured with a smile. Linda kept eye contact with the woman as she held her hand long enough for Linda to get the message and smiled her reply.

"Well, I've got to get ready for the kickoff," Bly said to Jordan smiling. It looked like Jules has found a new friend. "Cheer me on?"

"You bet!" Jordan replied.

"I'll meet you back here when I'm done, O.k.?" Bly said. Jordan nodded and smiled up into Bly's twinkling blue eyes.

Bly leaned down and briefly kissed Jordan before jogging off to join her teammates.

"Mind if I join you ladies to watch the game?" Julie asked looking at Linda.

Linda smiled and replied, "By all means join us."

"Let me grab my chair and I'll be right back."

Linda and Jordan watched the woman walk away until Jordan elbowed Linda in the stomach.

"Not bad. This must be record time for you."

Linda laughed and replied, "Well, when you've got it you've got it baby!"

The three women watched the game, or in actuality, Jordan watched Bly and the two women next to her spent the time getting to know one another.

Jordan watched as Bly displayed her superb athletic prowess. She marveled at the woman's agility. She couldn't take her eyes off the muscles of Bly's arms as they rippled with each pass. Her moves were sure and sleek like a hunting lioness.

During one play, the line broke and allowed the defenders to rush Bly and when Bly went down Jordan jumped up from her seat in a panic until she saw Bly easily get to her feet and back into the game..."don't these damn refs know it's flag football not tackle!" Jordan shouted with anger as Julie and Linda were oblivious to her statement. Her heart racing she sat down and thought about how quickly this woman had gotten past her defenses. During a time-out Bly looked over at Jordan and waved causing women on the side-lines to turn in her direction. Jordan waved back and smiled thinking, 'Go ahead and look ladies but, she's looking back at me.'

Bly ran the ball twice into the end zone for a touchdown and Jordan cheered as loud as the rest of the women around her.

Bly's team won as expected and when she had packed up her equipment, Bly came over to where the three women were waiting.

Instead of putting her arm around Jordan she grasped her hand and said, "I'm kind of sweaty right now." Jordan laced her fingers though Bly's and smiled replying, "It doesn't matter to me."

"So, are we all set to go snorkling?" Bly asked looking over at Jules in question.

"Yes, if you don't mind I think Linda and I would like to join you," Julie replied. Linda looked over at Jordan who winked back in reply.

"I don't mind...the more the merrier." Bly answered with a smile as she repostioned her equipment bag on her shoulder. "Let's get going because we have to catch the boat and I'd like to take a quick shower." Bly replied as she tugged on Jordan's hand to head off towards the car.

"Bly I'm going to ride with Linda if you don't mind." julie asked with a smile as Bly looked back.

"No problem..hey, what time is it?" Bly asked as she pulled the keys out of her bag as they continued to walk towards the parking lot.

"It's...aah..2:00." Jordan answered as she fiddled with her wrist watch for the time.

" you think you can stand me stinky?...because I won't have time to take a shower." Bly asked Jordan with a smile.

"I'll take you anyway I can get you." Jordan answered seductively with a smile as she leaned up to kiss Bly.

"Hmmm. hold that thought for later." Bly answered with a smile as she led Jordan to the passenger door of her black Mercedes 450 SL convertible unlocking it and holding the door open for Jordan to get in. Bly opened the trunk and threw her bag in the car and climbed into the driver's seat as she started the car up. Bly slid her Oakley sunglasses over her blue eyes and backed the car out of the parking lot to leave the field.

"Bly this is a gorgeous car and the leather seats feel so comfie." Jordan replied in awe as she looked around the car.

"Thanks... I happen to love it myself." Bly answered with a smile as she sped down US 1 to get to the guesthouse in a hurry as she slipped her hand into Jordan's who turned and smiled at Bly.

Bly parked the car in the front of the guesthouse exited the car and ran around to open Jordan's door for her. "thank you that's very sweet." Jordan replied with a smile as she climbed out of the luxury vehicle.

"Here's the key for the moped... could you get it all set while I run up and change really quick?"

"Sure." Jordan answered as she took the keys from Bly as she ran up towards the steps of the guesthouse before running back and standing in front of Jordan.

"What?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"This," Bly answered with a sexy smile as she leaned in and kissed Jordan like she had never been kissed before..."be right back," Bly whispered as she took her hands away from Jordan's face and disappeared into the guesthouse as Jordan stood gasping for air. Jordan came to her senses when she heard Linda and Julie pull up behind Bly's car and park.

Jordan got the moped ready and everyone waited for Bly to come back down. Bly ran out of the guesthouse with an apple stuck in her mouth, and two snorkle equipment bags over her shoulder as she jumped the stairs and ran towards the mopeds.

"Here Jules!" Bly replied as she tossed her a snorkle bag and hopped on her moped with Jordan sitting behind her. Bly stuck the apple back in her mouth as she pulled the moped off the sidewalk and into the street as Jordan wrapped her arms tightly around Bly's waist.

Jordan reached around and took that apple out of Bly's mouth so she could chew the peice she had in her mouth... "thanks." Bly replied after she swallowed the part of the apple..."I think I could get used to you feeding me." Bly responded with a sly grin as she glanced over her shoulder to Jordan.

Jordan smiled and kissed her shoulder lightly..."I think I could too."

The group pulled up to the marina and locked up their mopeds as they gathered their belongings before heading off to the boat slip.

"Linda...have you ever been snorkling?" Julie asked as she walked close to Linda.

"Nope...will you show me?" Linda answered with a smile as Jordan chuckled knowing that Linda had been on many snorkling trips before.

Bly held Jordan's hand as they approached the boat..."permission to come on board Captain Evy?" Bly asked.

"Permission granted are you?" the older sea weathered woman asked as she hugged Bly.

"I am doing fantastic Captain...this is Jordan and that's Linda with Julie...this is Captain Evy." Bly answered with a smile as she conducted the introductions.

"Well...find a spot to stow your gear and as soon as Deena unties us we'll head out." Captain Evy responded referring to her first mate as she took her position behind the helm.

Bly grabbed hers and Jordan's gear and stowed it in one of the dry coolers Evy has on board. Bly went to the port side and helped Deena with the lines as Julie, Linda and Jordan took seats next to Captain Evy as she introduced them to the other passenger Holly from Michigan. The women made idle chit chat as Captain Evy steered the schooner out of the marina and headed out over the blue-green water to the open Atlantic ocean.

"Hello ladies...I'm Deena the first mate and if you have any question please feel free to ask...we have ice cold sodas in the cooler to the front if anyone is interested." she informed the passengers as she pointed to the cooler.

Bly finished securing the ropes and made her way over to Deena... "What's the visibility today?"

"Beautiful Bly...100% visibility in 10 feet of water with calm seas." Deena answered with a delighted smile.

"Excellent!...I can't wait to get there." Bly answered with excitement as she nodded for Jordan to join her at the front of the schooner.

Jordan stood up and took Bly's hand which was offered for assistance up the steps as she led her to the front of the schooner as they put their beach towels down and sat down to do some sunbathing.

Bly took her tank top off revealing her burgundy sport top two piece bathing suit. As Bly folded her shirt to use as a pillow Jordan was stunned by Bly's muscular and tan body causing her to gulp as her mouth watered with anticipation of feeling that body against hers sometime soon. Bly finished folding her shirt and tucked it behind her were she will lay her head down and slid her shorts off revealing her burgundy string bottom. Jordan tried not to gawk at Bly's sexy body and glanced back at Linda with an awestruck look on her face.

Linda and Julie motioned for her to close her mouth as they laughed at her expression. Jordan did as she was instructed to do and gazed once more at Bly's muscular abs as she laid back to sunbathe. Jordan laid back and looked up at the blue sky and took a deep breath to calm her heartbeat. ’Whoa...she's way out of my can I compare to that?’ Jordan thought to herself.

"Jordan?" Bly called as Jordan turned to look at her who was laying on her side facing Jordan.

"Aah...yeah." Jordan stammered as she looked at Bly who had her head leaning against her hand with her elbow supported on the deck and ran her fingers through her hair pushing it off to the side of her face. Jordan just stared at her and was unable to speak.

"You're going to get a funny looking tan with all of your clothes on," Bly replied with a smile.

Jordan lifted her head up and looked at her clothes. "Yeah..I guess so," She answered with a smile as she slipped her shirt off revealing her aqua colored halter bikini top and laid back down for some sunbathing. Jordan turned her head to face Bly who had pushed her sunglasses up on her head which held her raven colored bangs back off her face revealing her crystal blue eyes which took Jordan's breath away momentarily as she gazed into them.

Bly moved closer to Jordan and put her hand on Jordan's stomach sending an instant warmth towards Jordan's loins. "You look very sexy in aqua... one of my favorite colors." Bly replied seductively as she leaned down to capture Jordan's lips for a passionate kiss. Bly could feel Jordan's muscles tighten and goosebumps were present under her touch as she broke her kiss. Bly laid on her stomach laying her head to the side on her crossed arms to face Jordan and noticed Jordan took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Jordan looked at Bly who had a sexy smile on her face..."Are you having fun?"

"This is wonderful," Jordan answered with a smile finding it hard to look into Bly's sexy blue eyes for fear she would attack her and ravage her body with kisses in front of everyone on board because she wanted Bly so bad.

" too." Bly answered with a smile as she stood up and slipped her khaki swim shorts back on. "Would you like a soda?" Bly asked as she looked down at Jordan.

‘How about pouring a bucket of ice cold water on me to cool me off please,’ Jordan thought to herself as she looked at the blue eyed beauty that stood before her. "Do they have any bottled water? If so, I would love some of that thanks."

"I'll check and be back shortly," Bly answered with a smile as she headed over for the refreshments.

‘How did I get so lucky to have such an incredible woman interested in me? I find it so hard to believe she would want me...but she must see something she likes,’ Jordan thought to herself with a smile.

"What you smiling about?" Bly asked as she stood over her with a cold bottle of water and a Dr.Pepper for herself.

Jordan was startled as she was lost in her thoughts. "Just smiling because I'm having so much fun which I haven't had in a long time."

Bly reached her hand out for Jordan... "come on let's go have some more fun then." Bly answered with a smile as Jordan excepted her hand and stood up. Bly led her to the front of the schooner and they sat with their legs dangling over the edge as the boat cut through the waves with an up and down motion. "Sometimes we get lucky and see some dolphins swimming by the boat," Bly replied with a smile as she sipped her Dr.Pepper.

"That would be awesome! I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins," Jordan answered with excitement at the prospect of seeing one in the wild.

"It is the most exhilerating feeling in the world and maybe we can both go swim with them together one day." Bly answered as she looked into Jordan's emerald green eyes and smiled.

"That would be wonderful but where would we do that?" Jordan asked as she looked over the railing at the translucent torquoise water.

"They have a place up in Islamorada were we could go or we could take a trip to Hawaii." Bly answered with a smile.

"We may have to settle for Islamorada for now." Jordan answered with a laugh.

"Jordan look!" Bly replied with excitement as she stood up and pointed in the water." dolphins!"

"Where?" Jordan asked as she scanned the water.

"Right there." Bly replied as she pointed. "Hey, dolphins port side!" Bly shouted to everyone as they all scrambled to take a look.

"Oh, that is so cool!" Jordan exclaimed with amazement that the dolphins swam right along with the schooner. Before they knew it the dolphins disappeared from their sight.

"That was so great!" Holly from Michigan exclaimed as Julie and Linda laid back down to sunbathe on the opposite side of the boat.

Bly grabbed her snorkling gear and prepared it for their reef excursion cleaning the mask and snorkle with fresh water. "hey, you think Julie and Linda are hitting it off pretty well?" She asked with a laugh as she glanced over at them as she continued to clean her gear.

Jordan glanced over her shoulder to find Linda and Julie in a passionate lip lock. "Do you think we should spray them with some cold water to separate them?" she asked with a laugh as she looked back at Bly.

"Nah, let them enjoy themselves Jules deserves to have some passion in her life," Bly answered with a laugh.

"It's a good thing this boat doesn't have more passengers or they just might be embarrassed. I wonder what the chick from Michigan is thinking about all this."

"They only allow 6 passengers on the trip and it is usually an all female lesbian trip so, I don't think it would matter other than the fact they might cause her to get over excited," Bly answered with a laugh.

"Oh, I can relate all too well," Jordan answered with a laugh.

"Well...folks we're here at the reef. Deena has the snorkle gear out for you who don't have your own so, grab it and make sure your gear fits properly," Captain Evy replied as she pulled the schooner into the mooring over the reef.

Bly and Jordan made their way to the ladder to exit the schooner. "Ooh, the water is chilly." Bly exclaimed as she slipped into the blue-green water putting her snorkle gear on.

Bly tested her gear in the water as she looked up to see Jordan struggling with her fins. Bly swam over to her and helped her put her fins on with a smile. "Are you going to be my snorkle buddy?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"If you'll have me?" Bly asnwered flashing her blue eyes which reflected off the water as she treaded water in front of Jordan.

"I'll take you anyway I can get you," Jordan answered seductively as she kissed Bly.

"Let's go check out the sights...oh, did you take off all of your jewelry?" Bly asked.

"Yeah...why?" Jordan asked with confusion.

"I would hate for a barracuda to come over and nibble on that sexy neck of yours because I might get jealous."

Jordan's eyes grew wider. "Barracuda? Will it hurt me?" Jordan asked nervously as she moved closer to Bly as the woman put her hand on her waist.

Bly chuckled..."If you're jewelry is off they won't mistake you for bait," Bly reassured her. "Come on ...I'll protect you," Bly answered with a smile as she took Jordan’s hand and they began to snorkle over the reef.

The pair met up with Julie and Linda after awhile of snorkling. "Hey, did you see the stingray?" Julie asked with excitement.

"No, where?" Bly asked with excitement.

"Come on I'll show you," Julie answered as she ducked her face in the water and led them to the area. Julie pointed to the large stingray scouring the bottom of the white ocean floor moving as if it was in slow motion through the water.

"That is so cool!" Bly exclaimed as they took their faces out of the water.

"Bly check out the lobster down here!" Jordan replied as she looked back down.

The lobster moved under the pink colored brain coral and they swam around to get a better look finding a conch laying on the ocean floor while colorful tropical fish came close to them looking for a hand out. The horn on the boat sounded signaling it was time to head back. The group swam back over the yellowish, pink and green colored coral as they made their way back to the boat catching one more breathtaking view of the reef.

The group climbed back on the schooner and rinsed themselves and their equipment off with fresh water. They grabbed a drink and took a seat by the Captain to munch on red hot and plain hummus with different flavored crackers. The group compared their stories of what sea animals they saw while snorkling as they drew closer to the docks where the daily sunset festivities took place.

Bly dug a grey sweatshirt out of her bag and threw it on as she sat with her back resting against a mast pole to get a good spot for the sunset. Jordan recognized her far away gaze as Bly looked out over the ocean watching the sun as it began it's descent. Jordan stood in front of Bly breaking her concentration.

"Hey, mind if I join you?" Jordan asked as Bly looked up at her.

"No, not at all...sit here," Bly motioned for Jordan to sit in front of her.

Jordan sat down between Bly's legs as she wrapped her arms around Jordan to enjoy their first sunset together. Jordan felt so comfortable and safe in Bly's arms that she never wanted the moment to end. She leaned back against Bly as her cheek brushed against Bly's sending goosebumps throughout her body.

Julie came over with a camera. "Okay, you two let's see those pearly white's...are you ready?"

"Yeah, go ahead," Bly answered with a little embarrassment.

"Ready...say sex!" Julie laughed as did Bly and Jordan as she snapped the picture.

Linda joined Julie on the deck by Bly and Jordan to pick out their spot for their first sunset together as well. Julie cuddled up with Linda. "I've never seen Bly so relaxed and happy Linda," Julie replied as she glanced over at Bly and Jordan who were snuggled closely waving to the passengers of the sunset party cruise boats as they passed the schooner.

"It's the same with Jordan...I think they're made for each other Julie," Linda answered with a smile.

"I was thinking the same about us Linda." Julie answered as she leaned to the side to look at Linda's reaction.

"I was hoping you would say that because I have felt that way since the day I met you." Linda answered as she gazed into Julie's brown eyes and kissed her just as Bly snapped a picture of the lovers.

"Hey, it's the paparazzi!...get that film!" Julie teased as they all laughed.

"You having fun?" Bly whispered in Jordan's ear.

"It's one of the happiest days of my life Bly...thanks." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked back at Bly who captured her lips with her own for a sensual sunset kiss.

"I feel the same way've made my life very happy since you entered it...thanks." Bly answered as she kissed her cheek.

Jordan took her camera and held it out in front of the two, " now," Jordan teased as Bly planted a kiss on her cheek while Jordan clicked the picture. "Hey, you!" Jordan replied as she nudged Bly with her elbow.

"Sorry... I couldn't resist." Bly chuckled..."look the sun is setting." Bly replied as she pointed to direct Jordan's attention to it.

"It's beautiful Bly." Jordan replied in awe as the lower part of the sun seemed to touch the water as the sun turned a bright orange color as it continued it's descent into the ocean as darkness began to fall. Jordan snapped more pictures of the bright redish orange sun before it tucked itself away behind the horizon.

Bly kissed Jordan as the sunset. "I hope we can enjoy more sunsets together Jordan." Bly replied softly as she gazed into Jordan's green eyes that were accentuated by the sunburn she had on her face and kissed her once again.

The schooner pulled into the marina and docked as everyone gathered their belongings exiting once it was secured to the dock.

Bly put her arm around Jordan's waist as they waited for Julie and Linda to exit the boat..."come on you old hag what's taking you so long?" Bly teased as she looked at Julie helping Linda off the boat.

"Very funny buddy! Hey, I'm hungry...where are we eating?

"Anyone interested in some shrimp?" Bly asked and everyone nodded enthusiastically.

"Lead the way buddy!" Julie told Bly as she and Linda fell into step behind Bly and Jordan. They drove the mopeds back to Jordan's guesthouse and parked them there before walking to the restaurant.

Jordan's eyes widened as a huge bucket of shrimp was delivered to their table. "Dig in," Bly replied chuckling at the amazement on Jordan's face. She was beginning to wonder if the woman had ever done anything exciting in her life before this trip. There was so much she wanted to show Jordan, so much she wanted to do with her, tonight's sunset was just the beginning of many wonderful experiences she wanted them to share.

Jordan smiled as Bly peeled a shrimp and handed it to her. "Thank you," she replied softly and looked deeply into blue eyes. 'God, do you have any idea of the effect you have on me?' she thought to herself as she looked at Bly. 'I want to spend every waking moment with you. I want to make sure you never have a reason to lose that smile on your face.' She shivered slightly at the sensations that coursed through her body.

"Are you cold?" Bly leaned over and asked softly.

"No, happy!" Jordan replied smiling back. Bly nodded and winked at her and Jordan felt Bly's leg press up against hers and remain there.

The four women chatted easily about the day's adventure and constrained themselves to nothing more than winks and smiles across the table at their dates. The night was still young.

At one point during dinner, a redhead passed the table and gave Jordan a smile who smiled back uneffected by the exchange until the woman made a return trip about 20 minutes later, this time giving Jordan a longer look and Jordan ducked her head embarassed. Bly was aware of the exchange and Julie aware of what Bly's rigid jaw meant. Kicking Bly under the table she looked at her to tell her to calm down. The next time the woman passed by the table Bly said loud enough for her to hear, "if that woman walks by here one more time, she's gonna limp back!" Jordan with her head down started to giggle and soon the entire table was laughing including Bly. Jordan rested her hand on Bly's arm and squeezed it to get her attention, leaning over she whispered, "she's not my type". Bly smiled sheepishly and replied, "oh, yeah, what's your type?" Jordan winked and answered, "tall, dark and gorgeous."

"I think I'm going to burst!" Linda replied sitting back and looking at the pile of shells in the middle of the table. "That was good," Julie commented in reply and sat back putting her arm lightly around Linda's chair.

"Well, I don't know about any of you, but I'm ready for a shower and some dancing. What do you say?" Bly looked over at Jordan questioningly. Jordan smiled at the thought of being pressed up closely to Bly's body dancing, and nodded enthusiastically. Although, the shower would have been her first choice, if Bly were in it with her.

Julie looked at Linda for her answer and when she smiled and nodded coyly. Julie turned to Bly and answered, "Sure we can join you two, for a bit."

Bly winked at her friend and signaled for their check. When the check arrived, Linda was closer and quicker and grabbed it before Bly could respond. Jordan smiled back at Bly and Julie replying, 'this one's on us." After a brief discussion of which Bly soon found she had no chance of winning, the two women conceded.

The four women headed back to Jordan and Linda's guesthouse to drop them off and retrieve their mopeds before heading back to their own room. They had agreed to meet at the Epic to save time. Jordan and Linda walked in to find Julie and Bly already waiting for them.

Jordan sat down next to Bly and leaned over to kiss the woman. "Mmm, Miss me?" Bly asked when their lips parted.

"Very much!" Jordan replied huskily, resting her hand on Bly's thigh. Bly ordered drinks for Jordan and Linda as they settled in and listened to the music.

Bly could feel the heat from Jordan's hand radiated to her core and her blood burned with unfulfilled desire. "Dance with me?" she whispered in Jordan's ear. Jordan nodded and allowed Bly to lead her by the hand to the middle of the dance floor. Their bodies instantly found their natural fit and they moved as one, as if they had been doing this their entire life. The music pulsed in time to Jordan's heartbeat and she felt a fire she had never known burn through her.

She leaned her head back as Bly's lips began a trail of unspoken passion and want along her neck. Jordan's hands made a journey of their own up and down the tall woman's back to finally rest on her firm backside. They didn't leave the dance floor until the music turned to a faster beat, flushed and breathing hard Bly led Jordan back to the table.

Jordan wasn't sure how much more she would be able to take before she did something she knew she wouldn't regret. Sitting down Bly leaned over and kissed her passionately, her lips and tongue telling Jordan that she was not alone in her desires.

Bly signaled the bartender and she brought over another round of drinks to the two women. Jordan sipped her drink slowly, she didn't want anything to dull her senses this evening. There was no doubt that she wanted to experience everything the evening had to offer. Julie led Linda back from the dance floor and leaned down to whisper something in Bly's ear. Bly nodded smiling and Linda winked at Jordan as Julie led her from the bar. Jordan had an idea that either Bly or herself weren't going to able to go back to their room tonight. Smiling to herself, she hoped she was right.

The two women sat listening to the music and gazing at each other until Bly leaned over and whispered softly in Jordan's ear, "Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"

Jordan's sunkissed cheeks deepened and she replied, "Thank you."

"You are looking especially good tonight too," Jordan added. Bly was wearing a white sleeveless shirt tucked into navy shorts with silver diamond cut small hoop earrings which deepened her dark features. The shirt accentuated her tan, muscled arms to perfection and Jordan loved the way her bare arms felt when they wrapped around her bare midriff. She had purposely chosen a short top because she liked the way Bly's hand would caress her bare back every time she put her arm around her waist.

Blue eyes locked on green and the two women carried on a conversation without saying a single word. Jordan was the first to blink and Bly leaned in again as asked, "Are you ready to leave?"

Jordan nodded as her heart raced at the possibilities.

The pair couldn't get back to the Rainbow house quick enough as Bly held Jordan's hand as they entered the guesthouse. The hallway was empty and Bly turned Jordan to face her. Bly's blues eyes met Jordan's wanting green eyes and Bly leaned her up against the wall to capture her sexy lips with her own.

Jordan gasped from the contact as she felt the fire burn within her as her Bly's kiss deepend. "Bly make love to me." Jordan whispered. Bly kissed her softly as she entwined her fingers with Jordan's and led her to the end of the hall to her suite.

Bly kissed Jordan again without words being exchanged as she opened the door to her suite only to find it packed with sleeping woman. Disappointment and let down overwhelmed both woman as their plans for a romantic interlude were deterred "What in the hell!" Bly exclaimed as she approached the chair and nudged her freind Heidi. "What are you doing here?" Bly asked with agitation.

"Oh, scared me!" Heidi answered startled.

"What in the hell is going on?" Bly repeated her question as she held Jordan's clammy hand.

"We were thrown out of our guesthouse and Julie said it would be okay to crash here. She didn't tell you?" Heidi asked confused.

"No...I guess it was because she was so distracted by other things," Bly answered with a slight smile.

"We are really sorry Bly...hi, I'm Heidi by the way." Heidi replied as she shook Jordan's hand.

"Nice to meet you." Jordan answered with a smile as she greeted the bleach blonde.

‘Great...that puts a damper on our romantic evening...think Bly what can you do?’ Bly thought to herself as she scanned the suite which had woman scattered around on any available sleeping space. "Jordan...are you up for a dip in the hot tub?" Bly asked with a sly smile and a raise of one eyebrow.

"Sure...but I don't have my suit," Jordan answered with a smile knowing what Bly was implying that they could be alone in the hot tub.

"Not a can wear one of my sports bras and some shorts," Bly answered as she fished through her drawers for said items. She handed them to Jordan who promptly headed to the bathroom trying to quietly step over the sleeping woman on her way.

Bly slipped on her bikini then a pair of shorts and waited by the door for Jordan who quickly exited the bathroom. "Well..Heidi Ho we'll see you later," Bly replied with a smile as she opened the french doors for Jordan to exit the suite to the pool deck.

"Have fun you two," Heidi answered with a smile as Bly winked before closing the door.

Jordan noticed the tropical foliage covered much of the guesthouse to afford extreme privacy in the pool areas. "This place is beautiful Bly."

" is come on," Bly answered with a smile as she grabbed Jordan's hand and led her to the hidden hot tub close to her suite.

Bly entered the hot tub as Jordan noticed the hot tub was hidden by the tropical ground coverage and watched as Bly dipped her head underwater to wet her hair.

As Bly slowly raised her head out of the water Jordan was taken momentarily by how beautiful her blue eyes truly were reflecting against the moonlit water.

"Are you going to join me or stand there all night?" Bly asked with a sexy smile.

Jordan was shaken out of her daydreaming and smiled. "Sorry...I was just caught up in your beautiful eyes Bly."

"Come take a closer look Jordan," Bly answered seductively as she stood up and held her hand out for Jordan to help her into the tub.

Jordan accepted her offer and climbed into Bly's waiting arms as her eyes locked with Bly's. Bly kissed Jordan and led her down into the water as Jordan looked into her blue eyes deepening their kiss. Bly guided Jordan's legs around her waist as she wrapped her arms around her continuing their sensual kiss. Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck and broke their kiss to gasp for air. Bly moved her sensual kiss down Jordan's neck to her shoulder, across her chest to the other side of her neck as Jordan moaned. "That feels so good Bly."

Bly pressed her tongue against Jordan's skin and captured it between her lips pulling the soft skin into her mouth and then released it. Bly continued this kiss along Jordan's neck as she slid her hands down her back to remove the confining shorts she had on. Jordan thrust her head back in pleasure to give Bly easier access to her neck as she ran her fingers through Bly's raven hair and thought about how she has never had a woman arouse her as much as Bly.

Bly pressed her hands against Jordan's firm backside and squeezed the naked skin as she moved her kiss down to Jordan's breast. Bly captured Jordan's hardened nipple through the wet material as Jordan leaned her head forward and kissed Bly's head..."Bly that feels so good," Jordan moaned.

Bly moved her mouth to Jordan's other breast making sure to not neglect any body parts. "Bly...please touch me," Jordan pleaded in a whisper.

Bly looked into Jordan's green eyes and paused as her heart raced while she lost herself in her eyes. Jordan leaned down and slid her tongue into Bly's parted lips for a deep, wet, passionate kiss. Jordan broke their kiss and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. "Please...I need you to touch me Bly," Jordan whispered.

Bly moved to the side of the hot tub and leaned her back against the wall as she turned Jordan so her back was to her. Bly manuevered Jordan onto her lap and wrapped her arms around her pulling her tightly against her. Bly assaulted her neck with sensual kisses as Jordan leaned her head back on Bly's shoulder. Bly slid Jordan's shorts the rest of the way off and put them behind her in the tub.

Bly ran her hands up the inside of Jordan's legs slowly but steadily as she sucked Jordan's neck. Jordan's heart pounded through her chest with unriveled passion as she had an overwhelming warmth consume her body from Bly's touch. She felt herself become wetter and wondered if she had not already had an orgasm from Bly's touch.

"Hi ya'll!"

Jordan turned her head startled at the voice to find two woman climbing into the hot tub with them. Bly leaned her head on Jordan's shoulder and gasped. "This is not happening," with obvious disappointment.

"Aah...hello," Jordan answered obviously embarrassed from what was transpiring not to mention she had no clothing on beneath her waist.

"We're from about ya'll?" the perky and overly friendly woman asked.

"Uhmmm...I'm from Boca," Jordan answered nervously as Bly discreetly handed the shorts to her under the water.

"I'm from Ft.Lauderdale," Bly answered as she moved out from under Jordan and stood up to approach the women for a handshake so Jordan could slip her shorts on without them noticing. "My name is Bly and I'm a University of Florida about you?"

‘Thank you Bly,’ Jordan thought to herself as she discretely slipped her shorts back on.

"I'm Lynn and this is Susan," the woman answered as she shook Bly's hand then introduced her girlfriend. As Bly shook Susan's hand she glanced over her shoulder at Jordan for confirmation that everything was settled before she introduced her which Jordan nodded.

"This is Jordan," Bly replied as she turned to her with a smile and sat back down next to her.

"'s nice to meet you both," Jordan answered with a fake smile obviously embarrassed and slightly pissed that once again their plans were detoured.

Bly slid her hand on Jordan's thigh which sent a powerful sensation through Jordan's sex as her stomach tightened and she wondered whether she might have had another orgasm.

Jordan slid her hand on top of Bly's as she tried to breath deep without drawing attention to herself.

"This is so amazing that we come all the way down here and meet an alumnus from Florida," Susan replied with a smile.

" Gators are everywhere throughout Florida," Bly answered sarcastically with a slight smile, obviously agitated at the turn of events as everyone laughed.

The two women continued idle chit chat with Jordan as Bly sat fuming and needed some relief from the pent up frustration she felt.

Bly stood up. "I'm going to take a dip in the pool," She replied with a slight smile and a deep breath as she exited the hot tub.

Bly dove into the cold water and swam a lap underwater to relieve some tension. Bly swam about ten laps above the water as if she was swimming in the olympics to calm the sensation she felt at the moment. Bly finished her laps and leaned her arms and head on the side of the pooldeck as she tried to catch her breath.

Jordan sat next to the pool and leaned down on one arm to face her. "Are you okay?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"Better now that I am in this cold water," Bly answered with a smile as Jordan leaned in and kissed her.

"Join me on the lounge chair," Jordan whispered through her kiss as she got up and laid on the chair with Bly quickly climbing out of the pool to follow her.

"I don't think they can see us here," Jordan whispered with a smile as she looked up at Bly who hovered over top of her dripping water on her heated skin.

Bly stared into her eyes and slowly lowered herself on top of Jordan as she parted her lips with her tonuge. Bly ran her tongue along Jordan's lips and then entered her mouth as Jordan placed her hands on Bly's firm backside and caressed her skin after sliding her hands under her suit. Bly pressed her sex against Jordan's thigh as their passion coursed through her body. "I want you so bad Bly," Jordan whispered, "Take me right here."

Bly deepened her kiss as she moved her sex against Jordan's leg. "Wait...Jordan," Bly replied as she stopped what she was doing and looked into Jordan's eyes.

"What Bly?" Jordan asked with concern.

"I don't want our first time to be in a lawnchair Jordan...I want it to be something special," Bly answered as she searched Jordan's eyes for acceptance and understanding.

Jordan took a deep breath and smiled. "You're right Bly...I also want our first time to be special and I can wait until that happens if you can?" Jordan answered with a smile.

Bly looked in her eyes and pushed a stray hair off her face with a smile as she kissed her softly.

"Looks like we will be sleeping right here tonight," Bly replied with a smile.

"It doesn't matter where I sleep as long as I'm in your arms Bly," Jordan answered with a smile as Bly laid her head down on Jordan's chest with Jordan wrapping her arms around her tighter.

The two laid in the lawnchair thinking about how close they came to ecstasy with one another and how wonderful it felt being in each other's arms until they fell asleep.

Bly woke to the beating of the intensly hot sunrise and moved her neck around to crack it back in place from the uncomfortable lawnchair.

She smiled as she watched Jordan still sleeping peacefully and loved the feeling of waking up with this woman who had captured her heart from the moment she first met her. Bly thought about how she had never felt the way she does about Jordan with any other woman before, and didn't want it to end. Bly felt as though Jordan was her soulmate and didn't want her to not be a part of her life. Bly smiled and gently kissed Jordan as she got up and slipped away to the front desk.

"Good morning!" the woman exclaimed as Bly entered the office.

"Same to you," Bly answered with an overwhelming feeling of happiness despite the problems they had last night and figured her happiness had to have been from waking up in Jordan's arms.

"Can I help you with something Bly," the woman asked with a smile.

"Yes...actually you can...could you call the florist and have three dozen white roses sent to Alexander's guesthouse for room #3 with a card saying this?" Bly asked as she handed Mary the card.

"Sure...anything for you Bly."


"Great...oh, how about a pound of the best chocolates from the Key West Chocolate Factory too?" Bly asked as she ducked her head back in the office with a smile.

"You got it and I'll do the usual charges correct?"

"Yeah...just charge my card...thanks." Bly answered as she hurried back to find Jordan still sound asleep despite the heat the sun was giving off. 'How can she sleep in that heat,' Bly thought to herself as she smiled and headed into the small cafe where breakfast was being prepared.

Bly grabbed two cups of freshly brewed carribean flavored coffee and brought them back to where Jordan slept. Bly knelt beside her and softly kissed her lips which startled Jordan causing her to jump.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to startle you." Bly replied as she put her hand on Jordan's arm to calm her.

"Oh, sorry...I just sleep so soundly that sometimes I have no clue what's going on and when I woke up here I didn't know what was going on...sorry." Jordan answered with a smile as she leaned to Bly. "Good morning sexy." Jordan replied softly as she kissed Bly.

"Hmmm..I really like that greeting in the morning!...I brought you some coffee," Bly answered with a smile.

" smells wonderful...I think I could get used to this being served coffee in bed by a gorgeous woman," Jordan answered with a smile and another kiss.

Bly smiled..."me too."

Jordan sipped her coffee as did Bly. "This is wonderful coffee."

"It's a carribean blend they serve here...are you hungry?"

"Always Bly," Jordan answered with a cute smile.

"Let's go get a great breakfast then." Bly answered with a smile as she held out her hand for Jordan to grasp before leading her through the french doors to her suite to change clothes.

Jordan and Bly climbed over the sleeping bodies to head towards the bathroom to wash their faces and brush their teeth.

"You can use my toothbrush if you don't mind," Bly replied as she handed her the toothbrush.

"I don't mind at all seeing as how we swapped more last night than what any toothbrush could do," Jordan answered with a seductive smile as she pressed herself against Bly and kissed her.

Bly smiled as she brushed her raven disheveled hair while Jordan brushed her teeth.

"Aah...much's this," Jordan asked as she kissed Bly.

"Hmmm...yummy!" Bly answered seductively as she gazed into her eyes wanting to tell her that she had captured her heart but felt it was to soon for such revelations.

"What?" Jordan asked as she looked at Bly.

"Oh, nothing I was just thinking we needed to head out because Pepe's gets really crowded because it's the best place in town for breakfast."

"Let's get dressed and go then because I'm starving!" Jordan answered with a smile as the both headed in different directions to dress.

Bly took Jordan's hand to help her navigate her way through the bodies to the door and opened it as Jordan slipped through to the hallway with Bly behind her.

"Wait!" Bly replied.


"This!" Bly answered as she ducked back in the room..."WAKE UP!!!!!" Bly screamed as everyone jumped up out of their sleeping positions as Jordan and Bly laughed hysterically to the groans of the startled women.

Jordan and Bly laughed all the way out to the mopeds. "Serves them right for ruining our evening," Bly replied as she pulled the ped out and started it.

Jordan climbed on the back of the ped and wrapped her arms around Bly resting her hands on Bly's bare middriff where her abdomen was exposed from the short tank top shirt she had on. Jordan loved to feel her hands against Bly's rock hard abdominal muscles and smiled as she thought about pressing her lips against them as she worked her way down Bly's goodie trail. 'Stop that Jordan...behave or you'll get all flustered and worked up like last night.' she thought to herself as Bly pulled the ped out onto the street to head off to the restaurant.

As the pair made their way down the street which was covered with tropical foliage and beautiful magnolia trees Jordan couldn’t help thinking about how happy she was to be with Bly and she hoped Bly wanted something more than just a vacation fling. Jordan smiled at the thought of waking up in Bly's arms every morning and thought about how right that would feel to her. Jordan placed a soft kiss on Bly's shoulder as Bly glanced back at her and flashed her a sexy smile.

Bly parked the ped out in front of the restaurant. "Aah...Bly are you sure this is a good place to eat?" Jordan asked skeptically.

"'s the best. I know it doesn't look really fancy but they have really good food here," Bly answered as the took her hand and led her across the street to the small restaurant.

"Okay...I trust you then," Jordan smiled and kissed Bly's hand as they entered the restaurant.

"Good morning! The only thing we have available is inside here at that booth there. You could wait for about 20 minutes and something outside will open up," the host offered.

Bly looked at Jordan who had a hungry look in her eye. "No, we'll take the booth," Bly answered with a smile as the sat down and grabbed the menus.

"Hello...what can I get you ladies to drink?" the waitress asked with a smile.

"Please...two," Bly ordered as she looked at Jordan for confirmation of the order.

"That's fine, thanks," Jordan smiled as she looked back at her menu. "What are you getting Bly?"

Bly looked up from her menu and closed it. "French toast," Bly answered with a smile.

"Hmmm...that sounds yummy." Jordan answered with a smile, "I think I will go for the eggs benedict though," Jordan answered as she looked down at her menu and then closed it placing it down on the table. Jordan smiled at Bly and slid her hand across the table under Bly's hand who gently held it.

Bly leaned her head to the side away from eyesight of the door with a mischevious smile.

"What are you doing?" Jordan asked with a smile.

Bly put her finger up against her lips..."ssh!" Bly motioned with a sly grin as the victims approached the booth with their backs to them unbeknownst to them what was going to happen.

Bly grabbed a handfull of ass. "Sweetcheeks!" she exclaimed with a laugh as Julie winced from the groping and turned around to see Jordan and Bly laughing hysterically.

"Bly!" Julie laughed as she let go of Linda's hand and slid into the booth. Julie squished Bly against the wall and grabbed her face to lick her entire cheek as everyone laughed at the horrified look on Bly's face.

"Yuck! Get!" Bly teased as she pushed Jules off of her and wiped her face off with her napkin. "Jules that's so gross!"

"Hey! it was payback babe!" Julie answered with a laugh.

" got the best end of the deal!" Bly laughed as she pushed Julie out of the booth to stand. "Come on Linda and switch seats with me so, you two love birds can sit together and I can sit with the best looking woman in paradise," Bly replied as Jordan blushed from Bly's comment.

"That's an offer I won't refuse!" Linda exclaimed with a smile as she climbed into the booth with Julie as Bly slid in next to Jordan.

Jordan smiled and leaned her head against Bly's shoulder as she slid her hand to Bly's leg resting it on her inner thigh.

Bly smiled as she sipped her coffee and slid her free hand onto Jordan's.

"I take it you two slept well?" Bly asked with a sly grin knowing what the answer would be as she looked at her best friend.

"Sleep? We spent the entire night making love...are you crazy." Julie answered with a laugh.

"Julie!" Linda exclaimed with embarrassment as she hit her in the arm.

Bly and Jordan laughed as Jordan rubbed her hand lightly along Bly's leg as Bly loved the feeling she got from Jordan's touch.

The waitress came over and took their orders for breakfast. "OI, what's your bread of the day?" Bly aksed.

"It's bananna nutbread," the waitress answered as she left to put their order in.

"Yes!" Bly and Julie exclaimed with excitement as they looked at one another and gave a high five.

"Is it that good?" Jordan asked.

"Even better." Julie answered with a smile.

"Well...what's taking them so long...bring it on!" Jordan answered with a laugh.

"So, how was your night?" Julie asked as she raised her eyebrows up and down at Bly with a sly grin.

Bly looked at Jordan and smiled. "It was wonderful despite the fact that we had to sleep in the lawnchair on the pool deck," Bly answered with slight agitation and one eyebrow raised as she looked at Julie.

Julie had a look of realization at her forgetfulness. "Oh, geez!...I am so sorry Bly...I totally forgot! forgot to remind me to tell her," Julie replied as she turned to Linda.

"I can't help it that your kisses render me totally forgetful!" Linda answered with a smile as Julie leaned over and kissed her.

"I'll forgive you one day." Bly teased.

"Oh, you're so sweet my little ring ding," Julie teased as she pinched Bly's cheek.

The waitress brought their breakfast and the hungry women devoured their delicious food.

"Wow...that bread is to die for." Jordan exclaimed.

"They make it fresh everyday and there is usually a different type everyday," Bly answered as she leaned over and cleaned a piece of food off of Jordan's face.

"It would be nice if I could make it through one meal with you without having food all over my face," Jordan answered with a smile.

"I think it's very cute," Bly answered softly as she leaned over and kissed Jordan.

"So, are we doing the tourist thing today?" Julie asked.

"The tourist thing?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, we can go to mallory square, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant, the Key West Aquarium, Mel Fisher's Museum, Earnest Hemingway’s house, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Mile Marker "0", Southernmost Point, a tasty frozen drink or two from Fat Tuesday's and the 801," Bly answered with a glimmer in her eye as she looked at Julie.

"Shall we do it to the ladies in there again Bly?" Julie answered with a mischevious smile.

"We must Jules," Bly laughed.

"Would you two mind telling us what you're talking about?" Jordan asked.

Julie and Bly grinned at one another. "Well...we have a habit of running the table on the ladies in pool so, we have to keep up our tradition," Bly answered with a smile.

"This I've got to see!" Linda exclaimed with doubt as everyone laughed.

"Let's get started on our sight seeing ladies and Bly," Julie teased as she threw down money for the bill.

Everyone exited the restaurant. "Aah...Julie here is my share of breakfast," Jordan offered.

"Put it away Jordan, your money is no good with me," Julie answered.

"I would like to repay you somehow," Jordan answered as she held money in front of Julie.

"You can repay me by keeping that smile on her face...okay?" Julie answered with a smile as she nodded to Bly as they looked to see her and Linda carrying on a candid conversation as they retrieved the mopeds.

"That's a deal...thanks," Jordan answered with a smile as Julie put her arm around Jordan's neck and walked over to the girls.

"Hey, Bly your girl here is hitting on me!" Julie teased as Jordan slapped her in the ass.

"She's smarter than that to hit on a nutball like you!" Bly answered with a smile as Jordan stood before. "Isn't that right baby?" Bly asked as she leaned down and kissed her.

"I only have eyes for you," Jordan whispered as she kissed her again.

"Hey, I would really like to take a shower before we go do we have time?" Linda asked.

"If you don't spend an hour primping your hair!" Bly teased.

"Yeah, right...all I need is ten minutes to shower and throw a hat on,"

"That sounds like a good idea Linda. I really need one too," Jordan answered as she looked back at Bly. "Would you mind?"

"Only if you take one without Linda," Bly answered with a smile.

Jordan smiled, answering softly as she kissed Bly, "I'm saving that one for you."

Bly smiled as she broke their kiss. "Alright...go take your showers and we'll pick you up at your place."

Bly and Julie took the girls back to their guesthouse and dropped them off to shower as they headed back to their place to do the same.

Jordan and Linda opened their door to an overwhelming fragrance of roses. "Wow...I wonder who their from?" Linda asked with excitement.

"They are from Bly," Jordan smiled as a warm feeling swept over her.

"How can you be sure... they might be from Julie."

"Bly gave me a white rose on our first date," Jordan answered with a smile as she reflected on that night as she remembered how adorable Bly looked as she stood at the foot of the steps with the rose in her hand.

Linda looked at the card. "You're's from Bly and look she sent chocolates too! That is so romantic."

Jordan smiled as her eyes filled with tears as she thought about how special Bly makes her feel and that she has never had anyone treat her so kindly before.

Linda jumped in the shower as Jordan took a white rose out and sat down to read the card. 'Jordan...I wish I could wake up in your arms every morning...would you mind?...Bly' Jordan ran the rose over her lips as she read the card over and over again each time sending her butterflies into a furry as she smiled in complete happiness.

Jordan never thought she could have such a beautiful, intelligent and caring woman be interested in her in fact, she didn't think she deserved Bly but she made her feel so good. Jordan thought about how she was falling and falling hard for Bly but loved the feeling.

"Jordan...did you hear me?" Linda asked.

"Huh?" Jordan asked as she was startled out of her thoughts of Bly.

"I said I'm finished...get going...they will be here soon."

"Okay...sure," Jordan answered as she put her card and flower on the table next to the others and smelled the bouquet before entering the shower.

Jordan got in the shower and tried to hurry. "Hey, Jordan."

"Yeah," Jordan answered as she heard Linda enter the bathroom and begin to do her hair.

"I think I'm in love with Julie."

"Your kidding!" Jordan answered as she popped her head around the shower curtain to look at her.

Linda turned around to face her. "I'm as serious as a heartattack Jor!" Linda exclaimed with complete happiness.

"That's so wonderful Linda!...I'm so happy for you!" Jordan answered with excitement.

"What about you with Bly?"

Jordan peeked her head back in the curtain. "I am just taking what's she's willing to give me Linda but it feels so good to be treated nicely," Jordan answered with a smile as she rinsed her hair.

"I think Bly has fallen for you Jor!"

"That would be nice but I don't want to get my hopes up...because you know my history."

"Maybe this time will be different for the both of us," Linda answered as she finished with her hair. "Let me tell you ...Julie is a fabulously attentive lover! How about Bly?"

"Linda!" Jordan exclaimed with embarrassment.

" was she?" Linda inquired.

Jordan turned the shower off and toweled herself dry. She wrapped the towel around herself and opened the curtain to find Linda waiting for her answer.


"From what we did she seems like she would be wonderful," Jordan answered with slight embarrassment and regret.

"What do you mean...did you two anything?" Linda stammered.

"Well...there was a bunch of people in Bly's room, you two were here, and we started something in the hot tub but two chicks from Gainesville came in interrupting us. I tried to continue it in the lawnchair but Bly didn't want our first time to be there...she wanted it to be special."

"That's so romantic! A big change from Cindy huh?"

"Please... don't bring her name into any conversation with Bly because she doesn't deserve to be named in the same breath as Bly." Jordan answered agitated.


"I'm sorry really care about Bly don't you?"

Jordan looked down then up to Linda. "Like I have never felt about anyone ever before."

"Oh, honey...that is so wonderful!...I'm so happy for you!" Linda exclaimed with excitement as she hugged Jordan.

"Okay..enough mushy stuff I have to get ready," Jordan teased.

Jordan and Linda finished dressing and headed out to the front of the guesthouse to find the babes waiting for them on their mopeds.

Jordan noticed how fabulous Bly looked in her teal tank top which showed off her tan muscular arms. The matching cotton shorts accentuating her muscular tanned legs. Jordan walked up with a smile on her face and looked down at Bly as she moved close to her.

Bly lifted her sunglasses up on the top of her head and looked into Jordan's eyes as Jordan pulled a white rose out from behind her back. Jordan smiled and ran the rose down Bly's face as she slowly moved in to Bly. "Thank you...I love my flowers and candy," Jordan whispered as she passionately kissed Bly to properly thank her.

"You're welcome...beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman," Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan again.

Jordan crawled on the back of the bike and wrapped her arms around Bly as they pulled off to do their tourist thing. The group was half dead by the time they reached Fat Tuesday's after seeing everything Key West had to offer.

"Hey... I want to get a..." Julie tried to finish her statement but was interupted by Bly.

"If you say one more picture I will shove the lens up your ass!" Bly answered as everyone laughed.

"Oh, behave! I can't help it if I like to take pictures!" Julie laughed.

"Yeah...but we didn't have to take a picture with every damn animal in the aquarium Jules!"

"Oh, stop! didn't have to do that!" Julie answered back.

"Why did you need to take a picture of us with a freaking starfish?" Bly answered with slight agitation.

"Because you two looked so cute...I think you and the starfish make a cute couple," Julie teased.

"I need a mudslide bartender and let me try the creamsickle one," Bly ordered as the bartender handed her a sample of the creamsickle drink.

"I think I want to try the purple passion one," Jordan answered with excitement as the bartender gave her a taster as well..."yum...I will have one of those...please," Jordan ordered as she held the remainder of her taster up for Bly to try.

"Hmmmm..that one's pretty good too...try this one," Bly replied as she held the creamsickle up for Jordan to taste..."I'm getting that one when I polish off the mudslide." Bly answered with a laugh.

"Oooh, that one is so delicious!" Jordan answered as she licked her lips.

"Just like you," Bly answered with a sexy smile as she took her mudslide and headed off towards a table.

The group stumbled out of Fat Tuesday's after three drinks apiece and mounted the mopeds. "Hey, Jules...I'll wace ya!" Bly slurred and started to laugh hysterically at her comment as did Julie who continued her infectious laugh while Linda and Jordan stood by watching in disbelief.

" so much more when you laugh like kills me!" Bly stammered through her laughing as she tried to spit her statement out.

Julie continued her laugh as they screamed off down the road racing one another and beeping their horns at everyone causing each other to laugh harder.

They parked their peds in the ally way of the 801 Club, which opened onto Duval the main drag in Key West.

Julie and Bly continued to laugh at one another hysterically just by looking at each other. Bly had a hold of Jordan's hand as did Julie with Linda as the entered the bar.

"Hello ladies...we're your worst nightmare!" Bly announced as her and Julie laughed harder as they approached the pooltable.

Linda and Jordan watched on as Bly and Julie ran the table on every person they tried to play. "Who's next?" Bly asked with a laugh.

"I think they are all afraid to play you two," Linda asked with a smile as Julie kissed her.

Bly walked up and stood between Jordan's legs who sat on a bar stool. "How about you sexy...want to play me?" Bly asked with a sexy smile as she stood before Jordan.

Jordan smiled and put her hands on Bly's hips. "No, thank you I'm enjoying watching you beat everyone in here," Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed Bly.

"I guess I will have to find someone then!" Bly teased as she stood in the doorway facing Duval. "Anyone want to play my friend and I in pool? How about you miss...don't be shy," Bly teased as a woman walked by laughing.

"I'll play you," a woman answered gruffly as Bly turned to her.

"Great!" Bly answered.

Jordan saw the woman was Cindy and she grabbed Linda and Julie as they fled to the backroom of the bar.

"Oh my God, what is she doing here?" Jordan cried and leaned against the wall as her heart beat loudly in her chest.

"Who?" Linda asked worried about the reaction of her friend.

"Cindy! She's out there with Bly!" Jordan replied and began to tremble. Linda put her arms around Jordan and held her tightly saying, "Hey, it's o.k. we're here and she isn't going to hurt you again."

"What's going on?" Julie asked putting her hand on Linda's back. Jordan stepped back and and went to peek around the corner to see if Cindy was still out there. She could hear Linda talking to Julie softly.

Julie went over to Jordan and asked, "Do you want me to go get Bly?"

"No! Please don't let Bly know about Cindy. I don't want to upset her, you know she won't just let this go. If she finds out who that woman is, then she will do something and might get hurt," Jordan pleaded.

By the grip on her arm, Julie knew that Jordan was terrified of what was happening out by the pool table. Even Linda's nervousness was beginning to affect Julie.

"What do you want me to do?" Julie asked quietly, trying to reassure Jordan that things would be fine.

"Just go out there and tell her that Linda and I are going upstairs to watch the dragshow. Don't let her bring Cindy up here not matter what and, whatever you do, please don't tell her who Cindy is, please." Jordan's eyes teared and Julie nodded her head and felt sorry for the young woman. It must have been awful to have a friend treat you so badly.

"Don't worry Jordan, I'll take care of everything. You two go up the backstairs and I'll bring Bly up as soon as the game is over," Julie replied and hugged the woman briefly.

"Thank you."

Julie walked over to Linda and hugged her whispering in her ear, "See if you can calm her down some. I'll take care of things in the other room,o.k.?" She kissed Linda on the cheek before pulling back for an answer.

Linda closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before nodding and looking back into the warm brown eyes of her lover.

"Good!" Julie brushed her lips across Linda and replied, "We'll be up as soon as I can get this game over with."

Julie went out and met Bly who was making her way toward the back room wondering where everyone had gone. She saw Cindy standing next to the pool table with a cue in her hand waiting. The woman was tall and muscular like Bly, but heavier and a lot tougher looking. Smiling, she approached Bly and headed her off before she could get to the back room.

"Hey, where's the girls?"

Jules lightly grabbed Bly's arm, turning her around and steering her over to the bar. "They decided to go up to the dragshow and wait for us there. Buy me a drink and let's whoop this chick!" Jules replied grinning mischeviously.

Bly laughed and put her arm around Julie, "Jules, your my kinda gal. Let's show this one a thing or two."

Julie watched as Bly methodically went to work on Cindy. Everytime Bly began to mentioned the two women upstairs Julie was quick to interceed and change the direction of the conversation.

Julie made frequent trips to the bar for Bly. Bly seemed to be drinking more than her usual this evening. Heading back from the bar with another drink for Bly she heard her friend call out.

"Hey Jules, where shall we take Jordan and Linda to dinner tomorrow night?" Bly called out across the pool table as she lined up her shot. Julie silently cringed as she noticed Cindy's eyes narrow at the sound of Jordan's name. 'Oh, what?' Julie thought to herself trying to come up with a way out of the situation.

Trying to end the conversation quickly she responded, "Why don't we just take them to Kelly's. Are you about finished here?" Julie looked out of the corner of her eye to see Cindy's reaction and found that the woman was listening to every word. 'I'm sorry Jordan, I really tried,' Julie thought sadly.

Bly sank the eightball and looked over at Julie triumphantly before turning to Cindy and saying, "Thanks for the game, hon."

"My pleasure," Cindy replied, the look on her face made Julie shiver. She looked like that psycho-babe Callisto on TV.

Bly walked over to Julie and slurred, "Let's go find my woman!" Julie followed Bly up the stairs, the show had just ended and there was no sign of Linda or Jordan. Upset, Bly turned and stalked back down to the bar and ordered another drink.

"Where the hell did they go?" she asked Julie.

"Maybe they got bored and went for a walk?" Julie replied trying to smooth ruffled feathers.

Paradise Found continues...

Ó Cruise and Stoley, March, 1999

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