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By Cruise and Stoley

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Bly entered her mother's offices and went directly to her private office.

"Mother? What was so urgent?" Bly asked as soon as she entered.

"Sit down dear. I have some things that I need to discuss with you."

Alexandra told her daughter. This wasn't going to be easy, she knew her daughter would be upset.

"I finally got back some definitive background on Jordan's friend Cindy. It seems that Cindy Edwards is not her real name, which is why we had such a hard time locating anything on her.

"First of all Mother, she is not Jordan's friend, more like a stalker!" Bly replied defensively.

"Yes dear, I didn't mean it that way. She is a dangerous person and I wouldn't want anyone to consider her a friend."

"What did you learn?" Bly asked growing concerned by her mother's comments.

"Well, first of all her real name is Cindy Cooper. She changed her name because she is wanted in Michigan for vehicular manslaughter. She also has a lot of minor priors for drunk and disorderly, assault, and host of others.

She recently spent 6 months in a Colorado prison on assault with a deadly weapon, I'm surprised her prints didn't match for the warrant in Michigan.

I'm not sure what happened with that slip up." Alexandra explained as she made notes on her pad of who to contact regarding this information. "But, I'll contact the proper authorities and inform them of this."

"So, what now mother?" Bly asked as she began to pace the office. Jordan was in danger with Cindy loose, who knows what the woman would do next.

"We have to just notify the local authorities and let them handle this. We just keep a close eye on her in the meantime." Alexandra watched her daughter for a few moments and then went to her and wrapped her arms around the taller woman. "Listen, we are not going to let anything happen to her. I will get things moving as fast as humanly possible."

"I know mother, but it doesn't stop me from worrying. I don't want anything to happen to Jordan. I don't think I could handle that." Bly replied looking down at her mother and blushing.

"You care a lot about her don't you?" Her mother asked softly.

"Yes, more than I've ever felt for anyone before now." Bly confirmed.

"Then we will just have to make sure nothing happens to change that."

Alexandra reached up and kissed her daughter's cheek. She had to admit that since the blonde had entered her daughter's life, she had seen a change in her personality. Bly smiled easily now and was more open and affectionate with those around her. Jordan was definitely a welcomed addition to this family.

Bly looked down at her watch and replied, "Please see how fast you can get things in motion for us mother. I have a patient in 20 minutes and I have to get going."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. Are you going to tell Jordan about this?"

"I don't know yet. Do you think I should?" Bly asked uncertainly.

"Why don't we wait and see what I find out and then you can decide. Maybe we can just get this resolved beforehand and you won't have to worry Jordan about it all." Alexandra offered and walked her daughter to the door. "I'll call you as soon as I find anything out."

"O.k. mother, I'll talk to you later." Bly leaned down and kissed her mother's cheek before briefly hugging her and leaving. Alexandra returned to her desk and looked down at her report and thought, 'This is one nasty lady, I hope the girls will be careful.' With that admission, she picked up the phone and began her long list of calls. Later that day as Jordan came out of work and headed toward her car, she was abruptly grabbed from behind and spun around against her car. Cindy placed her hands on either side of Jordan and leaned into her face grinning. Cindy was easily 5'8 with a lean build that belied the strength that she possessed.

Her blonde hair, streaked with brown, hung in waves to her shoulders, and her wide hazel eyes lacked any sign of warmth or human compassion. It was these eyes that, at this moment, looked intently at Jordan.


"You know you are a tough lady to get alone. Now, how do you think that makes me feel?" Cindy asked rakishly.

"Cindy, I really don't care how you feel. Can't you get that through your head!" Jordan spat back in anger.

"You don't know what you want Jordan. You never have, if it hadn't been for me, you would still be wondering who you are." Cindy taunted maliciously as she looked Jordan up and down.

"You've got that so wrong! If it weren't for you, I might not be afraid to let myself go and actually feel something for another person. All you've ever done for me is make me build walls around myself to keep everyone away. Well, now I've finally been able to let someone in, and that someone isn't you.

Just go away Cindy!" Jordan demanded.

"Jordan, you don't mean that!" Cindy replied angrily. "It's that bitch that is making you say these things!"

"Let me go Cindy, you're hurting my arm!" Jordan replied and tried to twist out of the woman's grasp. Cindy grabbed Jordan with both hands in an effort to hold her still so that she would listen to what she had to say.

"Jordan, are you alright!" Both women turned to see a group of Jordan's co-workers approaching and Linda, who had just come out of the building, began to run in their direction when she saw the commotion.

"No, this woman won't leave me alone!" Jordan called out in hopes that Cindy would run away.

"No harm here ladies, Jordan and I are old friends. We were just having a friendly conversation." Cindy replied relaxing her grip on Jordan's arm.

Jordan quickly wrenched her arm free and stepped away from the aggressive woman.

"Cindy, I've repeatedly asked you to stay away from me. If you touch me again, I'll have you arrested." Jordan shouted as her co-workers listened to every word.

"I think we should call the police!" Marge offered as she pulled out her cell phone.

"JORDAN!" Linda shouted as she ran across the parking lot toward the group of women.

Cindy's face was livid, her face a bright crimson as she spun on her heels and headed toward her truck. The women watched as she squealed out of the parking lot and Jordan took a deep breath.

"Who was that Jordan? Are you going to be okay? Marge asked, punching numbers into her cell phone.

"Don't call the police, I'm fine. I don't' think she will bother me anymore."

Jordan replied as she reached out to still the woman's hand from making the call. Linda reached them in time to see Cindy pulling away in her truck.

"Are you okay Jordan?" She asked wrapping her arms around the shaking woman.

"What did Cindy want?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It's the same old thing but, I think she got the message this time." Jordan answered half smiling to ease the tension she saw in her friends face and to quell the feeling in the pit of her stomach. She didn't want this to be made into a big deal. Her relationship with Bly was going good, and she didn't want anything to jeopardize that right now.

"It's okay honest," Jordan told Linda and pulled out of her arms and looked back at the rest of the women. They waved and said good-bye and made their way to their cars. Linda stood looking at Jordan. "She isn't going to quit is she?"

"I don't know." Jordan replied sadly.

"You had better tell Bly about it this time." Linda warned her friend, but she saw doubt in the blonde's eye and wondered if she would make another mistake and keep this to herself. She knew how much she loved Bly and how Bly hated Cindy. 'Something had to be done about Cindy.' Linda thought to herself and settled on talking with Julie.

"Don't worry, I will when the time is right." Jordan reluctantly agreed.

Linda watched as Jordan got in her car and pulled away as she whispered outloud. "Please don't make another mistake Jordan."

"Hey babe, how's it going?" Bly turned to face the familiar voice and smiled.

She had been finishing up patient charts before her last appointment.

"Hey...Jules, what brings you here? Did you put your back out in bed again?"

Bly teased her friend.

"Very funny, you are never going to let me forget that time are you?" Jules replied remembering it well. "She was something wasn't she?"

"So, how's Linda?" Bly asked instantly bringing her friend out of her reverie.

Julie looked over sheepishly and replied, "I hate that you know me so well!"

Bly laughed and grabbed her stack of files and put them on the counter to be filed away in the morning. "So, what's up my friend?"

"Well, Linda called me a little while ago and told me something that happened at work today. She was concerned and didn't know if she should tell you or not and I said that I would come over and talk to you." Julie leaned back against the counter and watched her tall friend.

"Tell me what, is Jordan all right?" Bly instantly tensed, knowing that Linda and Jordan worked together.

"Take it easy! Jordan is fine. Cindy paid a visit at lunchtime. I guess she was waiting for her in the parking lot."

"What happened?" Bly jumped in quickly and looked at her watch calculating.

She had one more patient to go and then she was through for the day and Jordan would be at her place by then.

"I don't think she had time to do anything because Linda and a group of women showed up. Linda was just worried that Jordan is afraid to tell you because she knows how you feel about Cindy and it would cause problems again for you two." Jules explained.

Bly closed her eyes wearily and thought about how much she wished that wasn't true. She wanted Jordan to be able to come to her with any problem, even Cindy, without fear of anger or judgment on her part. Especially now, in light of all she knew about Cindy. She wanted Jordan to tell her everything so that she could protect her.

"Damn! I know I didn't handle that one very well but, I don't want that woman anywhere near her." Bly replied and filled Jules in on all that her mother had told her about the woman.

"My friend, this isn't good!" Julie replied. "I think we need to all pitch in and work some sort of arrangement to keep an eye on Jordan until your mother can take care of the situation!"

"Thanks, I could use the help. I still need to resolve the trust issue with Jordan. I want her to be able to tell me anything without fear of how I'm going to react." Bly replied thoughtfully.

"I think you two need to sit down and really talk." Julie answered. "I've got to run, I just thought you should know what Linda told me."

"Yeah, I guess you are right. I'll wait to see if she says anything tonight, if not, I'll approach it somehow. Thanks for telling me." Bly replied and walked Julie to the door.

"I miss pinching those sweet cheeks and not the one's on your face Jules."

Bly teased as Julie looked back with a wink.

"They miss you too babe." She teased before blowing Bly a kiss.

Bly laughed and headed back in to prepare for her next patient.

Bly felt some of the tension drain when she saw Jordan's car in her parking spot and headed upstairs to make sure. Getting off the elevator, the house was quiet. Dropping her briefcase, she called out, "Jordan?"

"In here!" A voice responded from the kitchen. Turning the corner and seeing Jordan standing near the stove, Bly went in to wrap her arms around the shorter woman and sighed in relief.

"Bad Day?" Jordan asked as she leaned back into the welcomed arms.

"Not now." Bly murmured kissing her cheek and working her way down the smooth neck.

"Mmmm, that feels good. Hungry?" Jordan replied. She loved the feel of being in this woman's arms and the emotions she could draw out with just a kiss on her neck.

"Sure, smells great." Bly straightened up and helped carry the plates to the table.

After dinner Bly went to check her email and Jordan finished up in the kitchen and joined her. Bly looked up smiling "Want to check yours?"

Jordan smiled nervously and sat down on the recliner near her. "In a minute, I need to talk to you first."

Bly hoped that Jordan was ready to tell her about the events of the day. She took a deep breath and concentrated on keeping her emotions level and receptive. She knew how the mere mention of Cindy's name brought anger to her face. She gave Jordan her total focus and smiling openly, waited.

"Something happened at work today. I wanted to tell you because I don't want you to hear it from someone else and think that I am keeping anything from you. I don't want another repeat of the Keys." Jordan looked into Bly's eyes to see any hint of anger or disbelief. Seeing nothing but love, she took courage and continued. "Cindy showed up at work at lunchtime today and she kinda pushed me around until Linda, Marge and some of the others showed up and threatened to call the police. She left quickly at that point."

"Did she hurt you?" Bly asked concerned and went to sit next to her on the arm on the chair.

"No, just pushed me against the car, no big deal." Jordan answered and was drawn into warm arms as she settled herself against her lover.

"What did she say to you?"

"The usual crazy stuff and that she thought it was your fault that I don't want her." Jordan explained calmly, trying to make light of it all.

"Do me a favor. Don't go anywhere alone, try to stay with a group or something. I don't like the idea that she can just approach you like that."

Bly answered.

"Then you aren't mad?" Jordan asked surprised.

"Sure, I'm mad. I'm mad that she continually harasses you, but I'm not mad at you for it." Bly explained. "Hey, it's not your fault." Bly added when she saw the sad green eyes look relieved.

"I hate all this trouble that she has caused our relationship and wonder sometimes if you will just get sick of it and think that we aren't worth the hassle." Jordan confided looking down at her hands worried. Bly leaned over and lifted her chin to look up at her. "I will never think that we aren't worth it! I would go through anything to keep what we have right now." Bly leaned down and captured Jordan's lips in a kiss that she hoped would show her just how much she meant to her. The ringing of the telephone interrupted anything further and with a groan Bly got up to answer it.


"Hey, how you doing?" Bly asked into the telephone. "Great. Yeah, she's here, hold on." Bly turned waving the phone at Jordan. "It's Linda." Jordan got out of the chair and reached for the phone at the same time she reached for a kiss from Bly. Bly winked and headed into the Den to watch the ballgame.

Bly plopped down in her favorite oversized chair and hit the power button on the remote as Ares entered the room meowing.

"Hey, buddy...what's up?" Bly asked as she leaned over the arm of the chair and ran her hand down his silky fur, his back arched in response to her touch. "Yeah, you're other mom gives me the same reaction when I rub her back." Bly teased mischievously as she thought about how her sexy blonde lover looked when she responded to her backrubs.

Ares meowed loudly in response to her statement and looked at the TV. "I know..what can I tell you...the Florida Marlins are the only baseball team they're showing tonight." Bly replied as if her cat Ares was upset about the game. Bly laughed at her cat's vocal banter and rested her head against the back of the chair. She propped her feet up on the automann in front of her and settled in to watch the game.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Everything sounds okay there. Did you tell Bly about today?" Linda asked concerned as Julie sat next to her listening to the conversation. They had been worried now that they had told Bly, that Jordan would keep it back and it would cause another fight.

"Yes, I did and she seemed to take it pretty good. I was worried, but I'm not anymore." Jordan answered happily. "We were actually just talking about it when the phone rang."

"Well, then I won't keep you, go back and finish your conversation. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Linda answered smiling at Julie and nodding.

"Oh, yeah. I think we definitely need to finish this conversation." Jordan replied chuckling.

"Ooh, that sounded devious!" Linda laughed as she looked over at her slim, sexy, Italian lover and ran her hand up her thigh. 'Maybe we need to have one of those conversations too!' She thought seductively. Julie's eyebrow shot up in question at the look that passed over Linda's face and then smiled knowing exactly what the woman was thinking.

"Oh, yeah devious and so much more!" Jordan answered. "I'll talk to you tomorrow at work."

"Okay, have fun honey!" Linda purred causing Jordan to laugh and replied, "You too by the sound of it!"

Jordan clicked the phone off and stood smiling mischievously at what she had in store for her sexy raven-haired lover. She headed out of the room and took a quick glance to make sure Bly was in the den so she could put her plan in action, and give Bly a little surprise. She saw that Bly was engrossed in her ballgame and knew it would be safe to get everything prepared, and headed off to do it.


Ares jumped up in Bly's lap and meowed loudly as he looked at her. "What?"

Bly asked him as she looked down at him. "I told you the Red Sox aren't playing tonight so, we can't watch that game." Bly answered as he rubbed his head against her hand before she patted his head.

"Do you have a kiss for your mama?" She asked in a childlike voice as she looked at him and saw that he crawled up on her chest to put his face close to hers for a kiss.

"Aah...that's my sweet boy...give me a kiss." She answered with a laugh as he put his mouth on her cheek and rubbed his face against hers. "Thank you know you're the only man that gets to give me kisses like that?" She asked as she ran her hand down his back.

"I certainly hope that he is." Jordan's voice piped in from behind Bly as she leaned down and pulled Bly's long, black hair off her shoulders to expose the soft, tanned skin on her neck. "I was curious if you would like some dessert?" She whispered seductively in Bly's ear sending goosebumps and a tingling sensation throughout Bly's body.

"Hmmm...are we talking Oreo cookie's?" Bly answered softly enjoying the feeling of Jordan's lips lightly nipping on her neck.

"No...I'm talking about.." Jordan whispered as she stepped in front of Bly completely naked with whip cream covering her breasts... "having me for dessert." Jordan answered seductively as she saw Bly's mouth drop open...stunned. As a matter of fact, Ares' mouth did the same when he looked at her. Bly's blue eyes were opened wide and she swallowed hard not believing that Jordan could be that kinky.

"Bly close your mouth before your teeth fall out, and you too mister." Jordan answered with a laugh as she pointed to Ares.

"Aah...put your paws over your eyes boy." Bly answered with a laugh as she covered his eyes and stared at Jordan mesmerized as Ares attempted to peak around her hand...typical man!

"Well...are you interested in some dessert?" Jordan asked as she leaned in front of Bly resting her hands on the arm rests of the chair with a wide grin on her face.

"Sorry boy...but I hear your catbox calling you." Bly remarked and picked Ares up off her lap and deposited him on the floor much to his dismay.

"Well...hello there darlin!" She drawled as she moved closer to Jordan's breasts to except the offer of dessert.

"Yummy!" She answered after sucking the whip cream off of one of Jordan's breast before moving over to capture her treat off of her other.

Bly's lips wrapped around Jordan's breasts which sent her into orbit every time. She loved it when Bly kissed or touched her, not to mention that it made her incredibly horny. 'But then again, anything about Bly turned her on!' She thought as she enjoyed Bly's tongue circling her erect nipple before she sucked the nipple into her mouth ever so gently.

Bly put her hands up on Jordan's waist and pulled her down on her lap as she continued to suck on her breast. Jordan ran her hand through Bly's raven hair and lovingly watched her lover enjoy her breast. Bly looked up at Jordan with her sexy blue eyes and smiled before capturing her lips with her own. Bly pulled Jordan into her arms for a tighter hold and deepened the kiss, allowing her hands to roam freely over all of Jordan's naked body.

" feel so good." Bly whispered through her kiss feeling Jordan's hand cup and squeeze her breast sending a sudden rush of warmth straight to her center causing her to gasp in delight.

Jordan continued her kiss and pulled Bly's shirt up to remove it, only breaking their passionate kiss long enough to get her shirt over her head.

Jordan straddled Bly's legs and kneeled in the chair before Bly, who captured a waiting erect nipple in her mouth as her hands slid down to Jordan's firm backside. She grasped her ass in her gluteal folds and gently squeezed her cheeks as her long fingers felt Jordan's wet curls.

"Oh, I really like this dessert better than Oreo's." Bly teased as Jordan looked down at her with a smile.

"I certainly hope so." She answered with a laugh as she slid down and captured the soft skin on Bly's neck between her teeth followed by a kiss.

"I love it when you bite my neck feels so freaking good and it turns me on to no end!" Bly replied obviously fond of Jordan's attentiveness to that body part.

Jordan held Bly's face in her hands as her tongue explored Bly's neck and moved down her chest to capture an eagerly waiting breast in her mouth. Bly gasped as she felt Jordan's mouth and tongue wrap around her oversensitive breast. Her heart raced and her sex throbbed from what Jordan was doing to her. Bly had never been with another woman that excited her as much as Jordan. 'She's such an attentive and caring lover.' Bly thought to herself as she gasped to catch her breath, while she watched her blonde lover run her tongue between her breasts to shower her other one with affection. Bly moved Jordan's long, blonde hair off her cheek as she watched Jordan work her magic and thought about how much she loved Jordan. She knew just exactly how much Jordan loved her by the way she looked at her and made love to her.


Bly leaned down and gently kissed her cheek as Jordan lifted her head and opened her green eyes to find blues staring lovingly into hers. She smiled before pressing her lips against Bly's waiting lips. Bly parted her lips and readily excepted Jordan's wandering tongue into her mouth happily. Bly's sex throbbed for want of Jordan to consume it and she couldn't stand it any longer. "Touch me baby." Bly whispered through her kiss sending a rush of warmth throughout Jordan. She was more than happy to oblige the husky request of her lover.

Jordan moved her kiss down Bly's neck between her breasts to her firm abdomen before stopping at her navel. She circled her tongue around her navel before dipping inside and sucking the skin in her mouth. Bly didn't know why that turned her on so much but it freaking did and she loved it when Jordan did it to her. Her kiss there sent a throbbing sensation straight to her center, not to mention how wet it made her. Bly watched her lover work her magic and couldn't wait to see her move her mouth between her legs to satisfy her burning desire to have Jordan's tongue there.

Jordan ran her tongue down her stomach to the waistband on Bly's shorts and traced her tongue underneath the band sending Bly's heart racing. Bly leaned her head back against the chair and tried to catch her breath before looking back down at her beautiful blonde lover. "Please Jordan...I need to feel you." Bly pleaded softly as Jordan removed Bly's shorts before placing a soft kiss on Bly's sex. Jordan loved how Bly kept her dark curls closely shaven in a thin strip, which she found to be very sexy. She loved to feel how soft her skin felt against her lips in that area.

She moved farther down as Bly spread her legs wider for Jordan and lightly licked her slick center sending Bly into frenzy. She moved her head back and gasped for air in pleasure from Jordan's lips and tongue pressed against her wet center.

"Oh, yes...Jordan!" Bly moaned as Jordan's tongue parted her folds and found one engorged nub ripe for the taking.

A smile slipped on Jordan's face at how aroused Bly was and that she could do that to her. She loved how Bly responded to her touch and kiss. She captured the swollen nub in her mouth tasting the familiar sweet taste of Bly that she loved so much.

" think I'm going to come right now!" Bly shouted in pleasure from her overwhelming arousal.

Jordan stroked Bly's clit slowly and gently as she slipped two fingers inside of her moist opening, much to Bly's pleasure. Jordan loved how Bly wrapped around her fingers and how warm and wet she felt. The way Bly wrapped around her fingers sent a rush of burning desire straight to her loins. She could feel how dripping wet she had become and couldn't wait to have Bly devour and take all of her. She loved to give herself to Bly and for Bly to give herself in return. Jordan slipped her fingers in and out of her lover who rocked her hips fervently as Jordan licked Bly's clit more intently to accommodate her lover's mounting arousal.

"Oh,...Jordan...I can't hold it any longer this is for you." Bly moaned through her gasps for air as Jordan felt her lover's walls tighten around her fingers and knew her treat would soon follow. Jordan moved her tongue down to Bly's moist opening and dipped inside with her fingers as her thumb stroked her hard clit.

"Aah...aah...Jordan!" Bly shouted as Jordan felt her lover's opening tighten then release as a warmth flooded her mouth and she excepted everything Bly had to offer her. She slipped her tongue deep inside of Bly as she moved her fingers out and sucked her opening for her tasty treat.

Bly's heart pounded and she tried to catch her breath as she enjoyed what Jordan was doing to her. She needed to feel Jordan in her arms and to have her lips pressed against her own to let her know just how much she loved her.

She held Jordan's face in her hands as she finished and guided her up on top of her. She wrapped her arms tightly around Jordan and captured the blonde's soft lips with her own slipping her tongue past her parted lips for a long, lingering kiss.

Bly loved to taste herself on Jordan's mouth and traced her tongue along Jordan's lips before dipping it back inside for another soul searing kiss.

Bly broke the kiss breathless and held Jordan tightly in her arms as she buried her face against Jordan's neck, placing soft kisses on her neck trying to calm her erractic breathing.

"Are you okay Bly?" Jordan asked wondering why Bly was holding her so tightly.

"I'm wonderful babe...You do know how much I love you right?" Bly asked Jordan as she rubbed her hands on Jordan's back.

"Yes, Bly I know how much you love me." Jordan whispered in Bly's ear as she hugged her tighter.

"You excite me more than you could ever imagine Jordan." Bly replied as she leaned her head back on the chair and stared lovingly into Jordan's gorgeous green eyes and ran her fingers through her long, blond hair.

", you do the same for me and I think it's time you do something about my excitement because I'm going nuts without you touching me!" Jordan answered with a laugh as she planted a soft kiss followed by a bite on Bly's lips.

"Ooh, an offer I will never refuse!" Bly purred seductively before capturing Jordan's lips for one last deep, moist kiss before taking her lover.

Bly's hands roamed every inch of Jordan's back down to her firm backside and back up again as her tongue led a trail of soft kisses down her neck to her breasts. Bly circled her hard nipple with her tongue in a slow methodical motion before wrapping her lips around the sensitive area beginning to suck the soft breast. Jordan gasped in pleasure as she put her hands on the back of the chair to brace herself letting her lover work her magic.

Bly's hands moved back down between her legs and she slipped her long finger between Jordan's folds to find an overly excited swollen nub. "Bly!" Jordan gasped breathless from her touch. Bly's finger movement up and down Jordan's hard, slick clit moved faster as Jordan slowly rocked her hips forward and back to meet Bly's motions. Jordan found it hard to breathe steady from what Bly was doing to her. Her touch felt so good and she could hardly control herself as Bly moved her mouth to attend to her other breast. Bly moved her other hand in behind Jordan and slowly slid a long, slender finger inside of her warm, wet lover as she continued to stroke her hard clit with her other finger.

"Oh, Bly...kiss me." Jordan moaned as her desire for Bly's lips on her own mounted when she looked down into the sexiest blue eyes she had ever seen.

Bly's tongue was out and ready as she moved up to fulfill Jordan's request, and slipped it past her parted lips for a deep, sensual kiss. Bly's tongue explored every inch of Jordan's mouth as her fingers matched the slow rocking motion of Jordan's hips.

Jordan broke her kiss breathless as she felt her climax drawing near and tilted her head back as Bly placed a trail of soft kisses along her neck.

"Oh, baby you drive me crazy!" Jordan moaned as Bly slid forward in the chair and stood up with her blonde lovers legs wrapped around her waist. She pressed her lips against Jordan's for one last moist kiss before moving to devour her sex.

"I can't wait any longer to taste you Jordan." Bly whispered huskily through her kiss and removed her fingers from Jordan, leaving her sex throbbing from the inattentiveness.

"Take all of me Bly." Jordan whispered breathless as Bly sat her down in the oversized chair and knelt before her on the floor. Bly slid her hands up between Jordan's legs and guided them apart as Jordan lay back in the chair.

Bly parted her slick folds and dipped her tongue deep inside of Jordan, much to her delight. Bly held her tongue inside the moist opening and sucked her juices before moving her tongue to Jordan's throbbing clit. Bly sucked Jordan's swollen nub into her mouth as her long finger slipped back inside the now wider, moist opening. She slipped another finger inside of Jordan and moved them in and out of her slowly and deeply with each stroke as she licked and sucked the engorged nub.


Jordan began to move her hips faster, encouraging Bly to do the same as she felt her climax drawing near. She gasped for air as her heart pounded from her desire for Bly. Bly loved how Jordan tasted and how she felt so warm, tight and moist around her fingers. "Bly...I can't hold it." Jordan moaned desperately.

"Let it go baby...give it to me." Bly moaned huskily through her kiss as she felt Jordan tightening around her fingers and her hips pressed up against her mouth. Bly instantly moved her tongue down to her opening and drove it deep inside of her to take her desired treasure from Jordan.

"Aah...Bly...I love you so much!" Jordan yelled as she gave all of herself to Bly who gladly accepted everything she had to offer.

Jordan lay back in the chair spent and breathing hard as Bly finished taking what she wanted. She inhaled deep breaths to calm her breathing and racing heart. 'The things this woman does to me just about kills me every time! She is such a wonderful, caring and attentive lover. She makes me feel so incredible.' Jordan thought as she felt Bly's tongue working it's way up her abdomen to her neck before placing a soft bite on the sensitive area.

Bly looked into Jordan's sexy green eyes with a sexy smile of her own before capturing her lips with her own for a deep, moist kiss to let her know just how much she loves her. "Want to continue this in the bedroom?" She whispered through her kiss.

Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck. "I thought you would never ask."

She answered still breathless as Bly's arms wrapped around her back and pulled her up in her arms as Jordan kept her legs wrapped around her.

"Baby...I never want this feeling to end." Jordan whispered through her kiss.

"Me either Jordan." Bly answered as she carried Jordan down the hall towards their bedroom. Jordan aggressively kissed her lover, enjoying every moment of being carried in strong arms. She savored the feelings she felt being in this woman's arms and to have her make love to her as if she would never have that feeling again.

Bly entered the spacious bedroom and laid her lover on the bed gently.

Climbing into the bed next to her, Bly continued kissing Jordan. She slowly ran her tongue along Jordan's kiss-swollen lips before dipping into the warm recess of her mouth. Jordan moaned as her senses began to respond and she felt the heat building in her core.

"Oh God Bly, the things you do to me!" Jordan whispered hoarsely when Bly moved to lightly bite and lick her way down Jordan's neck. Bly's muffled chuckle was all she replied and she moved down to capture an erect nipple between her lips. Bly's hands followed as they blazed a trail down Jordan's body and stopped at an already moist mound. Bly cupped the heated sex and continued her onslaught on Jordan's breast. Jordan ran her hand through Bly's raven hair and down her side drawing light circles on the side of her lover's breast. Bly could feel her breath quickening in response as Jordan's body responded to her touch.

"I want to taste you again." Bly murmured huskily, her breathing growing heavy along with her desire.

"Yes, I want to feel you touching me." Jordan replied breathlessly, her lungs felt as if they would explode from pent up desire. "Please, I need you."

Bly kissed her way down her lover's abdomen blazing a path to her goal. So intent were they in their loving making that the telephone rang three times before Bly's head snapped up startled and she listened for what had disrupted her journey.

"Hello!" Bly shouted into the telephone as she tried to still her beating heart and catch her breath. She was on the edge of her passion and the fire was still raging within her.

"Is Jordan there?" A sharp voice asked from the other end. "This is her mother."

'Oh shit!' Bly thought and apologetically replied, "Oh, moment, let me go find her." Bly cupped the receiver and looked at Jordan in surprise. "It's your mother!" She mouthed quietly. Jordan's eyes opened wide with fear before she recovered and looked away and quickly sat up. Reaching over to the chair she grabbed her robe and knotted the belt tightly and took the cordless phone from Bly.

"Sorry, I had my phone calls forwarded here whenever I'm not going case they call." Jordan answered nervously with a shrug of her shoulders.

"No problem." Bly replied smiling and reached out to touch Jordan's arm to calm her down. "Okay?"

"Yes, thank you. I'll go take this in the den and I'll make it quick." Jordan winked and tried to appear lighthearted about the whole matter. Bly could sense her ill ease, but just smiled and nodded in reply. She lay back against the pillows and got comfortable as she waited for Jordan to return. Soon she was sound asleep hugging the other pillow.

Bly rolled over and found the other side of the bed empty. She looked at the clock to find that it was almost 1 AM. Jordan had not come back to bed and almost 2 hours had passed. Quickly, Bly got up and grabbed her robe and went in search of her lover. Bly found Jordan still in the den holding the silent receiver as the tears tracked down her swollen cheeks.

"What's wrong Jordan?" Bly asked, instantly concerned and sat on the sofa next to her. "Talk to me baby."

"I just can't do this." Jordan answered jerkily.

Bly's chest constricted as her mind raced and she asked, "Can't do what?"

Jordan muffled a sob and answered, "I just can't be what they want." Bly felt her body relax in relief. She was subconsciously afraid that Jordan had meant their relationship.

"Talk to me, what did they say? What do they want?" Bly asked her as she took the phone out of her hands and pulled her into her arms to hold her. She slightly rocked the blonde in her arms as she waited patiently for her to reply.

"They want to know if I have met anybody yet or when I'm coming home to get serious about my life. They said it's time I grow up and find a husband. It seems my mother ran into my old high school boyfriend who just got married and it got her on a tangent about marriage and weddings. She's had my wedding all planned out since I was little!" Jordan replied and chuckled lightening the situation.

"So, what did you tell her?"

"I told her I was grown up and had a life that I liked very much!" Jordan answered and hugged Bly closer for emphasis on the part she liked. Bly smiled and kissed the top of her head. "So, what kind of wedding does she have planned?"

"Oh, it's should see the dress she has picked out. It's got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It has a high neck and long puffy sleeves that makes it look like some Victorian straight jacket!" Jordan remarked hotly. Bly laughed out loud causing Jordan to calm down in return and join in the humor.

"That's not the worst part either! She also envisions this big wedding in a church with all these candles and pomp and the reception must be held at the country club. She won't hear of anything but that. Jeez, she even has the band orchestrated to play nothing but waltzes and crap like that!" Jordan retorted and watched Bly's face as they both laughed hysterically.

Bly took a deep breath and wiped the tears from Jordan's face and asked, "So, what kind of wedding do you want for yourself?"

"Well, if it were possible for me to get married.....I think I'd like something simple like maybe barefoot in a white sundress on the beach somewhere at sunset. I think that would be so romantic." Jordan answered wistfully.

"You do huh?" Bly replied quietly visualizing what Jordan had in mind. She smiled at the woman in her arms and leaned in for a deep kiss.

"Yeah, it's a nice dream, but we both know the chances of that happening are slim." Jordan replied sadly.

"Oh, I don't know there are some states that recognize same sex marriages."

Bly replied.

"Don't give up your dream Jordan, not for her, not for anyone."

"You're right. I shouldn't let her bully me around anymore. I have a right to decide what I want out of my life, not her." Jordan replied smiling and leaned in to kiss Bly. "And I've decided that I like my life just the way it is!"

Bly chucked and asked, "So, you want to stay here all night or get back into bed where it is warm and comfortable?"

"Oh, definitely the bed, I do believe we were rudely interrupted at a very crucial point in our discussion and I'd like to continue that conversation."

Jordan smiled sexily.

Bly led her blonde lover back to the bedroom and stopped beside the bed as she pulled Jordan into her arms. She gazed into those fabulous green eyes with a sexy smile and softly kissed Jordan's lips. "Now, where were we?" Bly replied through her kiss as Jordan chuckled and wrapped her arms around her tall, dark lover deepening the kiss.

Bly's hands moved through Jordan's hair down her neck to her robe. She slipped her hands under the material and pushed it off her shoulders to the ground as Jordan untied Bly's robe never breaking their kiss.

"Jordan I love to kiss you so much. Your lips feel incredible against mine."

Bly replied with a smile before cupping Jordan's face in her hands and placing a long, moist kiss on those sensual lips.

Jordan loved what Bly was doing but just couldn't let the conversation with her mother get out of her head. 'How can that woman be so damn ignorant? And selfish to want those things for my life because it suits her purposes?' Jordan thought as her anger with her mother mounted along with her desire as Bly laid her back on the bed.

Bly lay her naked body on top of Jordan's and placed a trail of sensual kisses down Jordan's neck to her breast before capturing the perky nipple in her mouth. Jordan absently ran her hands through Bly's raven hair as Bly's arousal mounted and she could hardly contain her want and desire for Jordan.

Her heart raced and her breathing became erratic as she moved her kiss to Jordan's taut abdomen dipping her tongue inside her navel followed by a kiss.

'That woman has ruined so many things in my life.' Jordan thought to herself as she thought back to the many incidences that her mother had something to do with as her anger increased. She couldn't enjoy what Bly was doing to her anymore. She was just too upset and wanted Bly to just hold her.

"Bly...please stop." Jordan replied regretfully as Bly had moved her kiss down to Jordan's blond curls but didn't stop as she was so engrossed in what she was doing.

Jordan couldn't stand it any longer. She reached down and cupped Bly's face in her hands and moved her mouth off of it's resting place. She looked down in confused blue eyes.

"Please...I need you to stop and just hold me." Jordan told Bly as she just wanted to be comforted and to feel safe.

"Aah...okay." Bly stammered with bewilderment as she tried to calm the fire that burned within her. She moved back up on Jordan who wrapped her arms around her lover instantly to feel her closeness. "What's wrong Jordan?" Bly asked concerned as she rolled onto her back with Jordan in her arms and held her tighter.

"I'm sorry...I just couldn't get that conversation with my mother out of my head and it ruined the mood for me...I'm sorry." Jordan answered in a tearful voice.

Bly held her tighter and kissed the top of her head. "It's okay don't have to apologize to me. I completely understand...don't worry." Bly answered reassuringly as she tried to calm her racing heart and erratic breathing.

"Thanks for being so understanding." Jordan answered softly as she lightly kissed Bly's neck feeling complete in Bly's arms as if nothing else in the world mattered to her.

Bly lay wide awake and hoped her arousal would subside. She wondered how a mother could be so insensitive and uncaring for her own daughter. Especially a wonderful person like Jordan she thought with disbelief as she ran her slender fingers through Jordan's hair and felt her soft breath on her chest, and knew she was fast asleep. She kissed the top of her head and whispered.

"I love you Jordan."

Bly woke the next morning alone and sat up quickly. "Jordan?" She listened and heard the water running in the shower and lay back down. She wondered how Jordan was handling things this morning and decided to wait for her to make the first move. Closing her eyes she lay thinking about what she could do to help Jordan when she felt the bed move and a body lay across her. Opening her eyes she was met with clouded green ones and smiled.

"Good Morning." Jordan said softly and kissed Bly lightly on the lips.

"Good Morning to you too." Bly murmured and wrapped her arms around the robed figure and held her closely.

"I'm sorry for last night." Jordan offered and looked down, plucking at the sheet between them.

"Hey.." Bly answered and lifted Jordan's chin to look directly into worried eyes. "I don't care about last night....I care about you."

"I just shouldn't let her get to me like that. It's a control thing with her, she lays the guilt trip down in hopes that I will do what she wants me to do." Jordan explained angrily. "It's my life, I just want to live it my way."

"Then you do just that and don't give her control anymore. If she knows she can get to you, she will continue to do so." Bly softly replied and tucked a stray blonde hair behind Jordan's ear.

"You're right." Jordan rested her chin on Bly's chest and gently rubbed her nose against Bly's strong chin thinking. "It's time I make my own life and stop letting others have control. My life is here with Bly now.'

"What are you thinking so intently about?" Bly asked softly kissing Jordan's forehead to remove the creases of worry that lined it.

"Oh..just that it's time I stop letting everyone but me try to run my life.

It's my life, not my mothers and certainly not Cindy's." Jordan answered firmly with a quiet resolution.

"That's terrific! So, what would you like to do with your life today?" Bly asked lightening the mood. She had the feeling that Jordan needed to take this slowly with no interference from her.

"Unfortunately, we both have to go to work today...remember it's Monday."

Jordan grinned as Bly moaned in denial. "You'd better get in the shower if you don't want to be late."

"Ugh! Only Monday?"

Jordan rolled off Bly and pulled her up to a sitting position. "Come on the weekend is over." Bly let Jordan pull her from the bed and push her toward the shower. They rode down in the elevator together and parted out front at their cars.

"You are coming back here tonight right?" Bly asked Jordan as she walked her to her car.

"Yes, I have to stop by my place and get my mail first." Jordan kissed Bly lightly before getting behind the wheel.

"Okay, see you tonight." Bly closed the door to Jordan's car and walked back to her own. She followed Jordan's car until it entered the interstate and Bly continued ahead to the clinic.

"Bly?" Jordan called out as she exited the elevator. She headed toward the kitchen to find the tall woman looking through the freezer. Bly's long tanned legs that showed from her shorts made Jordan stop and smile appreciatively.

"Find anything good to eat?" Jordan stood in the doorway holding an envelope in her hand smiling. Bly looked up and winked. "Nothing half as good as I see over there."

Jordan blushed and walked towards Bly and threw her arms around her neck.

After kissing Bly deeply , she pulled pack and tapped the envelope against Bly's chest. "Guess what I'm getting?"

"What...lucky?" Bly asked seductively.

"Well, that too....but no, I'm getting an award for one of my stories."

Jordan replied bubbling with excitement.

"You're kidding, Congratulations.....which award?" Bly replied hugging Jordan happily.

Jordan pulled out the invitation again and read it to Bly. "It's the Acorn Awards for new writers in the field of popular literature. According to this letter there will be some very prominent authors at the ceremony. It's a black tie affair so I'm going to have to get a new dress." Jordan paused and looked up from the invitation and asked, "Will you go with me?"

"Sure, when is it." Bly replied readily.

"Let's see....the 29th...ummm, wow that's soon, its Saturday." Jordan replied and looked at Bly to see the look on her face change. "What is it?"

"I'm sorry but, I can't go. This is the weekend of the volleyball tournament.

I told you about it before." Bly replied apologetically.

"But Bly, I was really hoping you would go with me." Jordan was disappointed that Bly would miss one of the most important events in her life. "This is very important for me."

"I know it is and I'm very proud of you, but I've already committed myself to this tournament." Bly explained.

"Do you really have to be in the tournament? Could you miss just this once?"

Jordan looked at Bly pleadingly. She couldn't understand why Bly couldn't miss one tournament for something as important to her as this.

"I really wish I could, but you have to understand that I've already committed myself to be on the team." Bly answered as Jordan looked away upset. Bly went to Jordan and pulled her stiffly to her. "I really wish I could be there with you, but I can't get out of this one."

"It's okay Bly, I understand." Jordan simply replied, but she really didn't understand the importance of a tournament compared to the award ceremony. She wouldn't beg her to attend and would just go alone.

"I'm sorry." Bly softly said and pulled Jordan to her chest and held her. She knew Jordan was upset, but there was no way around this. They stood in each other's arms for awhile, both wishing they could change what had just happened, the excitement of the award had been dampened. Technically, this would be termed their first impasse, before this they were always able to agree. This time, neither one would win.

"Hungry?" Bly asked after a few moments.

"Mmmm, not really." Jordan murmured not moving her head from Bly's chest.

"Interested in some pizza?" Bly tempted her with her favorite food. "We could order one and watch TV."

"Sure, sounds good." Jordan answered and lifted her head. "You order and I'll go see what's on."

Jordan started to step away and Bly pulled her back to kiss her. Jordan's response lacked her usual enthusiasm and Bly knew that she was upset. Hoping, she would get over it, Bly didn't remark but just watched Jordan walk into the other room before picking up the telephone to call in their order.

They watched television with Jordan laying her head in Bly's lap facing away from her. Bly toyed with Jordan's hair but the woman was unresponsive. 'She is really taking this hard, but there is nothing I can do about it.' Bly thought sadly and sighed. After the movie was over she looked down to see Jordan had fallen asleep. Gently shaking the woman's shoulder's she woke her quietly saying, "Time for bed."


"Oh, I fell asleep." Jordan replied and yawned, sitting up. She looked so cute when she was ruffled and sleepy that Bly couldn't help pulling the woman up into her arms as she stood. Bly began to lightly kiss Jordan's neck as the woman snuggled against Bly tired. Jordan was still unresponsive and Bly finally stopped and said, "Come on, let's get you to bed." And led her down the hall toward the bedroom. Changed and ready for bed Jordan instantly curled up against Bly and fell asleep wrapped around the taller woman. 'Well, at least she's not too mad to let me be her body pillow.' Bly thought wryly and closed her eyes to wait for sleep to come.

The next morning was a little better, but Jordan still would not engage in her usual upbeat humor. Bly was beginning to get perturbed by the blonde's attitude, but said nothing as they parted for work. Bly didn't ask her if she was coming over after work and Jordan didn't say she wasn't. 'I guess I'll see you when I see you.' Bly thought sarcastically as she drove away.

The day went by slowly for Jordan and Bly hadn't called all day. She also hadn't asked if she was going to stay over tonight. 'Maybe she just wants some time to herself. It's not like I expected her to change her whole life around mine. She has a commitment and she needs to fulfill it. I can just go to the awards by myself.' She thought guiltily and picked up the phone to dial Bly.

Bly came to the phone to find Jordan on the other end. "Hi, what's up?" Bly asked waiting to judge the response she received.

"Nothing, just thought I'd call and see how your day was going." Jordan replied, she hated that their conversation was awkward and stilted.

"Busy and now I find out that I have to leave Wednesday evening to go for Medicare hearings at another clinic. So, I guess I will just go from there to the tournament and return home Sunday night." Bly replied thinking, 'I might as well lay it all out there now and get it over with.'

"Oh, okay." Jordan answered softly. "Do you need a ride to the airport?" She wasn't really thrilled that Bly would be leaving any earlier, but she wouldn't let her know that she was still upset.

"Sure, my flight leaves at 8 PM." Bly answered surprised. She had hoped Jordan would take her but had been afraid to push it and ask. "You coming over tonight?"

"No, I've got to work late tonight and I thought I'd just go home instead of driving all the way out to your place. How about if I just come over after work tomorrow and we can get something to eat before I take you to the airport?" Jordan replied and sat listening to the silence on the other end.

Bly sat back in her seat, momentarily taken back by Jordan's response.

"Okay....that will be good. Listen I have to run, I have a patient waiting.

I'll see you tomorrow, right?" She hated that this was coming between them.

'Maybe I should just call and tell them I can't make it.' She thought to herself, but knew that if she didn't go, they would have to forfeit and she couldn't do that to the team either. "Damn!" Bly muttered under her breath as she walked toward the exam room.

"Yes, tomorrow..." Jordan had replied and hung up. 'Shit, why did I just do that? I'm being a total bitch about this whole thing.' Jordan berated herself silently and considered calling Bly back, but decided against it.

Bly waited anxiously for Jordan to arrive to take her to the airport. They hadn't seen each other since Monday, although she had tried calling Jordan at work last night, but the blonde had been too busy to talk for more than five minutes. The phone rang, it was the lobby telling her that Jordan had arrived and was waiting to pick her up. Bly hung up the phone thinking unhappily, 'Why didn't she just come up?' She picked up her bag and looked around one last time before getting into the elevator and heading down.

'I'm being stupid, I should have gone up to get her.' Jordan thought sadly to herself. She was still upset that Bly would choose a volleyball game over one of the most important events in her life. 'I guess I shouldn't be so possessive, I don't own Bly or anything.' She looked up when she saw the building door open and there was a catch in her heart at the sight of Bly.

She watched the tall beauty walk with a graceful gait towards the car and open the door.

"Hey." Jordan called out as Bly slid into the bucket seat next to her.

"Hey, yourself." Bly replied tossing her bag in the back.

"I wasn't sure if we were in a hurry or not, so I didn't come up." Jordan said lamely. She knew Bly knew that wasn't the case.

"No problem." Bly smiled over at Jordan. She wanted to fix the problem between them because more than anything in the world, she didn't want to lose this woman. Bly leaned over and touched Jordan's cheek. Jordan looked at her silently smiling before she started the car to pull it away. The ride to the airport was uncharacteristically quiet with only a smattering of conversation from Jordan about having to go back to work that evening. Jordan watched Bly out of the corner of her eye and wanted to stop the car right then and there and pull the woman into her arms. She didn't know how to handle the current situation. She was hurt and feeling left out and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

Bly didn't comment when Jordan pulled up in front of the terminal instead of parking and going in with her. She knew Jordan needed to get back to work, but she wasn't ready to leave things the way they were.

"Jordan, you know I'd be with you Saturday night if I could." Bly looked at Jordan as she reached into the back to retrieve her bag and waited for a response.

"I understand, you've committed yourself to the tournament. It's okay, I think Linda is going to go with me." Jordan replied and tried to put on a nonchalant front. Her insides were churning with indecision over what to say to Bly.

"I'll call you tomorrow okay?" Bly asked and leaned over to kiss Jordan good-bye. Jordan just answered, "Okay.", and her return of the kiss was cold and stiff. She nervously pulled back quickly and looked at Bly.

Bly could feel herself getting angry thinking, 'What more can I say to make her understand?!' She opened the car door and proceeded to get out and on second thought turned asking, "Do you want me to call you?"

"If you want to...but, you might want to call me at work because that is where I'll be most of the time." Jordan replied. Bly just nodded and closed the door and walked briskly into the terminal. 'Better to walk away now before I say something I'll regret.' She thought with agitation and disbelief from Jordan's demeanor.

Jordan watched as the tall figure moved away as her eyes began to sting and her chest burned. She quickly pulled the car from the curb and drove away before she did something foolish. 'I can't force myself into Bly's life totally, there are things that are important to her.' She rationalized and headed her car back toward the office.

The next couple of days were hectic at work and Jordan found she was not getting home until very late and would fall into bed exhausted. Bly had called three times and she had tried to return the calls unsuccessfully.

Finally, after playing phone tag for three days, Bly called Jordan late Friday evening from the airport. She was on her way to the volleyball tournament and this would be the last chance she would get to talk to her before the award ceremony. The phone rang four times before the answering machine picked up. Bly left another message and wondered, 'Where is she at this time of night?' She hung up the phone and picked up her bag to board her airplane. "Damn Jordan what's going on?" Bly muttered under her breath as she walked down the aisle to her seat.

Jordan couldn't sleep so she pulled Bly's pillow closer to her and breathed in the scent that she loved. She missed Bly's so much and hated how she had been acting lately. She hadn't been able to reach Bly by telephone this evening and desperately needed to feel connected to her lover and went over to Bly's to spend the night. 'Why didn't I just let this one go...why did I have to push Bly away? Now, I may have pushed her completely way.' Jordan lay thinking as a tear rolled down her nose and she cried herself to sleep.

The next day Bly's first game started early and she didn't finish until later that evening. She tried calling Jordan to wish her luck tonight at the Award ceremonies, but there was never any answer at Jordan's apartment. Bly's game was off as she began to be worried and angry over where Jordan could possible be.

Linda arrived at Bly's to help Jordan get ready for the big night. Jordan had decided just to stay at the Penthouse until it was time to go to the ceremony. She hadn't forwarded her phones this time and called home to check her messages. There were two from Bly, but no phone number to call her at.

She listened to Bly's velvety voice over and over again until Linda finally arrived and she began to get ready. Dressed and ready, Linda and Jordan walked down to Jordan's car. Julie was going to pick up Linda after the ceremony, and Jordan decided she would come back to the Penthouse and wait for Bly to come home on Sunday.

Cindy had followed Jordan over to Bly's and sat in the parking lot waiting for her opportunity. She knew there was too much security in the building to approach Jordan and decided to wait until she came out. "Aah...ha there's my girl. Let's just see where these two are going." Cindy replied with a mischievous smile on her face as she started her truck up and waited for Jordan to pull out of the parking lot. "Too bad that rich bitch isn't with her...I'd like to wipe that smile off of her face but I'm sure I could do that with Linda just the same." Cindy told herself as she followed the pair down US1.

The ride over was a quiet one and Linda wondered what was going on with Jordan considering she was up for an award. 'Maybe she's just nervous about the award.' Linda thought and decided to let Jordan start the conversation if she wanted to talk about what's bothering her. Jordan steered into the parking lot of the hotel were the awards dinner was held and both ladies climbed out of the car to head in considering they were running late. Despite getting dressed early they were still late getting there.

"Are you okay Jordan?" Linda asked with concern as they walked towards the doors to the building.

"I'm very nervous." Jordan answered with a slight laugh.

Linda still wasn't convinced that's all that was wrong with her best friend.

Jordan was too quiet especially considering she's up for an award. Usually, Jordan would be chatting incessantly about how excited she was about something like this. 'Something had to have happened with her and Bly. I intend to find out just what happened.' Linda thought to herself as they entered the hotel.

"Oh, look so hot this evening. I can't wait to take you once and for all for my own." Cindy replied with a smile as she sat in her truck in the parking lot watching the ladies enter the hotel. "As for you Linda, I should just get you out of the way. You've been a major hindrance with Jordan and I. You'll definitely get what you deserve." She replied maliciously.

Jordan and Linda grabbed a cocktail and headed to their seats just as dinner was being served. Linda looked at Jordan and was tired of her nontalkative self. "Jordan...tell me what's going on?"

"I told you Linda..I'm nervous."

"Horse shit! You and Bly had a fight didn't you?" Linda whispered back with agitation. Jordan kept her head down with embarrassment over the way she's been acting around Bly and nervously nibbled on her roll. "Well? Don't pull this mute crap with me Jordan. Give it up." Linda answered as her agitation mounted. She didn't like the idea of Jordan and Bly fighting. She wanted the best for her friend and that was Bly. Linda had watched women treat Jordan like crap for many years and she felt that Jordan didn't deserve that treatment... hell, no one does. She saw how happy and in love Jordan is when she's with Bly and she didn't want Jordan to ruin that relationship.

"I've been awful Linda." Jordan answered reluctantly and regretfully as the host began their introductions for the awards with Jordan and Linda oblivious to what was happening. "I have treated Bly like crap the past few days. I haven't talked to her in a few days and when I did talk to her I acted like I couldn't be bothered. When I dropped her off at the airport I didn't walk in with her or give her a meaningful kiss before she left or told her how much I love her." Jordan explained as the tears welled in her eyes.

"Why? What happened?" Linda asked with concern as she put her hand on Jordan's forearm for support.

"I'm mad at her for not being here with me. It's the most important thing in my life and she's not here to share it with me." Jordan answered sadly.

"Jordan...I love you know that but I think you're being a little selfish."

"Linda! I thought you were on my side?" Jordan asked with hurt that her friend was taking Bly's side.

"I am on your side and that's why I'm telling you like it is Jordan. Did you stop to think that the volleyball tournament is important to Bly? From what Julie said it's a Regional volleyball tournament with national TV coverage were the east team plays the west team and they choose the top 3 all-stars to be members of the National volleyball team which will compete in the 2000 summer Olympics in Australia. Julie told me that Bly was a shoe in for a spot on the team but from the way she played earlier today she may not make it.

Julie said she has never seen Bly play so poorly. Didn't you watch the game today Jordan?"

"No I didn't. I wasn't aware that it was such a big tournament and how high the stakes are for Bly. She didn't mention anything to me regarding the tournament though. This is so important to me Linda." Jordan answered feeling guilty by the way she acted.

"This is more important to you than losing Bly? Because that's what it sounds like you're telling me. It sounds like maybe Bly didn't tell you because of the way you were acting. You could have supported her in her volleyball tournament by giving her your love. She was supportive of you with this award dinner right?" Linda asked slightly perturbed by her friend's actions. 'She's going to blow it with Bly and that's a shame because they are meant to be together.' Linda thought to herself sadly.

"I know Linda...I'm so foolish for the way I acted. She was very supportive of this. I know I hurt her deeply and I should have been more supportive of her. I just didn't look at it as her being the most important thing in my life. I just looked at it as a silly volleyball tournament and I regret that." Jordan answered tearfully as the host announced the next award would be for the new short story author of the year.

The host explained that the winner would have their story published in their national magazine, would receive a check for $5,000 and would be given a book deal.

"Look...Jordan you need to work this out with Bly. When she calls you need to make up with her. She loves you so much and I know you love her."

"The winner of this years award is..." The host announced.

"I know Linda. I already feel like shit as it is and now with this latest news of how important the tournament is to Bly I feel worse." Jordan answered guiltily.

"Jordan Milano!" The host announced as everyone began to clap.

"What's going on?" Jordan asked and looked around as everyone looked at her.

"Jordan! You won...they announced your name!" Linda exclaimed with happiness and excitement.

"Really?" Jordan asked with amazement and excitement.

"Get up there and accept it!" Linda replied as she stood up to help her out of the chair.

"Oh, my god! I can't believe it." She told Linda with a stunned look on her face before she approached the podium to accept the award. She blushed nervously as she watched the crowd clap with their appreciation for her.

"Thank you very much." She told the host as she shook her hand.

"Well...Jordan go ahead and say something." She replied with a smile as she pointed to the crowd who had calmed enough for Jordan to speak.

"Thank you...aah... I had no idea I would win this award." Jordan answered with a nervous laugh. "I just want to say thank you to the Acorn award committee for making this dream come true and to my best friend Linda for her never wavering support." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked at Linda to acknowledge her. "But most of all I would like to thank my inspiration for the story...the other half of my soul who unfortunately, couldn't be here tonight which is good because they would have been very embarrassed to know the story was about them!" Jordan answered with a shared laugh with the crowd as she held up the award to show the crowd. "Thank you again." She replied and walked back down towards her seat as the crowd applauded her efforts. Her heart raced and she was so nervous she could barely walk to her seat.

Jordan was glad that was the last award of the evening because she didn't know if she could sit still, she was so nervous and excited. Linda engulfed her in a hug the moment she came close to the table as the host thanked everyone for coming and encouraged people to mingle with the award winners.

"Jordan...I'm so proud of you and I'm so happy. You really deserve this award." Linda replied emphatically to let Jordan know she was very happy for her.

"Linda...I can't believe it. I'm so nervous, anxious, excited, happy... it's so wonderful!" She exclaimed with a laugh.

"You should be honey...this is great!"

"Excuse me Jordan...we need to get your picture for the next issue of our magazine." The host interrupted as she informed Jordan duty called.

"Oh, sure...I'll be right back Linda." Jordan replied with a smile as the host led her towards the other award winners.

Linda watched on for almost a half-hour as people snapped picture after picture of Jordan and just when it seemed like she would get away... another person would grab her. She approached Jordan when she realized Julie would be outside waiting to pick her up for their six-month anniversary celebration later that evening. "Jordan...I have to leave I'm sorry." Linda apologized when she was able to get two minutes with her friend.

"It's okay I's your anniversary...go ahead enjoy your evening." Jordan answered with a smile.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Linda asked with concern.

"I'll be fine...don't worry...get!" Jordan teased her.

"Okay...but I want you to call me when you get to Bly's to let me know if you got home alright."

"Yes, mom!...I really don't want to bother the two of you in your celebration."

"Just call and if we don't answer leave a message on Julie's machine so we know you're okay...please?" Linda pleaded with concern for her friend.

"I, get going and give Julie a kiss for me." Jordan answered reassuringly.

"I will and do what I said with Bly. She's going to be so happy for you!"

Linda exclaimed with a smile as she hugged Jordan before she left.

Jordan watched Linda leave and wished Bly could be there with her. She thought about how stupid she acted and made mental a note to make it up to her just as soon as she could.

Linda headed out the front door of the hotel and noticed Julie was sitting in her convertible BMW in front waiting for her. Linda opened the door and looked in replying. "Hey, you sexy Italian lover, are you going my way?" She asked with a sexy smile.

"I'm going any way you want me to with the way you look in that dress babe."

Julie teased with a smile as she watched Linda get in the car.

Linda leaned over and kissed Julie soundly. "Hmmm...I missed you." Linda purred as she gazed dreamily in Julie's brown eyes.

"The feeling's mutual babe. Where's Jordan?" Julie asked as she looked to the door for her.

"Oh, she won the award! She's busy taking pictures and hob knobbing." Linda exclaimed with excitement.

"No shit! That's fabulous! Bly is going to be so psyched when she hears about it. Is she going to be okay getting home?" Julie asked with worry and happiness for Jordan winning the award.

"She promised she would call when she got home. Oh, here." Linda answered as she kissed Julie again. "That's from Jordan." She replied with a smile.

"Hey, she's a pretty good kisser. Maybe I should wait for her?" Julie teased with a laugh as she pulled the car away from the hotel and received a punch in the arm.

"How did Bly do in the last game?'

Julie looked at her with a glum face. "Not good at all Linda. I have never seen her play like this before and I have no idea what's wrong with her."

Julie answered with disbelief at the way Bly was playing at the volleyball tournament.

"Her and Jordan had a fight and that's probably it." Linda explained.

"Well...that explains it. Let's hope they make up soon because if she doesn't play better tomorrow she won't make the team and that's bad because she was pretty much the favored player on the east team to be the number one all-star." Julie explained as they pulled out of the parking lot and out onto the road.

"I'm sure she will play better tomorrow because Jordan's going to make up with her tonight." Linda answered confidently.

"Great! So, want to go to Australia for the summer Olympics next year?" Julie asked with a chuckle.

"I'll go anywhere with you sexy." Linda answered with a laugh.


Cindy watched as Jordan walked to her car alone. She was glad that Linda had already left before Jordan. When Jordan pulled away Cindy smiled and followed her. "Good she is alone."

Jordan drove back toward Bly's place, her mind a million miles away as she thought about the award and Bly. She had treated her horribly and hoped that there was a message for her on her machine with a phone number. She didn't like the fact that Bly's performance at the tournament was hampered because of her attitude.

It was late as Jordan drove down US1. The streets were deserted as she stopped for a red light. A car pulled up next to her honking its horn and Jordan looked over to see Cindy motioning for her to pull over. Jordan's heartbeat jumped erratically in fear. Jordan shook her head no and pulled out through the red light. She accelerated the car to try to put as much distance between herself and Cindy.


"Damn you Jordan. Why must you always make everything so difficult?" Cindy fumed, she could feel her anger building uncontrollably. "I have had enough of this attitude." Cindy raced after Jordan's fleeing car. She pulled up along side and shouted out her window. "Pull over! I need to talk with you!


Jordan again shook her head and stepped on the gas harder. She looked in her rearview mirror and all she saw was lights filling up her window. 'Oh God Bly! I need you!' Jordan cried silently. She looked around for an open store or anything to find help, but everything was closed as she sped down US1.

"If I make it to the Penthouse, I will be okay and can get some help to keep her out." Jordan told herself outloud to calm her shaking hands.

Cindy tailed the small car and lost all reason to her anger. She tapped the back end of the car causing it to fishtail violently. Jordan pulled the car back around and kept driving.

"Just stop and talk to me Jordan and this wouldn't have to happen." Cindy shouted to the car in front of her. She tapped the back end a little harder screaming, "Pull over!"

Jordan grasped the wheel as tightly as she could and pulled the car back onto the road...her right tires had hit the gravel and she had almost lost it.

Fear broke out in sweat on her forehead and the tears ran down her cheeks as Cindy's truck hit her car harder this time.

"Oh God! Help me!" Jordan cried as her head slammed forward and the wheel spun out of her hands, out of control. The car spun around and around and flipped over into the ditch at the side of the road, and the car rolled over and over. When it finally came to a stop, the only sound that could be heard were the tires rubbing as they continued to spin. Jordan lay silently...still strapped in by her seatbelt Cindy got out of her truck and ran to the smoking car. She looked inside and saw Jordan's lifeless body. Turning, she ran back to her truck and got out of the area as fast as she could. "If she had just done what I asked her, this wouldn't have happened. It's her fault!" Cindy justified, but deep in her heart she knew that she had once again gotten herself in big trouble.

Paradise Found continues...

Ó Cruise and Stoley, June, 1999

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