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By Cruise and Stoley

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Jordan heard the elevator door open and ran out of the kitchen glad that Bly was finally home safely. The winds had picked up considerably and the squalls of rain pounded against the windows unmercifully. She was glad the maintenance men came earlier in the day and put up the storm shutters over the sliding glass doors, but it was still frightening when the howling winds and pounding rain slammed against the penthouse from Hurricane Irene. Jordan was frantic with worry that Bly was stuck out in the storm when the advisories had informed everyone that the hurricane took a turn and was headed right towards them. The advisories had come too late and many were stuck in rush hour traffic...including Bly during the worst part of the storm. Many residents were stuck in areas non-conducive to hurricane conditions because of the late advisories and no orders were issued to evacuate those areas. They would have to ride out the storm and hope for the best.

She stopped in her tracks once she caught sight of Bly and couldnít contain her laughter at what she saw standing in front of her...Bly stood completely drenched from the torrential rain.

"Well honey, Iím home." Bly exclaimed in her terrible attempt of an impression of Jack Nicholson from the psychotic thriller ĎThe Shiningí holding her hands out at her sides with a silly grin on her face.

"Bly!...youíre dripping water all over my clean floor!" Jordan replied with disappointment as she spent hours cleaning the tile floor. "Get those clothes off and get off my tile!" Jordan ordered Bly, who quickly stepped back into the elevator certainly not wanting to dirty Jordanís clean floor anymore than what she had already done.

"Hi honey itís nice to see you too." Bly answered sarcastically and looked pretty pathetic soaking wet. "Could you at least give me a towel?"

Jordan tossed the one that draped over her shoulder. "Use this for now and let me get you another one." Jordan answered turning and quickly disappearing around the corner. ĎI spend the majority of the day cleaning the damn tile and she tracks in mud and water on my spotless floor!í Jordan fumed, but couldnít be too mad at Bly because she looked so damn cute! Besides, she was just taking her frustrations and worry out on the poor woman.

Bly held the towel out in front of her corner to corner. ĎIs she kidding? This dishtowel wonít even cover my freaking elbow!í Bly thought and removed her raincoat. ĎI donít know why I even bothered wearing or for that matter, spending that damn much money on this coat that did nothing to protect me from the rain! I guess they call them raincoats for a reason...for the rain not a hurricane!í Bly thought sarcastically stripping off all her clothes down to her birthday suit.

Jordan walked in with a beach towel for Bly to dry off with and was surprised to see Bly standing there naked. "Bly!...the maintenance men are here!" In a mock whisper.

"What?! could have told me that sooner!" Bly answered embarrassed holding the dishtowel in front of her sex and tried to grab the towel that Jordan held just out of her reach.

"Nah, I wanted to have them watch and maybe we could get them to stay for when we make love later." Jordan teased wiggling her eyebrows and backed out of Blyís reach.

"Youíre one kinky you know that Jordan Milano?!" Bly answered sarcastically. "So, they really arenít here are they?"

"No, silly...I donít want anyone seeing you but me. I just wanted to see the look on your face when I told you was classic!" Jordan answered laughing hysterically.

"Oh, it was that funny huh?" Bly answered not finding it so funny when a mischievous thought entered her mind followed by a devilish smile crossing her face.

Jordanís laughter subsided and her face was devoid of any happiness when she saw the look in Blyís eye. "Oh, shit!" She exclaimed and took off running with Bly in hot pursuit.

"Bly...donít even think about it!" Jordan warned pointing her finger towards her naked lover who circled the couch slowly...panther like in her quest to capture her desired game...Jordan.

"Come here baby...Iíve got something for you...Payback!" Bly teased seductively wiggling her dark eyebrows trying to move in on her lover who stayed at the opposite end of the couch.

" really donít intimidate me." Jordan answered coyly.

"Then why are you avoiding me?" Bly asked in a low tone stopping and staring down her elusive lover in this cat and mouse game.

"Did it ever occur to you this is part of my plan and that itís making me incredible horny seeing my tall, dark and very wet lover chase me around naked?" Jordan answered seductively flashing Bly an alluring smile that sent a rush of excitement straight to Blyís center.

"Ooh, baby!...I love your plan and I canít wait to catch you." Bly answered in a low, seductive tone obviously intrigued...not to mention, very aroused. The lights flickered briefly before finally going out completely darkening the penthouse.

"I hope this is part of your plan baby because I am even hotter for you now." Bly answered sneaking undetected into the spare bedroom just off the living room.

"Very funny...I canít see a damn thing!...Bly?" Jordan asked into the darkness with no answer coming her way. "Bly...where are you?" Jordan asked a touch of nervousness in her voice with her heart beating faster with the hair on the back of her neck standing up and spun around hoping to catch a glimpse of her mysterious lover. She struggled to adjust her eyesight to the darkness but still saw nothing and jumped startled from the movement next to her. "Aahhh! Oh, Ares! You scared me!" She exclaimed her heart pounding in her chest when she heard him meow indicating he was sitting on the couch before her.

"Where is your mom...huh? She thinks this is so funny." She told him rubbing her hand down his silky fur much to his delight and arched his back purring loudly to let Jordan know how much he was enjoying it. "You know where she is donít you?" She teasingly asked and heard a low meow from him in response. "Youíre probably in on this ruse with her arenít you?" She asked looking around the dark room still trying to find Bly and turned back to Ares. "How many kitty treats did she offer you to not give her up?...Iíll double it if you tell me where sheís hiding." She bargained with a nervous chuckle jumping when she felt Blyís arms wrap around her waist.

"Looking for me?" Bly whispered seductively in Jordanís ear tightening her hold on Jordan.

"You scared the shit out of me Bly!" Jordan answered frustrated and desperately trying to calm her racing heart.

"I guess we should change your shorts then huh?" Bly teased nibbling Jordanís neck, who pinched her forearm in response to the comment. "Ow!" She exclaimed sinking her teeth into Jordanís neck.

"Where were you?" Jordan asked moving her neck away.

"I went to get candles to set the mood for the only thing to do when the power goes out." Bly answered softly through her incessant nibbling and pulled Jordan closer to her.

"What might that be?" Jordan asked intrigued enjoying the closeness of her lover and wished she was naked to feel Blyís nakedness against her own.

"Make love." Bly whispered sexily and leaned over Jordanís shoulder who turned her head to look at Bly just as her lips were captured in a passionate kiss sending her senses soaring.

", I love that idea. You must be hungry though. I made dinner."

"Hungry?Öonly for my favorite delicious" Bly whispered her voice thick with desire. She turned Jordan in her arms, locking her lips with her shorter loverís wrapping her arms possessively around her.

Jordan threw her arms around Blyís neck deepening the kiss. "You are so wet Bly." Jordan replied softly breaking off the kiss.

"You have no idea." Blyís low sultry response flowed through Jordanís ear sending a flush or warmth straight to her sex.

"I guess Iíll have to find that out for myself now wonít I?" Jordan asked sexily.

"Hmmm...right here huh?...arenít you afraid your clean carpet will get messy?" Bly teased kissing Jordan happy that she was finally accepting her penthouse as her own home.

"No...the cleaning is scheduled for Tuesday so, this is the perfect spot." Jordan teased in return, reveling in the fact of being in the womanís arms that she loves so much.

"I donít know if Iíll ever be able to look at the middle of the living room floor without having a huge smile plastered on my face." Bly answered with a laugh kissing Jordan again.

"Would you shut up and make love to me?" Jordan softly teased through her kiss.

"Yes dear...right away dear." Bly mockingly replied and moved to grab the blanket draped over the back of the couch along with a couple of pillows to lay them on the floor. After all, her lover had to be comfortable donít ya know?! ĎTo hell with the candles.í Bly thought engulfing her lover in a hug passionately kissing her and gently guided Jordan to the floor.

Bly straddled Jordanís small thigh pressing her body tightly against her loverís. "Ooh, are very wet honey." Jordan purred in obvious delight through her kiss wrapping her arms tightly around Blyís neck ecstatic to have Blyís body merged with her own.

"You always make me that way." Bly whispered moving her kiss down to Jordanís neck. "Let me help you with these clothes my love." Bly answered softly slipping her hand under Jordanís shirt. Bly felt Jordanís abdomen tighten when her palm lightly slid up her body gently caressing the soft breast she found along the way.

"Bly...that feels so good." Jordan moaned tilting her head back when she felt Blyís kiss move to the opposite side of her neck.

" does feel good." Bly whispered sensually moving her kiss down to Jordanís unattended breast capturing the erect nipple into her mouth that protruded through Jordanís shirt and gently kneaded her other breast.

"Oh, are driving me crazy." Jordan moaned.

Blyís mouth moved from her nipple kissing along Jordanís body and stopped where the bottom of her shirt rested. Bly lifted the shirt sticking her head under it and traced a circle with her tongue around Jordanís navel before dipping inside sending a throbbing sensation straight to Jordanís core. Bly heard Jordan gasp and squeezed her breast harder and rolled the hard nipple between her fingers.

Jordanís arousal was at its peak and her bodyís sensations were raging from Blyís touch, kiss and the feel of her wet hair along her stomach. Blyís tongue blazed a trail from Jordanís stomach to her unattended breast so eagerly awaiting her attention. Her mouth gently sucked on the hard nipple as her hand gently kneaded Jordanís opposite breast. Jordan couldnít stand it any longer and pulled her shirt up and over their heads with Bly never relinquishing her hold on Jordanís breasts. Jordan tossed her shirt away and pushed Blyís long, dark wet hair off her face sending a flood of warmth throughout Bly from Jordanís fingers running through her hair.

"Bly...please touch me." Jordan pleadingly moaned.

Bly looked up at Jordan. "Not so fast baby...the powerís going to be off for awhile." She answered flashing a sexy smile lightly kissing Jordanís lips.

"I know...but, Iím so hot for you right now that I canít wait!" Jordan answered desperately through her labored breathing her desire for Bly mounting with each beat of her heart.

Blyís smile grew. "Well...what would you like?ÖMy tongue?" Bly asked thrusting her tongue deeply into Jordanís mouth exploring everything about the familiar territory as Jordan grasped Blyís backside tightly sending shivers up and down her spine. "Or my fingers?" Bly asked seductively breaking the kiss and tracing the contours of Jordanís lips with her finger.

"I want both." Jordan answered softly sucking Blyís finger locking wanton blues with desirable greens and rolling her tongue around her finger with Bly replacing her finger in Jordanís mouth with her tongue for a deep, wet kiss.

Bly broke the kiss and slowly slid down Jordanís body and removed Jordanís shorts before settling herself between her loverís legs. The feel of Blyís hot, muscular body rub against Jordanís sent pleasurable sensations up and down her body. Jordanís desire escalated, her hips bucked wildly when she felt Blyís soft tongue meet her engorged nub. "Oh, yes!" Jordan moaned loudly grasping Blyís hair with her hand. Bly spread Jordanís folds lightly gliding her tongue up and down Jordanís slick, hard clit gladly accepting the taste of her lover that she so loved. Bly gently sucked Jordanís swollen nub and slipped two fingers inside her wet opening eliciting a louder moan from her lover. Jordanís hips began to thrust rhythmically with Blyís finger movements in and out of her.

"Baby...that feels so good." Jordan moaned her eyes watering in response to her emotion taking over and from the love she felt for Bly.

"Jordan...I love to taste you baby." Bly moaned through her ministrations with her tongue and moved her fingers in and out faster reacting to her loverís desire savoring Jordanís taste as if she would never have it again.

Bly lavishly stroked her tongue against Jordanís clit in a fluttering motion her own desire for Jordan to touch her escalating especially when she heard Jordanís soft cries of pleasure and felt Jordanís hips buck up and down against her. Jordanís center ached and her body demanded release. "I want you." Bly replied seductively pressing her tongue against Jordanís oversensitive area. The words were an aphrodisiac and Jordan couldnít contain herself any longer. She screamed out Blyís name as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body sending her over the edge with no return. Bly devoured the sweet musky fluid of her lover contentedly and slid her tongue deep inside her loverís hot, wet opening for more, which Jordan happily granted as one wave of orgasm rushed over another.

"Bly...that feels so good. I love you!" Jordan cried out breathless feeling her lover relentlessly consume everything she offered her.

Bly held her tongue inside Jordan enjoying the feeling of her walls contracting and relaxing around her tongue until the shuddering of Jordanís body and opening subsided.

Blyís kiss lightly traveled up Jordanís taut body before her own overheated body pressed against Jordanís. She snuggled her face against Jordanís neck and kissed her with Jordan wrapping her arms tightly around her lover. "I need you Jordan." Bly whispered in Jordanís ear her voice throaty with desire sending a throbbing sensation straight to Jordanís core once again. Jordan rolled Bly onto her back and lay on top of her tall, lover kissing her passionately. Blyís hands roamed Jordanís sweaty back resting on her backside guiding her smaller lover up and down stroking Jordanís wet sex against her thigh their tongues dancing a slow, seductive waltz with one another.

Jordan broke the kiss panting her arousal once again deepening. " have got to touch me again." Jordan pleaded desperate for Blyís touch.

Blyís sexy smile appeared. "Canít get enough huh?" She asked cockily.

"Of you?...never!" Jordan exclaimed passionately thrusting her tongue in Blyís mouth for a deep, moist soul full kiss with Blyís own desire escalating for her lover to take her. Jordanís hips moved faster against Blyís thigh her arousal consuming her and her body demanding release again. "Bly...take me again." Jordan whispered pleadingly through her kiss.

Bly deepened the kiss grasping Jordanís ass tighter and guiding her hips faster before breaking the kiss. "Climb up here baby." Bly answered in a sultry inviting tone with Jordan quickly moving on top of Bly and lowering her sex to Blyís mouth to satisfy her lust for her. Both women devoured one another with an unbridled passion as if it would be the last time they would ever share one another again. Hell...who knows what may come with a fierce hurricane ripping through the South Florida area at that moment.

They both shared wave after wave of orgasms together collapsing spent from their intimate passions. They both lay still trying to catch their breath with Jordan resting her head on Blyís muscular thigh circling her fingers through Blyís dark, wet curls completely satisfied by what her lover had done to herÖas usual. She moved over lightly kissing Blyís sex and rested her head back against Blyís thigh never realizing the sex they shared could ever be topped. Yet, it was...every time they made love it was better than the last time.

ĎIt helps when you have a passionate, sultry, attentive and extremely sexy lover.í Jordan thought smiling happily still teasing the wet curls before her and jumped away when Bly sank her teeth into Jordanís backside. Jordan moved to the side and slapped Bly. "Bly...that hurt!" She shouted angrily and turned around to face her mischievous lover who laughed hysterically.

"I couldnít resist it babe. I saw those sexy, luscious, tight honey buns of yours and just had to sink my teeth into themÖ.hmmmÖvery tasty by the way." Bly answered with a laugh licking her lips and pulled Jordan closer to her who rubbed the wounded area.

"Are you some kind of a damn vampire or something?" Jordan asked slightly irritated from the stinging feeling that was now beginning to subside from her rubbing the area.

"Aah...want me to kiss it and make your boo-boo feel better?" Bly teased with a mock pouting look.

"Keep it up wise ass and Iíll give you a titty twister!" Jordan threateningly pointed at Bly.

"Okay...Iíll behave. I certainly donít want one of those. Come here....I need to feel your warm, soft body against my own." Bly replied with a sexy smile pulling Jordan down on top of her. Jordan laughed and cuddled up against her sultry lover reveling in the warmth and comfort she exuded. Bly rubbed her hand lightly up and down Jordanís back and kissed her forehead lightly and repeatedly. "How are my sweet honey buns?" Bly teased softly.

"Bruised...yet, recovering." Jordan answered smiling and leaned up to look at Bly who rubbed Jordanís sore backside gingerly.

"I love you." Bly answered softly and soulfully staring into the green eyes she loved so much before capturing Jordanís lips for a soul searing kiss. They both broke the kiss and smiled lovingly at one another before Jordan pecked Blyís lips and laid her head back down against Blyís chest looping her fingers through Blyís larger hand tucking it closely to her heart.

Bly kissed Jordanís forehead and lightly stroked her long blonde hair off her face thinking that she had to be the luckiest woman in the world to be loved so much by such a wonderful woman before drifting off to sleep. Bly was woke out of her sleep by the phoneís incessant ringing. She opened her eyes trying to get her brain to register what was going on and once it did she attempted to sit up but was pinned down by both Jordan and Ares who were sprawled out on top of herÖas usual. ĎWhat the hell am I?Öa freaking mattress?í Bly thought as she attempted to reach the phone from where she was to no avail and had to move the two sleepyheads on top of her first. Jordan grumbled her displeasure rolling onto her back and falling quickly back to sleep. "Ares...haul kitty ass! I have to get the phone." Bly answered trying to get her lazy cat off her struggling to sit up as he took his sweet ass time to do it.

"Meow!" Came his disgruntled response when he climbed off and stretched next to her when she moved on her side finally grabbing the phone.

"Right back at ya buddy!" Bly teased and held the receiver to her ear. "Hello!"

"Whatís going on over there? Are you all okay?" Alexandra asked confused.

"Your incorrigible grandson is bitching at me." Bly chuckled rolling onto her side and looked at the sleeping beauty below her as Ares cuddled up next to Jordan.

"Well...he takes after his mother." Alexandra retorted dryly.

"Funny...whatís up?"

"How are things over your way?"

"Ooh, just fabulous considering we have no electricity." Bly replied with a soft laugh lightly circling her finger around Jordanís navel. She smiled mischievously when the peaceful look on her loverís face turned sour from Bly interfering with her wondrous sleep.

"Well...then you must be having a great time...youíre father and I just did too. Nothing like a good power outage to get the gander up!" She answered with a laugh.

"Mom!" Bly blurted out in embarrassment from her motherís comment and noticed two green eyes staring at her. "That was more than what I needed to hear."

"How the hell do you think your brother and you got here?" Alexandra responded sarcastically.

"Hatched maybe or by the stork?" Bly teased.

"Oh, Bly stop acting like a prude! Your father and I do it like wild rabbits and we absolutely love power outages. In fact, you were conceived during one!" She taunted her shocked daughter.

"Bly...what in the hell is wrong with you?" Jordan asked nudging her in bewilderment from the stunned look on her loverís face.

" is being gross." Bly finally answered and was able to close her mouth that hung agape.

"Oh, talking about sex with your father again?" Jordan asked nonchalantly with Bly nodding yes.

" are incorrigible just like your damn cat. Youíre two peas in a pod!" Alexandra answered with a laugh. "How long have you been without power?"

"Aah...about four hours." Bly answered squinting to see the time on her watch in the dark. She leaned down and kissed Jordan who smiled and ran her finger tauntingly down Blyís neck through her cleavage down her abdomen and back up again.

"Weíve been out longer. Hey, we are a having one hell of a time finding someone to run our computer operations. Do you know anyone we could hire?"

Bly watched Jordan mischievously tantalize her body with her teasing when it hit her like a baseball bat to the head. ĎWhy in the hell didnít I think of it before?í Bly asked herself feeling completely stupid. "Yeah, actually I do mom."

"Is she good?ÖI am assuming itís a female?" Her mother asked sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah...very good in fact." Bly answered in a mischievous tone leaning down and capturing Jordanís lips for a fleeting kiss.

"Is she qualified?"

"Over qualified." Bly answered in a low, throaty tone moving the phone from her mouth and kissing Jordan deeply with her free hand resting on Jordanís bare hip. Bly was lost in Jordanís green eyes and her desire to make love to her again persisted too much for her to talk to her mother.

" she available?" Her mother asked excitedly.

"" Bly stammered breaking the kiss long enough to answer. "But Iím sure I can get her for the job." Bly answered with a chuckle and felt Jordanís tongue slip past her slightly parted lips for a moist kiss just barely getting the phone out of the way.

"Great...who is it?" Her mother asked with more excitement. Bly laid the phone down and held Jordan tightly in her arms passionately kissing her lover. "Bly?...who is it?" Alexandra asked with no response. "Bly!" Alex shouted into the phone interrupting Bly from her current diversion.

"Oh, sorry." Bly apologized after forgetting that her mother was still on the phone. "Itís...aah...Jordan." Bly answered receiving an arched brow in response from her blonde lover who wanted to know what she was talking about.

"Thatís a perfect choice. Why didnít we think of this before?" Alexandra asked completely surprised and dumbfounded that the answer to their dilemma was right underneath Blyís household.

"I have no idea." Bly answered with a smile rubbing her palm over Jordanís abdomen heightening her arousal once again.

"Let me talk to her." Alexandra asked with Bly handing the phone to Jordan.

"Hi momÖwhatís up?" Jordan greeted pleasantly holding the phone to her ear Bly began to kiss her stomach.

"Hi Honey...we have a position with our company that you might be interested in. Could you stop by my office on Monday to discuss it?"

Jordan wasnít expecting that one and was having a hard time concentrating on what Alexandra was saying from Bly sneaking between her legs. She tapped her on the head to get her attention for her to stop.

Blyís head shot up in disappointment and shock letting out a displeased groan. "I got the head tap!" Bly replied in total disbelief and totally embarrassed just staring at Jordan who was oblivious to her at the moment.

"I donít know anything about the law mom." Jordan answered confused as to why she would consider her for a job at her law firm.

"No, honey...we are putting in a state of the art computer network system for all of our law and medical offices and we need someone to oversee everything. Can I expect you at 10 Monday then?" Alexandra asked enthusiastically.

"Aah...sure and thanks." Jordan answered not sure of what to say to not offend Alexandra.

"Anytime sweetheart. Call us tomorrow to let us know how youíre doing from the storm." She answered and clicked the phone off.

"Bye." Jordan answered clicking hers off as well totally flabbergasted with a million things swimming around in her head so fast she could hardly stand it.

"Bly got a head tap Chance when I asked Jordan about the job." Alexandra chuckled.

"How do you know that?" Chance asked climbing back on top of his wife.

"I heard her groan disappointedly and heard her say something about the head tap." She answered with a laugh.

"Sheís not the only one that got the head tap." He answered in equal disappointment.

"It was not a head tap darling. I wanted you to move to a more enticing position. Now, finish what you started Mister!" She teasingly demanded sharing a laugh with her husband who happily obliged his wifeís orders.

"That was weird!" Jordan answered bewildered and looked at her stunned lover. "What?" She asked confused from Blyís look.

"You gave me the head tap Jordan." Bly answered still stunned by it.

"Oh, honey...Iím sorry." Jordan answered covering her mouth to conceal her smile. "I just couldnít concentrate. Honestly, I didnít mean it that way honey...come here." Jordan explained pulling Bly on top of her and held her tight to reassure her.

"I never thought I would ever get a head tap from you." Bly answered still in disbelief.

Jordan held Bly tighter and kissed her forehead. "Iím sorry wasnít meant that way besides, you only get a head tap when youíre a terrible lover and that you are not!" Jordan answered surely and looked into the blue eyes that stared at her.

"Youíll have to make it up to me then." She answered a small grin forming on her face.

"With pleasure baby." Jordan answered smiling and passionately kissed Bly.

Jordan woke to the sunlight peaking through the uncovered windows and put her hand up to cover the offensive light until her eyes adjusted to it. She rolled over expecting to find her sexy lover but found a furry cat lying next to her. She laughed and stroked his fur. "Bly?" Jordan called out with no response from the quiet condo. She stretched happily and wiped her hands over her face and smelled Bly on her fingers. She smiled from the erotically decadent scent of her lover on her hands and felt a tingling sensation rush over her. They had made passionate love for the majority of the night deciding to ride out the storm within each otherís arms.

Jordan stood up and padded through the penthouse looking for her lover she so desperately wanted to hold, with no luck finding her. Jordan slipped on her robe and peered out the window overlooking the beach that somehow survived the hurricane and smiled when she saw her tall, sexy lover finishing up her morning run on the beach. Jordan smiled appreciating the sight of her lover clad in a black sports bra and gym shorts with the waistband tuned down showing off her taut abdomen. ĎYummy!í Jordan thought her heart and pulse racing in excitement from the vision of loveliness before her.

Jordan watched as her long graceful strides ate up the beach in their quest for the finish line. The sweat dripped off Blyís heated, toned, and tanned body, but she didnít appear to be winded at all. ĎI would have died from no air after running ten feet!í Jordan thought and laughed to herself. She watched as Bly entered the deeper beach sand and began running her wind sprints, cutbacks and her jumping routine. Bly turned up the notch on her training just after she expressed her interest of rejoining the National volleyball team to Jordan just after her accident. Although, disappointed that she hadnít received a call from the assistant coach, who could get her back on the team, she still trained as if she was a member of the team. ĎOh, yes...I love this part!í Jordan thought excitedly standing on the tips of her toes to get a better look at her lover running sprints in the thigh high water. ĎOh, how I love to see that sexy body wet in the water and from other things as wellÖparticularly from me.í Jordan thought mischievously smiling and greatly appreciating the scene before her.

She sighed when Bly disappeared out of sight, but knew her tall lover would be back up in her arms very soon. Jordan hurried into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to greet Bly with and rode the elevator down to meet her in the lobby. The doors opened just as Bly walked up to the elevator and smiled when she saw Jordan sitting on the bench in the elevator with a sexy grin on her face. "Hey, good looking...going my way?" She asked seductively.

"Absolutely!" Bly answered accepting the dry towel Jordan offered and threw her wet one down on the floor of the elevator and hit the button to close the doors. Bly knelt before Jordan and smiled. "Morning...I missed you." She whispered sexily and kissed Jordan.

"Hmmm...I missed you as well, but I sure enjoyed watching you work out." Jordan answered seductively breaking the kiss briefly before deepening it once again and ran her fingers through Blyís wet hair.

"I love this greeting after a hard workout." Bly answered sexily smiling and kissed Jordan again before wiping the sweat off her body.

"Unfortunately, I wonít get to see it when I start working." Jordan answered disappointedly.

"Donít work and you can come down and be my personal cheering section for my workouts." Bly teased and kissed Jordan.

"Now, Bly...we both know that Iím going to be working."

"I know...Iím just kidding. But, you do know that if you didnít want to work you donít have to right?"

"I know that and thank you itís very sweet, but I would like to have my own career and not have to have my lover support me." Jordan answered with a loving smile stroking Blyís cheek with her palm very appreciative of the offer.

"Are you going to accept my Momís offer then?" Bly asked looping her fingers into Jordanís and leading her off the elevator entering the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and gulped it down quickly.

"Iím considering it, but I have some doubts about accepting the job." Jordan answered watching Bly guzzle the water to re-hydrate her overheated body.

'What doubts?" Bly questioned confused.

"Well, first of all, I don't want to get this job just because I'm your girlfriend. If I am not the best person for the job, I'd rather not have it." Jordan looked up at Bly trying to judge her reaction. Bly nodded but didn't reply, instead encouraging the blonde to continue. "And, what about if I'm just not cutting it or not doing it the way your mother wants it done. I don't want her to feel like she can't give me constructive criticism, or if need be, just plain tell me I'm not getting the job done."

"Okay, I can see your point, but I don't think you have to worry about my mother. She's never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind." Bly grinned at Jordan, trying to lighten her fears.

"I just don't want this to be a pity offer. It's not like I can't get a job, I just haven't really started looking yet." Jordan got up restlessly and walked over to the window and stood looking out over the storm tossed sea.

Bly sighed and walked over to the blonde. "Jordan, I can guarantee that when you go to her office it is for an interview for the job. She will treat you like any other candidate, no preferential treatment. If she thinks you can do the work, you will get the job. If not, then she will tell you point blank. Trust me on this one." Bly chuckled and wrapped her arms around Jordan pulling her closer. "When I was in college, I decided I wanted a summer job so that I could be more independent. I asked my mother if she had anything in her office and she made me come in and interview with just about everyone, including the janitor. I got the job, but I lasted exactly one week and my mother told me I was fired. She said that I wasn't cut out to work in the legal profession. I think it has something to do with my attitude toward rules and regulations." Jordan laughed and pulled back from Bly to look up into twinkling blue eyes. "My mother was right, which is probably why I fight so much with the legal jerks from Medicare."

Jordan laughed and pulled away throwing up her hands in surrender. "Okay, I give! I'll go to the 'interview' on Monday. I guess I had better get my resume together if I expect to get this job."

Bly watched as Jordan went into the study and flipped on the computer before grabbing the cordless phone and headed into the bedroom. She called her mother to confirm the promise she had made to Jordan. Confident that all would be well, she headed into the bathroom to take her shower.

Monday morning Bly watched as Jordan walked into the kitchen, nodding enthusiastically at her choice of a simple pantsuit. "Hey, what do you say that after your interview we go look for a car for you?"

"That's probably a good idea if I am going to start working. Am I messing up your schedule today? I can take a cab or something?" Jordan leaned against the counter looking a bit apprehensively at Bly. Bly shook her head noting the look and knew that even if it did, she would rearrange her schedule to make things easier for Jordan. She knew she was nervous about the interview and wanted to make sure she wasn't stressed out before she even got to her mother's office.

"My first patient isn't until 10:30, so I have enough time to drop you off and I can come back for you around 12:00. I don't have any afternoon patients today. I usually catch up on paperwork, but I can do that tomorrow. We will have the entire afternoon to pick out the vehicle of your choice." Bly deposited her cereal bowl in the sink and turned to hug Jordan. "Are you going to eat anything?"

"No, I don't think I could this morning." Jordan groaned, for once her infamous appetite had left her, she was way too nervous to put anything into her stomach at the moment. "Maybe, later."

"Okay, I'll make sure to feed you this afternoon. Let's hit the road then." Bly pushed Jordan toward the elevator, stopping long enough to pick up both their briefcases off the hall table.

Bly deposited Jordan at her mother's office before heading on to her morning appointments at the clinic. "You'll do fine, stop being nervous". Bly kissed Jordan softly on the lips and hugged her in support. "This interview is on the level right?" Jordan pulled back slowly and looked up into Bly's eyes to see if she was telling the truth.

"Trust me, my mother will not let you get off easily. If she doesn't think you can cut it, she will tell you point blank!" Bly smiled knowing technically what she said was true, but also knew that Jordan would be perfect for the job and her mother already knew it. Jordan nodded and exited the car and walked toward the lobby doors with a purpose. Bly smiled proud of her lover and watched as she confidently headed toward the office building. She hit the button lowering her window and shouted out to the blonde. "I'll pick you up at noon...knock'em dead!"

Jordan turned smiling and waved toward Bly in acknowledgement before turning to enter the lobby. The cool air of the building hit her sending a chill down her back. Stiffening her shoulders in response to the sudden intrusion into her thoughts, she pushed the button to the elevator and waited.

Bly pulled away smiling with the thought of Jordan in her mind and the last look of the blonde who stood waving at her in the early morning sunshine. With this pleasant image firmly implanted in her head, she headed off to start her glorious day.

The ride up to the DA's office was short and she announced herself to the receptionist and took a seat to wait. She didn't wait long before Alexandra's secretary came out to get her and walked her back toward the DA's office. Opening the door she stepped back and motioned Jordan to go inside. Jordan entered the office and found Bly's mother sitting behind her desk reading.

Jordan walked toward the desk and Alexandra looked up and a smile instantly lit her face at the sight of her new daughter. "Jordan! It's good to see you this morning. Have a seat." Alexandra motioned toward the chairs in front of her desk. It took a lot of willpower to refrain from jumping up and hugging the young woman as she would have liked, but this was business and she knew keeping it that way meant a lot to Jordan.

"Good Morning!" Jordan replied returning the smile to Alexandra. She felt awkward keeping things impersonal and could tell that Alexandra was feeling the same way. Alexandra chuckled in response to both their unease, but got right down to business and mapped out what their plans were for the computer network system for her office and for her husband's medical centers. Jordan listened intently interrupting a few times to ask questions, but on the whole, eager to have a chance to work on this project. Alexandra also explained that once the system was up and running smoothly with their officeís they would discuss with Bly the benefits of her upgrading to the new systemís as well. She informed Jordan that they wanted to wait with Blyís considering the numerous centers she owned throughout the United States and they wanted to make sure the system would be beneficial to her officeís.

"So, how does all of this sound to you?" Alexandra sat back and waited for Jordan's response, but the light in the young woman's eyes told her all that she needed to know. "I think you have a good grasp of what is needed and the only thing left is to implement the plan and get it up and running." Jordan knew that this was right in her field of expertise and that the job would be challenging, but not impossible for her to accomplish. "Do you think you can handle the job and all the headache's it will entail?" Jordan nodded her head enthusiastically and felt confident with her ability in this instance. "Yes, I think I can not only handle the job, but complete it to your satisfaction."

"Good, well I purposely left your interview for last so that I could give you my decision rather quickly. From what I've seen, you are by far the best candidate I have talked with and that's not because you have an inside influence either. I need this work done and completed correctly and I wouldn't be selecting you if I thought for one moment that you couldn't handle the task." Alexandra stood and walked around her desk to face Jordan. "Think you will be able to start, lets say, next Monday?"

Jordan nodded smiling. "That will definitely be no problem. Thank you."

"Great, then I can expect to see you here around 8:30 AM. You can set your hours as you see fit. Whatever works best for what you have to do is fine with me."

Jordan stood up and shook Alexandra's hand to seal their agreement. "Thanks for giving me the chance. I don't think you will regret it."

Alexandra nodded thinking, 'of that, I have no doubt whatsoever!' Letting her emotions get the best of her Alexandra pulled Jordan into her arms for a solid hug before releasing her and pulling back. "Now that the business part is over, do you have time to have a cup of coffee with your mother?"

Jordan nodded smiling, "That would be great! If you're not too busy?"

"I'm busy, but not too busy for a quick chat with my favorite new daughter." Alexandra led Jordan toward the door. "Let's go down to the cafeteria so we won't be disturbed by anyone."

"Great. Bly isn't picking me up for another 30 minutes." Jordan followed Alexandra back toward the elevator and rode down to the cafeteria. They sat chatting about nothing in particular until it was time for Bly to pick up Jordan. Alexandra walked Jordan toward the front door and waved to her other daughter as she waited in the car for Jordan. "Tell that incorrigible daughter of mine I suggested you two come for a visit soon. You guys don't need to wait for a hurricane!" Jordan laughed and hugged Alexandra promising to pass the message along to Bly. With another wave, Alexandra went back into the building.

"What was my mother making you promise this time?" Bly casually asked as they pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street. Jordan chuckled and looked over at Bly profile. "She wanted me to tell her incorrigible daughter not to wait for another hurricane before you visit again."

"Too funny!" Bly laughed and turned right at the next light heading down toward the dealerships. "Okay, which dealership am I heading to?"

"Jeep. I think I've decided on a Jeep Grand Cherokee." Jordan answered firmly. She had given the choices much thought and had finally decided upon the Jeep because of its ruggedness and styling. It was the one SUV that she had actually felt safe driving in.

"You got it!" Bly responded by pulling into the lot in question and pointed, "Hey, that's a nice color, but the one next to it is even better."

Jordan looked over at the green Grand Cherokee that was displayed outside the front of the dealership before letting her eyes drift toward the maroon one next to it. Nodding her head in agreement, "Yes, I definitely like the maroon color, especially if it has a gray interior. Let's go look at it."

The two women looked over the available SUV's in the lot and still came back to the first maroon Grand Cherokee that sat out front. After a lengthy test drive, they went inside to make a deal. With Bly, there wasn't much haggling involved. She pulled out her checkbook and made them a cash offer, which was roughly 2,500 less than the sticker price. She knew what the markup was on a new vehicle and she wasn't about to let the salesman think he had two stupid females within his grasp. Knowing he was outsmarted, the salesman stopped haggling at the 2,000 mark and the papers were signed and Jordan was pulling her new car out of the lot. After a quick late lunch early dinner down by the ocean, the two women headed home.

Relaxing on the sofa in front of the television Bly's finger gently traced a pattern on Jordan's arm as she lay against her within the circle of her arm.
"A new job and a new car all in one day, are you happy?"

Jordan snuggled tighter against Bly's side and looked up into blue eyes. "Yep, a perfect day!"

"I wish I had known that's all it took to make you happy, work and a car!" Bly chuckled deeply looking down into green eyes with a challenge.

"Oh, it doesn't even take that much!" Jordan threw back as her eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Oh yeah?" She asked quite intrigued.

"Hmmm, let's see...a kiss might do it or...." Jordan's voice trailed off in invitation and Bly didn't hesitate to RSVP and kissed Jordan, deepening he kiss sensually. Breaking from the kiss Bly's voice was deep and silky. "You mean like that?"

"Oh yeah!" Jordan purred and pulled Bly back for more.

"Oh, baby you excite me." Bly delightfully moaned.

"You havenít seen anything yet you sexy thing." Jordan purred sensually and crawled on Bly straddling her. Bly slid her hands up on Jordanís hips and looked up at her sexy blonde lover with a sly grin fully enjoying the provocative mood Jordan was displaying. "I have a couple of interesting items that you might enjoy." Jordan replied enticingly throwing her long blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"Oh, really?" Bly smiled mischievously. "I canít wait to see what you have for me." Bly drawled thoroughly intrigued and casually reached over to pull the phone off the hook before placing her hand back on Jordanís hips.

Bly watched as Jordan slowly and sensually unbuttoned her blouse, Blyís mouth watering in anticipation at the sight of Jordanís two perky, perfect breasts. She smiled sexily rubbing her hands on Jordanís hips and slipped them under her shorts gently grasping her firm backside. Jordan opened her blouse and pulled her bra down exposing her luscious, perky breasts for Blyís delight. "I thought you would be interested in these my love." Jordan purred in a sultry tone sending pleasurable tingling sensations up and down Blyís sexy body.

"You know just what I love donít you baby?" Bly asked sexily leaning forward and capturing an erect nipple in her mouth much to Jordanís delight.

Jordan gasped at the contact and looked down to watch Bly. She pushed Blyís raven hair off her face leaving her hand resting against Blyís cheek. Jordanís passions began to unfold from the gentle sucking sensation she felt and from watching Blyís tongue circle her hardened nipple before wrapping her mouth around the soft breast once again. Blyís hands moved towards a more enticing area of Jordanís anatomy and found a very wet and warm area to explore. "Oh, BlyÖthat feels so good." Jordan softly replied leaning down and kissing Blyís cheek. ĎShe is so erotically decadent.í Jordan thought totally blown away by what Bly was doing to her.

Bly broke away agitated by her cell phone ringing. "Damn!" She replied angrily and leaned up for a fleeting kiss before answering the phone. Jordan was disappointed but knew if someone was calling on Blyís cell phone it was important as she had stipulated only Ďemergency calls onlyí when she issued her number out to family and friends. "Hello." Bly answered agitatedly and leaned forward capturing Jordanís nipple in her mouth before talking again. "AahÖDaw weíre right in the middle of something here." She answered more irritated thinking it was a social call and looked up at Jordan who ran her fingers through Blyís dark hair and leaned down for a moist kiss. "Sheís right here." She answered in a serious tone once she heard her brother out and handed Jordan the phone after breaking off the kiss.

Jordan looked at her with a strange look on her face and Bly shrugged her shoulders replying, "He sounds very serious and needs to talk to you right away."

"Dawson?" Jordan asked confused.

"JordanÖIím on my way over there to discuss with you and Linda some information Iíve received regarding your brother." He informed her in a hurried yet, serious tone.

"AahÖokayÖIíllÖaahÖcall Linda and have her come over here right away." Jordan stammered nervously at the thought of possible news regarding her missing brother.

"No needÖI already called her she should be waiting down in your lobby about now. Iíll be there in a couple of minutes." He answered before clicking off the phone.

Jordan clicked the phone of as well and looked at Bly with a stymied look. "Whatís up?" Bly asked in worried wonderment from Jordanís surprised and far off gaze.

"Dawson has some news about my brother." Jordan answered softly still in a state of surprise both looking at one another without another word being said.


Ó Cruise and Stoley

To be continued...

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